tagGroup SexFlatmates: Awesome Foursome!

Flatmates: Awesome Foursome!


A few months had past since my 21st birthday, when I got to fuck my fiancée's three best friends: Diane, Rachel and Suzie without the knowledge of my fiancée after they had teased me for hours. At the end we all agreed to try and do something similar again sometime, but we hadn't yet been able to, as my fiancée was always around. Tonight would probably be no different, as although my fiancée was going out, Rachel was going with her.

Anyway, soon after they'd gone I was sat in the living room watching TV, when there was a knock at the door, I heard Diane go to answer it and heard her talking to people, but thought nothing of it and shortly after I heard the door shut. Soon after Diane walked into the living room with Suzie right behind her!

"I thought as your fiancée has gone out for the evening I'd best entertain you, but I didn't think I could do it alone so I invited Suzie to help me, but I wasn't sure even the two of us could do it, so I also invited someone else. I would of liked to have invited Rachel, but of course, she went with your fiancée, so I thought to myself 'Who else do I know that could help entertain?' and the answer was simple, Tara!" Diane said, before Tara walked into the room and stood next to her.

Tara was the same age as me being 21, and was a bubbly blonde, she was very attractive with a lovely curvy figure, and to be honest, I much preferred her to Rachel!

"For the entertainment tonight, we thought we'd play a few games, the first of which will be poker, that OK with you?" Suzie asked me.

"Yeah, fine." I replied.

"Good, but there's a twist to this game." Tara informed me, "We still play for chips, however, you don't just get given chips, you have to buy them with clothes!"

"The price list of course differs for us and you." Diane informed me, "For us it's: 5 chips for a shoe or sock, 10 chips for a skirt or jeans, 10 for a top, 20 for a bra and 25 for underwear. For you it's 5 for a shoe or sock, 10 for jeans, 20 for a top and 35 for underwear."

"We're playing Texas Hold 'em rules, but you can cash in clothes for chips at any time, but if you hit 0 with clothes remaining, you must cash in clothing, you go out of the game as soon as you're naked and have no chips left." Tara informed me.

"We've all decided to start on 40 chips, how many would you like?" Suzie asked me.

"Uh, I'll go for 30." I told her.

"Good, let the game begin then, everyone pay for their chips." Diane said.

I quickly took off my shoes, socks and jeans that I needed to pay for my 30 chips, then sat and watched as the girls paid for theirs. Diane, once again assuming the role of ringleader quickly removed her shoes and socks before slowly, for maximum impact, removing her top and jeans to reveal the same push-up bra and tie-side briefs she had worn last time. Suzie quickly removed all the clothes she needed to before smiling and giving me a twirl to show off a lacy red bra and matching thong. Finally Tara removed her clothes, though she played on the fact I'd never seen her strip before to take longer, eventually revealing a functional white bra and thong.

We started playing and it wasn't long before Diane lost a load of chips and decided to cash in her bra. She slowly removed her black bra to reveal her breasts, which due to the fact she'd put a little bit of weight on had grown to a D cup. After that I got low on chips so decided to cash my shirt in, before Suzie had to remove her bra to show off her amazing milky DD's. The game then see-sawed a bit before Tara went on a losing streak and was forced to remove her bra, to show off a nice pair of D's and shortly after her thong to reveal her pussy and a little landing strip that led to it. Suzie lost next and removed her thong to show off her silky smooth shaved pussy; Diane was next and slowly untied her briefs to show her neatly trimmed pussy. Shortly after Tara ran out of chips and so was out, the next hand I lost and was forced to take off my boxers so the three girls could see my nine inch erection. Diane lost the last of her chips shortly after to leave it between Suzie and me. I was lagging behind her a bit, so when I realised I could put together a flush I went all in, Suzie called me and to my horror revealed she had a full house.

"Right then Suzie, as winner you get to do anything you want to anyone in this room. And everyone else has to remember that they're not allowed to touch themselves or anyone else during this." Diane announced.

Suzie looked around at the three naked people sat infront of her, slowly eyeing each of us up. Her gaze seemed to hold on my cock for a while and I was sure she would choose me.

"I choose...... Diane!" Suzie said.

"What would you like to do with me?" Diane asked, shocked.

"I'm going to lick you out!" Suzie replied.

