Alan pressed his to fingers deeper into her slick pussy and spread them open. He sat on the bed, twirled his fingers inside her cunt, scrapped the walls with his nails, and watched her thrash from desire. "You're such a hot slut. Look at you. Your pussy belongs to me. You love it don't you. You love me fucking your cunt."

He put his head between her legs and bit the rosy clit. Carol cried out, her wrists pulled at the ties and her legs tried to close around him. "Oh Sir . . . " she panted out.

"That's right slut. Sir. Whose cunt is this?" he growled and sucked hard on her pussy. "Whose pussy is this?" he asked her again, biting hard on the lips of her sex. "Whom do you belong to?"

Lifting his head he heard her whimpered answers. "Your slut . . . Alan's slut . . . oh God it is all yours."

Alan moved over her and pressed her tits together. His tongue lapped at her nipples and Carol's back arched. Her arms tried to tug free and her legs twisted back and forth in hopes to undo the knots he'd made in them. "Slut," he growled against her nipples. "You'll not get free," he bit on the twin buttons and pulled them with his teeth.

Carol's breasts spilled over his hands, her nipples were erect and as he forced them to meet so he could bite them simultaneously she felt her body hum with excitement. "Oh fuck," she moaned.

Alan left her nipples and grabbed his cock. He pushed it into her slick pussy quickly, not bothering to ease into her. He fucked her several times, biting and sucking her tits at the same time. She'd clasp his cock with her muscles and he grunted with every thrust. Her breathing became ragged and he pulled his cock from her.

"Oh no," she cried. "Please Sir, please." Carol felt empty and she longed to have him fill her again.

He changed position. Alan rested his cock over her face and his mouth over her cunt. "Take it slut." He ordered. He returned his mouth to her pussy and left her to figure out how to take his cock into her mouth without her hands.

Carol's instincts forced her arms to try and free themselves. Her fingers tried to reach the knots at each wrist, but her attempts were futile. "Shit," she muttered. Her head came up and her nose nuzzled his balls. Her breath slammed into his sex and she felt him groan into her pussy.

"Suck my balls," he ordered her. Having felt her nose smack his testicles brought a shiver of lust to his veins and he knew she'd have to suck his sac.

Opening her mouth she gathered his velvet package into her mouth. She sucked, rolling them back and forth with her tongue. They grazed her teeth and she felt another vibrating growl erupt against her pussy.

Alan tasted her juices, drank them, savored each flavor his tongue brought out for him. His finger moved to the black hole and he drove it in deep. "Cock," he said, lifting his head momentarily from his wet playpen.

With a frustrated groan as well as a growing hunger in her belly threatening to overwhelm her, Carol released his balls and pulled on her arms as she tried to get free. "Now slut " She heard him say.

Her nose, mouth, tongue and chin worked together until she was able to move his cock to a place where she could slide the head into her mouth. Her lips locked over the head and she felt his hips start to rise and fall on her face.

Alan shuddered while she maneuvered his cock into her wet mouth. When she finally had his sex wedged inside, he fucked her. His tongue drove into her cunt while his cock took possession of her mouth. He impaled her holes with an increasing tempo that he knew drove her to groan out for more. The vibrations of her passion moved over his cock and he pounded her face hard. He rubbed his face back and forth in her cunt juices until he was soaked in her fluids.

Her lust was on overdrive as she deep throated his rod. The head slammed into her and his balls knocked against her. She wanted to come and knew she could easily shoot her own fluids out for his face, but she didn't. This was her punishment and she'd cheated him of the pleasure of seeing her flow for him and him alone. The first shot of semen surprised Carol and it spilled out over her lips, down her chin, and onto her neck. The second and third were quickly sucked down, warming her stomach.

He felt his body stiffen and he moved his face from her pussy, drove his cock deep and delivered load after load of his seed into her mouth. Alan shook as the climax rolled through him, his entire body was aflame and he forced her to take a fourth and final shot of come. When he was finished, he moved off of her and untied her ankles. He then crawled up the bed and released her wrists. "Go home slut," he told her. "You've been punished."

