Back in Black


Merricat leaned in close. The other patrons probably thought she was flirting with him. "This is my revenge, Jim. For eighteen months of being Kitten. Not the mindwipe, that I'm doing because you and Zoe are fuckers who need to be put down before you start getting ideas above and beyond just lining your pockets. But this minute? This little bit of quality time where you know you're fucking doomed? Oh, that is all for me." She leaned in just a little bit closer, and whispered, "'Rattletrap lime-green...'" She paused, just watching the look in his eyes. "Interesting sensation, isn't it, Jim? Teetering on the edge of trance, knowing you're going to go under, terrified of what I'm going to do to you. You won't remember, Jim. But I will. And I'm fucking loving it." She smiled. It was the most terrifying thing he'd ever seen. "Oh, and Jim? 'Ford'." Jim felt his mind go blank and open.

"Let's go for a walk, Jim." He nodded vacantly, and the two of them stood up.


Mistress Zee sat in her office and waited. She knew she didn't have to do any of the legwork. Merricat would come to her.

That was the real advantage she held in all this, that was why she simply could not lose. She knew Merricat, knew her better than she knew herself. The two of them had worked together on making Subduction Video into a company, had spent five years establishing it. Unlike Jim, who had frequently asked Zee to hypnotize him--"just recreationally," he'd said, not even understanding how programmed he was becoming--Merricat had never let Zee into her mind. She'd always been so driven, so insistent on staying in control. Zee had watched every moment of it, studied her like a poker player watching for tells, and when she'd needed to, Zee had been able to just reach inside Merricat's mind, find all the secret desires and hidden needs, and bring them to the forefront. Zee hadn't even needed to break her. She'd broken herself.

It wasn't going to be any different this time, either. Merricat would be walking in here, filled with thoughts of grim and bloody vengeance, but Zee knew her, and she didn't know Zee. And that would make all the difference.

The door opened, and Merricat walked in. She wore a black velvet catsuit, with long black leather boots that added six inches to her height. "Time to take a meeting, Zoe," she said.

Zee stood up, bringing every inch of her six-foot-six inches to bear (seven feet in heels.) "Welcome back, Kitten," she said. "'Rattletrap lime-green Ford'."

Merricat bared her teeth in a minimal pretense at a smile. "Oh, puh-lease. You really thought I'd leave your triggers in my head?"

"Actually," Zee said, walking towards Merricat in what she always thought of as her 'Terminator gait', "yes, I did. You didn't really come here for revenge, Kitten. You came here because deep down, you really want to be a good little girl for me again. You want to be broken, Kitten. You just don't know how to ask."

Merricat stared up at her defiantly. "Oh, really? You think I want to be that brainless little submissive bimbo slut?"

Zee reached out and ran her hand over Merricat's breasts in an all-too possessive manner. "I don't just think it, Kitten. I know it. I remember the last time I broke your will, Kitten." Merricat shivered slightly. "And I see you do too. Remember how I stroked your body, Kitten? Remember how I touched that sweet little pussy of yours until you just mewled in pleasure, like a cat in heat? That's why I called you Kitten. And you and I both know your dirty little secret. Big, bad Lady Merricat loved being a hot little kitty with a hot little pussy." She reached down, touching the velvet between Merricat's legs, feeling the warmth and dampness. "Didn't you, Kitten? Didn't you always, secretly, deep down, want to be dominated? Want to submit? Want to obey?"

Merricat's expression was dreamy now, her eyes half-lidded. "Uh-huh..."

"Yes, of course you did. You made such a perfect little slut when I took you, Kitten, it didn't take any effort at all. You loved it then, you loved it now, and you'll love it again. Even now, you're thinking of submission and how good it feels, aren't you?"

Merricat nodded, her expression just a little vacant. "Oh, yes..."

"You love submitting to a wonderful, talented Domme. You love it when you lose control, even if it does scare you. That's what makes it even sexier for you, Kitten, the fear. You fought so long against your own urge to submit that it just took a little pressure on your mind, and you broke. Thinking about that moment, the moment where you gave in to another person's will, it's getting you so hot right now, isn't it?"

Merricat's eyes were glassy, her breathing just a little bit fast as Zee rubbed her through the velvet cloth. "yes..."

"You love my fingers on your pussy, and you'll love them even more when you take those clothes off and get all naked for Mistress Zee. So why don't you do that now?"

"Because I just bought them, and you have to break in boots like these." Merricat laughed at Zee's startled expression. "Oh, come on, Zoe! Get over yourself! I'm not just going to walk in here and melt like butter onto your fingers just because you figured out I'm a switch! Yeah, it worked once. You found a part of me I didn't know about and used it against me. Guess what? I know now. You're right, there's a part of me that wants to submit, loves to submit, needs to fucking submit. But it doesn't have to be to you. I've already given that side of me what it wants, and right now, you're not it."