Tara and I looked at each other in disbelief as Diane lay down on the floor and Suzie slowly climbed between her legs. Diane gave a little moan as Suzie flicked her tongue over her clit, before completely burying her face in Diane's pussy. Personally I was finding it very difficult not being able to touch myself or anyone else as I watched the show and I was partially glad when it was over. For her part Diane seemed to enjoy it judging by the amount of moaning she was doing, and she did seem to be slightly disappointed when Suzie finally stopped and removed her face from her pussy. Suzie immediately got up and came over to me and kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth so I could taste Diane's pussy.

"Isn't she tasty!" She said with a smile.

"Right then," Tara started, "The next game is called 'Guess Who', and it has two rounds, for both of which you will be blindfolded." She said looking at me.

"In the first round you'll have to feel our breasts to try and establish who's who. Then in the second round you'll have to work out who's who just by tasting our pussys." Diane informed me.

"If you guess them all right you get to choose your prize!" Suzie said with a smile.

Diane then slipped a blindfold over my head and checked I couldn't see before explaining that they'd take it in turns to stand infront of me, and at the end I'd have to tell them the order in which they appeared.

I put my arms out infront of me and the first girl quickly took her place, and guided my hands to her waiting breasts, I spent some time fondling them and playing with her nipples, they were large and pert, but that didn't really help. The girl then switched, the next pair was considerably bigger than the last, so I knew these must be Suzie's DD's, which meant the first pair must have been either Diane or Tara. Finally the last girl took her place, her breasts were about the same size as the first, but had a slight sag to them. I remembered that Diane's sagged slightly as she'd lost a lot of weight when she was younger.

"Well then, what was the order?" Suzie asked.

"Tara was first, then Suzie and finally Diane." I replied confidently.

"All correct, well done. Now in the next round I have to tell you that you can only use your tongue, no hands! So if you'd care to lie down we'll get started." Diane told me.

I lay down on the floor and soon felt the first girl lowering herself down onto my face. I flicked my tongue at her clit, and then delved into her slit, I could tell instantly from the taste it was Diane, but continued to lick her out until she got off me. The next girl quickly crouched over my face, I couldn't tell who it was from the taste this time, but whoever it was was very wet, I licked her pussy all over trying to figure out who it was, the other girls must be covering her mouth, as I couldn't even hear her moan to give me a clue. I suddenly realised as she got off me that there was no hair around her pussy, so it must have been Suzie! Finally the last girl crouched over me, I knew it was Tara, so just enjoyed licking her out, her juices were sweeter than the other two's and I was quite disappointed when she got off me.

"So are you as good at tasting pussy as you are at feeling breasts?" Tara asked whilst removing my blindfold after helping me up.

"Diane first, then Suzie, finally Tara." I said.

"Correct again!" Diane said, "Although I think that was slightly easier as Suzie had already allowed you to taste me! So who will be your prize?"

"I'll take Tara, and I think I'll finish licking her out!" I said with a smile.

Tara smiled and lay down with her legs spread and I lowered myself down between them. I slowly licked up from the bottom of her slit to her clit, and back down again before parting her lips with my tongue and slipping it inside her as she moaned in pleasure. I could taste her juices all around my tongue as I licked her out, I just couldn't get enough of it, she tasted so sweet. I guessed from her moans that she was nearly ready to cum, so I took my tongue out of her pussy and went for her clit. As soon as the tip of my tongue met her engorged clit she gasped in pleasure and when I started dancing my tongue over clit she seemed to lose control of her limbs and started thrashing around as Diane and Suzie tried to hold her down. I eased off a bit to allow her to regain control of her limbs, but she immediately pushed my head into her pussy and clamped it there with her thighs.

"Shiiiittttt, don't stoppp, I'm gonnnnnnnaaaa cuuuuuummmmmmmm. Fuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkk." She screamed as she had a violent orgasm.

Eventually Tara's orgasm subsided and I could pull my head free from her pussy as she panted, trying to regain her breath.

"Fuck, what the hell did you do to me?" She asked, "I've never had an orgasm anywhere near that good before!"

I just smiled at her and replied "Just a natural talent I suppose!"

"Well, if Tara's recovered we should get on with the next game!" Diane remarked.

Tara nodded that she had and so Diane set about explaining the rules.