Carol stared at him for several moments and nodded. She moved to the bathroom and waited. She heard him get dressed and grab her keys from the pocket of her tattered shorts. The door to the room closed and she hugged herself tightly. She heard him return. He walked into the bathroom and handed her a red summer dress. "Put this on," he told her, shut the door and walked back to the hotel's bed.

When Carol came out he went to her and kissed her lips, eyes, and cheeks. "I'll see you in a couple of days. I don't like punishing you." He pressed his forehead to hers. "Please don't do that again."

She looked back at him. Carol saw in his eyes that the punishment hurt them both. She didn't find release and he wasn't able to taste it. "I won't," she told him. Inside she was angry, angry at herself. She'd cheated them both and though the orgasm at home had been nice she knew it was nothing compared to what she could have had if she'd only obeyed the rules. "I love you," she told him, cupping his cheek and pulling his lips to hers.

"I love you," he answered back, his voice trying to convey the depth of his sorrow.

"I know baby."

They kissed goodbye and Carol left for home, her body hungry, and her heart wrapped in a mantle of love. Alan moved to his bed and pulled the pillow she'd been laying on up to his nose, breathed in her scent and fell asleep. Dreams of his lover washed over him. *****

A few months went by and now Carol watched him working. He'd called her to his office, asked her to wait for him to finish up some business, and then they'd go out.

Alan covered up the receiver and winked at her. "Hey hon.," he called over to her. His soft voice was loud enough for only her to hear. Carol's brows rose up and she waited for him to speak again. "Come here, please," he asked, no sign of dominance in his voice. Carol left her seat and moved to stand beside him. She grinned when she looked down at where his free hand rested.

"Oh you wicked man,"she whispered. Alan smiled and scooted further away from his desk. He winked and spread his legs for her. Carol laughed and slipped down to her knees. Her fingers ran over the semi-hard cock that her lover had pulled free of his pinstriped suit and black boxers. Carol's eyes traveled up his chest and she watched his face clench as she ran her tongue over the soft head.

A smile emerged from Carol's lips and she circled the tip of his cock with her tongue before sliding it down the growing veins. She lapped and stroked, nipped and grazed his skin until she had his sex stiff and full. "Ready lover?" she asked him, her voice barely a whisper.

He groaned, coughed, and apologized to the listener on the phone and glared at her in frustration. Carol chuckled and took his cock into her mouth. Her teeth grazed the sides as her tongue pushed up and down on the front. She used one hand to reach into his pants and toy with his balls, while the other twisted his shaft right and left.

Alan felt the warmth of her mouth surround him and his hips bucked up. He groaned again, coughed again, and apologized again. Carol played with his balls, guided his sex deeper with every downward motion of her head, and welcomed his hand moving into her hair.

Her head angled. She took him deeper. Her eyes locked with his and she began to quicken her pace. He followed suit, thrusting up into her, watching her eyes greet his with hunger and passion. The caller on the other end had to repeat his question several times before Alan was able to respond.

Carol removed her hand from his shaft, placed two fingers against his groin and lowered her mouth completely over his cock. She buried her face into his sex and hummed over the stretched skin. She felt his muscles tighten under her two fingers, noticed his sac tightening against his body, and she readied herself for his shot of come.

Alan grunted low, muttered goodbye, and slammed his phone down. His head fell back and he delivered three long shots of semen into his lover's mouth. He felt her milk his tool, suckle from him as if she were thirsty and he was the only thing that would satisfy her craving. Alan knew she was all he needed to fill his needs. As she swallowed the last of his seeds, he saw the same conclusion in her eyes.

Carol wiped her lips with her fingers, licked them clean, and finished rinsing off his shaft with her tongue. She slipped his cock back into his boxers and stood up. He pulled her to him, kissed her lips, and shared the flavor of his release with her. "Nice," he told her before slipping his hand to her ass and giving it a gentle squeeze.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself," she winked.

He grinned and patted her on the ass before sliding his hands to her hips and turning her around. "Sit here babe," he told her. He felt her rear on his lap and enjoyed the weight of her nestled against him. His hand cupped one breast, while the other reached into his top, right desk drawer.

Alan pulled the long black box from his dresser and placed it on his desk. "For you," he whispered against her neck.

