tagLoving WivesAway Day Ch. 06

Away Day Ch. 06


Chapter Six – Endgame:


“How late are we going to be, do you think?” I asked the tall, leggy stewardess.

“Shouldn’t be long now, sir. The weather has cleared the airport. We’re just waiting for permission to land now.”

I checked my watch. I really wanted to be in before 5PM to call Jackie before Chad got home. Otherwise we might have trouble planning our next meeting. I wanted everything right for this one. It had been five weeks since I had her at her home, in her bed, in Chad’s bed! It had been fan – fuckin – tastic! Jackie looked good, she smelled good, she felt good and she fucked like a goddam minx. I couldn’t help the huge smile that covered my goddam face, sitting there staring at the seat belt sign and daydreaming of her tits.

“What was it she said?” I muttered to myself. I felt the eyes of my seatmate turning toward me, but I didn’t give a shit.

"I never thought that would all go in, George." That’s what that hot little bitch had said to me, I thought with satisfaction.

[Chad, you poor fucker, that was your darling wife, talking to ME!]

I laid my head back and replayed the whole scene in my mind. Even after I had fucked Jackie wildly and with every ounce of my strength, she had come back wanting more! Incredible, what I do to her, I thought. We laid there together just playing with each other. Her with those delicate little hands, toying with my floppy dick that she had just drained the last goddam drop of cum out of; me with my hand cupped over the sopping-wetting-est cunt that ever mankind has seen.

She was a mess; her hair all matted in my cum and her pussy juices; her pussy open wide from my cock giving it the best splitting-apart it had ever h ad before. God, she was happy! Well, so was I! But, jeeze, it is great to be a man! Great to be the kind of stallion that can leave a pussy satisfied, spread wide-open and totally drenched! But it all felt good under my lazy hand, and I slowly finger-fucked her and cupped that big hard mound of hers, until I almost fell asleep, completely satisfied.

But Jackie wasn’t satisfied! She kept working on me to have my cock one more time and, like I said, I hadn’t gone completely soft after fucking her damned near blind! My Johnson was firm and well up.

But Jackie wasn’t satisfied. I smiled widely to no one at all. I just lay there feeling her hand toy with my dick, too fucking out of it to give a rat’s ass what happened next. She just kept playing with the damned thing, and it kept getting harder and harder, recovering from the wildest fuck I had ever put it through. I was thinking, “My god, what next? What more can she want? What more can she ask for? But what the fuck, let her have it. She probably doesn’t get much cock from old needle-dick at home.”

I had trouble not laughing out loud with joy. Jackie had knelt alongside me, facing toward my feet. I could hardly lift my head to see what she was up to, I was that fagged out from fucking the dear, sweet bitch. But she wasn’t finished with my Johnson at all.

I tensed up as she pulled my foreskin back. It is tight over the swollen head and it hurt just a little. But the little darling began sucking it and laving it, and licking her own juices right out of the ridge behind the head. I could almost have blown another load all over her, right then.

The plane took one of those mindboggling dips into a huge air pocket. Everyone on the plane grabbed the arms of the seat and their toenails all curled up trying to grab hold of the carpet. Everyone except me! I sat there and rode with the air pocket, my mind locked on the vision of Jackie’s ass up close to my eyes; her mouth just laving and sucking and loving the head of my cock. I closed my eyes and thought of how her little fingers pulled the foreskin all the ways back so she could lick me clean.

And then, she slipped it down her throat. I nearly fainted with the sensation of it. The head of my cock came to her throat opening, and Jackie just slipped it in, no gagging, no nothing! She took the whole thing and let me feel her throat with the knob of my cock. It was mind-blowing, and like I said, I damn near fainted.

[My god, she is a wonderful cocksucker, Chad, old man. Am I right or am I right? I ask you.]

And then, and then, my god, even I was astonished. Beautiful, gorgeous Jackie with those immense tits, swung her leg over my body and looked into my eyes while she guided my cock back into the cunt that I had almost fucked out of shape already. I could do nothing but lie there and watch. She made me watch it go into her. And it was fucking beautiful too, my big cock stuck up into Jackie’s cunt, her lips around it just as if it were her mouth!

[You shoulda been there, Chad, you really shoulda.]

“Put your seatbacks in the full, upright position and your tray tables away for landing, please.” I eyed the legs of the stewardess as she smiled and turned her back on me.