"The game is called Russian roulette and will have one winner and one loser. The winner will be the first girl to make you cum {she said looking at me} and the loser will be the first girl to cum herself. You will have two girls on you at any one time and the other will rest. One will be perched over your face so you can lick them out and the other will have six strokes of your lovely cock inside their pussy to make you cum. At then end of the game the loser will have to lick your cum out of the winners pussy!" Diane explained. "Does everyone understand the rules?"

We all nodded that we did, it certainly sounded like a fun game as far as I was concerned!

"Right then, Tara should rest first to give her a better chance of not losing, Suzie should be first to be licked out, so I'll be first to get six strokes!" Diane said with a smile.

I lay down on the floor and Suzie quickly positioned herself so her pussy was over my face, her pussy was so wet that she was practically dripping onto my face, whilst Diane aligned the tip of my hard cock with her pussy entrance. She then slowly eased herself down onto my cock, she was still tight, not as tight as last time I'd fucked her, but tight none-the-less, the fact that she was still wet from Suzie licking her out also helped. As soon as I felt the head of my cock penetrate Diane I started licking Suzie's shaved pussy, her juices were already all over my face and I'd barely even started on her, she was so turned on I wouldn't be surprised if she was the first to cum. Suzie's moans got louder and louder as I continued to eat her out whilst Diane slowly slid up and down on my cock, she was certainly taking her time, whether it was because she was enjoying it so much or to give me longer to make Suzie cum I don't know.

Eventually she finished her 6th thrust and slipped off me as Suzie reluctantly got off my face, Diane quickly took her place and the smell of her sex was overpowering, Tara lined herself up on my cock before slowly sliding down it, allowing me to penetrate her for the first time ever as I started licking Diane out. Tara's pussy slid easily up and down my cock as she was very loose and wet from the orgasm I'd given her a few minutes ago. Tara quickly completed her 6 strokes, trying to use speed to compensate for the looseness of her pussy. Diane quickly got off my face as Tara slid off me to allow her to take her place, whilst Suzie literally jumped on my cock and slammed herself down onto it, moaning in pleasure as it impaled her shaved pussy, before Tara had even positioned herself on me. I quickly pulled Tara down onto my face and speared my tongue inside her pussy as Suzie slid up and down on my cock, moaning in pleasure with every stroke, I'd forgotten just how good her silky-smooth pussy felt in the months since I'd last had her, but it was certainly coming back to me now!

Much to my disappointment Suzie soon completed her 6 strokes and reluctantly slipped off my cock and onto my face as Diane lined herself up for her second go. She once again slowly lowered her still tight pussy onto my cock as my tongue plunged into Suzie's dripping pussy. Suzie's moans were getting louder and louder as I worked my tongue around her insides and I was sure she was going to cum, until I felt Diane slip off me having finished her stroke allotment. I let my tongue fall out of Suzie's pussy as Diane quickly took her place whilst Tara again plunged herself down onto me, this time however she had obviously decided to go slower. I also decided to take a different approach with Diane, I started off by licking up the length of her pussy before going to work on her clit, then as Tara reached 4 strokes I plunged my tongue as deep into Diane's pussy as I could, fucking her with my tongue. Her moans which had being getting consistently louder had now turned into almost a scream of pleasure as my tongue entered her. Then, as Tara came down for her 6th thrust, Diane came.

"Fuuuuuucccccckkkkk, sssshhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt, yyyyyeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!" She screamed, as her juices gushed out of her pussy and down onto my face and into my mouth.

"Sounds like Diane's the loser!" Suzie said with a big grin.

Diane lifted herself off my face and then rolled onto the floor to recover from her orgasm whilst she found out who's pussy she'd have to lick my cum out of. I now had an unobstructed view as Tara slid off me and Suzie got back on, she purposely took ages to impale herself on me, knowing I was watching intently as my cock disappeared into her shaved pussy. She moaned her way through six more thrusts, never taking her eyes off mine, before slipping off once again to allow Tara her turn. She once again went for speed, slamming her way through her six, but to little avail, I knew I was going to cum soon, but I expected to last a few more rounds yet.

