tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBackseat Bangers

Backseat Bangers


I casually walked through the mall looking at the window displays. Uggh, Valentine's Day was approaching and all of the displays were decorated with its theme. I wish that everyone would just skip over it this year. Tony and I broke up a few weeks ago, and I was still feeling sorry for myself. Even though it was a mutual decision, I was lonely and so damn horny!

As I walked from window to window, I noticed three guys approaching people, one of them with a microphone and one of them with a video camera. I just shrugged them off and figured that they were probably college students interviewing people for some assignment or something.

I stopped at the Victoria's Secrets window to view their display. As I stood there observing the mannequins in their Valentine lingerie, I started fantasizing about myself wearing the sheer lacey red teddy for someone special. I even thought about being one of the mannequins standing there wearing the teddy on display for anyone to see.

Just as I realized that my own panties were becoming wet because of the fantasy, I felt a tap on my shoulder followed by an, "Excuse me?"

Startled out of my reverie, I turned around to see the three guys with the microphone and video camera. I mumbled a "Yes?" as I felt my neck and cheeks flush wondering what I looked like standing there staring at the window display.

All three of them were tall, well built and handsome, but the one with the microphone stared at me with the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. He grinned at me and said, "We don't mean to bother you, but you looked so hot standing there with a look of pure lust on your face and I couldn't help but stop."

He nodded to the cameraman causing the cameraman to press a switch on the camera. Then he held the microphone to his face as he continued, "We're doing a documentary and was wondering if you'd like to be in it."

Still unnerved by being caught staring at the mannequins, I hesitated as he held the microphone to my face. "W-what kind of documentary?" I stammered.

"What's your name?" he asked then held the microphone to me again.

I looked at each of the guys and slowly responded, "Kelly."

"Well, Kelly," he began. "My name is Jeff, our camera man here is Bert, and one of the stars of our video here is David," he pointed at each of the guys as he introduced them.

"We cruise around the streets and malls in search of women to co-star in our video. I took one look at you and knew you have to be in it. You are incredibly hot," he stated with a suggestive grin.

I felt the blush burn my cheeks as I mumbled, "Thanks." I tried to regain my composure as I said, "You still haven't told me what kind of documentary it is."

Jeff moved the microphone back to his face and smiled as he said, "Well, it's a project for our Psychology class. We decided to do a documentary on Exhibitionism. We're trying to prove that people love exhibition, even though they may deny it. We believe that it's a hidden desire in most people and they don't act on it unless they are put into a situation to provoke it." He grinned seductively as he asked, "So? Do you wanna be in it? I think you'd be perfect."

I looked from one guy to another as the microphone was thrust in front of me again waiting for a response.

Softly I asked, "What would I have to do? What all does this involve?"

Jeff grinned again and responded, "We drive around the city . . . naked. We tape your reaction and the people in other vehicles to see how they respond."

Shocked I said, "Ohhh, I don't know about that. I've never done anything like that before!"

"Oh, come on," he urged. "You've never fantasized about exposing yourself in front of strangers? You've never had the urge to even flash someone?"

I glanced over at the mannequins on display in the window and remembered the fantasy I had just had. My God, was he reading my mind? I wondered.

When I didn't respond, Jeff stated, "We'll pay you for it."

Thinking about my financial situation, I asked, "How much?"

Seeming to be thinking about it, he slowly answered, "Three-hundred dollars."

"Ohhh, I don't think so," I said.

"How about four-hundred?" Jeff asked.

"That's a lot of money, but I don't think I could do that," I responded.

"What about six-hundred dollars?" Jeff asked enticingly.

A slow smile crept over my face as I asked, "What exactly do I have to do? And who will be with me?" The thought of an extra six-hundred dollars in my pocket was sounding very tempting.

Jeff was smiling from ear to ear as he replied, "All you have to do is take off all of your clothes and drive around the city with us. David will be with you - naked also. Then you just do whatever comes natural. Just sit there and talk if that's all you want to do."

"That's all I have to do?" I asked suspiciously. "No touching or anything?"

Jeff was still smiling as he said softly, "Not unless you want to."

"Ha! Fat chance of that," I responded.

After thinking about it for a few moments, and looking at the three handsome men standing in front of me I said, "Oh, what the hell. Ok, I'll do it."

