tagNonHumanAyasha's Beast Ch. 03

Ayasha's Beast Ch. 03


I smelled the flowers before I saw them. I struggled against his grip no matter how useless it was. He growled in warning and I became as limp as possible.

My breath left my lungs as he flung me into the ground, surrounded by white pansies. Before I could take a breath he hovered over me, staring into my eyes with such an intense gaze I didn't dare break it.

His claws raked down my body, ripping only my dress down the centre, my skin unmarred. My breathing hitched and I couldn't help the tears that flowed down my cheeks.

I looked away from him as he accompanied himself to my naked body. Crying harder as I felt his hands run down my body.

'Please... please' I said over and over.

He leaned his body into mine, pushing me further into the ground. Oh god, his body was scorching, I felt like I was burning under his touch.

His thick thigh pushed apart my own and warning bells sounded in my head. I frantically tried to push him off, punching and scratching at his perfect body. He took it for awhile before grabbing both of my hands in his one, keeping them in place above my head.

I cried harder, my voice frantic, 'Please stop, please. Don't do this, anything but thi-'

Then I felt something nudge through my folds as he lowered himself in between my thighs.

I stared at him, pleading him with my eyes. He stared back, his gaze once again intense and I couldn't help but shiver at it.

I closed my eyes, hoping desperately this was a dream. I would gladly wake up to the son of a bitch Dyami than to this beast.

I jerked when I felt him nuzzling on my neck, the hint of his canines scraping delicately against my skin. He made his way slowly down my neck and over my collarbone, slowly easing down my stomach.

Nah ah! No way!

I moved my leg from around his hips, and brought it straight into his crotch area. But knowing my luck I missed. I got a good blow to this thigh though, but I wasn't quite so proud of myself once I heard his snarl.

It was pure bestial and it had me frozen. His lips pulled up revealing more of the huge deadly canines. I whimpered as he snapped in my face before spreading my legs forcibly apart and in one rough thrust fully sheathed deep within me.

My head snapped back and I screamed until I had no more air left. His clawed hands kept my body from withering in pain as his huge erection ripped at my sensitive flesh, filling me fully where no man had ever been.

He moved in circular movements at my bloody opening, moaning deep as he did, and it caused the burning sensation to increase until I thought I would never be able to walk again the same.

Then he stopped, holding himself completely still within me.

I closed my eyes and tried to keep breathing to not pass out. He set my hands free from his own but I kept them limp above my head. What was the point in fighting back, I let out a deep sigh, just finish my life quickly kept running through my mind.

I heard his deep baritone growl as he pulled out them slammed back in, ignoring my violent whimpers as I lay there getting ripped apart from the inside.

His thrust though deep and painful, were slow and... Oh god they felt good after awhile. No, I can't actually be responding to this...Thing. But after another deep thrust, the burning eventually faded into something else, another kind of burning. My back arched into his hard stomach, rubbing against the hard muscle and I clung to his shoulders burying my nails deep into his russet flesh. My breath came in short rough pants as I experimentally moved my hips to meet his, and I was rewarded in the growing sensation deep in my stomach.

He released his obvious control on himself as he moved faster and harder, and soon a stream of my own juices mixed the blood of my maidenhood. I moaned as the sensation built within me, the scalding sensation unknown to my innocence.

The beast put a hand behind one of my knees drawing it gently up to touch my chest, getting a new angle as he continued thrusting hitting the right spot.

My head snapped violently back as I screamed through the ecstasy of the moment, clamping my inner muscles around the beasts erection, milking him for all he was worth. The climax was long and mind splitting, black spots appeared in my vision and my breath came in pants.

I saw his blurry form give one last thrust before he roared through his own orgasm, burning my tender pussy with his hot seed. He pulled out slowly, slumping down, exhausted next to me.

I lay there, eyes wide open; did that really happen? I just... Oh god! I wanted to vomit through my disgust but I had no time other than to worry about what was going to occur next. Would be use his claws or canines to tear me to shreds?

I looked over at the huge mass of man that lay beside me, chest rising and falling quickly. He turned his head towards me, scrutinizing. Expecting a blow to the head, I gasped in surprise when he pulled me close to his body, tucking my head under his chin before wrapping a warm and heavy arm possessively around my waist. I didn't have time to analyse what it meant when my heavy lids began to close and darkness took me.

ekkk! was that okay?

This is my first erotic novella and im just a tad worried its not meeting up to your standards. So plese let me know! The beast and Ayasha will be back in the next chapter! Dont forget to comment/vote :)

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.All characters are over 18! :)

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