tagSci-Fi & FantasyAxina and Burk Ch. 14

Axina and Burk Ch. 14



Axina flipped through several sheets of parchment as her carriage rumbled along a back country road. The Queen had provided her with two separate files full of parchment. The first contained information on the Ladies of Bosom Axina was supposed to command on the hunt for her target, the new Ultramale. A few of her allies looked as though they might be useful. Three had Bosoms equivalent to lower level Baronesses, and two of those had a fairly good amount of battle experience.

The other folder was more interesting. It contained information on the Ladies that had been confirmed to be in Thrall to the Ultramale.

The first was Mirah Vageena, a Baroness of about Axina's age. According to her dossier, Mirah was a scholar and a holder of strange notions, as well as a suspected Phallic Cultist. A disquieting possibility. Axina wouldn't believe that any Lady was a Phallic Cultist without surefire proof, not even if she were Axina's enemy.

Mirah's mother, Xencina Vageena, came next. The woman had apparently been the youngest ever raised to the rank of Papess of the Most Nurturing and Feminine Church of Womanhood at age 19. At 39, she was supposedly still a firebrand and a zealot, a true believer in Goddess-given truth. Axina doubted that Xencina was really that devout. She had fallen prey to a mere male after all, even if he was an Ultramale.

The final name sent a chill down Axina's spine. Jea Dikei, self-styled Field Marshal, bustiest of all Ladies beneath only the Queen herself. She was the greatest general and the strongest warrior in living memory. Axina had spent many of her adolescent years poring over accounts of the legendary Lady's more famous battles. Jea Dikei against Duchess Amber. Jea Dikei against the Western Coalition. Jea Dikei against the South-Eastern Anti Dikei Alliance. Even when outnumbered a hundred to one, Dikei always won easily. If even one such as she could be subjugated, it spoke volumes about the power of her opponent.

And of course, there was the male himself to contend with. As a male, he wouldn't possess any significant combat ability when up against a Lady of Bosom surely. That didn't necessarily mean he wasn't dangerous. Axina knew that the main threat he posed was the ability to inflame her own lust. If she surrendered to her own libido, even for an instant, she would lose. If he got his cock inside her, she would be in thrall forever, locked in eternal worshipful bliss of a big, powerful male...

Flushing, Axina banished that image from her mind. The key would be to strike a lethal blow from hiding. Axina's Feminine Magic was perfect for that. She could make a fireball that would burn right through him.


Axina ordered the carriage driver to wait for her at the bottom of the ridge. She would traverse the remaining distance to the allied camp on foot. She wanted to observe them before she joined them openly.

Before long, Axina saw the column of smoke that must have come from their campfire. She used feminine power to enhance her legs, making the climb easier. Even this slight use of power stirred undeniable arousal within her, but she was able to cope with it fairly well now.

She slowed as she approached the campsite. Stealth had never been Axina's forte. As a Lady of Bosom she had been a general on the field, a magical duelist and courtier, but never an assassin. This would be a good opportunity to see if she was able to sneak up on a target without their knowledge. She carefully skirted around bushes and slipped between trees, careful not to let any sound of her movements disturb the quiet morning air. The campsite was just ahead of her now. She peered out from behind a tree.

The camp was in ruins. The only way to describe what must have taken place here was "sexual massacre". Torn clothing and unconscious women lay strewn around the camp, at least twenty of them. Some were commoners, others were Ladies of Bosom. The entire scene was coated in thick gobs of white goo, smeared all over faces, dripping from breasts, gushing from gaping pussies and assholes, splattered all over the ground.

Axina spotted one who was still conscious. She was a pretty little brown haired thing, with tits no bigger than apples. Clearly minor lady, then. The girl was lying on her back, both hands furiously working fingers into her gaping, sperm sodden snatch as she moaned softly.

Axina approached the girl quickly. "How many?" She hissed.

The young Lady gazed at Axina with glazed eyes. "How many?" She echoed Axina's words as if she couldn't understand their meaning.

"How many males did this?" Axina clarified, mind racing. It must have been a coordinated ambush. How long had it been since there had been a male rebellion in the kingdom?

The young Lady smiled softly. "One," she said, the telltale dreaminess of clock-thrall plain in her expression and tone. "There could only be one like him in all the world... at least for now." She caressed her bare stomach happily. "He told me to have his babies," she cooed.

