tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBack to Business Pt. 01

Back to Business Pt. 01


It was out of the blue one Thursday night that the phone rang, I looked at the clock and saw that it was only 21:30pm, I was knackered.

"Pass me the phone whore," I said to Alice who was nearest too it. Her and Fiona were both still naked watching TV whilst I was asleep, they weren't allowed up to bed until I said they could so obediently sat up watching crap.

Alice handed me the phone and I clicked answer and held it to my ear and heard a voice I hadn't heard for a few months, "Hey Ali, is Francis, Francis Mulherne," the voice said down the phone.

"Hey Francis," I said and watched as Fiona's ears pricked up but didn't look over, she knew better than to make it obvious she was listening to may conversation, after all she didn't need to know if it concerned her until I told her it did, "What can I do fro you Francis at this time on a Thursday evening?"

He then went on to explain about this huge convention being held down at Earls court in London and how all the big players were there and how he hoped to sign off enough deals to keep his business sound for the next 10 years. I began to get a picture of where this was going and decided I'd discuss it loudly enough so that Fiona could hear my side of the conversation.

"So you want to borrow my whore from tomorrow morning until Monday afternoon at this short notice Francis?" I said nice and loud so that both my bitches' ears pricked up. Even though Alice wouldn't be familiar with the name she didn't really know that her mother was.

"I see, well it's going to cost you Francis you know that don't you? And remember it somehow has to get back to me to see for myself, haha! Yeah ok Francis I'll send her bed now so she's ready for 7," I said and then finished my conversation a moment later and hung the phone up.

I sat silent for a moment or two and I could see Fiona's face was a picture of apprehension, she was dying to ask what her old boss had wanted but she knew better so reluctantly sat silently.

"Right you," I said looking at Fiona who turned and smiled.

"Yes owner," she said, still trying to hide the fact she was on edge at what I was about to say.

"Upstairs, trim your cunt neat and wax your arsehole clean, I'll come and check in a while, then pack till Monday you're going with Francis to a convention in London, he needs something extra over the completion to get work signed up," I said smiling.

"Yes owner," she said and went upstairs.

I gave her thirty minutes and went up; she was just adding the last few bits in to her case as I pushed her from behind on to the bed. She landed face first and let out a little yelp, I then pulled her arse cheeks open and looked at her smooth beautiful arse hole. God it looked good, so clean and smooth just how I'd asked for it, Fiona had done it so often now she always prepared well.

I still conducted my final check though and ran my tongue all around that wonderful anus and never felt a bristle, "Very good whore, your arsehole will serve me well I'm sure this weekend," I said pulling over on to her back, "Spread," was all I said and her legs fell apart.

Her cunt was pruned to perfection just like her anus, the strip of hair above clit was perfectly measured in length and width with well-trimmed square edges. I lowered my head and ran my tongue around her puffy cunt lips and found them to be as smooth and bold as her bum hole. She had prepared excellently.

"Excellent as always whore, I'm sure my whores cunt will work hard to satisfy and reward," I said as I pulled her back to her feet so she could continue packing.

"Yes owner your whores cunt and arsehole will work extra hard whilst on loan this weekend," she said looking at me.

"I know it will," I said and left her to pack and sleep.

There was a pap on a horn outside at bang on seven o clock in the morning, I'd gotten up early to see her off and watched as she tottered down the path in high heels, skirt, stockings a bulging tight blouse and suit jacket. She looked every inch the corporate whore and I smiled to myself.

The next I heard from Fiona was at eight pm that evening when my computer pinged and live webcam chat was being requested from an email associated with Fiona when she was still working for Francis. I opened it all up and clicked on and after moment the screen focused and I could see the big bed in a very large room in what looked like a very expensive hotel.

Francis then sat on the edge of the bed and began to speak, "Hey Ali, just thought we'd check in," we exchanged pleasantries and he said they'd spent the day setting up the stall and had just had a nice meal in the hotel restaurant.

"Just thought we'd bring the party back her and get reacquainted with Fiona properly, we've missed her terribly you know," and we both laughed.

"I bet you have," I said.

