tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBabysitter Makes Three

Babysitter Makes Three


"Watch and Be Watched"

Eighteen year old Molly had babysat for Paula and Jon a couple of times before. They were both in their late 20's, about 10 years older than Molly. They were an attractive couple and were very social. They called her again to stay with the baby for a few hours one Saturday evening.

As Molly arrived, Paula met her at the door wearing a low cut dress that was slit up the sides. She explained that the two of them were going salsa dancing with some friends and would be home by 1:00 am. Jon had tight fitting pants and a bright shirt. Both were very attractive. Jon reminded Molly where the movies were and she was free to watch any she found interesting.

Molly played with the baby for a while and then it was time to put her to bed. When she was settled down and asleep, Molly decided to watch a movie. She searched through the several drawers of DVD's and noticed in the back of one drawer were some with hand written labels that appeared to be copies or homemade. She found one titled, "J&P." She was interested in what it could be and slipped it into the player. The big screen lit up with a scene of what she recognized as the room she was in now.

Paula was on the floor and wearing a bra and thong. Molly admired her trim body and nice shape. She had seen other girls in the shower but had never seen a mature women dressed like this before. Paula was rubbing her ample breasts and pinching her nipples through the fabric. It was easy to see that she was becoming excited and her nipples became harder. Soon she unclasped the front of the bra and took it off. She pulled one of her nipples to her mouth and began to suck it. Molly was feeling excited and pulled her shirt and bra up and over her breasts and began to rub them, just like Paula. Her own small nipples were beginning to get hard also.

Soon Jon entered the picture and began to rub Paula's other breast and was soon sucking it also. It was obvious that Jon was getting excited from the rise in the thong that he was wearing. Paula reached down and rubbed his thick cock with her free hand. Molly was pulling on her breasts now and was beginning to breathe heavily. She had never seen anything more than pictures of cocks and was anxious to see her first one in action. She didn't have to wait long until Paula pulled his thong off and was vigorously pumping his cock. Molly could see some moisture gathering at the tip of Jon's cock. Jon removed Paula's thong also and was soon stroking his cock on her wet pussy.

Molly couldn't believe that she was seeing a movie of a real cock and even better was to see Paula's hot pussy also. She had masturbated for several years and now let her hand slip up the leg of her shorts. Her fingers soon found the wetness of her pussy and touched her needy clit.

As her attention returned to the screen, Jon was now lying on his back and Paula was on her knees over his cock. Molly couldn't believe she was about to see someone fuck. As Paula lowered herself onto Jon's erect cock, Molly plunged two fingers into her own pussy and dreamed of what it would feel like to be Paula. Paula continued to ride Jon's cock and was soon moaning with desire. In a few minutes she screamed that she was going to cum. Jon grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down until his entire cock was inside of her. She threw her head back and her body tensed as her orgasm swept over her. As she was at the peak of her orgasm, Jon thrust up into her and shot his cum into her.

Molly had her finger deep in her own wet pussy and as Paula screamed in her orgasm, Molly made two quick plunges with her fingers and felt her body tense and her legs begin to shake. She gasped for air and then felt the warmth of her orgasm move through her body and her hand was wet from the strength of her orgasm. She thought she could hear herself gasp again, and then through her haze, she sensed she was not alone in the room. She opened her eyes, and then saw Jon and Paula standing behind her with their mouths open in disbelief. Molly just about died of embarrassment when she realized it was Paula gasping. There she was, shirt and bra still up over her breasts and her shorts askew with her hand still touching her swollen pussy. The movie was still running in the player.

Jon was the first to recover. He said, "Sorry Molly, we got home a little earlier than planned. We are so sorry to invade your privacy."

Molly quickly put herself together, got to her feet and said in a very hoarse whisper, "Nnnoo, I am the one who invaded your privacy. I was just looking for a movie to watch and I had seen most of the other ones in your drawer and didn't know what this one was so I put it in the DVD player. I am so sorry, but it was so erotic...I...I don't know what to say." Then Molly started to cry.

Jon quickly moved closer to Molly and put his arm around her.

He chuckled a little and said, "Paula, maybe we should go into business! At least we know that Molly liked our attempt at home movies!"