Just one. It had to be him! The new Ultramale! It boggled Axina's mind that even he would be capable of this. And it moistened her pussy, too.

At that moment, a loud cry sounded from further up the ridge. Axina left the minor Lady to her blissful masturbation, creeping up the hill. This would be her chance. She channeled Feminine Power, creating a fireball in one hand, preparing to throw. As she climbed, the nature of the cries from above became clear. They were moans of ecstasy.

Axina approached the crest of the hill on her belly, peeking up from behind a rock. What she saw sent a lightning bolt of fear to her heart and one of lust to her loins. Four incredibly Busty Ladies knelt on the stone, sweat slick and legs spread as they frigged themselves furiously, eyes glued on the spectacle before them. They were watching as two other Ladies (the ones who were supposed to have been Axina's two best allies) were being systematically sexually annihilated by a male of preposterous proportions.

This was the Ultramale, surely. Axina couldn't help comparing him to the most powerful male she had previously ever seen, Duchess Matrona's first born son, Male 1111. The Ultramale was perhaps a few inches shorter than 1111, though he was certainly still massive by average standards. His body was just as heavily muscled. What struck Axina the most, though, wasn't his body, it was the way he fucked. 1111 always fucked like he was trying to kill whoever was on the other end of his dick, and sometimes he succeeded. The Ultramale, on the other hand, fucked like he owned the two women before him. Like he owned all women everywhere. He made no special effort to hurt them or pleasure them, but drove himself forward with the sure knowledge that his cock would provide them with boundless pain and pleasure nonetheless.

From her current position, Axina couldn't get a good look at the most interesting part of the Ultramale, but she could see his massive ballsack hanging down between his legs, swinging and slapping against the flesh of his two victims with the force of twin fists. Surely, she thought, even titanic testes like those must be running dry after the deluge of jizz they had blasted below. But in moments she was proven wrong. With a low growl, the Ultramale wrenched himself from the stretched hole of one of the broken Baronesses, and blasted a torrent of thick white fluid, covering both sluts from face to thighs in sticky male-goo. The two bitches (for that was all they were, now, whatever their previous positions in life) both pulled apart the stretched lips of their labia, obviously desiring as much of his seed as they could possibly get inside of them.

When his orgasm finally waned, the Ultramale turned, and Axina beheld his cock. She couldn't look away. It was the most dangerous thing she had ever seen. She sensed a power in it, a power that was the antithesis of the Feminine Power in her breasts.

Knowing she would only have one chance, she stood and threw her fireball right at the only part of him that she could see. She gasped in horror as the ball of flame left her hand. Could she really destroy something as beautiful as that cock? Her fireball streaked toward him, much too fast for him to dodge. It was hot enough to melt his flesh right through to the other side. It would destroy him instantly! In that moment, Axina should have felt anticipation and pride for her accomplishment. What she felt instead was terror.

The fireball struck his cock... and dissipated. As if the Feminine Power fueling the spell had simply given up. It was at that moment, Axina realized that she was both literally and figuratively fucked.

An instant later, three of the four masturbatory onlookers leapt to their feet, preparing spells of annihilation for the impudent bitch who dared to attack their Master.

The male held out a hand to them. "Stop," he said in a voice that oozed command.

"But Your Majesty!" protested the shorter one, with freckles and glasses.

"You have seen that she is no danger to me," said the Ultramale. He continued to walk toward Axina. She could only stare mutely up at him, unable to summon the will to try and attack again, or even to flee.

Then, he set his balls on her upturned face. Axina's entire world was the feel and smell of hot, sweaty sack-flesh, marinated in the ejaculate of countless women. She did not masturbate, nor did she suck, lick, or kiss his balls. It was not out of defiance that she refrained from those things. Rather, the experience of him, right there, in her face, was simply too great. There was no room in her mind to think of taking any action whatsoever, let alone to perform it. Her pussy throbbed with need, sending wetness dripping down her thighs. Her Bosom, too, throbbed, in time with the heartbeat she could feel through his sack, both intensifying, growing, seeming to feed each other...

"No." The word, pronounced by the Ultramale, struck Axina like a thunderbolt. She gasped for air as he lifted his balls off her face. Only then did she realize that she hadn't drawn in a breath since he'd survived her fireball attack.

