tagLoving WivesBabs Was A Real Loving Wife

Babs Was A Real Loving Wife


John and Barbara Jenson were sat in the solicitors office stunned, they had no idea this was going to happen, they didn't even know who Aunt Edna was?

They had received a call and a request for them to attend the reading of a will, and they found out they were the only attendees. They had to provide documents to prove that they were really the John and Barbara Jenson, and were the only survivors of the said Aunt Edna, who it turned out was the long lost and twice removed cousin of Barbara's father.

After the solicitor was duly satisfied, he read the will.

What it contained would have knocked anyone of their feet, so it was good that they were both sat down.

They had been left a house in a village, over the far side of town, the upmarket and affluent side, it was a 6 bed roomed detached property set in 5acres of land, and the solicitor told them that the valuation had been in the £2m to £2.5m area. And on top of that a sum of £1.45 million was sat in a bank, and a huge sum in stocks and shares. And it was theirs, or rather Barbara's.

They had to sign all sorts of papers and documents, and then they were given keys and directions.

There was one caveat to the will that sounded odd, but it wasn't a problem.

In the grounds of the property was an old hunting lodge from days gone by. In it, was the young man living there, Aunt Edna had taken him in from a troubled life, when he was 10 years old, he was now 21, and she had provided for him, schooled him, and as he had grown up he had became a worthwhile citizen of the village.

The caveat stated that while Ted, that was his name, lived there, he could not be made to move or leave, it was his as long as he occupied it, If he were to leave under his own will, or in the event of his death the lodge would return to the owners of the main house, and it was stated that if these conditions were not met or kept, the house would be sold and the proceeds given to charities named in the will. He also was paid, and would be paid, a sum of money each week out of the estate.

John and Barbara (Babs) had no reason to worry about it, and they left the office in a state of wonder. They were suddenly rich, rich beyond their dreams. They were only 29 and 28 respectively, no children, that hadn't wanted any so far, but maybe that could change?

They were okay financially, just! He had a job as a production manager in a company that built furniture, Babs was a nurse, and she loved her job. They were a normal couple really, a big mortgage, 2 cars; they both needed one each to commute. One holiday a year, blah blah blah!

They set off to view the house, what they saw when they pulled up amazed them. Wrought iron gates, a long drive, the house couldn't be seen because it was curved. The unlocked them and drove through, Babs pointed to what they assumed was the hunting lodge set back of the drive. It was a lovely building, period in style and looked like it was probably 2 bed roomed.

They were opened mouthed when the house came into view, it was massive, and obviously well cared for, it had double glazing for a start, but they were styled to fit the house, the gardens were in pristine state, they were to find that it was Ted who looked after them, it was his job, the estates handyman as it were.

They got out, and unlocked the door, when they entered, they were a little disappointed because it seemed to be full of old antique furniture, it wasn't until John had a look that he realised it was just that, antique and valuable!

They grabbed at each other and danced a dance of glee and happiness at their good fortune. Babs told him, 'John, you realise I am the mistress of all I survey now?' and laughed happily.

'Yes my mistress, I will serve thee with all my being!' and bowed deeply. They both fell about laughing.

They spent the next 4 hours inspecting, talking, and mentioning possible improvements, all sorts of things. They would arrange to move in, and sell their old home.

On their way out they stopped and knocked on the door of the lodge. It opened and stood there was Ted! They introduced themselves, and he asked them in. It was well kept and clean and tidy, Babs was impressed that a young man could look after himself like this.

But a feeling washed over her as he passed close by to her, she felt a buzz, she actually looked to see if something had touched her arm. Then she sizzled as his nearness was at the closest, what was that, she wondered? What Babs didn't understand right then was, it was animal magnetism, his young animal magnetism, he had it, and it was for her, it was one of those unexplained events, he made her sizzle just by being close by, her pussy got wet, she inwardly trembled with an anticipation?

He was a typical country looking boy or man, his complexion was ruddy, the outdoor red, that people who work outdoors had. He was about 6 feet, angular in build, but the strength was evident, his arms were thick and hard, as was the rest of him. And he was quite good looking in a charming way.

