tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBabysitting the Baumgartners Ch. 04

Babysitting the Baumgartners Ch. 04


"How'd you sleep, Ronnie?" Doc asked as he came into the kitchen.

He was wearing just a pair of swim trunks, and I noticed how tanned and broad his back was as he bent down to look into the fridge.

"Good," I replied over my cup of coffee.

Janie and Henry were chewing mouthfuls of Cocoa Crispies and Fruity Pebbles, each reading their respective boxes with a measure of concentration I only saw when they stared at the TV. "How about you?"

"Great," he said, shutting the fridge and pouring himself a cup of coffee. He grabbed a banana off the counter. "Hey, you want one of these?"

I stared at the banana in his hand and then met his eyes, swallowing and nodding. "Sure."

He sat next to me at the table, ruffling Henry's hair and tugging at Janie's ponytail as he sat down. They both mumbled some semblance of "Morning Dad," before going back to their cereal trance.

"Where's Mrs. B?" I asked, taking the banana from him and ignoring the tingling feeling I got when his hand brushed mine.

"Getting her suit on," he replied, taking a big bite of his banana and chewing. "We're going for a swim. You kids want to come?"

Henry looked up from his cereal box and then over to Janie. "Ok."

At least I knew they were actually paying attention to the conversation. "Well, I guess that means I'm coming, too."

"You can get some more sun," he said, taking another bite as he watched me peel my banana.

"Yep." I bit the inside of my cheek, avoiding his eyes, but I could feel them on me. I slipped the top of the banana between my lips, licking the tip and glancing at him before taking a small bite. I heard his breath catch and tried not to smile.

"You guys coming swimming?" Mrs. B came into the kitchen in a white bikini, different from the one she had been wearing the day before. This one covered a little more—but not much. I saw Doc's eyes sweep over her.

"Can I wear my Spiderman suit?" Henry asked, putting his bowl in the sink.

"Did you hang it up to dry?" Mrs. B asked, turning to pour herself some coffee. Her suit was a thong, and I could see her round, tanned behind, completely exposed.

"I'll go look," he called, running toward the stairs. Janie put her bowl into his in the sink with a sigh and trudged after him.

"Are you coming, Veronica?" Mrs. B asked, sitting next to her husband in the seat that Henry had vacated.

I nodded, taking another bite of banana, my eyes shifting back over to Doc. He was definitely watching me. I chewed slowly and swallowed, feeling a slow heat spreading through my belly.

"Do you want to borrow one of my suits?" she asked, pouring cream. The white fluid turned the dark liquid a smooth tan—almost the color of her skin. "I noticed yours was still in the sink. I hung it, but I don't think it's dry yet."

"Oh," I said, flushing. "I forgot it. I'm sorry."

"That's ok," she said, glancing over at Doc and giving him a smile. "Come on upstairs, I'll get you one of mine. Will you take the kids out when they're ready, babe?"

Doc leaned back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head. "Will do."

I put my half-eaten banana on the table, following Mrs. B upstairs. I could feel Doc's eyes on us as we left the room, Mrs. B in her micro-bikini and me in my boyshorts and t-shirt.

"What color do you want?" she asked me, tossing suits out of her drawer. I stared at the selection piling up on the bed. She sat on the edge, sifting through them. "Oh, here's a good one. It's adjustable. Don't want you falling out."

She winked at me, holding it up. It was a light orange color, and to me it looked awfully small.

"Let's try it on," she said, tossing it to me. I turned my back, even though I knew she could see me in the mirror, and pulled off my shirt. The cups were large for me, of course—she was probably twice my size in the department—but it tied up top and in back, closing the gap.

"Here," she said, watching me struggle with the ties. "Let me."

Her fingers moved lightly down my shoulder blades, tying the strings in back. I held my long dark hair up and out of her way while she tied the ones around my neck.

"Not bad," she said, cocking her head and looking at me in the mirror. "What do you think?"

I turned a little, staring at my reflection. "I like it."

"Well, let's try the bottoms," she said, holding them up.

I hooked my thumbs in my boyshorts, pulling them down over my slim hips. I could see her watching me in the mirror, looking between my thighs. I took the bikini bottoms from her, balancing on one foot as I stepped into the leg holes, which were just a configuration of strings, really, attached to a small orange patch of material. Her hips were obviously wider than mine, because the ties on the sides needed to be re-tightened.

"Here," she said, seeing me working on one of the knots. "You keep going on that one, I'll see if I can get this one."

