tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBand Parents Ch. 06

Band Parents Ch. 06


Again, sorry for the long delay posting another chapter.


It was already December and though we had gone out with them a few times, Lily and I hadn't gotten a chance for another sex foursome with Charles and Linda since our first one back in early October. Since Linda and I had time during the day to see each other, we managed to have sexual encounters almost weekly and even taped a few of them with my camcorder so Charles and Lily could enjoy our fun. Charles and Lily only managed to get together twice - once on a Friday night during a home football game and one evening when the band was performing a holiday concert for local preschoolers. They didn't record a video of either tryst, so both times I had to let myself be content with Lily telling me every detail of the evening's sex while I lapped up the remnants of Charles' semen that still was oozing from her pussy.

One afternoon in mid December, Charles called me on the phone. "We have a Christmas present for you and Lily," he told me.

"Great," I replied. "Just wrap it up and bring it over. We'll put it under the tree."

"Nope," he said flatly. "It's a private sort of thing. I should probably come over and install everything during the day sometime."

"Install?" I was totally confused.

"It's a multi-camera video system, Bill. If I put that under your tree, your kid would start to wonder...Or maybe I should," he chuckled, "but I'd miss getting to hear the explanation on Christmas morning."

"Ah," I said as the light bulb went off over my head. "So you want better video than you've gotten in the past?"

"Exactly!" he shouted. "That's why I bought two of these systems. We can all make better videos and even edit them. It even comes with microphones so we can have sound."

"Dang," I muttered. "And all I was going to get you guys was a good bottle of wine."

"Don't worry about it," Charles laughed. Then he got a little more serious. "Go ahead and buy the wine, but there's something else I actually want for Christmas."

"...and that is?"

"We'll talk about that in person," He muttered.

He actually sounded a bit embarrassed, so I decided to let it drop.

"OK. So when did you want to install this?"

"How about the day after tomorrow?"

"Thursday's fine by me," I said. "Nothing going on that I can't let slide until Friday."

"Great! See you Thursday morning."

So, Thursday morning Charles showed up with several boxes of equipment and I helped him install it. It was a fairly advanced system, probably intended for security with four very tiny motion-sensing cameras and a microphone that were easily hidden, operated wirelessly and were tied to a huge hard disk system with several terabytes of storage. He told me he had figured out a way to run both camera setups through a secure server and was going to set them up so we could each record the goings-on in the other's bedroom. Turning it off was simple enough, if we wished, but he planned on leaving theirs on the motion-sensing setting, and I set ours up the same way.

"If anything interesting happens, you'll have 24 hours to choose to save it," he told me, winking as if he knew what I'd be interested in. "I may even shoot you an email the morning after to give you a heads-up."

I was totally amazed at Charles' generosity. This system had to have cost a couple thousand dollars and he had bought two of them. But I remembered that he had hinted about wanting something special for his Christmas gift, and I figured now was the time to mention it.

"Now, what's this special Christmas present that you were hinting at?" I asked.

"Lily didn't say?" He sounded surprised.

"Nope," I replied.

"We talked about it the last time we, you know..." Charles mumbled.

"Screwed?" I teased.

"Uh, yeah," he sputtered. "Somehow it's still a bit awkward to talk to you about fucking your wife, even though you're fucking Linda and the four of us are fully aware of what's going on."

"I understand," I reassured him. "It's not exactly a 'normal' sort of thing, though it is all above board. Anyway, you were saying?"

"Well, I mentioned to Lily that you were always playing with Linda's butt-hole and that she seems to enjoy it, and Lily said she'd asked you if you'd taken her anally yet, but you said you hadn't, right?"

"No, I haven't, she just keeps telling me, 'no man's ever been in there' whenever I get my finger in her ass."

"I know for sure that I haven't been in there," Charles muttered. "She didn't even let me touch it until you came along..."

"So, what are you saying?" I asked, though I was pretty sure where this might be leading.

"Uh..." Charles stammered. "I, that is, Lily and I thought that we'd -- I mean the four of us -- would love a really good video of you and Linda, and Lily suggested that it include Linda's first time, er, butt-fucking. Geeze, I can't believe how hard this is making me. Um, Sorry."

"You're not the only one," I breathed, finding my cock swelling at the very thought of pushing it into Linda's virgin anus. "What about Linda, though? Have you asked her?"

"Not yet, but she does know about the video system," Charles reassured me. "She helped me put ours in the bedroom yesterday."

"I don't want to do anything she's uncomfortable with," I told him. "But if she wants it, I'd be honored to take her anal cherry as a Christmas present to you and Lily."

"Thanks, man," Charles sighed. "I'll discuss it with Linda and let you know, though it may be after the holidays. What with the kids being out of school and all, plus Linda and I had planned a 'dirty weekend' over New Year's."

"I'll try to be patient."

