tagNonHumanAzreal's Captive

Azreal's Captive


Chandra smelled salt air, and heard waves. Curiously, it was otherwise silent, except for some creaking noises. The pitch and swell told her she was on a boat, no doubt about that. She was used to the motion, having been on the sea before. But where was she? Was the boat so small it needed no crew? Her breathing felt restricted, was she bound? What with? The sensation was oddly familiar.

Hands on her now. Pulled upright, her hands were tied behind her, around something. Then her blindfold was removed. Azreal stood before her. He wore a remade Greek sailor's shirt, lacing in the front showing dark-hued flesh all the way down his sternum. Soft black leather pants disappeared into high-cuffed sailing boots, and a sword was buckled to his left hip.

Azreal... her mistresses' mate. Chandra was bound by blood to her vampiric domitor. This allowed her some stamina and strength over "normal" humans, but also left her at her mistresses' mercy. She was no longer an individual, but owned. Azreal had often fed from Chandra along with her mistress, had tasted her blood, suckled it from her breast, and drank it from her thighs. But Chandra was never allowed to have him fully. Mistress did not like to share.

"Azreal? What are you doing?" He smiled at her, fingertip under her chin. Remembering her place, she changed her form of address. "Sir, is this a punishment?"

"Just being myself, donata. I tire of these useless games in Paris of civility and rules. In my world... when I see something I want, I take it." Chandra could not help look over his handsome form, his long black silken hair, smooth dark skin, the colour of cocoa. Every time she looked at him she had to remind herself she could not have him.

"And you want... me?"

Azreal nodded, running a hand across her hair and letting it rest over her beating heart, savoring the feel of her bosom beneath. "Indeed. Is very difficult to hunt across the waters, and I rather enjoy the way you taste." Chandra looked down at his hand and herself now, discovering her clothing had been changed...

Chandra was wearing a dress of shimmering red silk in the style of the 18th century, the bodice of which hugged her ample breasts, the nipples almost showing. It clung tightly down to her waist, where the skirt flared out, supported my multiple petticoats. It hung down to the top of her feet, only a hint of leather boot showed underneath. Trimmed in black lace, it made her every inch a lady.

Chandra took in a fluttering breath, blood racing in her veins. She decided it was better to speak the truth, since it was impossible to hide from creatures such as he. "I... have a hard time hiding how much I desire you, sir."

Azreal smiled a bit, giving the side of her neck a light lick. "As you should. You need a firmer hand than Pyra's to keep you in check, I think. And my hands are firm as stone when I so desire."

"I don't misbehave so much, do I?" Chandra smiled coyly. She had quite a track record of annoying the main ghoul of the Prince of Paris, as well as a long list of lovers.

"No. But you seem to crave a sterner master than the all-too-human Pyra. Bless her soft little heart." Azreal chuckled darkly, running a fingertip across the hem of her dress."

"How stern do you mean?" A little thrill of fear and lust ran up her spine.

"As stern as necessary. Discipline is very important in keeping pets in line. And you have many times proven that you have forgotten that you are nothing more than a pet to my kind."

"Is that all I am? All I get to be?" Chandra was about to say more, when Azreal gave her a light slap on the cheek, just enough to warm it. "Ow!" Her face darkened, upset now.

Azreal did not seem at all concerned with her reaction. "Perhaps," was his answer to her question. He noticed her fiddling with the ropes behind her, testing them. "Your bonds are quite secure, little one." He looked her up and down, a soft purr in the base of his throat.

Chandra was now a mixture of fear and longing, and her blood flowed quickly though her veins, colour high on her cheeks. The powerful kindred continued to speak. "I must admit that I enjoy your appetites, Chandra. You have a certain fearlessness about you. You know I can kill you with ridiculous ease, yet you still long for the hand of an Elder to please you."

She decided to meet his challenging words with brave ones of his own, mind working furiously to keep her alive. "It's the thrill, sir, of wanting what I cannot have. Wanting your beauty... wanting your body... wanting you." She took a deep breath of the tangy air. "Do you feel lust, sir, like I do?"

Azreal smiled his mysterious smile, tracing his fingers down the hem of her bodice, feeling her pulse rate slightly increase as he ever so slightly lowered the line a fraction of an inch. "Not like you, but we all have our hungers. I enjoy sensations and good feedings." Chandra nodded, a shiver going down her spine. He spoke again: "And I would enjoy hearing what you desire from me."