I snapped out of my playful reverie and checked my belt, slammed the tray up and pulled the broken seat back into locked position. When we pulled up to the concourse, I was the first one into the aisle and had my bag in my hand, waiting for the door to open. When it opened, I was through it like a shot and down the concourse to the luggage carousel.

As I walked, I dialed the cell phone. I hoped I had called in time.

“Hello?” she said. My heart bounced against my chest walls with the pleasure of her voice.

“Hi! It’s me!” I said happily.

“George! George, where are you? Are you here?’

“Yes, puss, I’m here. Is there any way we can get together tonight? I said urgently, all in a rush. I was at the carousel by then and eagerly waiting for the bag and her answer.

“Oh, .. well, let’s see. Yes, I can do that. Yes. Can you meet me at the Sand Dune Restaurant, by the motel, George?”

You have no idea how much pleasure I found in that answer. I felt it from my toes all along my legs to my cock, and up through my chest until I was a jiggling mass of eager nerve endings. I couldn’t believe how it affected me.

[And if you ever asked me, I wouldn’t admit it either.]

We met at the Restaurant for dinner, even though I had pleaded that she come to the motel first. But that was OK, I could stand a little food for strength before Jackie had her way with me.

After dropping off my bags and brushing my teeth, I stuck four condoms in my pocket and jumped back in the car.

“Oh, Jackie, oh Jackie, I want you so!” I sang a little song as I headed happily to the restaurant.

“Oh, Jackie, Dear Jackie, I have such a plan for you. I’m going to make us both happy, Taking your virginity, Like I should have, So many years ago!”

I thought about how wonderful it was going to be, taking Jackie’s anal virginity. My cock was hard again, just thinking about it.

[It may be the only part of her virginity I get, Chad, but it’s all mine!”]

My song ended as I found the nearby restaurant. I parked and went in the front door, trying not to strut too obviously. It was going to be a great two days! I could feel the half-hard condition of my cock along my leg; a pleasant, macho feeling.

A car pulled into the drive and I watched Jackie swing into a parking space. She opened the door and long legs swung out under a green striped, knee-length dress with a neat tailored look to it. I watch her breasts sway gently under the crisp dress and wondered if she was wearing a bra; or had she come prepared for me to find her nipples quickly? As she walked past my window I turned to admire that fine, sweet ass of hers as she switched her hips along the sidewalk to the door. My cock was already hard with the anticipation of her body writhing under me.

“George,” she smiled, “it’s so good to see you!”

She let me kiss her on the cheek; this being her hometown, I restrained my need and just gave her a little peck.

“God, but I missed you!” I said, knowing the effect that would have on her. My mind was on how wet her pussy would be.

She asked for a cup of coffee and looked around the restaurant, checking to see if she knew anyone. She smiled into my eyes, but her smile had a restrained sense to it, a little tension showing at the corners. I wondered, suddenly, if Chad had found out about us.

“I want you!” I leaned across the table to her and whispered the words.

“Oh, George, I know,” she smiled.

The waitress put a cup of coffee in front of her and she sipped it long and hard looking over the steaming rim at me.

“God, I’ve been thinking about the last time, .. .. . ..” I muttered quietly, my excitement showing. I couldn’t figure out why we weren’t next door already fucking like two happy rabbits, but I decided to go slow. I hoped she hadn’t slipped back into her old mode and was going to force me through all that courtship crap again.

“Yes, me too. And, thinking about our friendship, George. And thinking about Chad and our marriage.”

“Oh, oh,” I thought.

“Jackie, why don’t we go to my room? Where we can have some privacy?” I said urgently.

Jackie winced and then smiled again.

“George! We can’t.”

Now, there was a real lump in my throat. I felt like I had been hit in the chest with a baseball bat.

She continued: “I know you will find it hard to understand, George, because of the way I acted last time! But the truth is, I now know that was a onetime thing. I’ll never forget it George, honestly! But it can’t happen again; it really can’t, I hope you are OK with that. And that we can be friends, just like before.”

“What the hell? .. ..” I began, then stared out the window for a long moment, trying to think of a recovery strategy. “.. .. What the hell happened? I thought .. …”

“Yes, I know. I have tormented myself for five weeks and two days about it. Because it was good, George, it was wonderful.” She put her hand on my arm. “But I finally made the decision. I can’t live that way, I just can’t. I think you, of all people, know that. Deep down in your heart, you know me!”

