Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 11


I heard PJ walk away as Patty leaned down to me and cradled my head in her hands. "Oh, Sweetheart," she whispered as she cried, "I'm so, so sorry this is happening to you. Can you ever forgive me?" Patty asked.

"I love you, Baby," I answered, "there's nothing to forgive you for."

Patty smiled a little and then ran her fingers down my cheek sweetly. "You're going to have to suck him now, Sissy. That always comes first." Patty whispered to me. "He'll probably want to stick it in your mouth as far as he can. He likes to try to make me gag, so he'll probably do it to you, too. He won't hurt you, but, he might be aggressive. Just suck him and don't stop sucking. Be eager, Sissy. He likes the control of this and he'll try to do things to confuse you. Just suck on anything he'll give you and don't stop sucking. This part won't last long, and he won't cum in your mouth, so just do whatever you have to do until he gets tired and then he'll stop and go to the next part. And, don't waste your energy trying to get free. It's impossible, believe me. I've tried."

Patty glanced up to check her father and then she kissed me. "He's coming, Sweetheart." She finally said. "Be brave, Sissy. Remember to be eager and remember Mommy loves you."

As soon as Patty stood back up, I saw PJ step up next to her. He was naked now, and his cock was hard and sticking out in front of him. The first thing I noticed was that he wasn't as small as I thought he'd be. Remembering back to the conversation Patty and I had in my car coming back from Angie's, she led me to believe her father's cock would be a lot smaller than mine. Well, if it was, it sure didn't look like that now, three inches from my face.

"Feed it to him," PJ said, "just like in his fantasy, Patricia. Feed your Sissy my cock!"

Patty grasped his shaft and moved it toward my lips. He had to reposition himself and move closer to the table, but when he got close enough, instead of moving my head away, I moved it forward, opened my mouth and took him between my lips. Patty's father immediately put his hand on the back of my head and held me there, holding my mouth on him as he gradually pressed into me. Suddenly, he thrust his pelvis into me, forcing his cock deeper into my mouth and momentarily causing me to choke.

"Teach him now, Baby Girl." He ordered. "Teach your Sissy how suck your Daddy's cock."

Patty bent down next to me, not more than a foot away as he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. I hadn't even had a chance to suck on him or even taste him yet - he just started thrusting into my mouth so soon. It seemed like he was fucking my mouth more than I was sucking his him!

"Easy, Sweetheart," Patty whispered, "keep your head still and open your mouth. Try to keep your lips tight around him and let him fuck into you, Sissy -- make your mouth into a pussy for your Daddy's cock to fuck, then just hold it still and let him face fuck you."

I tried hard to do exactly what Patty said, and it worked. I sucked in when he pushed into me and I let up on him when he pulled back. Soon, we got into a rhythm and he was smoothly fucking my mouth. "Good girl." Patty said, watching her father fuck my mouth.

Soon, it seemed like he was getting tired and he slowed way down. When he stopped, he held my head halfway down on his cock, which gave me some time to catch my breath and actually taste him. Since I could move my head a little back and forth, I started sucking him, lightly at first and then stronger. Using Patty's slobber trick, I got his cock as wet as I could and that made it slide in and out of my mouth easier, and it also brought a response from PJ, who was now moaning and moving his cock in and out in time with my sucking.

I didn't see when PJ started fingering Patty's pussy from behind as she bent down on her elbows next to me, but when Patty started to close her eyes and groan, I knew he was doing something. After a few minutes, he pulled his hand from between her legs and held his fingers under my nose, saying, "See how wet you're making my daughter?" He panted. "See how much you're turning her on, you little cock sucker? You're going to make the perfect little Sissy-Husband for her, you know that? She'll want to see you suck me everyday and I might even let you suck me all the way and drink my cum down your little Sissy mouth."

Patty opened her eyes and looked at me as he spoke. His words degraded me right down to my core and I was hurt by what he said -- calling me a 'cock sucker' and a 'Sissy-Husband'. I waited for Patty to stick up for me, but, she didn't. As I looked up into her eyes, pleading with her -- pleading with my Mommy to rescue me from what was happening, she only stared back, softly sobbing in sorrow while she watched me suffer.

