tagLoving WivesAwkward Church Games Pt. 02

Awkward Church Games Pt. 02


I Meet The Man Who Purchased Me


The night before the auction I tossed and turned, not getting any sleep. Finally, I got up around 3 and began cleaning, trying to will the time away. The day passed very slowly and even though I was tired, there was still a spark of anticipation. That evening, as I was getting ready for the event, I put on a bright red dress with a plunging neck line and then put on my red high heels. When Art saw me just before I was ready to leave, he suddenly had a change of heart. "Hey," he said. "You look too damn good to go."

"What are you talking about? The guideline said we should dress nicely, and when I wore this the last time we went out, you never said a word about how I looked." I was a little miffed that he waited till now to say something. I was wondering if another man would notice me now and Art couldn't offer any reason why I shouldn't go. Then I used my trump card. "You were the one who said I should go, to help your business. Are you saying I shouldn't go now because another man might notice me, when you've been ignoring me lately?

"Look, don't worry, it's only for the weekend, and your parents will help with the kids tomorrow. So relax, I won't allow anything bad to happen and the rules say I'm allowed to call you once a day. If necessary, I'll use the safe word, and let you know where to meet me."

"If you have to use that safe word, I'll kick that guys ass."

I just rolled my eyes. "Amber said it was easy, and she's going along as well. I know you're staying with the kids, but Chris will keep an eye out for me and if he thinks the guy is bad news, he'll tap his forehead, that's the signal for me to balk and change my mind. Okay?"

"Yeah, I just wish we could have gotten a sitter, so I could look the buyers over."

"Like you would approve of anyone. Relax, I'll be fine and home in less than 48 hours. It's almost five now, and I'll be released at 3 pm on Sunday. I have my clothes ready and I'll try to keep my cell phone on me at all times. Okay?"

He nodded, and he kissed me deeply. "I may have been wrong about this, so please be careful and know that I love you deeply, no matter what happens."

He kissed me again, but in my head, I was wondering what he meant by no matter what happens. This was his home town, what had Chris told him, and why had he asked that I go to this thing? There were too many questions and I was so nervous, I was about to back out, when Amber came to the door. She was dressed in a really short yellow mini skirt, which helped highlighted her red hair. I saw Art open his mouth in surprise and I was suddenly angry at him. He criticized my attire, but Amber walks in with that slutty little dress and I could see his eyes lock on her figure. Why are husbands such jerks?

"That's the look, I was going for," she said, as she twirled around, and behind her was Chris.

He entered and took a long look at me. "Damn Cindy. You're going to give Amber a challenge on who makes the most money. Thank God it's for the church, and us. If it were anything else, I'd tell Art to not let you go." So, he had the same thoughts as me, well I could always back out. It wouldn't look good, but then I turned to my husband and talked to him quietly, asking him to tell me it was okay.

Art looked me in the eye and I could actually see the love and tenderness there. "It will help my business, but if you don't feel good, then don't go."

Amber overheard the conversation. "Don't want to butt in, but Cindy, I was just as nervous as you are now. Wasn't I Chris?" she asked and he nodded. "I told you, I was a little scared but it was kind of fun. The men who can purchase us are screened by the church, no criminals, deviants, anyone with a shady background is not allowed to bid." She stopped there and waited for my decision.

"Okay," I responded. "Let's go." I kissed Art and then the kids, as he explained that I was doing something with the church and I would be gone until Sunday. The kids looked at me a little funny, like they had insight to what was going on, but they soon waved goodbye and turned back to their television and internet system.

We arrived at the church right on time, and I was a bit relieved to see literally dozens of women, some dressed very conservatively, others more like Amber and myself. I learned that Amber made the most last year, so there were a couple of women who wanted that title. I did see a couple of women, especially one older woman give Amber a really nasty look, but she hardly looked at me even though I was right next to her. That made me wonder who she was. I asked Amber, and she shrugged her shoulders, not seeming to care so I let it go.