Just then Fiona came walking across the back of the room in only her black stockings and suspenders, knickers and half cup bra and heels. She was followed out the room by Derek Suttor and Robin Wilfindon the other two partners of the firm.

Francis looked round and patted his thigh and Fiona took up station on his left knee with her legs between his, Francis hand roamed up her legs and between her thighs totally unobstructed as expected as he rubbed her pussy through her thin knicker material.

"We thought it would be best if we made sure Fiona here was still performing at the standard required to bring in business," he said as he moved his hand up her stomach and on to her right nipple that was just visible on the top frilly line of her bra.

She yelped and smiled as he pinched her big sensitive nipple.

"I'm sure you'll find the whores standards have not slipped, as a matter of fact I'd say she's probably even more attentive and accommodating," I laughed.

"Good," he smirked as he pulled her tits free from the cups that were offering very little support any way, "plans are in place for tomorrow for you to be privy to Fiona's work, this is where the feed will come through from her email is that ok?" he said.

"Perfect," I confirmed.

"That's great then," he said and clicked his fingers and pointed at his groin.

Fiona didn't hesitate and hurriedly unbuttoned him and soon removed his trousers and boxers pulling them totally off his feet and chucking them aside. She then stood back up slightly to the side and bent forward lowering her mouth towards her old boss's cock and sticking her bum out towards me.

Fucking whore was putting on a show. She gripped Francis's big hard cock in her left hand and spat on the tip, a long strand of saliva dripped from her lips on to his helmet and ran down his shaft to her fingers. She pulled up and down on his cock hard and fast gripping him tightly.

"Oh yeah," he said.

She then peeled his foreskin right down to the base of his big cock and lowered her lips to kiss the top lovingly, "I've missed this big hard cock Mr Mulherne," she cooed and kissed his bulging helmet again.

Naughty bitch I thought, she knows how to treat men and my cock stiffened.

"Show me then slut," he said leaning back sliding his hands on to the bed.

Fiona covered his helmet in another load of spit and then parted her luscious lips around his helmet and sucked just that in her mouth for a moment before lowering her mouth slowly until at least five inches of his eight were out of site.

She held her head there for a moment letting him feel the insides of her wet warm mouth and then slowly raised her heard until his greasy cock popped free. She circled his helmet like a pro with her tongue and then crammed it back in her mouth, she then sucked him furiously.

As she feasted on her old boss's cock Derek had moved behind her and lowered her knickers to mid-way down her thighs exposing her clearly soaking pussy and smooth arsehole, again this all happened without resistance or disapproval and neither did she stop to protest when fingers entered her cunt.

She was their toy.

Fiona's knees bent more and her bum lowered as Derek applied pressure on the small of her back, the position looked a little uncomfortable especially with her knees so bent but it didn't matter about het comfort. As long as she kept Francis's cock in her mouth she would stand in any position she was moved in to.

A moment later her cunt walls were breached as Derek fed his pole up her and she moaned loudly on Francis cock.

From then on I watch two hours and thirty seven minutes of Fiona being fucked every which way possible on the bed or on the floor by the three men. Not once during that time since Derek had entered her cunt did she have more than one hole empty at any one time. She was fucked vaginally and anally by each man, dp'd in a multitude of combinations and even tripled on the bed as a crescendo which culminated in her three holes being filled with sperm.

It wasn't the first loads she'd taken in those two hours and thirty seven minutes; her face was a sticky come splattered mess as was her tits, stomach and pussy. Her hair was matted from come and sweat and red marks were all over her body.

By the time she managed to stagger up of the bed and head to the toilet the three men had all fallen sleep on the bed, Fiona came back in to the room five minutes later with a clean face and climbed on the bed between them and fell asleep.

By the time I woke in the morning the web cam was blank so I went about my normal Saturday routine until I heard my camera ping as a connection was attempted. When it was up and running the camera showed a small area that looked like it was behind the stall or stalls. In the corner of the room were a low seat and a box of tissues. On the table were some baby wipes and some bottles of water.

Fiona came through the door on the back of the stand followed by Francis. She looked immaculate in her business gear showing plenty of leg and an abundance of cleavage, I then listened as Francis told Fiona what her role was for the weekend, as if she didn't know.