Charles called me the next day, almost beside himself with excitement and we set a date in mid-January for me to take Linda's anal virginity and record it for our spouses to watch. Over the next couple of weeks, we toyed with the setup on our systems, adjusting the sound and the camera zoom for optimum performance, and we managed to make time to create a few 'interesting' bits of video for each other. Charles said his favorite was the first one, when I fucked Lily doggy style and filled her pussy with cum, then crawled underneath her so she could let it drip into my mouth, after which I fucked her ass with my reinvigorated cock and blew my second load of the night over her "pretty round ass" (his words).

My favorite was from Christmas Eve, when Charles and Linda left the all lights on as she treated him to a long, loving blowjob. When he was ready to cum, he straddled Linda's thin frame and blew a huge load of sperm all over her, coating her in jism from her belly button to her eyebrows. After he finished spurting, he tenderly licked her body clean, sucking up what had to be a week's worth of man-juice and, playing up to the cameras a bit, let it drop a foot or so into Linda's open mouth. They kissed deeply and then waved and said "Merry Christmas" to one of the cameras, then turned out the lights.

The most intriguing discovery that came from having these video systems installed, however, was the fact that their eighteen-year-old red-headed daughter, Abby, regularly raided her mom's lingerie drawer for thongs and panties. I remember that Linda had mentioned the fact that Abby frequently borrowed her panties, jokingly adding that she was glad she didn't have to share her bras, too, as Abby was a rather full B cup. But the actual surprise for me was that when Linda wasn't home, Abby would rifle through the drawer in the nude. Sometimes she stood right there and tried on a pair or two, and the motion-sensing cameras caught every moment of it.

Naturally, being a dirty old man at heart, I saved a couple of the best clips without telling anyone about it. I found myself studying Abby's body, from her perfect conical breasts with nipples just like her mother's, to her pussy, shaved bare except for a landing strip of red pubes. From what I could tell, Abby had the same meaty kind of inner lips that Linda had, and her ass was a pair of perfect globes. She was teen perfection if there ever was, but in my experience she was also a world-class little snot. She'd never said a word to me if she could help it, and even then the expression on her face made it clear that she didn't have time for anyone over the age of 20. Ah, well, at least I could watch these videos of her and jerk off. It was almost like revenge.

Another thing I found is that I could hear the system kick on if I was sitting at my computer. Sometimes I was treated to the exciting spectacle of Linda vacuuming the bedroom, but at other times the view was much better -- such as the time Charles came home early and watched a porn video while lying on the bed and jacked off, catching his cum in his hand and licking it all up.

New Years Day, however, capped everything. In the middle of the afternoon, when I'd had my fill of 'family togetherness' and had retreated to my home office to do some of that year-end stuff that my CPA was going to ask me about, I heard the system start recording. I knew it was either Abby or a burglar, since Charles and Linda were still out on their 'dirty weekend' so I brought up the screen to see what was happening. There, with four cameras recording every moment of it, were Abby and her boyfriend Chris, already naked, while Abby's best friend Melissa was pushing her panties – her last item of clothing - down around her ankles. I got up, locked my office door and found my headphones.

As I watched the three unaware teens, Abby started directing the other two. First she had Chris pick out a porn video from the stash of them that Charles had in the bedroom. I prayed it wasn't one of the videos from the camera system, and thankfully it wasn't. (I made a mental note to remind Charles not to store them where Abby could ever find them.) Triumphantly, Chris held up a box and proclaimed, "This one! 'Extreme Threesomes Twelve'"

"Ooh, I've seen that – it's a good one, Chris," Abby said as she pulled down the covers on her parents' bed. "OK now, remember what the dare was. We do whatever happens on the video, and no chickening out, deal?" Both Chris and Melissa agreed to it, so Abby put the DVD into the player and started it up.

"Cool!" Chris shouted. "They're both sucking his dick at the same time! Get to it, girls!"

Obediently, Melissa and Abby knelt on either side of the standing boy and began to lick up and down the sides of his hard-on while he described the action to them. When the actresses took turns deep-throating him while the other sucked his balls, the girls did the same. Both girls seemed to be accomplished at the art of sucking cock and Melissa seemed quite at home doing it for Chris even though he was Abby's boyfriend. I figured there must be a little history involving the three of them.

The scene changed to show the male actor fucking one of the actresses. Abby decided to let Melissa have the first round with Chris. Melissa warned him to go easy at first. She happily straddled his hips and, taking his rod in hand, impaled herself on it in one slow stroke, groaning as she lowered herself and began to ride. Abby lay beside them and played with herself while she divided her attention between the fucking teens and the TV action for a little while. When the action on screen shifted she spoke. "You're gonna love this, Chris. The one girl is sitting on his face while he fucks the other one."

Abby straddled Chris's face and he eagerly and noisily started munching on her pussy. Melissa turned toward the TV to watch the action briefly and giggled, "...and the girls are kissing. Poor Chris can't see it cuz his face is covered by pussy."