"All right!" Jeff exclaimed as he patted David on the back. "Let's go."

Bert was still taping as we walked though the mall to the exit. My mind was racing as we walked through the parking lot. What the hell am I doing? I asked myself.

We stopped when we approached a blue van. As we walked in front of it, I noticed that the words 'Paradise in Motion' were airbrushed across the front of the hood. The sides of the van were also painted with beautiful swirls and designs.

The side door glided open as Jeff said, "Climb on in, Kelly."

When I hesitated Jeff prompted, "It's ok Kelly. You won't do anything that you don't want to." I looked at each of their smiling faces again and climbed into the van.

I sat on the bench seat situated in the middle and looked ahead at the driver. He just sat there and smiled as Jeff climbed in and said, "This is our driver Alan. Alan, this is Kelly - our new star."

"Pleasure to meet you, Kelly," Alan said with a laugh.

As Bert climbed into the passenger front seat, Jeff twisted and sat facing me on a small stool positioned between the two front seats. David climbed in and sat on the bench seat with me as Bert twisted around to point the camera at us.

As Alan started the van, Jeff said, "Ok, let's get started. Kelly, why don't you take off your blouse first?"

I hesitantly began unbuttoning the front of my pink blouse, but stopped. "Why doesn't David go first?" I asked.

Jeff smiled and said, "Because you are the one getting paid."

"Uh, speaking of which . . ." I replied.

Jeff reached into his pocket, pulled out a wad of money and counted out six-hundred dollars. As he handed it to me, he laughed and said, "You know, if you would have held out a little longer I was willing to pay up to one-thousand."

"Oh well," I responded as I took the money and shoved it into my purse on the floor of the van.

"Ok, now that that's out of the way, let's start," Jeff said.

As we pulled out of the parking lot, I began unbuttoning my blouse again. I looked around as I pulled the blouse off my shoulders and slid it to the floor.

The van had windows all around that were covered with sheer white curtains. I wondered what the point of them was as I looked out the windows to a totally unobstructed view of my surroundings.

"Ok, now the jeans," Jeff prompted.

Beginning to feel exposed, I hesitated as I realized that they were all staring at my breasts spilling out of my tight white lacey push-up bra.

I leaned back into the seat as I unbuttoned, then unzipped my jeans. I kicked off my sandals as I lifted my ass and pulled my jeans down to my thighs exposing my white string bikini panties.

Resigning myself to what I have gotten myself into, I decided to make the most of it. I lifted my legs, pointed my feet at Jeff, and asked softly, "You wanna take them off?"

"Oh yea," Jeff said as he grabbed hold of the bottom of my jeans and slowly slid them down my legs and tossed them to the floor.

I glanced out the window and realized that we were heading toward the busy city streets. My heart began pounding as I wondered where we were going.

As if reading my mind Jeff said, "Don't worry, we're just driving around. We will bring you back to the mall when we're done. Now, how about the bra?"

Looking out the window again at the busy street, I realized that I was really starting to get into this as I noticed that my panties were becoming moist again.

I turned toward the window, and looking over my shoulder at David, I asked, "You wanna unhook me?"

"Fuck yea!" David exclaimed as I felt his fingers quickly unhook the clasp of my bra. As he continued to hold the edges of my bra, I realized that he was reading the little label that read 'size 36C'.

I was staring out the window as I noticed that we were slowing for a red light. I smiled at the driver next to us and said over my shoulder, "David, do you want to take my bra off of me?"

David whispered in my ear, "Oh yes" as he let go of my bra clasps and reached for the straps. I felt goose bumps as he slid them off my shoulders.

I was still staring at the driver next to us as David slid the bra straps down my arms, pulling my bra down to expose my breasts. The driver's mouth fell open in shock as I arched my back a little giving him a full view of my breasts and my nipples hardened in response.

I smiled slyly at the driver as I whispered, "David, do you want to feel them?"

In an instant, David had a hand on each of my breasts squeezing and massaging them. I let out a soft moan as he placed a thumb and forefinger on each of my nipples and pinched.

The light turned green and the van began moving again. I watched as the driver next to us sat at the light in shock not moving.

I laughed and turned toward the guys causing David to remove his hands. I said, "That was awesome! I've never done anything like that before in my life!"