What I think caught her by surprise was the fact that she wouldn't be out the front she'd be back here for the next two days, that all became apparent as Francis began.

"Right whore here's how it's going to work, were going to be up front drumming up business, if things go we'll out there you'll have an easy day, if it looks like things are going slow then you'll be busy do you understand?" he asked.

"Yes Mr Mulherne," she said.

"Now there aint going to be no fucking back here, the last thing we want is your big gob squealing the exhibition down giving away our secrets, if someone comes back here you suck cock, wank, or let them play with your tits do you understand?" he asked her again.

"Yes Mr Mulherne" she replied.

"That's not all though, if we send someone back here then it's because their business is worth it, not any old top dick and harry will get the customer incentive. So because we want to show them how valuable they are to us you'll arrange your additional schedule yourself," he said.

She looked at him blankly for a moment, "Come on Fiona you're a smart woman, use this ipad to book yourself appointments fro after the close of play, a lot of these big hitters will be here all weekend and staying in London, that means you can offer hotel visits," he said.

"Ok Mr Mulherne," she replied.

"It finishes at five tonight so you'll be available from five thirty, I need you here tomorrow so make your last booking 2am if you get that many," he told her.

"Yes Mr Mulherne." She replied.

"Now like I say you're a clever and smart woman so manage your time, every man we send back her will get offered a personal visit from you is that understood, if they decline that's fine, but if you get ten bookings you need to get round them all ok?" he said

"Yes Mr Mulherne," she said.

"It's up to you how long you allocate each customer but let me tell you this in the offer you make sure they know that everyone of your holes is available our would be customers need to know they get the full gold plated treatment is that understood?" he said.

"Yes Mr Mulherne." She replied.

"Right let's get this show on the road," he said a stepped back through to the front and as he did the noise from the other side was very loud, the place was heaving with would be investors and customers.

Fiona kicked back on the seat and messed on the Ipad for a bit, but within twenty five minutes the door swung open and in walked a small stocky man with a bold head.

Fiona put the Ipad down and stood up to greet him, "Hi pleased to meet you I'm Fiona I'm a deal facilitator, and your name is?" she said acting all professional.

"Names Dave, been sent back here by Francis to find out a little bit more about the gold plated customer incentives" he said looking around at the baron white room with one chair.

Fiona didn't have more time to fuck about as he looked a though he was about to start asking questions. "Please take a seat Dave and I'll show you the sort of things we can offer our customers," she let him passed an he turned to take his seat. But before he could sit Fiona dropped to her knees in front of him and pulled him forwards by his belt.

"Oh I see," he smirked down at the brown haired beauty unbuckling his belt, "Smart tactics I must say," he laughed as his jeans hit the floor followed by his boxers freeing a short stubby cock.

Fiona didn't hesitate and grabbed it and wanked him hard until he'd grown to about six inch. She then sucked his cock and balls and swallowed his load. As Fiona cleaned up Dave dressed and looked very pleased with himself.

"Now," Fiona began reaching for the Ipad, " not only do we offer this quick service but for this weekend only we are offering a slightly more personal touch, are you here for the weekend Dave?"

"Yes I certainly am," he replied.

"Good, as an additional extra to the gold plated incentive I also offer a hotel visit if that's something you'll be interested in, I'll be available from five thirty this evening till 2am for a forty five minute slot where it'd be my pleasure on behalf of the company to provide you with a more comprehensive consultation," she said like a business woman selling sweets.

"Pencil me in for the first slot love," he said as if confirming a hair appointment, "Thistle Bloomsbury room 76," he added before Fiona could ask.

"Ok so that's Dave 17:30-18:15 room 76 at the Bloomsbury," she said typing in to the Ipad already filling her slots after twenty odd minutes, "I also have to let you know Dave that included in the gold package is pleasure from my mouth, pussy and arsehole if that's something you'll be requiring?" she said as if offering him the dessert menu.

"jesus Christ, " he said, "It'd be rude not to have the full benefits wouldn't it," he said as he headed out the door.

