tagBDSMAztec Art - The Path to Submission Ch. 08

Aztec Art - The Path to Submission Ch. 08


Lloyd had no need to attend the office to offer his resignation; Joyce gleefully tearing open an envelope with the company logo emblazoned upon its rear, and holding the letter within it, high to the sunlight which spilled through the expensively glazed hallway of the grandiose home which was now hers. Patti sneered down at Lloyd, keeping his leash nice and tight as Joyce's delighted eyes scanned the text. She smiled down at her now thoroughly dominated and defeated ex-husband, who'd just been made to sign papers agreeing to a divorce, which handed over the house, and 75% of his entire wealth to her. Not that he'd be at liberty to enjoy the other 25%; this was documented to add some credibility to the split, should those details ever become public. In reality, he was to be milked of everything he had, the woman who took possession of him from Joyce would be granted access to it by him, he'd have no choice in the matter.

"It's a 'Dear John' letter from the company... something else for you to sign..." She stood tall on her heels, hands on hips, and enjoyed watching him cower as Patti sneered and delighted in choking him with the leash as she kept his head high whilst being addressed by the woman who now owned him, contrary to the legal documents he'd signed. In reality, he was now her property, an asset to be disposed of to a worthy woman when the whim suited her. The 25% that went with him was a nice incentive, a dowry for the woman taking him off her hands, and one which would allow her to enjoy dominating him at leisure. Lloyd's cock had perked high as the women discussed this at his signing his liberty away; the female solicitor suitably aroused at seeing him discussed like a trinket, and he knew that Patti and Joy already had a suitable dominatrix in mind.

"... it's a pre-written text of your offering immediate resignation, saving you from the shame of showing your face there ever again... they've been kind enough to still offer you your pension fund too... how sweet, that'll make the incentive of taking you on, even more attractive." Patti grinned as she pulled the leash even tighter.

"You'll sign that, and we'll deliver it by hand... all three of us." Lloyd gasped at the thought of being shamed so openly in just showing his face, but boned at the thought of being seen to be so obviously owned and controlled by women, till Patti eased the former fear a little, but had his cock remain rigid as she continued with spiteful pleasure.

"Hortense Xavier runs a little after-work class for female staff, helping them develope the sort of social skills and confidence she's so profoundly expert at, furthering female emancipation to the extremes that you're now aware of... she'll be so pleased to re-introduce you to some of the women you dared abuse with your chauvinism when you were there, they now fully aware of your downfall. They'll be delighted to see you at the office for one last time... and tonight's class is going to be an extra special event too, one which you're going to thoroughly enjoy." Lloyd cowered on the leash in defeat, his anus tingling at the lush but pleasurable fear of being deservedly humiliated by women he'd been so arrogant with, and there were many of them. Joyce sneered down at him in contented triumph.

"Of course, the way you were was simply the way most males in business are these days, pig-headed and sexist... but that unacceptable normality won't save you from their spite, they'll concentrate all their many grievances with masculinity against you... along with what's personal, you're to be made an example of, and deservedly so. " Patti sighed with the developing arousal that the anticipation of her triumph in his humiliation gave her, watching the former tyrant trembling on his knees and knowing he knew he was now an absolute slave to the dominance of women... and could never now escape the crushing humiliation of his own desire to be broken by the erotic pleasure of it.

"Of course, we'll have to disguise you a little, in order to avoid your recognition by security inside the building. but getting you in with my pass, through the underground car park will be no problem... and you'll ride, bound and gagged on the rear seat of my Catalina, to the office for the final time... We'll have you savour your last journey there, to know the divine and just retribution of womanhood." Lloyd wanted to spend, at the sheer and majestic dominance of the woman who'd masterminded his defeat, and opened his mind to the pleasures of being controlled and subjected to the cruel whims of femininity, offering no resistance as the two dressed him in baggy white leggings, a matching white jacket, and a white cap; the peak pulled down to hide his eyes From direct viewing, the outfit making him look like a janitor; suitably humbling for the return to his office of a disgraced former executive.