She was right. I had just thought she had grown out of it. I hated to admit it but inside I knew she just couldn’t lie. I hate goodie-two-shoes and the nuns.

“I know it is crazy, but here’s what I think about the last few weeks. We, you and I, have taken the one pleasure we were cheated out of when we were in love as teenagers! Somehow, we got a second chance. We got to have that thing late in life. And it has been thrilling, just as it would have been having sex together back then. And I’m grateful for that! It was lovely! But that isn’t everything in life, George. Can you understand that?”

A tear slipped down her cheek, as she told me what she had decided.

“I’m scared, George, really scared. I have to go to Chad now and tell him what a horrible thing I have done. I have to beg him to forgive me. I’m not sure that I could forgive if it were the other way around! I’m not sure I even have a right to ask it. But I have to do it. Because, Chad and my family IS everything, that’s what I know!”

“What about me, what about Laura finding out? If you tell Chad, he might tell Laura! Jesus!”

“I know, and I will try to keep that from happening, I truly will. I don’t want her to be hurt, not really. I never intended that!” She said, tears still streaming down her cheeks.

“I don’t know what to expect. Chad is a very intelligent man; a very considerate man. He is wise about things like this, I think. I have no right to ask forgiveness. He may throw me out. I wouldn’t blame him if he did! And if that is what he wants, I will just find someway to live with it.” She looked through her tears out over the passing traffic.

“You know I posted this story on the internet for Chad to read .. .. …” I left the threat unsaid.

“I know, George, I know. I’ll have to tell him that, too. You gave me the website. I printed it and read it yesterday. It sounds horrible. And you sound vicious in what you said George, not like the sweet George I remember. And so, I will give Chad a copy, as hurtful as that will be to him. There is nothing else I can do. I can’t leave that hanging over his head.”

“I’m out of here. I’m disgusted. You are still a prick-teasing bitch, Jackie. If you think I am going to go through life with a hardon for you, waiting for you to grow up, you’ve got another think coming! Are you coming next door with me or not? This is it, this is finally it.” I stood up, waiting for her to change her mind. I half thought that she would.

“I’m sorry, George.” She said quietly.

Disgusted, I stormed to the door and drove out of the parking lot, throwing up g ravel in my wake.


I sat there for twenty minutes, crying quietly and staring out the window. My life was a mess. The question of what to do beyond this point weighed heavily and my chest felt as if a large stone were pressing on it. But, I had come this far. As difficult as it was, I had said good-bye to the past, once and for all.

Tonight, Chad would be back and the most difficult part would begin. The stone felt even heavier as I thought about it. The future stretched ahead of me like an utter vacuum.

I could not even guess what the future held, not even what tomorrow might bring. Nothing seemed clear at all. All that I could make sense of was what I would like to be. But wishing doesn’t make it so. I would tell all and throw myself on Chad’s mercy. I took a deep breath and paid my check, then walked slowly to the car, my feet feeling like lead weights at the end of my legs.

At home at last, I threw myself on our bed. The tears wouldn’t stop and I fell into a deep sleep like I hadn’t had in days. When I awoke, it was 7 o’clock in the evening and the phone was ringing.

“Hi, it’s me!” Chad announced.

“Oh, I’m glad you called.”

“How’re things? Did Carl get that tree that fell cut up?” He went on.

‘Yes, .. Yes, he did.”

“Good, I won’t have to do that when I get home then! Christ, I probably would have cut my damned leg off doing it. That’s a relief!”

“Chad, .. .. .. “


“Can you come home?”

“You mean, early?”

“Yes.” I couldn’t get any more words out.

“I suppose so. I could come home tomorrow. But I have to drive, so it would be late. That OK?”


“Yes, I’ll explain when I get there.”

“OK, .. .. OK, hurry, though. I need to talk to you.”

“OK, kid. What abou?.”

“When you get here ..” I said.

“OK, I’ve got my computer. Want to E-mail me anything?”

“No. It’ll keep ‘till you are here, darling.” .

Chad hung up. I felt clammy with the thought of George sending the address of his site to Chad. I wanted to tell him myself. But there was nothing I could do, though. Maybe George wouldn’t send it, I could hope but I couldn’t count on it. He had been awfully mad. It would serve me right if he found it. I sat shaking my head sadly. The weight of the stone on my chest got even heavier.