"I don't hear him complaining," Abby laughed just before she leaned toward her friend and gave her an obviously tongue-filled kiss and played with Melissa's full round tits. Melissa eagerly returned the kisses and fondling. The three of them were getting into their own pleasure to the point that they didn't notice for a while that the scene had changed. The actress who had been riding the male actor's face was now sucking his cock, licking up the pussy cream from the other actress that had accumulated there, while her cohort was under her, licking her clit and working a finger deep into her ass.

Melissa saw it first. "Hot!" was all she said before she moved off Chris's dick to make room for Abby to suck him. She went at the job like a porn actress, moaning around his cock, trying to take every inch of him down her throat and gagging some in the process. He just held her by the sides of her head and, for lack of a better term, face-fucked her. Melissa, in the meantime, was greedily licking and sucking at Abby's pussy and, from what I could see, had worked two slim fingers into her girlfriend's anus.

After a few moments like this, Chris glanced at the TV and announced that the girls had now traded places on his dick and face, so Abby quickly climbed on board his shiny wet hard-on while Melissa seated herself on his face. After a look at the TV for confirmation, the girls resumed their kissing and fondling of each other while Chris thrust himself into his girlfriend and licked Melissa's pussy. He must've been licking just right, as Melissa soon threw her head back and screamed in orgasm.

When she came down from her climax, she raised herself up from his face and panted, "You're almost as good at that as your girlfriend! I can't believe she hasn't let you eat me before now. We've done everything else, I think."

"Not quite, babe," Melissa giggled, pointing to the television.

The porno movie scene had once again shifted. The two girls were in a 69 position and the male actor was pushing his massive cock into the tiny asshole of the actress that Melissa had chosen to mimic. I could see the hesitation on her face. Abby slapped her friend's butt very forcefully and told her there was no chickening out, then looked up at her boyfriend. "Go easy on her, lover, "she cautioned. "She's new at this."

"Wait a second," Chris said as he climbed off the bed and retrieved a condom from his jeans pocket. After he had rolled it down his rather impressive erection, he took his position behind Melissa. As Abby spread her girlfriend's ass cheeks wide, Chris held his cock in his hand and pointed it toward Melissa's virgin teenaged anus. The camera angles didn't allow me to see the actual penetration, but one camera captured the look of exquisite agony on the young blonde's face as a hard cock pushed into her rectum for the first time. At one point, Melissa was nearly screaming, tears were running down her face and she pounded the mattress with clenched fists as Chris worked himself deeper and deeper inside her back passage. Abby held her tightly and worked a tongue around in her slit, which seemed to help open her for Chris.

At last he was balls-deep inside Melissa's ass and stopped pushing for a moment to let her get used to the feel of him. Melissa groaned, "God, I never thought I'd ever be taking it up the butt!"

Chris began to slowly saw in and out of Melissa's butt and she keep sobbing that he was too big and begging him to slow down, but Abby kept pushing him to fuck her harder. Fuck her, Chris!" Abby urged her boyfriend. "Fuck her little ass while I eat her pussy."

Chris was obviously trying to be gentle with Melissa's ass, and also obviously trying to pace himself and not come too soon. Fortunately, the action on the screen gave him a moment's relief as the male porn actor got to stop for a moment and let the women 69, after which the girls on screen switched positions. Mimicking the action, Abby ended up on top and Chris eased his hard-on into her ass. Abby took him easily.

"I never thought I'd get to fuck two girls in the ass with one boner," Chris marveled out loud.

"Until you met me, you never thought you'd get to fuck *one* girl in the ass," Abby shot at him over her shoulder. "Lucky for you I'm such a slut."

"You mean, '*we're* such sluts' don't you?" Melissa laughed from beneath them. Chris laughed, too. Then he noticed that the action had changed again and the two girls were side-by-side on their knees and taking turns getting ass-fucked. Chris started with Melissa, then switched Abby, then back to Melissa, following the action on the screen as closely as he could.

When he switched to Melissa about the third time, Abby left the bed for a moment and returned with a wet washcloth. "I've seen this video," Abby told Chris. "Pull out early so I can wash that condom taste off you before you cum." He withdrew from Melissa's ass just a few moments later while the male actor was pumping his sperm onto the 'Abby' character's tongue. Chris skinned the condom off his throbbing erection and Abby thoroughly washed him before taking him in her mouth. He only lasted seconds at that point, unleashing a torrent of sperm into his girlfriend's mouth.

I suppose that Chris and Melissa were too busy watching the live action to remember the movie, but Abby pointed to the screen and they turned just in time to see the two porn actresses pushing the cum back and forth between them. At that point I shot my own load. As I mopped up, the three teens carefully remade the bed and stowed the video back in the drawer, laughing as they left the room.

I showed the edited version of the video to Lily later that week, and she got really horny watching the teen threesome, but we decided it was probably better not to tell Linda and Charles about it.

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