Finally, huffing and puffing, PJ slowed his assault on my mouth and pulled his cock away from my face. As Patty predicted, he hadn't cum, but, my mouth was frozen - stuck in a sucking position even though he'd pulled his cock away. My eyes must have shown my broken spirit, driven by the realization that the things I'd said to Patty in privacy were now coming back to haunt me in the hurtful words said by her father. I was horrified and gravely offended that he'd use the words 'cock sucker' with me. What hurt me the most, and very deeply, was the fact that Patty heard him call me that and didn't show one ounce of concern.

But my time to rest and think about how I'd just been orally used and verbally humiliated was short lived. As PJ stepped away from me, Patty kneeled down on the floor in front of the table and reached out to me. She turned my head so I could look right at her, and I saw she was outright crying again. "I'm so, so sorry." She whispered to me, her hands gently holding my cheeks forcing me to look at her.

Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw PJ reach down to the side of the table and I heard him flip a switch. Almost immediately, I felt something grab my cock. He'd obviously activated some kind of device under the table and something inside the hole where Patty shoved my cock now had a hold on me -- a very strong hold, almost to the point where it was trying to crush my cock -- and it hurt. Even though the straps around my body held me tightly, I tried to pull myself out of the hole, but I couldn't. I was overcome with terror, afraid something was going horribly wrong and my cock was going to be hurt, damaged or even amputated, so I shook and pulled against the straps trying to free myself, but it was futile.

With an angry face, I looked at Patty as she held my face toward her. She burst out crying, tears literally pouring out of her eyes as she looked at me. I was so mad, I tried to turn my head away, but she held me steady, making me look at her. "Please, Sweetheart," she begged as she wept, "look at me. Just keep looking at me the whole time. Don't look away -- just watch my eyes."

I was so distracted with the clamping down on my cock, my own humiliation, my anger and Patty's crying that I completely forgot about Patty's father. And at that exact instant - the most searing pain I'd ever felt in my whole life was unleashed on my butt and I let out a yell that probably broke windows in the huge house.

"FUCK!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

It hurt like fucking hell and it sucked the breath right out of me. My eyes shot open and I looked at Patty wondering what the fuck was going on. Then I heard it. The sound of something flying through the air, "Whoosh!" and then "Thwack!"

"FUCK!" I screamed again as it hit my ass.

It was the absolute most painful thing I'd ever felt in my life - with an incredible biting sting and burning. The sudden impact on my bottom forced all the air out of my lungs again and I tried to speak, but no words came out of my mouth. After a second I was able to take a breath and struggled once more against the straps, this time like a mad man tying to free himself from a straight jacket. I felt like my face was going to explode under the pressure of my exertion; the sheer amount of energy I was expending trying to set myself free was more than I ever thought I could muster, but there was no way I could fight my way loose.

"Sissy!" Patty screamed, trying to get me to look at her as I struggled against the bindings. "Look at me, Sweetheart!" She yelled. There was no way she could hold my head still with her hands anymore, and she was moving around trying to put her hands on my cheeks to steady me so I'd look at her. Finally, I did stop to look at her, but, it was a look of seething anger I gave her. Despite that, she put her hands on my cheeks and put her face right in front of mine.

"Breathe, Paul!" She exclaimed. "Look at me," she implored as she was shaking my face, trying to keep my attention, "keep your eyes on me and breathe with me. Like this," Patty explained, as she took a deep breath and let it out, "now, hurry..... breathe now!"


This time the sting was so bad my whole body was jolted. I felt like my backside had been dowsed with a burning chemical and I was being forced to lie there while it ate my skin away. The sting and the pain was spreading, too. It wasn't just on my butt cheeks anymore, it was fanning out. The sting was so horrendous that I couldn't bear it anymore and my eyes started to water. I didn't care that I was a man and I shouldn't cry -- I didn't have a choice in the matter, the pain being inflicted on me was so bad, I couldn't stop myself from tearing. I tried another time to pull my arms out of the straps, but, finally accepting there was no way I was going to get loose, and because I was no longer able to tolerate the pain, I broke down and began to cry in earnest.