Kneeling on the other side of me, she began to try to untie the knot. I did the other side. They were very tight and hard to unfasten.

"Damn thing," she swore, and I saw that her long nails were giving her a problem. Mine were shorter, and even I was having difficulty getting my side undone, although it was coming—slowly.

"Oh hell," she said, leaning forward and grasping the knot in her teeth. I gasped, feeling her mouth against my hip, looking down and watching her pull at the string, jerking her head as she tried to get it loose.

"Got it!" She grinned up at me and laughed. "Sometimes you have to get creative."

I smiled back at her as she tied the string tighter around my hip. I had finally unloosened mine and I did the other side, adjusting the tiny orange triangle between my legs. The back was a thong, just a thin string that ran up between my cheeks.

Mrs. B stayed on her knees, studying the orange material, and she began to pull it, first left, then right, frowning.

"Sweetie, I think we're going to have to do something about this," she said, biting her lip and trying again, this time right, then left. "Look."

She pointed to the mirror and I went to stand in front of it. "You've got just a little too much hair down there to wear it out, don't you think?"

I could see what she had been doing now with all her tugging. There was a line of dark, curly hair that showed on one side or the other of the small stretch of material, no matter how you positioned it. It also showed a fine line of hair along the top edge, although I could pull it up to cover that.

"I guess I can't wear it," I said with a sigh.

"Sure you can," she said, coming up behind me, her hands on my shoulders. She turned me, pushing me gently toward the bedroom door. "Come on, we'll fix it."

She guided me into the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind us. I could hear the kids downstairs, and Doc's voice above them. Mrs. B took a towel out of the linen closet and spread it on the long counter that connected the twin sinks. There was a large mirror behind it and I glanced at my reflection. I liked the color on me, the way it made my just-starting-to-tan skin look a little more brown somehow.

"Ok, take those off," Mrs. B said, tugging at the string of the bikini bottoms.

I opened my mouth to say something, but I wasn't sure what to say, so I just slid them down over my hips and left them sitting on the rug.

"Hop up," she said, patting the towel with a smile.

"Um... Mrs. B," I said, watching her put a razor and a can of shaving gel on the counter.

She patted the towel again. "Come on," she said. "Don't worry, I've done this hundreds of times—and when Doc does it for me, it's always easier than if I do it myself."

I stared at her, sliding slowly up onto the fluffy white towel. "Doc... shaves you... down there?"

She turned on the water in the sink to my left, both hot and cold, adjusting it. "He used to. Before I started to wax. But we don't really have time to wax you today. We'll just shave you and make it all neat and smooth, ok?"

I just nodded, not knowing what else to say. I could hear the doorwall opening and closing downstairs, and knew that they were going out, and that we were now alone in the house.

"Easiest way to do this is for you to lean back a little and put your feet up on the counter," she instructed.

I flushed. "But..."

Sitting the way I was, or even changing in front of her, I wasn't completely exposed. Doing what she asked would spread everything wide open for her eyes and the thought made me dizzy.

"It's ok," she soothed, putting her hands on my thighs, rubbing them gently up and down. Her hands were soft, her red-tipped fingers long and slender. "We're all girls here, right?"

I nodded, letting her help me as she put my feet up on the edge of the counter, resting on the towel. My back was against the mirror, and it was cold, making me shiver. At least, I thought that's what was making me tremble.

Mrs. B knelt between my legs, and I could see her eyes roaming over me down there. She smiled up at me and reached for the shaving cream. "You have a lovely pussy, Veronica."

I swallowed hard, not knowing what to say to that. "Will it hurt?"

"Not at all," she said, squirting a glob of gel into her hand and spreading it over the hair between my thighs. It developed quickly into a white foamy cream. Her fingers rubbed my mound gently, making me remember how she had rubbed me last night. "It's just like shaving your legs."

She ran the razor under the stream of water before moving it toward my lips. I watched, fascinated, as she started at the top, working her way down toward my slit, rinsing the razor between swipes. She was concentrating on what she was doing and seemed oblivious to the fact that she was touching the most private, secret parts of me.

"Open your legs a little more," she instructed as she started to shave downward, first one side and then the other. Her fingers pushed and prodded at my pussy as she went, sending sweet waves of pleasure through me. Once in a while, her hand or her fingers would nudge my clit, sending a jolt straight up my spine.

The water running down over my skin and onto the towel was warm and I closed my eyes for a moment, hearing the scrape of the razor, the running of the water, and Mrs. B breathing between my legs.

