tagNonHumanAyasha's Beast Ch. 04

Ayasha's Beast Ch. 04


The sun warmed my back as I awakened, stretching my muscled limbs with a yawn. I couldn't help the smirk that crossed my face as I thought of the great fuck the tiny woman had been. I didn't mean for her to be frightened, or in any pain, but God damn she had been so tight. I would make it up to her later...

I did feel some regret by taking her like that, she was probably scared out of her mind but the little beauty with small, delicate features and the most amazing green eyes I have ever laid my gaze upon surprised me. Not just in the meadow, but through her strength and courage. She took my 10 inch cock and fit it within her snugly. The fact that she recovered after I took her innocence, for the blood gave it away, which made me proud I had claimed her, and started responding to me. And god had she been good.

So when I turned over, happily about to pay her thanks for last night and saw the crushed flowers where she laid, the only evidence of the beautiful girl, I lifted my head to the skies, roaring like never before.

I will find you little one I promised in my roar, you can't run away when you're mine...


I ran even though my muscles protested against any movement, the burning between my legs made every step more uncomfortable than it should be.

Waking up next to the beast, seeing his massive chest rise and fall in sleep, I saw the opportunity to escape. Trying to extract his legs and arms from me had been a challenge in itself, but once I was looking down at him, holding the small dagger I found in my hide bag I dropped from earlier, I couldn't bring myself to wield it. I was never a person for violence, and even though this thing had taken me, I had to admit through red cheeks, I wasn't absolutely trying to throw him off after awhile. Instead I put the dagger away and ran with all the energy I had left, which wasn't much.

I heard the sound of a small creek nearby which could be my only hope, where water is people usually are too. It took 20 minutes before I saw the clear rushing water and thanking the Gods before I knelt, quenching my thirst. The cold water was smoothing to my dry throat, a small comfort as it eased the hoarseness of it but a comfort none the less.

Still naked I put my hide bag against a tree trunk, making my way towards the clear water, testing its icy depths before sinking in. Who would have known the feeling of being clean could feel so good, as I washed away the dirt, blood...the sticking stuff, EW!

So busy and contented with cleaning myself I didn't hear someone approach in the water until a sharp blade was held against my throat.

"Well, well, what have we got here Marcus?" a deep voice said into my ear, his breath smelling like the drink many of the foreigners consume...

Oh god, they were foreigners. I blanched before I started struggling until the blade sliced through a layer on my skin, making me freeze on the spot.

"Aint she a pretty one Colin?" came a reply from the shore.

"Why, I do have to agree with you, mate. Bring her over here so I can get a closer look"

The blade, now dripping with my blood pushed tightly against my jugular as he moved me towards the man on the shore. My heart beat furiously, chest rising and falling rapidly as the space between me and Marcus closed. He looked in his early 30's, dark brown hair looked oily and unwashed, his breath foul but I held the urge to gag.

The ground rushed forward in a blur, and my head smacked ungracefully against a rock. Pain bloomed in my head, the feel of warm blood run down my face, mixing with the soil. The world spun as I was rolled over onto my back, the cold air chilling my naked body and I couldn't help but ask why I left the comfort of the beast's body. I didn't get much of a chance to contemplate it though, as a rough and calloused hand grabbed roughly at my beasts, 'Now pretty lady, show me what you can do.'

I screamed as loud as I could until a heavy fist collided with the side of my head, 'Hold the bitch down Colin'

Colin, now holding the blade on my cheek, grabbed both of my hands in his one, bringing them above my head. I struggled until the blade punctured my delicate skin, which was now smeared with red from my injuries. I wanted to scream, lash out, kick, or just do something when I felt his hands spread my legs open roughly, 'Now I didn't think I was going to get this lucky when I woke up this morning, but I'll take all that's given to me'

I felt something hard start to push into my still tender flesh and I cried out involuntarily earning myself another hard slap. Closing my eyes I tried to ignore his hard flesh continue to push into me, warm tears trickled down my cheeks as I begged myself not to cry, not to give into their sick fascination.

'Oh yes darling, you feel so hot and ti-' he didn't finish her sentence as a strange sound emitted from his throat and his hard flesh was ripped out of me.

Breathing a heavy sigh I risked a glance at the scene before me.

Standing there in all his fierce glory was the beast, holding Marcus by the throat 4 feet off the ground, snarling in his face. Marcus, the brave man himself had pissed his pants, if he was wearing any and was now very flaccid from shock. I had to give him points for staying conscious.

The beast's eyes were glowing with fury, a silent promise of death. Marcus kicked and screamed trying, unsuccessfully to escape his iron grip. I would have told him it was useless but I was too scared and in shock to even scream. I only felt the cold blade that was once again against my throat, cutting in slightly.

A whimper escaped my trembling lips and caught the attention of the beast. His eyes widened slightly then turned to slits so rapidly I wondered if I saw an emotion other than anger pass his features. His deathly gaze turned towards Colin, who was trembling so much the blade shook. Marcus took the chance and landed a hard kick to the beast's stomach. He doubled over as he dropped Marcus, who landed on his leg with a disgusting crack. Colin didn't hesitate as he ran over and swung his blade down into the russet flesh of the beast's shoulder. He let out a roar of pain, as blood welled up and oozed over his perfect skin. I let out a high pitch screech as I saw the event unfold.

Colin was thrown by a now savage and angry beast, hitting a tree forcibly enough that apples rained down from its branches. Turning to Marcus, he didn't think twice as he snapped his neck twisting it till it came off. I doubled over spilling whatever had been in my stomach as he threw the head into a nearby bush.

Meeting my gaze, he slowly walked towards me, reminding me of a predator stalking his prey. My heart pounding rapidly and I couldn't help the tears from streaking down my face, trying desperately to not let a sob out.

When his face was only inches from mine, I couldn't hold it in anymore and I started hyperventilating. His eyebrows knitted together and a clawed hand reached up but I pushed myself away from him even though my muscles hated me for it. Before he could step closer Colin appeared behind him, blade flashing once more as he brought it down into his flesh. He roared as he feel forward in front of me, blade sticking out of his back. I peered up into Colin's smug face as he looked down at the bloody body of the beast.

"Now where were we pretty lady?" he sneered.

Uh ohh.....

so I tried the whole cliffhanger move. Not a huge one starting out small :P

How am I going so far? If im doing shit let me know and Ill stop writing my story haha.

Please vote/comment I love hearing back from you! :D

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.All characters are over 18! :)

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Sex and death???

Loved it. Exciting and erotic, wonderful combination.

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