They assured him that they understood the caveat, and he was further assured that the lodge was his as long as he wanted it. Babs even said that as time went by, then maybe they could hand the deeds for it over to him permanently. He liked that idea. John looked at his wife in a 'don't make promises you might not be able to keep' look!

Ted told them he looked after everything in and around the house, and if they wanted anything, anything at all he would be on hand, even if shopping was required, and laughed. His laugh was infectious, and they both joined in. Babs liked him already, she knew she would get on with him, and John did too.

Ted told them that the reason he did what he did was because when it came to academics, he was at the bottom of the class, he just had never been able to cut it as a student, he wasn't embarrassed in the least by it. So when he left school at 16 he had no qualifications, no matter how hard he, and the school had tried.

But he was as normal as normal could be, he wasn't illiterate, or dumb, he could and did hold his own in an argument, or discussion, it was just when he came to school, he was a dunce. But he had always been popular and had girlfriends, and even 2 married women in the village had fallen for his landed charms. And no one had ever suspected that Mrs Hodgson his teacher had left because she had got pregnant!

John and Babs left in a very good mood; their life had changed totally in one day. They discussed their jobs, Babs said, 'I'm not giving mine up yet,' and her husband agreed, it would be foolish to jump so soon, without taking stock of what they had just inherited.

Barbara was a good looking woman, even gorgeous, in a demure way, she wasn't one for showing off, though hiding her loveliness could be a problem at times, and she hated flaunting herself, she was very conscious of her looks.

Her hair was a lustrous auburn, shiny and thick, very thick; she sometimes had to have it thinned. As a nurse it was nearly always piled up on her lovely head, it had to be. Her face was angelically soft, handy for her line of work!

Her lips were pouty, firm and full, and over the years they had become more so, because she loved sucking cock, it was her favourite pastime when making love. Her husband had benefitted from it many many times, as had 2 doctors at work, and one patient she had got the hots for, she never understood what it was he had, but he did, and it got him her!

She didn't regard herself as promiscuous, just a sexual woman, she loved her husband, and she loved sex, and sometimes the need for more was submitted to. So on the 3 occasions she had gone down that road, she had been more than careful not to be found out. She had got what she wanted, and the men were left behind as it were.

She was 5ft 7" and her body matched her height in the sense of it all fitted, nothing was out of place, her breasts were high and firm, her waist narrowish, her legs long and toned, all in all she was a tremendously good looking female.

And she had thought briefly of Ted, 'nice to have one on my doorstep?' she laughed, admonishing herself for thinking it!

John her husband was your everyday normal guy, he had no hang ups, didn't drink to excess, never gambled, his pastime was sport, he played rugby, and off season, he liked to play squash.

Two weeks later they had all but moved in, they had given what things they knew they wouldn't need to a charity shop down the road, they held a party for their friends, with promises all round that contact would be maintained. And they made the final trip, never to return.

They had decided to take their annual holidays from work so they could settle in, and make small changes, and to plan the future of them, and their new home over the 2 weeks they had off.

The weather was fine, and soon they were having afternoon tea in the garden, Ted joined them and they got to know each other. Babs couldn't help but be impressed, he really was a very personable young man, and his youth belied his maturity. And the more she appraisingly studied him, the better looking he got.

Unknown to Babs, he had already got the hots for her, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, she was just so naturally gorgeous, no airs or graces, what you saw with her, was what you got.

He wondered if she would be susceptible to an advance sometime in the future. He didn't want to spoil things; he needed them more than they needed him. He wasn't stupid, he knew which side his bread was buttered!

So the weeks rolled on, they became more and more settled, and were beginning to enjoy their new lives to the fullest, everything in their garden was rosy, very rosy!

Eric became an integral part of their lives, though he never once imposed himself on them. They had even offered him a bed if he had stayed late, but he had always kindly refused. But he was watching for signs, if there were any to be watched from Babs, he was becoming more and more sure, that if things were right, and the timing right, he would score!