Patty's face came into view and she was visibly upset. She was crying almost as hard as I was, but the look on her face was one of pity and sorrow, not like mine were - from the pain.


This time, I didn't have the energy to struggle. All the energy I had left was being used up as I lie there crying, practically whaling. I'd never felt more helpless and willing to give up than I did then.

"Daddy! No!" I heard Patty scream. "He can't take anymore!"


I felt my body lurch with an involuntary reaction as the next swat hit my bottom. This time, I had no more strength to scream or struggle. I could only lie there, moaning and crying. My body was shuddering, though, in time with my crying. I thought after PJ fucked my mouth, my will and my spirit had been broken, but I was wrong. I knew as I laid there unable to do anything besides scream and cry, now I had been broken.

"Oh, Paul!" Patty said, holding her hands to her face and looking down at me with sadness. She reached down to me and gently tried to wipe the tears from my eyes with the palm of her hand. I didn't have the strength to hold my head up anymore, so I simply tried to catch my breath.

"Patricia." I heard PJ call. She looked up at her father and then back down at me. She poorly attempted a forced, sympathetic, half-hearted smile, and then left me there alone in my suffering. I heard her foot steps go to the back of the table and then I heard her say, "Oh, please, Daddy." She moaned. "No. He's had enough."

"Baby Girl," he answered, "don't take this away from him now. You saw how well he's done so far. You don't really want to stop now, it's almost over."

"But, Daddy...." Patty begged.

"Patricia, I'm going to do this whether you like it or not." PJ replied. "You can either help, or I'll be forced to do him the same way I did you the first time. Is that what you want for him?"

"No, Daddy." She said, in between sobs. "I'll do it."

Not more that thirty seconds later, I felt a tight touch on my exposed anus. It startled me, and even though I was completely exhausted, I jerked out of reflex. "Just relax, Sissy," I heard her say as she cried, "Mommy's going to help Daddy make love to you, Sweetheart. Just try to relax and don't try to fight back anymore."

As she spoke, Patty was applying lube to my butt. As soon as I felt her touch disappear, I felt his hands on my hips and his body brushing up against the inside of my legs, moving himself into position to fuck me.

"It seems appropriate," I heard PJ say to Patty, "since I took your ass cherry, and I'll take your vagina for the first time, I might as well take his cherry, too."

"Please, Daddy." I heard her reply. "Make it nice for him like you do for me. You'll be gentle and go slow, wont you?" I heard her beg.

"Yes, but, I want you to help and watch, Patricia." I heard PJ say. "I want you to put me in his ass and stand next to me while I fuck him. I want you to see your Father's cock taking your future husband's ass. He'll get to see me taking yours plenty of times. Now take hold of me and let's get this over with."

"Aaahhh, yes...." he moaned, "that's it, Baby Girl. A little closer..... a little closer...."

I felt something nudge up against my ass and then I felt his cock start to push into me. I readied myself for what I knew was coming -- he was going to fuck my ass and Patty was going to help him do it. "This is it," I lamented to myself, "the final humiliation - the stripping of my maleness. I'm going to be a full blown spanked, cock sucking, and butt fucked Sissy after this."

I kept waiting for the pain, for him to slam into me -- thrusting himself into my waiting ass..... but it didn't come. All I felt was just light and gentle pressure back there, and then it would stop for a second and begin again.

"Hold his cheeks open. Use your hands and pull 'em apart." He said to Patty. "I want you to see my cock going in."

Still, the pain of him fucking my ass never came. The pressure was there, but, it didn't hurt.

"Look, Patricia." He said. "See how far I'm in him now? I'm almost ready to fuck your Sissy."

Patty had stopped crying, although she was still sniffling. I could feel Patty holding my butt cheeks open and I could feel varying degrees of pressure, but that's all I could feel. After another thirty seconds, though, I finally felt it -- I felt his cock in my ass and that's the instant I accepted the fact I was being butt-fucked by Patty's father. Remarkably, it wasn't hurting. Maybe it didn't hurt because I was used to having Patty's strap-on up my butt, or maybe he'd finally relented and was, in fact, being gentle.