She let her lustful nature take over now, sensing it was needed. "All of it? There is plenty."

He smiled another kind of smile now, a hint of sharp fangs evident for the briefest moment before he stepped closer, his body barely pressed against the length of hers, his lips scarcely touching her ear. His voice was a soft purr. "All of it, little one... impress me."

Chandra stared at Azreal's shimmering silken hair, the curve of his ear, and took a deep slow breath before she spoke softly... "I desire your hands on every inch of my body, feeling it hungrily. Your lips on my breasts, suckling and biting the nipples without mercy." He chuckled softly, letting an idle fingertip tug the bodice down enough to expose her nipple for the briefest moment before letting it slide back in place. She continued to speak quietly, but lust in her voice growing. "I want to feel your hair laying across my belly as you put your tongue... that luscious, long tongue, inside me, twisting and moving it until I feel like I'm going to explode with lust." She had seen his obscenely long tongue once; it was at least eight inches. An affliction of his particular type of vampire. Ever since then, she'd dreamed of it, and what it could do inside her.

Azreal licked at her ear as he continued to listen, nudging her lower belly with the butt of his cutlass. Chandra wiggled her hips, trying to shrink back from the obscene gesture, but not having very far to move, did not succeed. She swallowed, and continued. "I want to feel your cock in my mouth, and feel you harden inside, my tongue and lips worshipping it." He was about to speak, when she broke out into a soft growl. "And I want you to fuck me from behind, bent over, until I scream."

He smiled darkly, his hand to the side of her neck. "Well... it sounds as if you have given this some thought, Chandra." Her cheeks reddened some more, she looks down at her well-exposed cleavage. "One night, you will make a fine predator."

Chandra looked up. "From you, that is a true compliment, sir."

Azreal nodded assent, taking a small step back. "On your knees, then. We shall see about making a few of these dreams come to truth." His dark smile continued, watching her eyes.

Chandra took to task immediately, wiggling down. It was doubly difficult between the stiff corset and her ropes. She tried to hide how excited she was, but her smell no doubt gives her away to Azreal's powerful senses. Finally, she settled on her knees, one booted foot on either size of the mast, still quite upright. Her dress pooled around her, a small red silk ocean

Azreal stepped closer, one hand to his belt buckle. "Any time I am being far too cruel with you, you must tell me. I am unused to sport with mortals that does not end in their demise."

Chandra hid her fear with practicality "Oh! Oh... yes, sir. Should we think of a word I should say?"

Azreal's smile turned darker, teeth evident as he runs a playful finger alongside her jaw line. "No. Just beg for mercy if the pain is too great."

Chandra's normally bold voice became quiet again. She arched up her jaw to follow his touch, despite herself. "The pain?"

A soft chuckle came from his throat. "The pain." He ran his fingernail gently across the back of her ear. "If I allow myself to slip in my control... you will know great pain. I have no wish to break you."

Chandra nodded, unconsciously straining against her bonds again. "I will let you know, sir."

He nodded, hands moving to his belt buckle. "Then open that lovely mouth and allow me to enjoy the worship you seek to provide."

Her breath fluttered again, a flush ran though her body, tingling in her center. She opened her mouth, pink tongue showing slightly. He slowly unbuckled the belt, his pants slipping down to his knees, the sword on a separate belt that keeps it aloft. He wore no undergarments, keeping to the tradition of the period garb, and gives his member a loving stroke. "Is this what you desire, young one?"

Chandra nodded mouth still open slightly. Her whole body strained towards it, if it were not for the ropes, it would already be between her lips. "Please sir, I want it."

Azreal gave it another stroke, willing the flesh to grow long, hard and warm in his hand, as he rested the head upon Chandra's exposed lower lip, moving close enough that her mouth can do as it pleased.

Chandra licked the tip of Azreal's cock, taking great pleasure in slowly feeling her tongue around it. Unhurriedly, languorously, her lips wrapped around the head. Her mouth warm, welcoming. Sucking gently for now, she looks up into Azreal's eyes, gauging his reaction.

Azreal simply smiled a bit, his sharp senses sending the signals rocketing to his brain as he enjoyed the treatment. But he was a master of steel, and showed nothing to Chandra. She would have to work harder than that for a response from this golem.