The moment came one Sunday morning, John had gone to his squash club, and would be gone for at least 5 or maybe 6 hours. Ted knew of this, and as soon as he had passed his home, he was on his way to the main house.

He knocked on the rear door as he always did, and walked in, Babs was there in the kitchen messing about. She was wearing a pair of shorts, a tank top, and her hair was gorgeously piled in an unruly way on top of her beautiful head. He sensed that she was ready for a receptive advance, he hoped he was right?

They greeted each other, and for the first time, Ted kissed her cheek. She looked at him in a 'wow' kind of look. Ted apologised for being so informal, even though he had intended to kiss her cheek to see what response he would get, if any? Babs told him not to be silly, 'that was nice Ted, it was a nice kiss, thank you, It makes me feel appreciated.' she said.

'There are more of them, where that came from.' he said, seemingly flippantly, he was on thin ice if this went wrong he thought.

Babs responded with. 'Is there now, where's that from then?' and giggled as she looked at his lips, and not his face. She was up for it, he knew it now, but more to the point, so did Babs!

He closed the gap between them, grabbed her upper arms, and pulled her to him, his lips met hers in a full on stunning kiss.

Babs's breath was taken away, she couldn't move, he was kissing her, and she liked it, she was in her own home, all alone with another man, and he was holding and kissing her.

Her eyes closed as the kiss deepened, she was falling into it, she had known in her mind that this was always a possibility, even a good probability, she had picked up on his looks and signs, she was a woman of needs, and the sizzle entrapped her, she had seen it in his face.

She slid her arms over his hard strong shoulders, and the kiss was joined, they pressed into each other bodies, she could feel the power of his young frame, and the hardness pressing into her thighs. They were going to fuck, nothing was going to stop it, and she wanted him, she wanted to be fucked by him, and she wanted to see and hold his cock.

Her body was in control of her mind and senses now. 'Come on Ted; let's go somewhere more comfortable than this?' she whispered.

'Yes Babs, lets,' he said. And picked her up, swung her over his shoulder, slapped her backside and set off at a run through the house and up the stairs. Babs screeched with laughter.

He more or less threw her on the bed. 'Mmmm?' she thought, 'he likes to take the lead does he?' She liked a dominant man; one who could command a woman. Babs was ready to be commanded! He was on her then kissing her passionately, he cupped her tits, squeezed her nipples, Babs sighed contentedly, and a lot of with pleasure.

Ted looked down at the beauty under him, 'God you are so beautiful and so sexy Babs.' He told her, she smiled in gratitude, and thanked him.

'You're not so bad yourself Ted,' she answered, and reached to squash his rock hard prick.

'Oh my Ted, you seem pleased to see me?' and giggled, as she rubbed it.

'You had better believe I am pleased to see you Babs,' he muttered as he began undoing her clothes, she helped and soon they were naked on her bed, the bed she shared with her soon to be cuckolded husband, but she didn't give a thought to that, all she was thinking about was getting Ted's prick into her steaming pussy.

'You feel fantastic Ted,' she told him, it was as hard as any cock she had ever held, and it was a real good size too, she was already drooling at the thought of it buried deep in her, and of getting it in her red hot mouth. Babs held his now naked cock in her hands; she rubbed, squeezed and caressed it. 'It's beautifully hard isn't it, is it because of me?' she laughed as she helped him over her

'Yes it is, its been like this for weeks, haven't you noticed it?' he moaned, and thrust it all the way in. Babs didn't get the chance to answer that one. She cried out in some surprise, a little pain, but more pleasure than she could have ever imagined. Her legs floated over his back, her feet hooked into his thighs, and her hands and nails hooked into his back.

He looked at her with eyes that she fell into, and they began to make passionate love, he fucked her with an intensity he didn't know he had. They both knew it was brought on by the other. Babs fucked back at him, as he launched a thudding thrust at her, she thrust back, and they met in what was seemingly loud slaps!

As they got more and more into it, they both unknowingly tried to outdo the other, this was making love at its best, fucking at its rawest, it was animalistic rutting, no quarter was given nor asked for, he had her held captive under him, just as he was equally held captive by her. Neither had had it like this, they knew they were under going a sort of metamorphosis in what they were feeling.