Tara again slipped off me and allowed Suzie to once again have her go. I watched as she once again slowly lowered herself down until my cock had completely disappeared inside her pussy, she then paused and gave me a wink before very slowly sliding herself up my shaft, only this time she was so much tighter as she must have clenched her pussy around my cock. I could feel every millimetre her silky-smooth pussy moved up and down my cock and damn did it feel good! I was groaning louder with every extra movement she made, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to last, and sure enough, four strokes in I was ready to blow.

"Shiiit, I'm going to cuuuum." I moaned.

Suzie then gave me one quick stroke and with a load groan of pleasure and release I shot my cum deep into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, fuuuuuuuucccccckkkkk, yyyyeeeeeeessssssssss!" Suzie screamed as she felt my cum splash into her, setting off her own orgasm.

"Well, it sounds like we have a winner!" Tara said, "I hope you enjoy eating cum out of Suzie's pussy, Diane!"

Suzie then carefully unmounted me, taking care to keep as much of my cum inside her for Diane to eat out as she could before laying down on the floor, legs spread. Tara and I then watched as Diane positioned herself between Suzie's legs, she spread open Suzie's pussy so we could see my cum inside her before slowly lowering her head and taking a tentative lick, she then showed Tara and I the cum on her tongue before swallowing it and heading back to Suzie's waiting pussy. Watching Diane lick my cum out of Suzie's pussy had got me hard again, but luckily this time there wasn't a no touching rule in place so Tara pushed me down onto the floor, before sitting on my face and then leaning over to take my cock in her mouth so we were in a 69 position. Tara was doing a good job of sucking my cock whilst I ate her pussy out for the second time when Suzie called out:

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, why don't you two come, mmmmmmmmmmm, over and join us?"

Tara let my cock drop from her mouth and got up off me before walking over to where Diane was licking my cum from Suzie's pussy, she sat down on Suzie's face so that she could watch Diane eat Suzie out whilst Suzie licked her out. I heard Tara moan as Suzie's tongue penetrated her and quickly went over to join them. Diane was on all fours licking Suzie out, the prefect position for doggy style, so I slipped up behind her, and with one thrust slipped my cock into Diane's sopping wet pussy. Which meant that I was now fucking Diane, whilst she ate my cum from Suzie's pussy, whilst she was probing Tara's pussy with her tongue. I pounded away at Diane's pussy whilst the three girls licked each other thinking how amazingly erotic this situation was, I just wished it would never end, I could certainly cope with pleasuring and being pleasured by the three girls for ever!

Tara came first, her face contorted with pleasure as she moaned loudly. She got her breath back and unmounted Suzie, whose face I could see was covered in Tara's juices. She gave Suzie a lingering kiss to thank her for her orgasm before sliding under Diane's kneeling body. She then started to lick up and down Diane's slit and my shaft as I fucked her whilst she gently fondled my balls. Diane came next, her pussy clamping down on my cock as it slid in and out of her drenched pussy, her moans of pleasure muffled by Suzie's pussy. Suzie came immediately after Diane, her hands forcing Diane's head into her pussy as her contorted face moaned loudly in appreciation.

As her orgasm subsided Diane collapsed down onto Suzie, my cock falling out of her sloppy pussy. Tara quickly gobbled it up into her mouth, once again blowing me as Diane & Suzie lay on the floor, watching as they recovered from their orgasms.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum." I moaned.

Tara gave me a few more sucks before letting my cock slip out of her mouth and aiming it at her face as she tossed me off. My first load exploded out of my cock and splattered onto her face, covering her eyes and nose in my cum, the second hit her forehead, with some going in hair before the final load landed just below her bottom lip, dripping down from her chin and onto her D cup breasts as she stuck her tongue out to meet my cock and lick it clean.

"Mmmmmm, I love the feeling of cum splashing onto my face." She said.

Tara then reached for her bag, took a digital camera out of it and gave it to me.

"I've got to get home now I'm afraid, but why don't you take some photos of us as a memento of our wonderful evening?" She said.

I stepped back and took a photo of Tara, naked, my cum all over her face and breasts, then took one of Suzie, Tara's juices still evident on her face and Diane, with Suzie's juices on her face. I then took a photo of the three girls together before Tara took the camera back and took one of me before setting the timer and putting it on the table to get a photo of the four of us.

Diane, Suzie and I went to the door, still naked and said goodbye to Tara, who to our surprise seemed to be walking out with my cum still on her face.

"You know you've still got..." I started.

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