Before long there was a short dinner, where the future servants got to mingle with the different tables. I kind of followed Amber around watching as she flirted with some guys, but I kind of just stayed back and watched it all. It all seemed surreal, I mean we were in the school auditorium, since it was too big to host this event in the church, and the place was filled with men, all of them wearing a number on their chest like us. Our numbers were in pink, theirs in blue and though most of the men were nice and respectful, I did spot several who were looking at me, one even licking his lips. I almost turned around right there and went home.

Eventually the dinner ended and we were told to line up according to our number, which actually started with the last number first. My number was 53, Amber was 54. The numbers went up to 81, and I was surprised to see so many married women signed on. As we lined up, all the women took off their wedding rings, the idea as it was explained was that to be a slave meant we could not have personal belongings. The rings were taken by husbands and friends and Chris grabbed mine and told me to relax. His smile made me feel a little better and I saw him grab his phone and make a call, probably to Art. That also made me feel better.

The bidding on the first ten women didn't last long. Then a very pretty woman, number 64 was up and this took a little longer. With more men from around the area allowed in, there was a bit more bidding. She finally went with a nice looking young man who paid 351 dollars. Amber was pissed, the woman had beaten her score from last year. I looked out in the audience and actually saw the older woman who had scowled at her, smile. Okay, there was definitely something between them, but I didn't have time to dwell on it as Amber suddenly went out onto the stage.

Amber did a good strut and stood there, smiling and calling out to several men whom she knew. She turned around a few times and suddenly the bidding was getting higher. In no time the bidding had reached 300 dollars, and a couple of turns and a hoot from Chris, and then it was 350. Then 360 and that was it. I looked to see who had made the winning bid, expecting it to be the older man Amber said won last year, but I couldn't see who it was from my spot.

Then my number was called and a hand gently pushed me onto the stage. Very nervously, I walked up, not bothering to turn around but stood there, trying my best to not appear nervous. I smiled a bit, then listened to the bidding. It started at 100, same as Amber, but in no time, it was 300 where it began to slow down. I felt a little better, I was almost as good as Amber and then it was suddenly 380 and it was over. I pulled in more money than Amber, who looked over at me with a surprised smile on her face, then she rubbed her index right index finger over the left finger, in a sort of 'naughty' which did nothing to alleviate the butterflies in my stomach. Hell, they weren't butterflies, they were raging tigers.

I was led through the crowd to where I met my 'owner'. He was a decent looking man, maybe a bit older than me, but he was also familiar. I introduced myself, shook his hand and then it hit me, he was the guy licking his lips. That gave me more terrors, but he asked if I was ready to go. I grabbed my overnight bag from the storage bin in that room and we were off. As I left, I threw a wave to Chris, I didn't see Amber, so she might already have left, but he signaled me to relax, and then the door closed.

The buyer had introduced himself as Bryan, with a y. He said he was from the town next to us and had heard about the auction in his church, so he wanted to see for himself. He also said he didn't think he would bid on anyone, but then he saw me, and he said I was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, and the fact that I was so nervous meant I had never done this thing before and he found that adorable. That was flattering, but did nothing to calm my nerves, which he noticed, so on the way to his home in the next town, he asked me questions, about my life, my family (yes, he knew I was married) and how I liked the town.

Then he told me a little about himself, how he was divorced, had a nice home and owned two cats. I thought men were more dog animals, but let it go. Then he asked me more about the rules, which I had brought along with me. He told me no one had given him a copy. At that point we pulled onto a smaller street, I looked up and saw the street sign, Elm Lane, then three houses later, we pulled into a driveway and the garage opened and we pulled into it. As the car stopped, I realized that the garage was attached to the house, and he looked at me.

"Okay, give me those rules," he said, not in the most pleasant tone. He looked them over and then back at me. "This says the event happens when we get to our location. This is our location, so I'm your owner and master now."

I hated how he said that. "Yes sir." I responded.

"No. It's master. Got it." I started to laugh when he suddenly slapped me, not hard, but enough to get my attention. "I'm your owner so it's master. Do you understand?"

"Yes. Master." I didn't think I was going to last very long.