Both were building up into a suddenly quick ballistic orgasm, and they both exploded and ejaculated at the very same time, spunk from him, and love juice from her squirted out from between them. The orgasms were more than either had ever experienced, it shook them, silenced them, and stunned them, both were so lovingly grateful to the other.

Babs knew there was more to come from him, a young man with his natural strength would go forever, and she was the sole beneficiary. He never even lost his erection, he kept it in her. Babs looked into his eyes and saw her own destruction. She half feared the look, but she also knew she was in for the ride of her life, it was something she had always wanted, to be man fucked by a domineering man to the nth degree. And with the intense assurance that he was the one who would deliver it.

She was so right, he began a slow rhythmic smooth motion, one that brought her senses to the fore, his hips began to judder when they hit hers, and soon he was battering her like a medieval army using a battering ram on a Port Cullis, the Port Cullis being her pussy!

Babs was in heaven, he was using her solely for his own pleasure, but the pleasure she was getting from this most powerful of young men was wonderful, she wanted it harder and harder, more and more, she hung onto him, she wasn't going to let go, he was mastering her, but with her willing consent.

Ted was on auto now, his body was ruling him, his inner need was to breed this female, it was the primeval past in him. He hit her with everything he had, and Babs took it, how she didn't know, but no one had ever fucked her, or made love to her like this. He was a machine, and his tank was full.

He began to rumble, he was coming? Yes he was, she could tell, her own orgasms were ripping through her at a rate of knots! It was her response to his mastery; she was the willing submissive lioness under the lion kings control.

He came then in a loud shout that scared the life out of her, she was in his grip of iron, and until he finished, that's where she would be staying, his mighty prick began pumping cum into her in bucket loads, he was unstoppable, she felt it filling her up, it orgasmic in itself. Then he held himself over her and finished draining his balls.

It was over; she had been truly and fabulously fucked properly for the first time in her entire life, something that she had been blissfully unaware of. Babs cried and loved him. He raised himself above her face, and dropped into a kiss of gratitude, they were both in debt to the other in equal masures.

They lay in each other arms and legs for long moments before looking at each other in a sort of stupefied wonder, then bursting into laughter, the glow of after sex and love was upon them.

As they recovered, she looked him in the eye and said. 'Shower?'

'Yea,' he enthused.

'Come on then,' and she clambered out of the steaming bed saying. 'I'll have to remake that?' and she laughed as they looked at the sweat and cum soaked sheets.

'Why?' he said, 'it's only going to happen again?' and he too laughed.

They went into the shower where they washed and played with each others touchy bits, becoming aroused again in the process.

Ted put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down, he wanted a blow job, and he was going to get one!

Babs sank willingly to her knees, she inspected his prick for the first time, it was a real beauty, in her eyes she had never seen one as good as this, this was her utopia!

She kissed it, caressed it, felt and cupped his balls, he lay back on the tiles, she went to work. What Ted didn't know was that Babs was a consummate artiste when it came to sucking a prick. The first one she had ever sucked a cock was her father's best friend, he had seduced her in her own home, fucked her and made her suck his slimy prick, and Babs had loved it. From that day on she was a confirmed and very enthusiastic sucker of cocks!

She thrust her mouth over the bulbous head of his prick, and then swallowed it whole, he was in his first ever deep throat, he looked down in amazement when he saw her lips tight up against him, his hairy body was all over her face. She pulled away and went back on, her teeth grazing all the way up and down his formidable shaft.

Leaving his prick she sucked in each testicle one after the other, she was magnificent, he was already at boiling point, he held onto the shower rail, if he didn't he would drop to his knees, then he shot his load, she took it all, she felt him cumming, and withdrew to the hot head of his prick and sucked it all out of him.

Ted had no idea that this was the blow job of a woman who had mastered the act, there was nothing she loved more than the control she felt when making her man cum in her mouth, and Ted was no different, he had succumbed to her, just being done by her was enough to make him blow his gasket!

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