As he began to walk away, Axina managed to sputter out, "Why? Why spare me?"

He turned his head, and for the first time Axina was able to pull her eyes up to his face. His stealy eyes looked out at the world as if dominating everything they saw, including her. He said, "When I catch a little fish, I throw it back in the river. Not for the fish's sake. I do this so that I might catch the fish again when it has grown bigger." He cocked his head, looking at her with a curious expression. "Something about you makes me think you can grow much bigger than you are. Now swim along, little fish. Before I change my mind."

Franticly, before he could change his mind (or maybe before she could change hers) Axina sprinted down the hill with the full power of her Bosom enhancing her legs. She ran for the better part of an hour in a random direction, moving at reckless speed. At last, she could go no further. She collapsed in the middle of a meadow, hands tearing at her own dress, groping for her tits and pussy, rubbing, grinding, her mouth gasping, her body quivering with the need that her hands alone simply couldn't satisfy.


Burk drew in a deep breath. What the hell was that girl? There had been some sort of strange resonance between his body and hers. About ten seconds of rubbing his balls on her face had boiled his blood more than six hours of hard sex. He felt as if he had been on the edge of something glorious and dangerous.

"Master..." Xencina's piteous moan brought him back to himself. He turned to his faithful bitches: Mirah, Xencina, Shina, and Jea. Mirah, Xencina, and Shina were all in cock-thrall to him, utterly devoted, although Shina still seemed to be in some sort of trance.

"Master," moaned Xencina, "We've waited and watched so long. Is it not our turn?" The former Papess was just beginning to show signs of her pregnancy.

Jea roughly shoved Xencina to the ground. She stood facing Burk boldly. "I challenge you, weakling male! Did you truly think one such as you could dominate ME?!" She was fooling no one. Jea Dikei was the most renowned warrior living, but secretly she was a coward and an anal slut. Getting beaten senseless and ass-raped was pretty much the only way she could get off.

Burk was getting tired of the tough girl act. He sighed. "Fine."

The fight lasted about ten seconds. The first time Burk had fought Jea, he'd defeated her only with a timely cunt-punch after she thought she had won. Now, after more than a month of Jea's so called "challenges" Burk barely even had to try to take the Busty soldier apart. Stepping forward, he broke her guard with contemptuous ease. As Jea stumbled back, Burk seized one of her enormous tits and hauled upward, swinging the once-legendary fighter up over his head by the boob. He slammed her into the ground face first, so hard she bounced almost a foot into the air before falling back to earth.

Even with Feminine Power enhancing her body (and the soft pillows of her preposterous Bosom cushioning the impact) Jea was still too dazed to continue the fight. She tried halfheartedly to climb to her feet, then slumped, face down, ass in the air. "Fuck," she croaked. "You just keep getting more powerful."

Burk shrugged and turned away.

"Wait!" Jea coughed. "Aren't you going to..." She trailed off.

"Aren't I going to what?" Asked Burk evenly.

"You know..." she said. That was about as close as Jea ever came to asking for it. If she asked for it, it wouldn't be rape, and that was against her principles. In Jea's world, the strong raped the weak. No one ever volunteered to be fucked because no one wanted to be fucked.

But Jea obviously did want to be fucked, otherwise she wouldn't keep issuing these bullshit challenges. Burk was tired of this charade.

"No," he said. "I'm tired of your games. You want my cock? Beg for it like a good little bitch."

Jea looked shocked. "Beg? I can't beg for that..."

Burk shrugged. "Does anyone else want to beg for it?"

Mirah and Xencina were on their knees before Burk in an eye blink. "Oh, Master," Xencina began, rubbing her hands over her breasts and slightly swollen pregnant belly. "I don't know whether you are a god or a demon but I no longer care. Only your cock matters to me now, only your cum and your child growing inside me. The goddess I once worshiped can fuck herself with a flaming dildo. I worship only you. Please, fuck me!"

Mirah wasn't far behind her mother. "You are my King, your majesty, for Man is King and you are more deserving of the word 'Man' than any who have ever lived. You have so completely mastered my body that each of my senses keeps me in subjugation to your power. The sound of your voice makes me tremble, the smell of your sweat makes my head spin, the touch of your hands makes my nerves flash in desperate joy, the sight of you conquering other women very nearly makes me explode with desire. Altogether it is more than one humble slut can bear. Please, fuck me!"

