tagLoving WivesBachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party


by Oldfarticus (originally written long ago under the name "DOM.")


I wondered what was going through my Glenda's mind. She looks great to me, but she is in her late 30s and all those little cupies working in her office were a bit on the wild side. Still, she assured me, she "had" to go to the bachelorette party -- it was for her secretary. This definitely wasn't her scene and I figured my wife would share a drink or two, make a toast and split.

I knew she wouldn't fit in by the way she was dressed. She had worked late at the office and was still in her "supervisor" dress. She had only had time to freshen up a bit at home before I heard the toot of a horn. As she waved bye to me on her way out, I noticed that she had managed to at least dump her pantyhose. Ten hours in the nylon prison was enough I guess.

While I was still chuckling over the mental image of my wife running around from bar to bar with all of those kids, my buddy Eddie called.

"I hear you're on your own tonight."

"Who told you that?"

"Eli is going out with that same bunch. Why don't we catch a few brews ourselves?"

Seemed like a good idea to me, so we hit the road. A couple of bars (and several beers) later, we were driving past a real dive when Eddie punched me.

"Look at that that's my wife's car! What the hell are they doing there?"

That's when I saw the sign "Closed for Private Party".

So, this is where the batchelorette party was being held. What a dump! I guess this was all they could afford. Just then, I saw a guy walk out of the door and lean against the wall. We pulled over and got out.

"What's going on we wanted a couple of beers and you're closed?"

"Just for two or three hours. There's a bunch of drunk dames in there having some kind of party. I had to take my break before they get wound up good."

"Damn, we drove all the way out here for nothing! Can you slip us a drink or two?"

"No way! Out here the cops are always watching us and that's all we would need. Open drinks in the parking lot. Tell you what though, slip me a few bucks and I'll let you in the back way. Then you can have a few drinks AND watch those crazy cunts."

Eddie and I looked at each other and nearly knocked the bartender over as we rushed in.

It took awhile for our eyes to adjust, but the bar that looked like a dump on the outside REALLY was a world-class dump! The tables were filthy, half the chairs were broken, sawdust was on the floor, and the so-called band was really playing behind a chicken-wire cage.

Right in the middle of all of that squalor was a slightly elevated square stage and there sitting all around it were the women including my wife and Eddie's wife. Every last one of them looked like they were totally blitzed. I guess my wife had a few too many drinks and was there for the duration.

About that time, the "band" played their version of a fanfare and a guy in a tux hopped up on the stage.

"Ladies! It's time for the contest! As you all know, this is Karen's last night as free woman! We have been told that she's the best make-out artist in your office and can give a man a boner from across the room!"

The women exploded in laughter as they pointed at Karen and made her stand up.

"A few of you have told her to enjoy herself tonight as this might be the last time she feels sexy! Looking at y'all, I can see that there are a couple sporting wedding rings and they still look HOT to me!"

Now, it was Karen's turn to point to our wives while the other women made them stand up too.

The "ringmaster" continued, "we've taken up a collection and have a pot of money here that says that the married gals still have IT! To prove our point, we've arranged a little contest. We've got three guys waiting backstage and they're bringing up three couches to the stage. We bet this whole pot of money that one of the married women can make out better that little Karen! Are you ready?"

Both of the wives tried backing out, but their friends all teased them without mercy until they finally agreed to "try" just a little bit.

Eddie and I started forward, but the bartender stopped us cold. "Boys, you're not part of this game and you're staying right here or you can leave now!"

We looked over and the big bastard was holding an even bigger baseball bat. Neither Eddie nor I were in any shape to take on that gorilla, so we settled back into our seats to see what happened.

By the time we looked back, the women were all clustered around the stage and three guys were standing beside three worn out couches. Karen and our two wives were led to the stage and introduced to their "partners" for the contest.

Karen grabbed her guy, pulled him tightly against her, and started kissing him like there was no tomorrow. Glenda was still staring at the floor and Eli was actually trying to leave.

The second guy grabbed Eddie's wife and pushed her down on the couch. He started kissing her as he slowly slipped a hand under her dress. She struggled for a few minutes and then her body began to respond as her dress rose higher and higher. Eli still had on her pantyhose, but moments later; we could all see that they were the "sheer to the waist" style. Her dark pussy hair was clearly matted against the fabric. The guy ran his finger up and down her slit until she was squirming on the couch. Suddenly, he stood up and dropped his pants to the floor. His rigid cock was straining to escape from his shorts as he climbed between Eli's legs and began to dry-hump Eddie's wife. He unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it to the side. Eli's bra was totally sheer and her nipples were hard as little diamonds.

Eli's "date" nibbled on first one and then the other.

The rest of the women cheered and chanted as he humped and sucked while Eddie's wife moaned in lustful pleasure. The guy stood up once more and tossed his shorts to the frantic women. Once again, he crawled between her legs and began rubbing his bare cock against Eli's nylon covered cunt. Faster and faster as the drunk women cheered him on.

I heard Eddie catch his breath as the stranger with his wife arched his back, bellowed like a bull and shot rope after rope of hot cum onto his wife's belly. He wiped his cock off on her pantyhose, stood up, took a bow, and left the stage.

The women all went wild! Eli still lay on the couch trying to catch her breath as the stranger's cum slowly slid off her belly.

The ringmaster waved a sound meter around and shouted, "that's the first one! How does she rate?"

The women cheered, they whistled, they shouted.! The meter read 9.6 on a scale of 10.

"Looks to me like married lady #1 is well on her way to collecting the $2000 pot!"