The next day seemed endless. At last, I got into the shower at 7PM to prepare for our talk.

I rubbed the soapy cloth over my body. Over and over, I sudsed my body, standing and rehearsing how I would deliver the devastating news to Chad. I decided that the least I could do, would be to dress in Chad’s favorite clothes. After toweling off, I sprayed a little perfume here and there over my body, all the places he liked to kiss. I just hoped, against all the odds, that he would still want to do that.

I pulled on new, pretty white panties with lace at the sides and slipped into a matching bra, bending forward to let my breasts fall into the comforting support of the cups. I looked in the mirror as I pulled stockings up my legs and noticed that I needed makeup to cover the tear-ravaged eyes, and lipstick to brighten up my face. I didn’t actually feel like being brightened up and wasn’t sure there was any way to brighten up at all.

I heard the car pull into the drive and stop behind the garage. I hurried downstairs, feeling a huge lump in my throat, wondering if I would be able to clear the lump away so I could say all I had to say.

My heart fell as I saw Chad in the foyer with a huge bouquet of roses in his arms and a smile on his face. This wasn’t getting any easier.

“Ma! I’m home!” He joked, as his arms went around me.

I pressed myself against the full length of his body and felt his hand slip to cup my bottom through the silk of dress and panties. I wished with all my heart that it was going to be that easy. But I knew that it couldn’t be.

We found a vase for the flowers and I placed them in water. Chad stood close against me and his hand brushed across the round curve of my bottom, in the playful way he has.

“Come on, Chad, the table’s set.”

“What’s this?” He asked, picking up the large brown envelope from his plate.

“Oh, it’s for you. But, … for later. Just put it aside.” I said.

I lit the candles and we sat across from each other. I took a deep breath.

“Chad, there’s something I have to tell you.” I began.

“I hate conversations that start that way? Is there any other opening line you could use?” He said apprehensively. He frowned across at me, a question on his face.

“No.” I said, tears starting to well up in my eyes.

“I don’t suppose we can put it off and just have a romantic dinner?”

“No. It’s awful. But .. .. ..”

“This envelope is involved in this in some way?”

“Yes. But let me finish. It is going to be hard enough to get through this.”

“Just one more question, Jackie. I don’t know how to ask this, but when you finish telling me, are you and I going to still be together? Just like before?”

This was not going as I expected. I was taken aback. I looked across the table into his open face and deep into his dark eyes.

“I .. .. I hope so.” I answered quietly.

“Want me to open the envelope?”

“No, that’s just something you have a right to read. I .. .. think .. .. someone may send you the address of a website. That’s a copy of the website in the envelope. But when I have finished, ..”

“Oh, but, someone has already sent it to me, .. yesterday!”

My heart sank. The tears would not stop at all, now.

“And you .. .. read it?”

I pulled myself up straight in my chair waiting for the world to cave in. But if he had read it, why the flowers?

“Well, no, I didn’t. I decided the person who sent it, .. .. .. was trying to send one of those viruses .. .. something that would damage .. my computer .., .. or, worse,.. .. my life. And so, I deleted it .. .. .. was that OK?” His face was calm and serious. He handed the envelope back, unopened.

“Why don’t you just keep this, Jackie. You’ve already answered my question. We’re going to be together, just like always, right?”

I nodded silently, my mouth unsure. I stared across between the candles and watched how golden he looked in the candlelight. I looked at how the flecks of gray in his hair gleamed in the light. Tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably.

“.. .. No, Chad. I want you to keep it. In case you ever decide you need to open it, you’ll have it. I can only .. .. ..”

“You know what I think, Jackie? I think even married people have a right to some secrets. I have a few I haven’t told you, you may have some you haven’t shared with me -- yet. Why don’t we keep it that way? But, if you like, I’ll put this in my bed stand. On the bottom of the drawer.”

“But, Chad, I’ve .. ..” I began, trying to tell him the whole story.

“Hey, you haven’t asked why I drove home? Come on, I want to show you.”

Chad led the way. I sat shaking my head and staring at his empty chair for a moment, then got slowly to my feet.

He opened the garage door and turned on the outdoor light.

“Recognize it?” He said, happiness written all over his face.

I was speechless, trying to piece together what had happened to the disastrous evening I had expected. I looked at him, stunned. I looked back at the car.

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