This statement really lightened the atmosphere in the room and they all laughed a little.

Paula asked Molly if she thought it would be ok for her to stay overnight. It seemed that the situation was a little tense and she thought a glass of wine would maybe lighten everyone's nerves. Molly said she would just make a call to her parents to tell them where she was. Jon and Paula heard Molly on her cell phone tell her parents that Jon and Paula had called to say they wouldn't be home until late, so she was just going to stay over.

When Molly returned to the room, Paula had three glasses of a dark red wine poured and Jon had already started drinking his. Paula handed one to Molly and said that nobody needed to know. It would just help her relax a little. Molly took a big drink of it and immediately the warmth of the wine seemed to go through her body. Molly told Jon and Paula that she really appreciated their understanding and that she didn't know what had come over her. Jon asked Molly for an honest appraisal of their movie. Molly, feeling quite brave from the wine, started to describe how the movie had affected her. She told Paula that she had led a pretty sheltered life, and that while she had dated several young men, she had never let things get too out of hand, and that she was still very innocent when it came to men. It wasn't that she was not interested in having sex; she just had never quite met the right person. Molly told them that when she did, she really wanted it to be with the right person. It had to be someone with some experience that would make it a very special beginning to the world of erotic pleasures.

Molly told Paula that she had a very beautiful body, and was surprised at how full and round her breasts were in the movie. Paula laughed and told her that when they made the movie she must have still been full of milk from nursing, but Molly could see that Paula still had very nice, full breasts. Jon was just sitting in the middle of the sofa smiling, as the two women were talking. Molly had noticed that he had unbuttoned his shirt at some point and she couldn't help looking at his strong, hairy chest. The guys she had dated were younger and barely had any chest hair.

She kept looking and finally Jon smiled and said, "Would you like to touch my chest?"

Molly blushed, and Paula quickly pulled her over to the sofa and planted her on one side of Jon and she sat on the other. Paula didn't let go of Molly's hand, and led it to Jon's chest. She put Molly's hand flat on Jon's chest, and kept her hand on top of Molly's, gently gliding it up and down, and over his nipples. Molly could feel the heat from Jon's body, and could feel his heart beating under her hand. She didn't know which felt better, Jon's strong chest or Paula's cool hand guiding her own over Jon. Molly could feel herself getting excited at the dual stimulation she was receiving. At some point, Paula's hand slipped away, and Molly kept exploring Jon's chest. Jon kissed Paula on the mouth, then slipped over and kissed Molly on the forehead. Molly sensed some fabric moving and was surprised to see Paula's hand slip into Jon's pants.

Naïve as Molly was, she knew this was going to lead to something more than she had ever explored, and it frightened and excited her at the same time. Jon assisted Paula by unzipping his pants to allow her easier access to his cock. Molly was afraid to look, but wanted to see what Paula was doing to Jon and shifted her position to allow it. Jon sensed her curiosity and smiled while he reclined back, resting his head on Molly's lap and Paula slid his tight pants onto the floor. Molly could see that John was wearing a very skimpy thong, very similar to the one he had on in the movie, and could see the large bulge of his cock stretching the fabric. Paula lifted the thong and his balls and cock slide from their hiding place. Now free of the restriction of the thong, his cock continued to grow under the careful attention of Paula's hand. Molly could only stare at her first sight of a live cock.

Paula noticed her attention and asked, "Don't you think Jon has a very nice cock? I think it is just the right size."

Molly's response was just to swallow hard and to nod.

"Have you ever touched a hard cock?" Paula asked.

Again Molly could only shake her head. Without waiting, Paula guided Molly's hand to Jon's cock. Paula held her hand still until Molly got used to the feel. Molly was amazed at how hard it was yet how soft it felt and the heat that was coming from it. Paula then started to move their hands slowly up and down the erect shaft. Molly soon got the rhythm and Paula sat back into Jon's arms as they both watched the young woman enjoy her new experience.

Soon Paula whispered to Molly that Jon was ready to fuck. "Will you watch us?" Jon asked.

This time Molly found her voice, "I would love to!"