Jeff laughed and excitedly said, "See? That is the purpose for this documentary. To prove that people hide a secret desire to become exhibitionists." He laughed again and pointed as he said, "Ok, now the panties."

"Oh boy," I whispered as I took a deep breath realizing that they were about to see how much this was turning me on.

I leaned back into the seat and closed my eyes remembering how long it's been since I've been this turned on.

"Ok," I said as I opened my eyes. I looked at all of the eyes staring at me in anticipation. Even Alan kept glancing in the rear-view mirror to see what was happening.

As I hooked a thumb into each side of my string bikinis, an idea occurred to me. I smiled seductively and through half closed eyes, I watched their reaction as I asked, "Jeff? David? Do you guys want to help me with these?"

They looked at each other and in unison responded eagerly, "Oh yea!"

I scooted toward David a little to allow enough room for Jeff to kneel on the floor beside me next to the window and David slid to his knees on the floor and turned towards me.

Bert was leaning over the passenger seat keeping the camera aimed at us and said, "This is perfect. I've got the whole view!"

I closed my eyes and leaned back into the seat. I scooted my ass to the edge of the seat, took a deep breath and whispered, "Ok, whenever you're ready."

I felt electricity course through my body as Jeff and David each slid a hand up the outside of my thighs. I felt them each hook a finger under the strings at each of my hips. They hesitated a moment before I felt them slide down my hips to my upper thighs.

I lifted my ass a little as they continued to slide my panties down. I realized that the crotch of my panties were glued to my wet lips. I opened my eyes just in time to see Jeff reach up with his other hand between my legs. I felt his finger slide against my wet slit as he hooked it inside my panties and pulled the thin, wet material from me. I shuddered as they pulled them the rest of the way down my legs.

Still kneeling, they each grabbed one of my legs, spread them slightly and began softly rubbing up and down the inside of my thighs.

Jeff whispered huskily, "What do you want to do now, Kelly?"

All embarrassment gone now, my body giving in to the sensations that their hands were causing, I responded breathlessly, "I don't know."

"You don't know?" Jeff asked mockingly.

As they continued sliding their hands up and down my thighs, each stroke moving closer to my wet pussy, Jeff asked, "Do you think David should get undressed now?"

Through half closed eyes, I looked at David and whispered, "Yessssss."

It only took David a moment to remove his hands from my thigh and pull his t-shirt off over his head. I watched as he moved his hands to the waist of his jeans and unbuttoned then unzipped his jeans.

David got to his feet, leaning over to avoid hitting his head on the roof as he kicked off his shoes and pulled his jeans completely off.

As he started to get back to a kneeling position I whispered, "What about the boxers?"

Jeff continued sliding his hands up and down my thigh as David slid the boxers down revealing his huge erection. He kicked his feet free of them as he knelt down in front of me.

David placed his hands on my knees and slightly parted them as he moved between my legs. He began stroking my thighs as Jeff continued sliding his hand up and down my thigh.

Jeff's voice caught my attention when he said, "Kelly, open your eyes and look to your right."

I gasped when I looked to see that we were driving right next to a semi truck and that the driver was watching us wide eyed and smiling.

Instinctively, I moved to cover myself. Both Jeff and David held me in place and Jeff whispered, "Kelly, this is the purpose of the video."

With my heart pounding, I looked up at the driver and smiled. Realizing what a turn-on this was, I spread my legs a little wider, slid my hand to my breast, and began pinching my nipple.

Jeff took the opportunity to slide his fingers further up my thigh and began stroking my wet slit. He moaned softly when he felt my wetness.

I looked into David's eyes as he pushed Jeff's hand away and began sliding his fingers up and down my wetness. Jeff softly slid his hand up my belly and took hold of my left breast.

As I continued to pinch my right nipple, Jeff leaned over and began sucking on my left one as he squeezed my breast.

I closed my eyes again when I felt David's mouth begin sucking on my clit. His fingers were still gliding up and down my wet pussy as he took my clit in his mouth and began sucking it into his mouth harder.

Jeff continued sucking on my nipple and gently nipping it when I felt David plunge a finger inside of me. I bucked against him as he thrust the finger in and out of me. He inserted another finger inside of me and I began moaning as I felt an orgasm approach.