Chandra took his length further into her mouth, and her head began to bob, tongue never stopping it's movement on the underside. Her teeth grazed just slightly. Soft mewling sounds from her throat. Azreal mmmed softly, the smile on his wide approaching a more realistic appearance. He licked his lips in appreciation. Chandra took more of his length in, the head of his cock now beginning to nudge at the back of her throat. Pressure increased, and the occasional sucking sound was heard. Chandra's eyes focused on Azreal's member, in concentration.

"You are quite the talented little pet, Chandra," he murmured, his voice not letting on how much he was enjoying it. Her eyes flicked up a moment, the blue-green orbs smiling. Her lips would have smiled too, if they were not already stretched fully around his cock. The head all the way into her throat now, she took the whole length of him into her. Her pace is now fast, suction hard. Tongue moving constantly. Her body trembled with the effort.

Azreal smiled, a cool hand curling tight in her hair to encourage her efforts, pulling a fistful of locks tightly. Chandra struggled, without her hands to help her, to keep Azreal's cock in her mouth. Hands still firmly bound behind the mast. His hand in her hair helped some. She almost lost it once, but recovered at the last second, sucking it down once more deep in her throat, determined to keep her long sought after prize.

"Perhaps you would enjoy joining me in my personal quarters, young lady?" Chandra nodded, not letting his cock go, mouth still firmly sucking the head. Azreal gently pulled his length from her mouth and refastened his trousers, moving behind her where she kneels against the mast. The young woman moaned as he withdrew, then tried to look behind her to see what he was doing.

Azreal extended his claws and parted the ropes binding her wrists together behind the mast. "There we are. On your feet." Chandra stood up, a slight stagger as the blood began to flow back to her feet. She rubbed her wrists, flexing them. "You are free, if you choose to be. I merely offer an invitation."

Chandra's response was immediate. "I've dreamt about having you for some time... I would never give up this opportunity now." Her cheeks were flushed, and eyes told of just how much she desired him. Azreal smiled, and offered her his arm. Chandra took it, body leaning against him more than was necessary, but her lust was barely contained now.

Azreal led her down the stairs and to the left, his spacious cabin awaiting. He idly lit two rose-scented candles that stood upon the mirrored dresser. The king-sized bed was fitted with black silk sheets. The room looked surprisingly more attractive than the Spartan quarters she imagined him living in.

"Off with the dress, if you please." Chandra rested against the bedpost, bust proudly displayed in her fancy gown. She could not bend her body with the tightly fitted undergarment beneath it, her posture remained straight.

"It does up in the back, sir, I will need help." Azreal nodded, strolling over slowly without removing any garments just yet. Or his sword belt. She turned her back to him, the dress held together with a series of hooks and eyes. He carefully unfastened them one pair at a time, with a delicacy that surprised Chandra. He watched the mortals back become bared to his eyes and hands for appreciation.

Chandra's corset matched the colours of the dress, but reversed- black with red lace trim. The tops of her breasts showed over the edge, nipples and areola well revealed. Tied tightly in the back, it emphasized her large heavy breasts more than should be physically allowed, and cinched in her waist. Stockings of black disappeared into laced-up boots, and she smelled of exotic spices and musk. Those scents over her lust, in full bloom now, strong and dark.

Azreal nodded in approval, giving her a playful swat on the backside with his flat sword sheath. "Very nice."

Chandra jumped a little. She looked back over her shoulder. "Does it please you, sir?"

"Indeed it does."

"What sort of thoughts does it inspire?"

Azreal calmly walked a few circles around her, looking the woman up and down like a choice cut of very fine meat. "Ones pertaining to dining, I think."

Chandra smiled, already wet with desire. "I crave your Kiss, I dream about it."

He hmmed softly, standing behind her and pressing a chaste kiss to her bared shoulder. "Have you now?"

Chandra mmmed in agreement. "Yes sir..." she whispered, "along with many other things, as I've told you about..."

Azreal pressed a kiss to her other shoulder, stepping up close behind her and moving his lips close to her ear as his hands moved ever so slowly to her breasts. Chandra trembled with anticipation, wanting just this so badly, for so long, she could not believe it was finally happening. Her nipples are already hard, roseate. She reached up to put her hands in Azreal's hair, loving its silken feel, hair a thing that makes her already heightened senses tremble.