"Fine. I hope I didn't hurt you, just wanted to get your attention and set the rules."

"I understand," I replied, calming down a bit.

I was led inside the house and then I put the rule on the fridge, as instructed and Bryan showed me to my room. It was next to his room and I noticed the rom was clean and had two other doors. I didn't get a chance to inspect them as he suddenly tossed an outfit on the bed and told me get dressed. I waited for him to leave the room, but he refused.

"You're not going to leave so I can change?"



"You must address me as master whenever you ask me something."

Okay, this guy was beginning to make me worried, but other than the playful slap he hadn't done anything wrong, and I wondered if he was testing me. If I called out my safe word, well he would get all his money back and he hadn't really done anything, plus I knew Art was probably already thinking of ways to spend our half of the bid.

"Are you going to leave so I can change, Master?"

"No. You aren't going to strip naked, unless you want to. So, hurry up and strip down. I want to see what I bought."

I was more angry than scared at this point, so I angrily unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. Then I looked at the clothes, they were made of a flimsy cotton material , which I am guessing he liked because they were loose and showed more of my breasts than my dress. I pulled them on and they fit, somewhat, though the shirt was a little snug around the middle, but the material stretched nicely and was comfortable. Bryan showed me to the bathroom and around the upstairs, then he told me he wanted me to clean the stove and fridge. After that I could come upstairs and assist him as he had a bath

I was like, okay, but I figured the first night anyway he would probably be wearing a bathing suit and was again probably testing me. With that thought in mind, I walked down the steps and looked at the stove. It was a little dirty, so I quickly located the cleaning products under the sink and had the stove clean in no time. The fridge was a different matter. I had to remove a lot of items, throwing some away, and after some time, it was done. I looked at my watch, it was only 8:30, so I had only been with this man less than two hours. It was going to be a long night and I was really beat. The lack of sleep last night was taking a toll, and the Adrenalin of excitement had long since departed, leaving me feeling a bit drained.

As I mounted the steps, I saw him in another room, possibly a study or library. "Master, the stove and sink are clean."

He turned around and smiled. "Nice. Turn on the bath for me."

I turned and entered the bathroom, noticing that the bath was large. Well at least this was easy, as I heard him walking toward the bathroom wondering if he would be naked, but he came in wearing his clothes. I expected it when he told me to take his clothes off and place them in the hamper. This didn't bother me, I had seen my husband and kids enough to know how to remove clothes quickly and get them into the hamper, but as I removed his socks, I had to bend over and I was inches from his junk. I instantly remembered what Amber had said, but this was different. In her case the man hadn't exactly pushed her into it, he was kind and gentle, this guy was an ass. Fine. I moved my head out of the way, though I could swear he pushed his cock into me. I refused to allow him to intimidate me.

Once naked before me, I noticed that he had a slim build and as he stepped into the water, and his junk was average size, at least from what I knew. I mean, I hadn't seen many before my husband, so who was I to judge. He had me wash his back, then his ass and legs, and then he turned over and I had to wash his front. He told me to take my time and as I was washing his foot, he moved a bit and because of how I was sitting on the tubs edge, I slipped and fell into the water. The cotton outfit was drenched and seemed to shrink and itched in places. The white material when wet was like wearing a see-through outfit, only my bra and panties kept him from seeing me totally naked. I kept trying to finish wiping him down, when he told me that I was done and should change before bed.

"Thank you master," I replied as I moved quickly out of the room, noticing that he was getting out of the tub as well. I wanted to be dried and dressed before he wanted something more, so when I reached my room, I carefully pushed a chair up against the door to the hallway as the door didn't have a lock. I struggled with the material, it seemed to stick to me, but after a bit, I was naked and dried off. There were no other sets of clothing and I had forgotten to bring my own clothes up from the car, so with only one option, I put my dress back on.

I heard my door handle rattle and pulled the chair away. Immediately he was inside my room. "You cannot lock or bar the hallway door," he said, a little steamed.

"I wanted t get dressed in private," I replied.