Burk nodded once each to mother and daughter in turn, then bent to pick them up. He was strong enough now to easily hold one bitch in each hand. The two sluts sat on his hands as he held them up, as if weighing them against each other.

Mirah's begging had been better, he decided, so he lifted her up until her sopping little pussy was set against the tip of his rock hard rod. She squirmed, desperate to get herself down onto it. He let her have her wish, allowing gravity to do the work of impaling her pussy on his cock. He slid his hand from her ass up to her back, supporting her as she had a trembling, gushing orgasm.

He lifted Xencina and set her astride his right shoulder. The older woman moaned in disappointment, grinding her sodden sex against his shoulder blade with feverish intensity, pressing her impressive Bosom against his head. She would have to wait her turn.

He focused his attention on bouncing Mirah hard on his cock. Mirah cried out continually, at first praising him and his cock, going on about how powerful he was, how masculine and dominant. Gradually her stream of praise faded into cries of "Oh YES!" and "FUCK, YES!", and then eventually into inarticulate moans and screams of ecstasy. After the better part of an hour had passed, she couldn't manage anything other than ragged gasps and shuddering. At that point, Burk pulled her off his cock and set her, panting, on the ground.

Xencina was next. "I don't give a fuck if I am pregnant," she moaned as she sank down onto his cock. "I want you to impregnate me again."

Burk smashed her pussy with a bit of extra vehemence. He had forgiven the former Papess's past defiance now that she was firmly within his thrall, but he had not forgotten it.

Mirah blearily looked up at her mother getting bounced up and down on her master's cock, and, incredibly, began to rub her sore, gaping pussy.

Burk pulled Xencina off his cock, making her moan desperately for him to put it back in. He spun her around and slammed her again in areal doggy-style. Sweat poured down Xencina's body as her mind was blasted with intense orgasms in swift succession for nearly another hour. At last, Burk heaved her limp, panting body off of his cock and dropped her onto her daughter with a wet splat.

He turned to Jea. The former soldier had watched for nearly two hours, rubbing herself raw and unable to reach orgasm. She was a pitiful sight. "Last chance," said Burk.

Jea hesitated for a moment, then slowly crawled toward Burk, finally kneeling before him. He waited. Finally, she said in a very small voice, "I want it."

"Not good enough," said Burk.

Jea paused again, then began to speak, slowly at first, but picking up steam until at last the words were tumbling from her like a waterfall, and all the while her hands were roaming her body, squeezing her preposterous Bust, caressing her hips and rubbing at her clit and cunt.

"I... am a bitch. Your bitch, now, but before that, I was the Queen's bitch. I tried to escape her, to run away... but she was always there in the back of my head. No matter how much I tried to convince myself I was free, another part of me knew that... That I was a bitch. That I would always be a bitch, that I could never be happy unless someone had a leash around my neck, treated me like shit, and used me for their pleasure. And now, you own me as she once did. Frankly you're a lot softer of a master than she is. At first, I thought she'd almost certainly slaughter you, but now... Now I don't think any woman exists who can stop you. No matter who she is, as long as she has holes to fuck, she can't stand against you. I certainly can't. Fuck. Fuck you for making me say this. Begging for it like this is more humiliating than being ass-raped, and it's turning me on. FUCK! I want you to fuck me. I want you to use my holes like a fucking tissue, just fuck me and cum. Please, Sir, fuck me hard, hurt me, fuck me please oh god please please!"

By the end she was kissing his foot. Burk kicked her, hard, right in between her enormous tits. With a gasp of pain she flew backward, landing on her back. He fell on her, seizing those gigantic melons in his hands, squeezing hard. Jea moaned in helpless abject pleasure as he cruelly tightened his grip on her bust, then pinched her nipples. These were certainly the greatest tits Burk had ever seen, and so he decided to put them to use. He straddled her chest, mashing her melons together with his hands and pushed his rock hard cock into the hot, soft valley between them. When the head emerged from the top of her cleavage it hit Jea in the jaw like a firm uppercut. On the next thrust she had her mouth open and tongue out, ready to receive.

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