Azreal nipped softly at her right ear, giving her nipples a hard pinch before twisting them carefully, feeling them grow hotter in his hands. Chandra's mouth gaped open as she gasped, body trembling even more, and her knees quiver. "Thank you sir," she said breathily. She continued to touch Azreal's hair, pulling it gently over her own face, the touch heavenly for her. "How long I've dreamed of this."

Chuckling softly, Azreal now gently caressed her breasts, hips nudging her from behind as he nibbled the side of her neck, feeling his unnatural hunger warm and pique. Chandra pushed back against Azreal's hips, her own mortal hunger evident in her smell, which for Azreal would be overwhelming by now. She tilted her neck to the side, exposing more flesh for him to consider.

He moved his hands to her hips and began to turn her until she faced the bed. His voice was a soft purr. "I am going to take you now, little vessel. I will fuck you and touch you and feed from you until I am sated."

Chandra moaned, without even being touched. The power of Azreal's words making her whole body shudder from the center out. He pushed her forward with one hand until she was bent the other moving behind her to explore her undergarments. Chandra was exposed, minus the corset and stockings, her breasts, ass and pussy bared. Sex already very wet.

Nudging her legs further apart with his knees, his hand slipped between her legs to stroke her moist sex, getting a feel for the territory to soon be conquered. Chandra was almost jelly now, but hardly retiring. She pushed against Azreal's hand, urgent for his touch. Azreal slipped his finger between her waiting lips and nudged her clit with his fingertip, then quickly withdrew his hand entirely to bring it to his mouth and taste what the vessel has to offer.

Chandra leant her elbows against the bed, behind raised due to the heel of her boots. She watched Azreal over her shoulder, eyes glimmering. "Does my taste please you?"

"Perhaps," was his noncommittal reply. Azreal knelt behind her, bringing his face close to her practically dripping sex and sniffing lightly, darting out the tip of his tongue for a better idea of how such a fine liquid would taste. Chandra leant her forehead on the bed, pressed to the cool black silk. Moaning, she wished she had eyes there to see.

Azreal gave her a rough licking, the unusual length of his tongue dragged against her sex with the great strength of those with supernatural know-how, clearing away her juices as fast as the aroused woman can produce them, parting her lips just a bit with the sweeping motions. Chandra's hips ground without her thinking about it, and goose pimples formed all over her body, hair rising on her arm. The sound she made was indescribable, but lustful. She tasted of cinnamon and cayenne, spicy and sweet. Breathing hard, just the thought of what he was about to do brought her closer to the brink.

Azreal now decided to give her something to talk about later, letting the powerful muscle of his tongue slide within her, gliding along her pussy walls and feelings the muscles quiver at his touch. He shoved his absurdly long tongue deep within her and back out, an impossible fucking with the multiple flexings of his powerful tongue sending her into orbit.

Chandra cried out, gripping the bed sheets and tearing at them. A few seconds later she was trembling inside, her interior muscles grasping at his tongue, quivering. She could not speak, only gasp for air. Azreal chuckled softly, finally withdrawing his tongue when he feared an approaching coronary.

She spoke huskily for a woman, looking back at him, "Please, let me please you now, I know I can... take me, feed from me, taste my desire." Azreal squeezed her shoulders and debated how he wished for her to please him. She wiggled her ass against him. "My pussy desires you, my mouth hungers, my blood is hot for you. I am your vessel, use me as you will."

Azreal laughed. "You know the rules of the game well, little one." He kept her pinned to the bed, using his free hand to unbuckle his belt.

"I know about lust. Adding blood is just another dimension."

"Indeed...I have many hungers, little one... only some of which you can fulfill."

"What can I not do for you?" Chandra was comically indignant.

"You cannot satisfy my lust to kill and destroy."

Chandra nodded, leaving that where it lay, and not commenting.

Azreal carefully eased his hard sex within her, feeling her walls stretch and tighten gloriously around the mass of iron flesh. She groaned anew, biting the back of her hand to keep from screaming. She fought the urge to push back against him, dreaming so long of this moment, wanting to prolong it forever. "You feel better than I imagined," she whispered.

Azreal finally pushed his length fully within her and held it, savoring the feel of her around his immensely sensitive cock. Her pussy clung tightly to its captive, hotter inside than out. She cooed, sheets still tightly gripped, making creases that would not come out.

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