I could feel her breath on my thigh, even over my pussy, as she knelt there and concentrated on the work at hand. When I looked down, I could see all the dark, wiry hair that had been there since I hit puberty was now gone, leaving just a little stubble.

"This part is trickier," she said. "I've got to make it all smooth." Rinsing the blade again and then starting at the bottom, she took the razor against the grain of the hair, working her way back up my lips and over my mound. My pussy was throbbing now, and my nipples were poking out of the orange bikini top, betraying my excitement.

I gasped when she spread me open with her fingers. "Mrs. B!"

"I just have to run the razor along this edge here," she said, pulling one of my lips taut and bringing the blade up just along the inside. "I hate stray hairs, they drive me crazy. Trust me."

She did the other side, her wet fingers rubbing over my clit, not intentionally, but it still send a wave of heat through my belly. I was aching, yearning to be touched, or to touch myself. I knew my lips must be swollen—they felt huge, and so did my clit. I wondered if she could tell how wet I was, even with all the water running down between my legs.

"There!" she announced, cocking her head and looking at her handiwork. "Lovely. You have nice big, puffy inner lips, Veronica. And your clit stands right out. It's very pretty."

I could feel my cheeks burning. "Mrs. B..."

"It's true," she said with a smile, standing and rinsing the razor in the sink. "It's unusual... you should be proud of it."

I didn't know what to say. I put my legs down, closing my thighs. My pussy was wet from the shave, but it was also slick with excitement and when I squeezed my legs together, it made me feel faint.

Things felt very different down there now—vulnerable and exposed. I reached my hand down tentatively and gasped at how incredibly smooth my skin was now.

"Isn't that great?" she asked, her eyes bright. "I love how soft it is. Here, let's get you rinsed off. The fastest way is in the shower."

She had me stand at the back of the tub as she unhooked the showerhead and adjusted the water temperature.

"Is that too hot?" she asked, touching the spray to my feet.

I shook my head. "No."

Mrs. B knelt by the side of the tub, moving the water over my thighs and up to my pussy.

"Open up," she said, looking up at me. "Use your fingers, just spread your lips open."

Feeling the water running over my smooth, exposed labia was one thing, but feeling it spraying directly on my clit made me moan out loud.

"Here, let's try this," Mrs. B said, turning a knob on the shower massage. "That shaving cream can be irritating if it gets left on your skin. Want to make sure we get it all."

The water was pulsing now, and she was aiming it right between my legs. I could barely keep my eyes open, it felt so good. My knees wanted to buckle, but I held my lips open for the hot throb of the water moving back and forth over my clit.

"Mrs. B," I pleaded, my head going back, my eyes closing fully now. The water got closer and closer to my pussy, the throb faster, harder, and I moaned, my head going from side to side. I couldn't stand it—it felt too good.

"Oh god," I whispered, feeling my climax beginning. I saw her watching me, her eyes bright, and felt ashamed to be doing this here in front of her, but I couldn't stop it. I shuddered and bucked my hips and moaned and bit my lip to try to keep from screaming as I came and came, waves of pleasure rolling through my body, undulating my belly and hips toward the hot flow of the water between my legs.

"Good," she murmured, easing the pulse of the water back down my thighs. I could feel her hand brushing over my mound, touching me there, cupping me. It felt so good I thought I would die. "I think we got it all. Ready to get your suit on?"

I whimpered, opening my eyes to her as she shut off the water and grabbed another towel out of the linen closet. Stepping out of the tub, I took it from her, rubbing myself dry, my whole body flushed and filled with the heat of my orgasm. I glanced shyly over at her as she watched me, wondering if she knew, if she could tell?

"Here you go," she said, handing me the orange bikini bottoms. "Let's see how they look now."

I slid them on, smoothing the straps over my hips, and looking into the mirror. There wasn't a wisp of hair to be found peeking around it.

"Thanks." I smiled over at her.

"My pleasure," she replied, folding up the towel on the counter and putting it in the sink. "Ready for that swim?"

"In a minute," I said, looking down at the floor. "I have to pee. I'll meet you out there."

"Okay," she agreed, turning and opening the door.

I collapsed onto the toilet seat when she went out, panting and flushed. I couldn't believe what had just happened, and yet Mrs. B acted like it was nothing at all. I cupped the triangle of orange material between my legs, feeling the gentle throb there still. My pussy felt different, new somehow—and so did I.

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