He was awarded no underwear, and Patti and Joyce were delighted to see his cock bone to tent the crotch, as he was bound and gagged to sample the lush pleasure of bondage in submission, squirming to stimulate his bell against the material as he lay on the taunting comfort of the black leather seat. Lloyd's erection oozed pre-cum as Patti draped the leash over him with a contented smile.

"The girls will so enjoy seeing Hortense Leash you, in the very offices where you were once king, as she shows them the rightful ascendency of woman over man... your humiliation will have them aching to belittle you individually." Lloyd gazed up at the passing buildings he knew so well, seeing them at an angle he'd never experienced before, as he wriggled in his bonds with the smooth motion of the car; even those buildings seemed to taunt him now, towering over him mockingly, as he was delivered in submission by women who'd broken him, to know the spite of others that he'd brought upon himself. Joyce sneered with satisfaction as she watched him shuffle and test the bonds, as his eyes took in the tall building he knew more than most.

"Well here you are again Lloyd, for one last time... this is going to be so much more fulfilling than any dour retirement party, but your retirement from here is going to be thoroughly confirmed just the same." Lloyd gasped at the hint of menace in his ex-wife's voice, his balls tingling in a sexual admiration for the dominant woman she'd become, as the car passed under the parking entrance, the building seeming to swallow him up.

The two untied him, and had him walk with his head slowly bowed, between the two of them; they both walked with stilted grace upon the tallest of their heels, he awarded the flattest of cheap rubber soled gym shoes, white to match his garb. Though allowed the luxury to walk erect in their presence, their dominance subdued him; even without a leash or bonds, the lush feeling of his being hopelessly controlled by them, prompting the absolute obedience he'd been harshly taught.

They walked the corridor to the lift, Lloyd surprised at not seeing the security guard in the foyer, Patti and Joyce smiling at each other knowingly, as the lift doors swept open, pleased that the unnecessary presence of a very ordinary male behind locked doors was not to be seen, probably masturbating in the toilets over a lewd magazine. Their satisfied smiles continued, while Lloyd's heart raced as the lift ascended to the floor that was once his domain, their smiles turning to sneers as he quivered on the doors opening. Patti waved the envelope which contained his signature of resignation in his face, as they approached the door to an office across from his, through which he could hear the excited murmurings of femininity, then turned and handed the brown envelope to him.

"Off you go Lloyd... you know where to post this, and be quick about it." Joyce grinned at the spiteful twist, of Patti having him post his own acknowledgement of defeat at her command, and the two enjoyed his sheepish walk of shame to post it through the internal mail slot, in utter obedience. Lloyd's anus tingled as he looked at the envelope addressed to the Chairman, hesitating for just a moment before sliding it through. Patti was having no hesitation from him as Joyce laughed sneeringly at his symbolic confirming of his shameful departure.

"Now get back here Lloyd... this is where the real pleasure starts." Lloyd shuffled back, and stood between the two women, as Patti knocked at the door in fashion recognised by the women within. He panted as he heard the internal lock click back, and erected hard as the door was swung open, to have female faces who recognised him, see him standing in obedience between the two women who owned him, dominated.

The once seemingly demure Hortense Xavier, now so visually attractive to his new train of sexual desires, stood with hands on hips, tall in high heels and black stockings, a short tight mini skirt, so recently fashionable, emphasising her broad thighs, she showing an impatience to have her chance to openly dominate him. The curve of her hips and the lushly pointing domes of her mature breasts, pointing their nipples through a tight black silk top, were demonstrated most graphically to him, as she turned her smiling face and waist about her, to receive the goading enthusiasm shown by the other women there. Lloyd's rigidity pulsed as she took the short whip which she clutched tightly against her hip, and pointed it to her shoes.

" Show the girls how you know your true place Lloyd... they've all been lusting to see it." Patti and Joyce increased her impatience slightly, incurring the delight of the women; most having only seen him in an expensive suit as he arrogantly abused his position of male authority, and now reduced to a humble janitor, by arresting his step as he moved into the room, and ensuring his exposure was more than thorough by stripping him naked to the delighted jeers of his audience.