I began thrashing around as the orgasm began coursing through my body. With my left hand, I reached down and began rubbing Jeff's large erection through his jeans.

David sucked on my clit harder and plunged his fingers faster and harder inside my pussy. I felt my pussy lips clench around his fingers and I screamed out, "Oh my God! I'm cumming! Oh Yesssss!"

David continued thrusting his fingers until my pussy relaxed from the orgasm. Breathlessly, I opened my eyes and looked over to see the truck driver still watching us. He was smiling from ear to ear as he hooted and hollered. Then I heard him honking his horn repeatedly. I smiled up at him and blew him a kiss.

David was softly licking my juices as Jeff continued sucking my nipple and kneading my breast. I realized that I was still stroking Jeff through his jeans when he let out a small moan.

Admitting to myself that they had just given me the best orgasm I've had in ages, I felt compelled to ask, "Ok guys, what do you want to do now?"

They both stopped what they were doing and I felt a moment of disappointment. David squatted backwards to allow Jeff to pass in front of him as Jeff moved to the back of the van.

For the first time, I realized that behind the bench seat there was a bed that took up the back of the van.

Jeff was removing his clothes as he said, "Come back here, Kelly."

I looked at the two of them and decided to go along with whatever they had in mind. I got up from the seat, looked out the windows at the other cars, and in a crouching walk I moved around the seat and climbed onto the bed.

Jeff positioned me onto my hands and knees, with my ass facing the back windows as he knelt behind me. He placed his hands on my hips and pushed me forward until my face was over the back of the bench seat and David was kneeling on it. Instantly, I realized their intentions.

"Oh, I don't know about this," I hesitantly said as I looked at David's cock just inches from my face.

From behind me, Jeff said, "Kelly, you don't have to do anything that you don't want to."

As Jeff squeezed my hips, I glanced out the window to my left to see a van full of guys next to us gawking. With my heart pounding in my chest, I smiled at them then reached over the back of the seat and grabbed hold of David's erection.

As I began stroking David's cock up and down, Jeff pushed me a little more forward until the top of my ribs were resting on the back of the seat. I felt the weight of my breasts jiggling a little as they hung over the seat.

David grabbed hold of my breasts and began squeezing them as he thrust his cock a little closer to my face. Meanwhile, Jeff had used his knees to separate my legs a little further apart and he was gliding his fingers up and down my wet, slippery slit.

I slowly moved my mouth to press my lips against the head of David's cock. I parted my lips and wrapped them around the head as I took him a little further in my mouth.

I continued to stroke David's cock with my hand as I took it a little deeper into my mouth with each stroke. Soon, I felt Jeff slide the head of his cock up and down my wet pussy lips then press the head of it inside of me.

Jeff grabbed hold of my hips and plunged his cock inside of me. The force of Jeff plunging inside of me caused me to lurch forward and take David's cock deep into my mouth. Fighting off the gag reflex I felt, I began to relax my throat and continue sucking David's cock into my mouth.

Jeff continued thrusting in and out of my pussy as I realized that I was bucking back against him. David let my breasts drop as he grabbed hold of the back of the seat for leverage as he began fucking my mouth. I dropped my hand from David's cock and felt his pubic hair press against my nose with each of his thrusts.

I quickly glanced to my left to see the van full of guys still gawking at us. They were all fighting over the space by the windows for the best view.

I closed my eyes and knew that the guys could see the look of sheer pleasure on my face as I felt the beginning of another orgasm. Jeff was really pounding my pussy now and I could feel the head of David's cock deep in my throat as he continued to fuck my mouth harder. They fell into a rhythm so that they were both plunging into me at the same time.

I felt David's cock begin to throb inside my mouth just as my pussy began to convulse around Jeff's cock. I tried to moan from the orgasm just as I felt the first stream of hot cum hit against the back of my throat. I quickly swallowed and began sucking the whole load from his cock as he thrust harder into my throat.

My pussy was still quivering when I felt Jeff's cock begin to pulsate inside me. Jeff thrust harder and deeper inside of me as I felt his hot fluid splash inside of my pussy. I heard my muffled moans escape from around David's cock as their pace slowed.

David pulled his cock from my mouth and he relaxed across the seat as I felt Jeff's weight on my back. I was slumped over the back of the seat listening to us all trying to catch our breath.

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