By dinner time she'd sucked two more cocks of men called Victor and Chris and had filled her 18:30 with Victor with a trip to the London city hotel and then a 19:30 with a meet at the Pasha Hotel with Chris.

She ate lunch with the others in the back room between 12 and 12:30 then was left back alone as the three partners carried on drumming up business. By three o clock she'd stretched her lips round four more big poles and filled up her 20:30. 21:30, 22:30 and 23:30 slots at two different hotels with four different Americans.

That only left her two more slots for a full house of nine but luckily enough for Fiona the clock ticked round till five and the stall closed down.

Francis came through and told Fiona she'd done a grand job and all the men she was meeting were very wealthy and their orders were crucial. He then handed her a laptop and told her to turn it on and webcam, "Tell them your boss likes to evaluate you performance to make sure that I'm making perspective clients happy and providing the gold service."

She hooked the laptop bag over her shoulder and smiled at Francis as he stepped aside to let her by, he slapped her arse as she went by and said," Don't let the company down whore."

"I won't." She replied and left the back room heading for her 17:30 at the thistle Bloomsbury across London, the furthest hotel she had to get round too.

She made it to Dave's room number 76 at 17:27 after a rushed journey, she didn't want to be late and disappoint the first client and then be subsequently late to the others after giving each client their forty five minutes.

Dave answered on the third knock and stood before Fiona in his boxers and nothing else, "Didn't think you were coming," he said stepping aside to let her enter.

"I explained the gold service and I'm her to ensure you receive it in full, sorry i'm cutting it fine the tubes were murder," she said apologising.

"No bother you're here now so we best get cracking so I don't waste my time," he said approaching and pulling her towards him.

"I just need to set this laptop to recorded events, Francis like sto check I keep clients happy and offer the full gold package, they are destroyed once the deal is closed," she said to Dave as he began unzipping her skirt on her back.

"Go ahead put it on there he nodded to the dresser in front of the bed," she turned and plugged in underneath and then faced the dresser to load it up and switch the camera on record.

Dave stood behind her and eased her skirt off her bum and let it fall round her heels, Fiona didn't flinch or stop what she was doing on the computer even as her knickers soon followed the same route as her skirt. She stepped out of them and kicked them aside and then obediently spread her legs over a shoulder width apart and pushed her arse out.

Dave stood back and admired the view for a licked his lips. Fiona continued to finish loading the camera up and was just finishing when she felt Dave's hands between her legs and then she groaned loudly and looked back over her shoulder and smiled at Dave.

Fingers were inside her and he began pumping her hole easily, over and over her rammed her hole from behind for over a minute and then pulled his fingers out and held the soaking three to his nose and inhaled before licking them with his tongue.

Fiona looked back again as she felt his hands on her hips and the small of her back; she smiled and cooed at him seductively as rubbed his meat up and down her greasy slit, "You going to make me happy whore?" he said teasing her hole as she bucked back trying to impale herself but Dave moved back.

"Yes I'll please that cock, let me have it, let me fuck it," she said.

He stepped forward and rubbed it round her hole again and laughed at Fiona's brazen display disgracefulness as she pushed herself back over and over until Dave stood still and as she pushed herself back this time her back arched and let out a long deep groan as she pushed back until her smooth arse cheeks were against his flat solid stomach.

He held her there a moment enjoying the feeling of her pussy on his cock and then he said, "Take out your tits whilst I enjoy this pussy."

She stood herself up and began unbuttoning her blouse awkwardly as Dave's thrusts were knocking her off balance every time, eventually her blouse was fully open and she pulled the cups of her bra down and flopped her giant breasts out. Dave stopped fucking her and turned her round and pinched her nipples.

"Owwww," she cried as he pulled her big hard nipples, "Oooooooo yessss," she moaned inable to hide the fact she loved having her nipples pulled.

He then led her over to the bed and pushed her back, she knew the drill all too well, Fiona had done this many a time and happily opened her legs wide and then pulled them back with her own hands to offer up her arsehole as well as her cunt.

Dave dropped between her legs and sunk his cock deep in to her cunt and began pumping away at her hard and fast making sure she took the whole length every time, she came after a couple of minutes as Dave's teeth took her right nipple and tugged it hard.

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