"That is grounds for me firing you," he said back. Seeing the confused look on my face, he told me to fetch the rules off the refrigerator, and when I did and came back up, I had also stopped at his car and retrieved my overnight bag, he was standing there impatiently. "What took you so long?"

"I needed to grab my overnight bag." I quickly added "Master" to the statement when I saw his hand start to go up.

"You will not be wearing any of those clothes."

"Then what am I supposed to wear, master?" I said it as snidely as I could.

"Look at article 14, then article 26," he told me.

I scanned down to Rule 14 and to my surprise, I saw that I had to obey any rules that the purchaser instituted about the housing situation, and that unless it was considered dangerous or compromising (I liked how they stated that, what was compromising? I guess each person could make their own rules) he could call the church committee before 3 pm tomorrow and they would refund all of his money and I would not receive any.

Then I read Rule 26, it was obvious that he had memorized the rules beforehand, and even though I had gone over them myself, I'm sure he had worked out ways to ensure he could work each rule to his advantage. This rule stated that he could institute a rule on what clothing was worn, that he could not make the servant walk around naked, so I looked at him. "You can't insist I walk around naked, so what am I supposed to wear? Master."

"The clothes I bought you."

"They're all wet."

"That is your problem. Either wear them, or go naked, I don't care. There is no dryer in this house, so either ring them out and wear them wet, or put them near the heater to dry, but you cannot wear any other clothes, or you are in breech of the contract and I will contact the church."

This guy knew the rules only too well. "Fine, you want to see me naked, then fine," I said as I pulled my dress off once more and collected the wet clothing on the floor. Taking them to the bathroom, I squeezed as much water out of the clothing as I could and put them next to the bathroom heater. It was early April and it was still cold outside, so the house heat was on which I would use to dry the clothes. As I walked back to my room, I saw him looking at me with some interest.

"You are a beautiful woman. Now, come and do the rest of your chores."

I spent nearly four more hours doing chores, from vacuuming to dusting, to moving heavy barrels of some sort of liquid in the basement. That room was cold, but I refused to make a stink and just kept working hard, my anger and the heavy work kept me from getting too cold, until I was done. At that point it was almost 1 am and I was growing very tired. I stood before him, exhausted and thankfully he said I was finished and could go to bed. Plus, he said I could block the hallway door with a chair if I wanted and if it made me feel more secure.

I just nodded and headed to bed. Not sure how long I would be allowed to sleep, I skipped the shower and just climbed into my bed naked. I pulled the covers over me, but then felt like there was something in the bed. I pulled off the sheets, but there was nothing, the mattress was old and full of bumps, so it made sleeping a bit more difficult. Anyway, I soon drifted off.

I awoke to find him standing over my bed, banging a drum and yelling at me to get up. I felt like I had only been to sleep a short while, and looking at my watch, I had. I had probably drifted off at 1:30 or so, and now it was 2:15. Less than an hour of sleep and I was disoriented and confused. He had me do what he called the wake up routine, female pushups and sit ups, then jumping jacks. Even though I was naked, I didn't care, and I figured out that was probably his plan all along. Deny me some good sleep and keep me disoriented.

With that done, he had me go downstairs and carry different pieces of furniture upstairs. Some of them were quite light, others not so light, but the challenge was going up and down the stairs. I was getting winded. Then he turned off the lights and told me to relax on the couch a bit. I did and before long I was drifting off, when he suddenly turned on some music, rocking out at the absolute highest volume. Instantly, I was awake and more confused. From here he suddenly shined a bright flashlight into my eyes and I almost broke down crying. He had me get up again and move more furniture, but as I was slowing down, he kept standing behind me yelling. He told me to sit down again when I almost fell down the stairs. He then went and got me a glass of water.

I drank a little and he told me to relax a bit. I noticed him standing there watching me, as my eyes slowly closed. Then splash, he had thrown the rest of the water into my face, yelling at me that I had not been given permission to fall asleep. I was shot, I started crying, telling him I could not take it anymore, and then he sat next to me and asked if I wanted it to end.

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