He stepped out of his leggings, his eyes taking in the similarly assertive attire of all the women there, each learning to enjoy expressing their new found feminine confidence instilled by Hortense's tutorship. That confidence was immediately boosted, in seeing the formerly arrogant male's cock stand high and erect, unable to deny the inner pleasure of submission to women that had been ruthlessly enforced upon him, his manhood rigidly saluting the humiliation he so deservedly expected, as he faced the woman he now accepted as the true monarch of the office. Joyce grinned in the lushly rewarding sexual atmosphere, as Lloyd received the spiteful contempt so long overdue, while Patti displayed the collar and leash behind him, increasing their erotic fervour.

"Down you go Lloyd... show all the women here how you've learned to behave on greeting any woman." The baying of the audience had his cock and anus tingle wildly, as he humbled himself naked at Hortense's feet, and readily kissed the toes of her spiky heeled shoes in utter submission. Being displayed before the women at the castration had had a sweetly humiliating effect on his ego, but being humbled before women he was familiar with and had been so openly chauvinistic to, brought on a divinely teasing expectation of vengeful dominance which their victorious jeering made him patently aware he'd receive. Hortense's cunt tingled with her own sexual anticipation, playing to the gallery of women as she eagerly prepared to dominate him.

"See how he's been taught to know his place ladies... and see just how willing he is to show it." Lloyd's cock pulsed and dribbled as she teased his cheeks with her whip, he knowing he'd soon feel its touch in earnest, the women gasping and sneering with spiteful satisfaction as a smiling Patti handed her the leash. Hortense held it close to her breasts, squeezing it tight and enjoying the soft touch of the leather, as she savoured putting him under her complete control for the first time.

"Head up Lloyd... the girls are all aching to practice owning you, and we all know where you'll appreciate being paraded most." There were six women there; some of the younger ones from the typing pool, who Lloyd had made passes at, deftly fondling their pert backsides with indifference when the opportunity arose, and making sure they were kept extra busy on rejecting his lewd advances. The older women there had almost sulked at his ignoring them at the time, but this, along with witnessing the pinching of the younger women's buttocks, had made them doubly indignant. All of them were strangely attractive to him now, youthful and mature; Hortense's tuition had served them well, and the with sexy mode of dress chosen by each, they all appeared so erotically superior in his submissive predicament.

Lloyd felt the depth of their vindictive pleasure building, as Hortense took her time in adorning his neck with the leather collar, her soft sighs emphasising her supreme enjoyment in buckling it nice and tight, reducing him to the status of a dog in preparation for the humiliations to come. The leash was old hat to her, but it still awarded her immense pleasure in the symbolism of it rendering the male to utter obedience each time she had the pleasure of reducing a male's ego to the required level with one, and this male had earned that pleasure so deservedly. The other women had not seen it administered in the flesh, some of the younger ones had not seen it at all; their sexual pleasure in seeing Lloyd Garner readied for domination by it, had their cunts wet with anticipation of the authority that he'd be shown by them. Hortense stood proud, warming to the feel of the leash, and began to stroke his bare cheeks playfully with her whip.

"See what you've earned yourself Lloyd, you're not going to forget this day... you'll begin by kissing the feet of every woman here, in thanks for the attention they're going to offer you." She took him to the feet of one of the typing pool girls, whose pert breasts heaved with the passion of her spite as he was put to her feet; she'd looked so young and naive when Lloyd had attempted to slip a finger.through her skirt into the cleft of her firm buttocks, just a couple of weeks ago. Now boosted with the spark of dominance through Hortense's tuition, she oozed the tart authority of a mature woman in the provocative uniform-like dress she wore, and Lloyd knew she'd have that cleft licked in submissive homage before the night was out. Hortense sneered as he kissed the girl's feet under her contemptuous smile.

" So many women learning the true course of life now Lloyd, more join our group every week... and you're proof that every male yearns for that release to the truth of servitude to women... all males have it, and more and more are being taught to realise it. You'll not just pay for your own impudence tonight, you'll pay for the stubbornness of those others in refusing to realise the submissive desire within them." Lloyd's cock dribbled pre-cum as he felt the cursory, and impatient strokes of female brandished instruments of punishment, as he duly paid homage to every pair of heeled shoes there. She tugged his leash with a severe grin.