Carol picked up the box and opened it. Her fingers caressed the snake-skin choker. She plucked it out and ran her fingers over the smooth surface. It had been died a rich pink and in the center was a small red gem. "It's beautiful," she whispered. Twisting in his lap she turned so her lips could reach his easier. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," he took it from her hand and she lifted her hair away from her neck. He kissed her skin before securing the choker around her neck. "This is lovely," he stroked her neck, fingering the choker. "You are beautiful," he stated.

She rose from his lap after he took a small bite of her shoulder and pinched her hip. "I'm all finished," he told her as he put his papers away.

"I know," she winked.

He laughed and repaired his slacks before wrapping his arm around her waist. They walked together toward his car. Once there he helped her into her seat and then got in behind the wheel. Alan drove them to the other side of town. His hand constantly caressed Carol's thigh. She'd worn a skirt just like he'd asked and he knew from the feel of her on his lap back at the office that she had also kept with her custom of not wearing panties. His fingers slipped to her moist cunt and he pushed a finger inside. "Nice," he told her.

"Thank you Sir," she whispered, letting her head fall back and her eyes close. Her body shivered with desire as he screwed his finger in and out of her. Soon she was thrashing on the seat and asking for his permission to come for him. Alan granted it and felt her fluids free themselves all over his hand. Her skirt he knew was a mess, but he also knew that neither one of them cared. He slid his fingers in and out of her come soaked pussy. He brought them to her lips and she cleaned her honey from his thick fingers.

Alan drove them to the restaurant that he'd made reservations at earlier in the week. He helped her from the car and rested his hand on her back while he guided her into the establishment and then toward their table. His fingers slid over her shoulders before taking his seat next to her.

"This is lovely," she told him. "What's the occasion?" she asked.

He placed a second box on the table in front of her. "Just because," he said. He watched her grin and then saw her tremble as she pulled the black mask from inside the box. Underneath it she found five balls that resembled marbles, each one larger then the one before it, all attached with a small thin silver chain.

Carol bit her lip, felt her sex moisten as she recalled all the online sites she'd visited in the past. She breathed deep, ready to spring up, and haul her lover out the door with her. "Oh my," she whimpered.

He lifted the balls and placed them in her palm. "I would like to use those this evening, along with other things."

"Other things?" she asked. She shifted in her seat and felt the moistness collect on her pussy's lips. "What other things?"

Alan's laughter filled the room and he pulled her mouth to his. "If I tell you everything I want to try then you'll not be surprised." He planted a kiss over her soft lips and separated himself from her.

"No . . . but I'll be wet." A smirk rose up from her lips; she felt his hand move under her skirt and over her pussy.

"You are wet," he told her.

The table cloth covered his hand and when the server came by Alan stroked her cunt while he ordered their meal. He toyed with her clit while they ate their salads, pushed two fingers into her pussy while they ate the main course, and when she said, "Please Sir, I don't wish to have the desert here" Alan groaned and pulled his fingers from her sex.

"Let's go slut," he hissed into her ear, making sure no one heard him so she wasn't embarrassed by the term being used in public. Alan respected her. He would never do anything she didn't want done, nor wasn't willing to do.

They made it to the car and that was as far as they made it before Alan was pushing her up against the hood of his Mercedes and bending her over. The parking garage was dark and deserted. His cock ached to have her and he pressed the tip into the folds of her sex. "Fuck, I want you here and now," he growled.

"Yes Sir . . . take your slut, fuck her now," she pleaded. Carol looked around and saw no one. She was surprised by the small show of disappointment of knowing no one was going to witness her Master claiming his prize. She dismissed the feeling, promising herself to bring it up with Alan later. Right now all Carol wanted to focus on was the head of his cock sinking into her slick cunt.

Alan guided his dick against the folds of her sex and wedged it deep inside her. One of his hands rested on her hip, the other moved up to grab her breast. He fucked her pussy with fast strokes while he pulled and teased her nipple. "Look at my slut," he hissed in her ear as he pounded her. "Letting me take her pussy in public. You like this slut?" He bit her neck and sucked hard on the flesh. "You like me fucking you out here where people could watch you."