Zee shook her head, trying not to let her surprise and irritation show. "I can still tell you want to submit to me, Kitten. I know you, I know you so well. Your desires are an open book to me, Kitten, and--"

"And that's nothing special. I know you just as well as you know me, Zoe. I just didn't take advantage of that because I didn't think it was right. You're not a better hypnotist or a better Domme than I am, I just have ethics and you don't. I can break you any time I want. Which is good, because I'm going to. In less than a minute. I'm going to do to you what you did to me, Zoe. I'm just going to say five words and touch you, and you're going to go into a deep hypnotic trance."

"Bullshit!" Zee surprised herself with her outburst. "I'm not like you, Merricat!" She stopped angrily. She'd been trying to call her 'Kitten', associate the word, but she'd lost her temper for a moment, and lost control. "I don't have any 'hidden weaknesses'. I'm a Domme, and I love every inch of it. There's nothing I want to do but control you."

Merricat grinned. "Oh, really. Then I'm sure those five words won't have any effect, if you really don't have any secret fetishes for me to tap into. You're sure, by the way? There's nothing? Nothing you've been trying not to admit to yourself? Nothing that makes you all rubbery, weak at the knees with hot desire, but you've tried to hide it? Nothing that makes your pussy clench, make your juices flow, get you all horny...nothing at all? Because if there is, you're going to drop like a rock, Zoe. And we both know it."

"Just...just domination. Just taking charge of slutty little girls like you." Zee noticed the quiver in her own voice, but Merricat didn't. Did she?

"Of course. Of course." Merricat nodded, started to turn away from Zee. Then she swung her arm around in a long, lazy arc that ended with the flat of her hand smacking Zee's ass. "Mommy's very upset with you," she said as the blow connected.

Zee froze in place, her whole body shaking. No, she thought. No, she--

Merricat laid another smack onto her ass. "Mommy doesn't like seeing her little girl dressed up like a tramp, Zoe." The sharp pain sent tingles into Zee's clit. "You better get that skirt off quick--" smack! "--so Mommy can punish you, because you know that Mommy--" smack! "--knows--" smack! "--best."

Zoe didn't even realize she was sliding the skirt off. She just kept trying to figure out how Mo...Merricat knew. She'd been so careful, so...

"Good girl, Zoe. You're so good for Mommy, because you love your Mommy, don't you?"

This was wrong, Zoe thought. She was nodding, but it was wrong, it was a bad thing to want, but she couldn't stop. "Yes," she said, her eyes filling with tears of shame as she continued to undress.

"Yes, what?" Merricat laid another blow onto her now-reddened buttocks.

"Y-yes, mommy." Zoe felt a liquid gush in her traitorous pussy. She didn't even know when she'd lost. She just knew that losing felt so good.

"Good girl, Zoe. Now lie down on your stomach, so that Mommy can see that ass of yours." Zoe lay down, feeling the fibers of the carpet scratch at her nipples. She felt MerricatMommy's right hand touch her between her legs, and it was everything she'd always wanted, all those sick and wrong fantasies coming to life, and it didn't matter that Mommy looked different from her memories, it didn't matter that she was doing things she had said she wasn't going to do, and that her mind was going all fuzzy the way she'd sworn it was never going to do. All that mattered was that Mommy was touching her like she'd always wanted her to.

"Good girl," Merricat said, fingering Zoe's twat. "Now you just listen, and Mommy will teach you everything you need to know."


A few days later, Marta came into the office. "Hi, boss," she said to the woman behind the desk.

Merricat grinned. "It's good to be back," she said. "And to think, I owe it all to you."

Marta shrugged modestly. "I barely did anything."

Merricat shook her head. "You helped more than you think. If it hadn't been for you, I'd probably still have my face buried in Zoe's cunt." She looked down at the stacks of paperwork on her desk. "Victory has its punishments, though. Deprogramming the staff is going to take another three weeks, profits are already down because we're having to pay the talent more, and I'm still not sure exactly what I'm going to do with Zoe--she looks cute in a schoolgirl outfit, but is that really the basis for a long-term relationship?"

Marta chuckled. "Sounds like you're under a lot of stress."

"I am, actually." Merricat joined in the laugh. "Eighteen stress-free months, and suddenly it's back to the grind. Oh, well. Nothing to be done about it."

"Well, almost nothing. Can Kitten come out and play?" Marta asked.

Merricat's eyes went blank for a moment, then refocused. "Marta!" she squealed, hopping to her feet. OMG, it's so good to see you!" She ran around the desk and gave Marta a long, slow kiss. "You are looking sooooo hot today!"

Marta gave Kitten's nipples a little tweak. "I'm feeling pretty hot. Why don't you get down on your knees and show me how well you take care of that?"

Kitten's whole demeanor changed in that instant, as she shivered in bliss. She gave a little whimper of need, and dropped down to her knees. She pulled Marta's skirt up. "Yes, ma'am," she said, in a quiet, oh-so-smoking-hot meek voice.

Marta sighed. Merricat made it up to her, alright. She got her Kitten back whenever she wanted, Merricat got to indulge her submissive side, and...ohh...that tongue was wonderful...everyone was happy.

Especially Kitten, Marta thought as she felt her first orgasm of the night begin. And especially Marta.


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