"...and as I've indicated Lloyd, there's only one room appropriate enough for you to receive what you've earned so thoroughly." Patti smiled with a little amazement as Hortense tugged him toward the door they'd entered through.

"The security guard?..". Hortense gave her a smug grin as the group of novice dominants strutted eagerly behind her.

"Oh Patti!, you know me well enough by now... he knows where his bread's buttered, and he's indulging in a little bondage fantasy of his own... he'll be building up to a good spend right now, wriggling in a closet and wondering which nicely seasoned pair of cheeks is going to descend upon his face while, a delicate hand summons up the blissful surrender of his submissive needs... it's after five that the real business happens here." She looked down at Lloyd and gave him a hint to the fate that awaited him.

"...of course, with the way things are going to be, the guard is going to be so disappointed... I'll have to see if I can appoint him at the more comfortable surroundings that my classes are destined to take place in." Lloyd's anus tingled with the lush pleasure of utter defeat, as he was led naked and leashed by Hortense on the route he knew so well; the surroundings in which he'd been so arrogant, serving to taunt him deliciously as he was taken to be dominated in the place where he'd been master of everything, to be shown he was master no more.

Patti exchanged a knowing and thoroughly satisfied smile with Joyce, on their passing the water cooler where Joyce's intent with the handgun had been thwarted by Patti just a short while back. As they watched Lloyd led naked and broken on a leash, cock poking erect in the shameful admission of the pleasure of his own defeat, that day seemed to be from another, almost forgotten era, such was their spiteful and justified contentment at his fate. Lloyd would not be able to forget his chauvinistic masculinity just yet though; Hortense's cunt blossoming with a rich arousal as she flicked his balls with her whip and sneered at him as he cowered before the door which had borne his name; the name tag now removed to reveal a darker patch in the woodwork where it was once proudly emblazoned, the rude patch mocking his downfall exquisitely.

"I'll bet you spent your load many times in this office, with women reluctant to receive it but pressured into it to gain favour... but I was never invited in..." She pulled the leash taut, and slapped his face, Lloyd almost spending on the carpet at her show of dominance, and the spiteful pleasure shown by the other women as his face reddened.

"...well you'll come just for me tonight... when I'm good and ready to accept your admission of complete surrender." The women laughed cynically as the door was swung open, and Lloyd was led into what was once his private domain, to know sadistic feminine retribution which would have him empty his balls in utter defeat when the women had satisfied their sadism upon him. His eyes flicked about the plush office, noting that the paraphernalia of a decorators makeover was already installed in one corner; reels of effeminate rose paper ready to adorn the end wall which bore the striking crimson he'd chosen, the bolder patches casting ghostly shapes of the Aztec artefacts, now removed.

His eyes caught the large, wheeled aluminium box, the size of a freezer, which nestled in another corner, as Patti strutted elegantly over to it. She opened the lid and dropped its hinged side, showing a large central void, but the side compartments filled with his possessions. She lifted an effigy of the sun god from it, to rich applause from the women; they already knew something he didn't. Her smile cut him like a knife as she dropped the effigy back into the box with curt indifference.

"It seems I've been promoted since your departure Lloyd... I'm so going to enjoy my last memory of you in this office." Hortense pulled the leash nice and tight as Lloyd bucked on his knees in a potently submissive aura, amid the cynical laughter of his female audience, the harsh reality of his downfall bringing on a lush vein of humiliation in his defeat; he thrust his cock at the air, desperate to shoot his mess at the echoing feminine spite, and the vision of smugness before him. Patti Payne had seen him dominated, she'd owned him... now she owned his office.

Patti smiled as she left the vulgar box open, it's gape beckoning the departure of the former tyrant... it's taunting void hinting at the main purpose of its stationing, as the humiliation of Lloyd began in earnest. Hortense's regal status was made clear to him, as she tutored her underlings in parading him about the office, with satisfying applications of whip and cane, the air soon filled with the rich scent of feminine arousal, as each woman openly expressed the intimacy they'd learned to enjoy while in like company, having Lloyd lick their cunts and spiced anal tangs in thanks for their individual humiliations of him.

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