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Baby Seed


Justin chuckled to himself as he carefully sliced open the condom wrappers. Using a hole punch, he clipped the very center of the tip from each protective sheath, and using a soldering iron, gently melted the edges of each hole to reinforce the edge. He placed it back in the wrapper and using the same soldering iron, carefully dotted the wrapper shut.

Maybe it was overkill; after all, he was going to get the girls blind drunk first. Maybe a simple pinprick or tear would do too; he didn't care. This way he knew for sure that there was an ample hole for his seed to seep through.

As he re-sealed the final one, he looked at his watch. 8:21PM. Perfect. He stuffed a handful of the special sheaths into his pocket, grabbed the bottles of vodka and headed for the dorm door.

Ten minutes later, Justin was at the Sorority House. There was already quite a few people there, and he wasted no time honing in on Bessie.

Justin was the observant type, a perfect candidate for being a detective. He had noticed that Bessie skipped classes at a relatively regular date each month. That day was about a week ago.

'Hey Bessie! I love your dress!' Justin shouted over the loud music.

'Thanks!' Bessie shouted back. 'I got it today!'

Justin nodded his approval again.

'Do you want a drink?' He asked, noticing she was holding an empty cup.

'Sure! Thanks!' Bessie beamed.

He made his way to the keg at the other side of the room. He filled two cups with beer and poured a hefty slug of the vodka he brought into one of the cups. That's the one he gave to Bessie.

Bessie wasn't really much of a drinker. It showed. She didn't notice the vodka in the beer.

Within half an hour, the vodka and beer combo had loosened her up to the point Justin had been able to convince her to take another two shots of vodka from a shot glass. This was three slugs of spirit and a couple of beers. Bessie was rather pickled.

'Geez, this music is loud' Justin called out over the top of the beat. 'Is there somewhere quiet to talk?'

'You want to talk?' Bessie asked, gasping from yet another shot of the vodka.

'Sure! I love talking to you!'

Smooth. Bessie grinned ear to ear at hearing that. She took his hand and led him up the stairs to her dorm room.

'So what music do you like?' He asked as he made himself comfortable on the edge her bed.

'You know, like, girl music,' she giggled, 'Christina, Pink, Shakira...' Her voice trailed off

The vodka was taking it's toll. She plonked herself on her bed a bit too heavily and fell backwards, giggling.

'What's so funny?' Justin asked with a smirk.

'Oh nothing. I'm just drink I thunk.' She replied, then realised what she had said.

'Yeah, sounds like it.' Justin replied with a chuckle, looking deep into her eyes.

Her eyes locked onto his and she bit her lip. He reached down and brushed the hair from her face, and she closed her eyes, breathing in sharply. He smiled at her gently then lent down and placed a gentle kiss on her soft lips.

She responded in kind. Gradually the kiss got hotter and hotter until they were fully embracing each other. Justin placed a hand on her breast and kneaded it gently. She didn't pull away.

Getting braver, he traced his hand down to her waist and slowly began to pull her dress upwards. Soon it exposed her panties to him, and with still no reluctance evident, he brushed his thumb over her secret area. It was damp.

Justin stood up and unbuttoned his jeans. In his youthful horniness, he was already hard.

He took a pillow and put it beneath her hips, and then rubbed Bessie's slit through her panties. She moaned in pleasure, and he slipped the fabric aside to insert a finger into her hole, darting it in and out quickly. She was really tight, but also quite wet.

"Put a condom on, please." Bessie begged.

'Of course!'

He pulled one of the condoms from his pocket, tore open the wrapper and slipped it over his hard manhood. Bessie was so drunk that she didn't notice the defect. All she knew was that there was condom on Justin's cock.

Justin wasted no time, and slid carefully but quickly into Bessie's slick passage. He pistoned his tool in and out gently, gradually increasing in tempo and force.

'Ah, mmm, so... good...' Moaned the drunken girl.

'You like being fucked, don't you'

'Yes!' She cried, 'Don't stop'

It didn't take too long before he couldn't hold much longer. He buried himself to the hilt, planting his glans at her cervix -- the gate to her fertile field.

He grunted, and a stream of baby seed shot from his cock into the condom then through the hole at the end of it. He held himself in her, making a rotating motion. Bessie was so far gone that she didn't notice the warmth trickling into her, and soon the rubbing brought her to her own climax, milking the remaining seed from the sheath.

She smiled up at him groggily, and he leaned down and kissed her before withdrawing. He moved the fabric of her panties back over her hole and slipped the empty skin from his softening cock, quickly flushing it down the toilet.

Bessie's climax and intoxication had put her to sleep so Justin covered her up with the blanket on her bed.

He picked up the remaining vodka, and headed off to find his next target.

As he descended the stairs he heard yelling. Shannon, the latest addition to the cheerleader squad was screaming obscenities at her boyfriend -- who everyone else knew was banging the head cheerleader.

Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, Justin saw Shannon running outside. The rest of the cheer squad stayed faithfully with their leader and her claimed man.

Justin took after the devastated girl -- She would be easy picking.

Justin did another couple of girls that night. Brittany and Angie were a bit slutty and had already done other guys by the time Justin found them passed out in their dark dorm rooms from their orgasms and alcohol consumption. Those other guys had worn functional condoms, so Justin got to plant himself in unsown fields.

None of the girls remembered who they'd fucked at that particular party.


It wasn't the last time Justin executed this plan. He pulled the same trick at a frat party a month later and several others as time went on.

Three months later, he watched with pride as Angie, Bessie, Brittany and Shannon's previously flat abdomens all got chubbier at around the same time. It was quite obvious in their skin-tight clothes.

This was evidence that that his seeds had germinated -- the dumb sluts were swelling with his progeny, fulfilling the purpose of their existence.

They were only the first.

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