Since Jon was already naked it only took a few minutes for Paula to remove her dress. Molly noticed she wasn't wearing a bra and now had on only a thong. She also noticed her body was still in very good shape. Jon softly massaged her full breasts and her nipples responded. A few quick kisses and timely sucks and they were fully erect. It was easy to see that Paula was becoming excited also by the dark spot on her thong.

Paula commented to Molly, "We have seen you with your shirt pulled up and you had your hands in your pants. Feel free to remove them if you want."

Molly only hesitated a moment which allowed Jon time to remove Paula's thong. Molly already had her shirt and bra off when she noticed that Paula had removed all the hair from her pussy.

Paula noticed her looking and said, "Jon likes it that way and I enjoy it, too."

Molly removed her shorts and panties. Both Paula and Jon admired her trim body and firm breasts. She was a bit nervous at first but with encouragement for them both, she soon became comfortable. Paula encouraged Molly to move to the position that was best for her.

Paula was still slowly stroking Jon's erect cock and he had begun to rub her naked pussy. There were drops of pre-cum on the end of his cock and Molly could see the moisture developing on Paula as well. Jon lay down on the soft carpet and Paula was soon straddling his body with her back to his head. She lifted to her knees and positioned her now dripping pussy over Jon's erection. Slowly she began to lower herself until the wet head of his cock was against her open pussy lips. Molly was at Jon's feet and had an excellent view of all the action. As Jon's cock began to enter her pussy, Paula let out a soft moan and Molly began to breathe deeply and intently watched.

Between deep breaths, Paula gasped, "I know this is your first time watching and we want you to know that this is our first time having someone watch us live also."

Jon added, "We are glad you found the video. It is very erotic to have someone like you watch us."

Molly watched the cock head disappear into Paula. She could tell by the expression on Paula's face that she was really enjoying the sensations. She wondered to herself if it would be different than masturbating and inserting fingers. She started stroking Paula's legs, almost willing her to orgasm. From where she was perched, she could see Jon's large cock slipping in and out of Paula's pussy and could see his balls slapping as he thrust into her. His balls were so full and then, they seemed to tighten up and she could hear Jon utter a throaty sigh while he must have achieved his orgasm. Paula was not there yet and she started using her fingers to play with her own pussy, and Molly couldn't resist. She reached up and starting playing with Paula's clit the way she liked playing with her own. This action sent Paula into her own climax and she crumpled into Molly.

When the Jon and Paula finally separated, they both were flushed and smiling. Paula said how erotic it was to have been watched while they were making love. Jon saw drops of glistening moisture on Molly's pussy. He told her that it was her turn, but that she needed to save herself for that someone special she had referred to. He said he and Paula would give her the release she needed, without penetrating her. They each helped Molly to slide forward on the sofa, and Jon gently spread her legs. Paula sat beside Molly and caressed her arms, then her breasts before lightly kissing them all over. Finally she touched her tongue to Molly's nipple and circled it before putting her lips fully on her nipple and sucking in. Molly immediately felt the sensation run from her breast to her pussy, and her clit was screaming for attention.

Meanwhile, Jon was on the floor between Molly's legs kissing them and lightly sucking on her skin. Little by little he was getting closer to her pussy, and then he started kissing her pussy lips. His tongue parted her pussy and inched closer to her clit.

Molly gasped, "I've dreamed about how it must feel to have someone lick my pussy."

Just about the time he touched her clit, she started to orgasm. Molly was writhing on the sofa, but Jon didn't let go of his target. He kept lightly licking and twirling her clit with his tongue, and Molly kept climaxing. Paula was now sucking Molly's other nipple while rubbing and pulling on the first one. Molly let out a scream while her legs were shaking uncontrollably, and briefly went limp. She finally recovered and told them how wonderful it all felt. Jon laughed and said that this may be enough stimulation for one night.

The three of them climbed into Jon and Paula's bed, and gently touched each other until sleep finally arrived. The next morning, Molly awoke alone, and quickly got dressed and went into the kitchen. Jon was making coffee and Paula was preparing some breakfast. Paula invited Molly to have something to eat before she went home.

As Molly was leaving, Paula said, "Oh, by the way, can you babysit again next weekend? It would be great if you could stay over both nights!"

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