Baby, Love


Her hubby got up and thanked the two amateur porn video crew for having recording the erotic clip of his screwing his hot-wife and settled their bill. Having seen them off, he came and dropped a thick envelope in my hand; a 'thank you' for role-playing Joe, the detective. Though I'm more known by my stage name: Baby D., of the Tongue Patrol© gang.

"I can't begin to thank you enough, sir," her hubby said to me. "You've certainly helped me to fulfill a life-long dream."

"The pleasure was all mine," I said while pocketing away the envelope. "I'm glad you and your wife got a kick out of it."

"Most certainly I did," Leah gushed with glee, coming over to thank me with a long kiss. "Let's do this again some other time."

"No problem," I said. "Next time though, I think it'll be best if we leave the cameras off."

The wife's eyes suddenly lit up like a bright sun. "I've got a better idea. Instead of waiting for that day, why don't we have one right now—just a little going-away present, sort of. What do you say, honey?" she turned to her husband. "You wouldn't mind if Baby and I have ourselves one more round of fucking, would you?" Her husband's face immediately glowed a bright orange as he blubbered: "Sure, sure ... please do so."

Leah turned to me, daring me to take the challenge if I was man enough. I definitely still had that much juice left, and the sight of that hot body of hers was getting my little man rising again. I pulled her towards me, unabashed of her husband's presence, and she too responded to my touch and kisses. My lips were wrapped around hers while I fought once again to free myself from my clothes while we approached the bed. Leah sat on the bed and unbuckled my pants and pulling them and my under-shorts down my ankles. The hunger was in her eyes and I couldn't help but gasp as she held my cock and right away commenced sucking it. The woman sure knows how to get feisty when it comes to wanting a dick—that suited me just fine.

"Yo man!" I snapped at her husband as if I was the only real man in the room, "you're going to have to take a chair, 'cause this is going to take a while. Won't it, Leah?"

"Uhnh-Hunh," she replied while her mouth still swallowed me. Her husband found himself a chair and planted his butt on it; he wouldn't have left that chair even if there'd been an earthquake happening outside. His eyes lapped at our sex work-out. He freed his prick from within his robe and stroked himself while his eyes glued on us. I came on the bed and pulled Leah over to be on top and we '69'd each other. I had my face buried under her ass cheeks, nibbling her clit while finger-fucking her pussy while she deep-throated me with a vengeance. She wiggled her ass over my face and produced moaning sounds as well.

"You had enough, darling?" her husband asked her.

"No ... God, no!" she panted between gasps. "Uhhh ... I'm just getting warmed up!"

I gave her ass cheeks a loud smack before pushing her off me and got her in a doggy position. I was brusque this time, snapping at her to put her ass where and how I wanted it and she did nothing but obey. Hunched over her, my cock slipped into her pussy like knife piercing through butter. She looked up and cried out from the roughness, but I smacked her butt and told her to shut the fuck up and take my dick. I held her down and pounded the shit out of the bitch. She yelped and thrashed about, sputtered foul words at me, wiggling that round rack of hers back and forth for more. I smacked her bum and inserted a finger into her puckered asshole. Her body jittered and she uttered a wild yelp from the contact, yet it was obvious she was having fun, while her husband wanked away, enthralled by our live performance.

When I got tired of banging the broad from behind, she pushed her to the side and grabbed her by the hair and shoved her face towards my dick. Her mouth sucked my cock like it was trying to swallow a golf ball from a garden hose, slobbering on my tube and wrapping her balls with her tongue as if it was her favourite toy. I then lay on the bed and brought her ass over to straddle me, though this time facing her husband while her ass rocked my shaft up and down. I fingered her asshole some more and loved the reaction she got from it.

"This is what you wanted, ain't it, you rich lonely slut," I growled into her ear. My hands held her down as I went on hammering her from behind. "You always want to be fucked hard, don't you?"

"Ohhh yes ...!" she screamed out.

"Always want to be fucked hard and rough, don't you?"

"Ohhh yes ... yes ... give it to me!"

I went on fucking her till minutes later her body exploded into another shrieking orgasm. I shoved her off my cock and came and knelt before her face, stroking my cock as hard and fast as my hand could. She opened her mouth to receive me and it wasn't long that I shot out my load, spurt after spurt into her awaiting mouth. I didn't notice when her husband came around to watch as his wife gulped down my seed. She reached for my cock just as it was starting to return to its usual flaccid state and sucked me off.

"Well, I guess that'll be all for tonight folks," I laughed as I pushed myself to my feet and went once again into the bathroom to take another shower.

Thirty minutes later, having worn on my clothes, I said goodnight to the couple and exited the staged apartment building. The main thing that occupied my mind as I drove away from the place was the thought of a luxurious sleep.

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