"Can you see?" PJ asked her. "I'm fucking him."

"Oh, God, Daddy....." I heard Patty moan. "You are fucking him!" She sighed.

"It's okay to enjoy it, Baby Girl." He answered. "After all the times we talked about it, and all the times you fantasized about it - now you can finally see it happening right in front of you. Just keep watching while your Daddy fucks your man."

The entire width and breadth of my being -- all my sensory perceptions and every ounce of nerve response I had was focused on the feeling inside my ass. I could feel him sliding in and out of me now, and even though I knew I was restrained I consciously made an effort to stick my ass out for him and open my butt to him.

I wasn't in pain at all, in fact, if anything -- this shameful, vile act -- being fucked in the ass by my soon-to-be father in law in the presence of my fiancé, was better than being spanked again. He wasn't pushing hard, but I could tell he was all the way in me. I thanked Patty silently for putting all the lube up my ass before this whole thing started and I silently thanked PJ for being gentle and kind while he did this to me.

PJ's speed started to quicken and I felt Patty's hands let go of my ass and then a second later, she was standing in front of me. Kneeling down to get close to my face, she said, "It's almost over, Sweetheart. Be a good girl and let Daddy finish."

Just a few minutes ago I'd been bawling my eyes out, and now I was just lying here, lifeless and probably in shock. I really didn't care anymore what either of them was going to do as long as they didn't spank me anymore. I could take the face-fucking and his ass-fucking, too, but please -- no more spanking.

I couldn't bear to look at Patty face. Between the shame, embarrassment and humiliation of being restrained, face fucked, spanked and now butt fucked in front of her, all I could do was retreat behind my closed eyes and let him fuck me.

"He's got a nice ass, Patricia. It's not as tight as yours and much more comfortable to be in." PJ said as she pumped himself in and out of me. "It feels very much like your mother's ass used to feel."

The table I was on moved slightly back and forth as Patty's father fucked me. I don't know how long he fucked me, I wasn't thinking straight. When I heard him moaning and groaning, telling Patty to come watch him cum, I prayed for this to be the end and they would let me loose.

"Tell me you want me to cum in your Sissy's ass, Patricia." He said, as he fucked me. "I want him to hear you say it so he knows you approve of what I'm doing. Make it convincing, Baby Girl, and make it quick because I'm getting close."

"Daddy," Patty said sweetly, "I can't believe you're finally fucking him. I've wanted this for so long... to see the two of you having sex. And now, seeing it with my own eyes and watching your cock take him has turned my fantasy into reality. All I need now is to see you cum inside him."

"So, do it, Daddy. Cum inside my Sissy's ass." Patty hissed. "Pump your hot sperm into his butt and let him feel your cock explode into his man-pussy. Come on, Daddy. Cum in him!" Patty exclaimed.

I felt PJs pace speed up for a minute and then he stopped. "Oh, yeah!" PJ exclaimed. "I'm gonna cum in him, Patricia. I'm gonna cum inside your Sissy."

Through the table, I could feel PJ almost stumble as he fought to stay inside my butt as he came. I felt his cock twitch inside my ass and I felt the warmth of his slimy cum shoot into me. All at once, I relaxed all my muscles and lay utterly exhausted and ashamed on the table.

I felt PJ pull out of me. "Get me a wash cloth." I heard him say to Patty as he held himself up, panting and leaning against the table. Through my half-closed eyes, I saw Patty run to her bathroom and come out with several wet washcloths and scamper by the table without looking at me.

"Patricia," I heard him say, "turn these bright lights down so he can rest. He damn well deserves it after what he's been through. Be sure you wipe him off good and give him the suppository."

"Then," he added, "wait about five minutes before you start gradually loosening the straps. I'll be back by then and I'll help you move him to your bed. He can sleep with you tonight and you can take care of him."

"Yes, Daddy." Patty replied.

With that, I heard PJ's footsteps walk away and then I heard the door open and close. I breathed a sigh of relief, thankful it was over. The only thing on my mind now was how quick I could get out of there.

To be continued...

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