"Oh fuck . . . oh yes Sir," she cried out. Her voice echoed around them and she shoved her ass back further taking another inch of his massive tool. "Yes Sir . . . I'm Alan's slut " She clasped her muscles around his cock and milked his hard shaft.

"Shit . . . Oh fuck," he grunted as he shot a load of seed into her pussy. "Come on my cock slut. Come for your Master."

"Yes . . . ," she cried. Her climax cascaded over her. Carol emptied herself for him and she felt every pulse of her body cry out its release. She hovered on the edge of forever and when Alan rammed into her again she fell from the cliff and slammed into the rocks below. "Oh my God," she groaned as wave upon wave left her feeling weak.

His strong hands supported her as she spiraled down. He kissed her neck, nibbled on her ear, and whispered to her how much he needed her. Alan did need her. He knew this, had known it for several months now. Pulling his cock from her pussy, he turned her around, and kissed her lips while her skirt fell back in place. "Let's get home," he told her.

She nodded and was soon buckled in with her lover driving her toward his apartment. They pulled into the parking space and she looked up at the balcony remembering the day her life to an expected turn. As he walked with her to the door of his apartment, her mind conjured images of the first time he'd dominated her. She realized when she walked into the spacious living area that he'd dominated her not from the first moment he grabbed her wrist, but from the first moment he looked upon her face.

That brief interchange of friendly banter at the local gym had awakened in her a woman that she didn't know existed and now as he pulled her into his arms she no longer would doubt anything he wanted to try. He'd given her his love, respect, and trust. There was nothing else she needed.

Alan released her and tossed his keys to the counter. He left for a moment and knew that Carol was probably removing her clothes and climbing into his bed. He smiled at the idea of having her there. She belonged there and he wanted to keep her there for as long as he could. When he returned to her side, she'd done what he thought she had. She lay on his bed, the silver balls rested on the table, the mask was covering her eyes, and her fingers were stroking the choker. "Anxious?" he laughed.

"Too obvious?" she chuckled.

"Spread your legs," he told her. "What's our word?"

"Raven,"she whispered. Her desire was evident in her voice and she knew her pussy was slick once more. With her eyes-covered Carol's other senses had to lead her body. She had to trust him and his touch. She did trust him. She had no fear running through her veins just passion.


Alan opened his closet and pulled a black suitcase from the back. He'd shown her these things before, told her how each one worked, and allowed her to handle them. Now as he glanced over her naked form he knew she was ready to take another step forward. He took the suitcase to his dresser and pulled from it the items he wanted. Each one lay against the antique wood and his eyes moved from her to the toys. Finally he decided and he picked up the sterling, silver nipple clamps. Each toy had been designed especially for Alan years ago. It had been a long time before he'd allowed himself to find another woman worthy of sharing his expensive habit and erotic taste.

He went back to the bed and leaned in. "Remember that you have your word."

"Yes Sir," Carol answered. She shivered when she felt his finger trail over her perky nipple. Carol felt a pinch on her left nipple and she winced. She chose to say nothing. Her right nipple was soon pinched also and again she winced.

Alan didn't remove the clamps, but he watched her face. He saw her sigh and knew she'd adjusted to the initial surprise and twisted the clamps tighter. "Oh my," she moaned. "What are those?" she asked.

He told her and she nodded in understanding. She felt him leave the bed. The clamps pinched her hard nubs and she felt a metal chain caressing the skin between her breasts. Carol's eyes moved under the mask as she heard him move around the room. She'd not yet touched herself, having learned long ago how much he disliked that. She now waited for his next surprise.

Alan pulled the balls from the table by the bed and covered them in lube. "Lift your ass slut," he ordered. She did and he covered her anus with the warm lube and then inserted the balls one at a time. "Slut. I want you to rock your hips up and down."

He stood back and watched Carol lift her ass and let it drop again. She felt the vibrations roll over her and she shuddered. "Oh fuck," she moaned.

Alan had her continue fucking the air while he took out a vibrating egg. He went back to her and slid up between her legs. "Your wet slut."

Carol hissed. She felt his mouth on her thigh before he bit down on her flesh. Her hips rose up higher and she stopped fucking the air for a moment while she savored the feeling of the balls rolling around inside her. "Oh fuck," she groaned when she felt his fingers moving in and out of her pussy.

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