Eddie and I looked at each other. "$2000?"

He grinned, "I guess I can live with her winning a make-out contest for two grand!"

I looked back at the stage and saw Karen and Glenda still standing there. Both of them were stunned at the size of the pot.

Karen looked at the announcer and yelled, "just watch me before you give her the money!"

With that, she dropped to her knees and yanked her guy's pants and shorts to the floor in one motion. He had been watching the previous "show" and his cock was already rock hard. Karen grabbed his bobbing member and raised it out of her way so she could suck first one and then the other huge ball into her mouth! Then she slowly licked her way up to the tip and slipped her tongue into his pee-hole! Just as slowly, she opened her lips and slipped his raging dick into her mouth. This time, it was the guy who was weak in the knees as she expertly sucked him deeper and deeper into her throat.

After what seemed like an eternity, Karen had managed to bury 8 inches of hard cock all the way to his balls. We could all see her throat muscles working as she massaged his dick and coaxed him to even greater lengths.

Just as slowly, she let his boner slide out of her mouth. It was dripping with her juices and had to be the biggest one I had ever seen. Before the tip slipped from her lips, she plunged back down in one motion! Karen hit her pace and started a furious up and down motion.

When it looked like the guy couldn't take one more second, Karen deep-throated him one last time as she rammed a finger into his ass. He absolutely exploded into her throat and we watched as she drank down every last drop!

When the spent dick slipped from between her lips, Karen stood up, wiped a drop of cum from the corner of her mouth, and took a bow.

The sound meter lit up at a 9.9 reading. Now all Eddie's wife had was a pair of cum-soaked pantyhose and a blissful expression. There was no doubt who had won. After all, my little wife was way out of her league this time.

At least, that's what I thought until I heard the women chanting her name! I turned back to the stage and my mouth dropped open as I saw Glenda push her partner back onto the couch. She was going to give him a lap-dance. The stranger grinned and stroked his cock through his pants and my wife began to slowly move between his knees.

The band picked up her rhythm and started a heavy bass beat to match her every move. My wife's eyes were glazed over as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and rubbed her bra-covered tits over the stranger's face.

He reached up and slipped the blouse from her shoulders. Now, I could see just how excited my wife was. Her nipples were straining against the sheer material, begging for release. The stranger couldn't resist as he unsnapped her bra and tossed it away. Now he was free to suck on each rosebud as he pulled her to him.

Once he had taken command of her tits, I watched as he slipped both hands up my wife's legs. He was obviously playing with her ass and she was moving to help him. We saw his hands moving under her skirt and then slowly start back down. Seconds later, my wife's panties lay on the floor. All she had left on was a skirt.

When she twirled around, we could all see her dripping pussy. My wife was hotter than hell and didn't care who knew it!

The stranger smiled as she unzipped his pants and pulled his cock free. My wife bent over and took him into her mouth as he ran his hands back under her skirt. Just as she had him balls to the wall, he lifted her skirt to show that he had two fingers buried deep in my wife's sopping pussy. He was finger-fucking her like a wild man as she sucked harder and harder.

As I watched the wild performance, I consoled myself with the fact that my wife was going to win the $2000 for her blowjob and sticky-finger routine. That's when I heard another chant begin, "fuck him! Fuck him! FUCK HIM!"

My wife was standing, but she was moving over the stranger's rigid dick. She spread her legs and straddled him as he strained to reach her gaping pussy. Time and time again, he barely brushed his cock against her opening, but she was just out of reach. As she pussy teased him, the women were going even wilder.

My wife turned her head, gave those kids a wicked stare and plunged her pussy down on that huge rod! As they began a furious fuck session, I remembered that his cock was bare he was seconds away from filling my wife's pussy with cum!

Right on cue, he grabbed her hips and rammed his cock home one more time. The women cheered as his balls pulsed again and again! He was pumping he full and his dick was practically in her womb!

It seemed like he would never stop but he finally gave one last shudder and collapsed in total exhaustion.

Glenda slowly stood up as his spent cock softly popped out of her well-fucked pussy. Hot cum was gushing from her twat as the sound meter pinned at 10. She had won the two grand by out-fucking any and all competitors.

My mind was reeling as Eddie and I left by the back door. Neither of us knew what we were going to do next at least that's what I told Eddie.

When my wife arrived home a few hours later, I was still up and waiting. She came in and smiled, "you won't believe it, but I won a contest tonight at the party! I won almost two thousand dollars!"

I stood up and pulled her to me, "that's fantastic honey!"

As she stepped back from me, the light from the kitchen flooded through the thin material of her skirt and I could see the shadow of her drenched pussy hair. She had not bothered to collect her panties and I could also see the traces of cum as it had dripped down her legs.

She sauntered into the bedroom, unbuttoning her blouse as she walked. Her tits and those full nipples popped into view she hadn't bothered to find her bra either. My cock was about to burst as she bent over to take off her shoes. I unzipped and pulled my rigid dick out and slipped up behind her. Before she could straighten up or protest, I flipped up her skirt and buried my cock in her sloppy cunt.

As horny as I was, it only took seconds before I shot the biggest load of my life deep into my wife's pussy. Now she had been filled twice in one night!

As we lay there with the mixture of her juices and our cum oozing from her gash, I snuggled up against her, "You know honey, it's too bad those little gals will never know that my old married lady can still fuck like no one else!"

I smiled as I heard her giggle, "isn't it though!"

Another one of the gals is getting married next month ... I wonder if another contest is in order?

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