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Bachelorette Party


Actually my ex-wife's party. I just found a very interesting videotape mixed in with some old tapes I thought I had made myself. I was going through a stack of old tapes when I stuck this tape into the vcr.

It started off in an empty hotel room, and at first I thought it might be a lost honeymoon tape. Then looking closer it was a room I didn't recognize. After the wedding I was so drunk I didn't even remember if we made a tape in the hotel room we stayed at our wedding night. The next morning it was a very hung over flight to Jamaica.

Anyway after a few seconds one of my ex's bridesmaids appeared, and she was dressed really slutty. Then she went away, and the lights in the room got really bright. Then coming back into the room again adjusting the camera obviously. The camera went dead, it was pointed from a far corner of the suite's bedroom.

After that when the tape started up again,and there was some faint music that you could hear in the background From the angle of the scene the camera seemed to be propped up somewhere in a corner. You could see across a bed, there was a table in the far corner with two chairs on the side.

Large mirrors over the dresser on the far wall, and there was another bed next to the bed you were seeing across. Seems that they had gone to a big expense for this party for her.

Her bridesmaid had turned it back on laughing like crazy. The next thing you saw was a very well built black man over by the table. He had to be over six feet tall, lots of muscles and well defined. He had on a robe, and it looked like a robe like a fighter would wear into the ring. It was only shorter. It was opened and he had silk shorts on and a tight fitting muscle t-shirt.

She walked back over to him and said, "You ready to give a good show??" then looked over at the camera.

She reached out and grabbed his crotch saying, "MMM I wish I was getting married .." then laughed turning towards the door and opening it.

The music got real loud then until she closed the door. She disappeared, and I saw him take a chair and put it in from of the first bed. He then tied his robe after rubbing his own crotch for a few seconds. The music blasted again an there was my future wife being pushed into the room by her friend and another girl. She was blindfolded and you could tell they were all totally drunk.

They almost fell over the chair, and they were laughing as they sat her down. Telling her he was going to get a real special present from them, one that only they knew she would completely enjoy. She kept asking what it was, and to tell her.

"You just wait til we take off that blindfold and you will see .." the bridesmaid said as they lost it again laughing as they left.

The stripper they had gotten wasn't moving and was leaning against the table. After that the door closed then the music was muffled again. He was moving slowly towards her.

"Ok .. what's going on .." she giggled .. "I know your still here .. so take off the blindfold and let me see whatever it is .." she sat with her hands on the seat, her legs spread with her short dress up her thighs.

She looked like she was trying to see through the blindfold turning her head back and forth, and then he reached out and undid her blindfold. She shook her head back and forth blinking her eyes to adjust to the bright lights. When she adjusted her eyes.

She looked up at him and said "Ok who are you ..?? ".

"I'm your present sweetie .." and he backed up a bit and started to gyrate his hips grinning down at her.

She blushed noticeably and said, "They already had a stripper for me out there .." and looked back at the door.

Hhe moved back closer, then took her chin in his hand guiding her head back around towards him.

"That was just your appetizer, and I'm the main course tonite baby .." he told her as he looked down into her glazed eyes.

Then he took the sash to his robe and undid it. His crotch of his shorts was right in her face then, and she couldn't help looking down right at it. He had a huge bulge pushing out towards her.

"You just sit back and enjoy baby .. " he stroked his huge cock through his shorts.

"I been told you like to see guys stroking it .." he said as he grabbed he chin tilting her face up to look at him.

She had been staring right at his big bulging cock straining against the shorts up until then.

"Oh my god .. yessss .. " she moaned out as he was reaching into his shorts to pull out his big black cock.

She looked back down wide eyed to get a first look at that cock, but he pulled her chin back up.

"You get to see when I say so baby .. " as she shifted in her chair.

"You wanna see that big black dick .. don't you bitch..?" now holding her head with both hands.

"Yesss .. please let me see your cock .." she pleaded with him.

You could hear the desperate need in her voice, as she leaned toward him reaching up resting her hands on this thighs.

He pushed her back in the chair. "You don't sound so sure .." as he stepped back grinning.

"I wanna hear you tell me baby .. " and his tented bulge looked even bigger farther away. " .. how bad do you wanna she that dick?"

She bit her lip, looking directly at his crotch for a second.

"Oh please .. let me see that big black dick .." she begged.

"I need to see you stroke it soooo bad .. " she continued to lean back, and reached with her hands raising her dress.

She was caressing herself,and reached her very wet panties quickly exposing then to his view.

He looked down at her wrapping his hand around huge cock through the shorts. Grinning he slowly stroked it.

"Please take it out ... please let me see how hard your cock is .." her fingers slid past the legband of her panties of one hand while the other looked to be rubbing circles into her clit.

"I have to see you stroke it .." she licked her lips, "I have to see you jack that big cock off .. oh god pleassseee!!"

With that he pulled down the waistband of his shorts and his monster cock sprang free. Her eyes bugged out, as it looked to be a very thick ten inches long monster of black dick.

You could her her sigh loudly, "Jack that big cock for me .. stroke it .. ".

Her fingers were deep in her pussy now, as he moved towards her. He was slowly stroking that monster, and she was in a trance staring right at it.

His other hand slowly pulled down on his big balls while he slowly stroked. Now that cock was just inches from her face. She was breathing so heavy, her mouth open almost looking as if she was breathing directly onto his cock.

He reached down putting a hand on the top of her head, "You like that baby .. you wanna see more ..??"

He hand stopped stroking his cock, and it bobbed in front of her panting mouth.

"Yess .. I want to see you stroke that big black cock .. " she whimpered still squirming on her fingers.

"You like that big black cock .. don't you .. " as he grabbed his rock hard cock again stroking it slowly.

"Yess .. please can I see more .. stroke that cock more .. Yes I like it .. Yes I like that big black cock .." she was pleading with him.

"Fuck baby .. you got me so hot I could cumm already .." he groaned out as he stroked his meat faster.

That took her over the edge, she squirmed trying to lean towards him closer.

"Ohh please let me see you cum .. please let me seee you cumm .." she begged. "Please I have to see you cumm ..!!"

"Damn baby .. I almost there already .." as he jacked that cock faster and faster.

"Please cumm .. please cumm .." she pleaded as he held her head stoking that huge cock.

Mouth open, breathing heavily she was cumming on her fingers, "Let me see you cumm .. let me see you cumm ..!!"

He tilted his head back, his hand was a blur. The head of his cock was leaking juices like crazy.

"Shoot that cumm .. please shoot that cumm .." she was licking her lips just an inch from that throbbing leaking cockhead.

Then he stopped, frozen he held that monster still. A thick ribbon of spunk flew out hitting her in the face on her cheek.

"Yesss .. yeess ... Cummm ... I love cummm .. please let me have it .. " and another thick wad shot out landing right into her mouth.

"That's it baby .. your gonna get all that cumm .." as he stuffed half of that throbbing meat into her mouth.

She was swallowing hard as he held her head with both hands now his head thrown back in complete orgasmic heaven.

Some cumm was spilling out of the corners of her mouth, and she stopped fingering her pussy to catch all the dripping cumm with her hands.

He pulled her head back, she swallowed again looking up at him. What a sight to see, that huge thick ribbon of spunk on her cheek still.

"Thank you .. thank you for your cumm .." as she scooped the thick wad off her cheek licking it of her fingers.

"Oh .. we ain't done yet sexy .." he smiled down at her. "We just getting this party started!!"

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