This is my second story. Inspired by, and written for, Sarah. A young lady I chat to online. She's "sub with a Domme streak, slutty and flat chested" -- her words -- but also wants, one day, a loving relationship with a guy who adores her.

This is my interpretation of how that could work out.

I would LOVE to live this way for real.

One day...


We'd been running our little B&B for some years now. It suited our lifestyle. When we met we found we were each others soul mates. You were a submissive slut, but you had a wicked dominant streak that you had to give free rein to every so often. I was a submissive guy who loved to be cuckolded.

We had lots of kinky adventures, but always found work got in the way. Then we saw this place up for sale and we both knew immediately that it was perfect for us. It's been a fairly successful business and it's great that we can work together, and of course, it gives us loads of free time, and of course you've had the added bonus of all those lonely and horny salesmen staying with us on their way to their next area!

Winter for us has been traditionally a fairly quiet time so when we got the enquiry from Paul about staying with us during the week for three months while he was on a course at work we jumped at the chance. It was regular income during the week, and if we needed all our rooms at weekends for people having a weekend away, we could still use his room because he'd be going home weekends. We decided we'd give him our best room and make him as comfortable as possible. Long term rents are too good to pass up.


He arrived as expected on the Sunday evening. I could see straight away you were attracted to him. You invited him in and said you'd show him to his room, then, almost as an afterthought, said "don't worry about your bags, my husband will bring them up for you."

I could see that he was impressed with the room; it's nice and spacious with a beautiful four poster. Not en suite unfortunately. That's the one down side to our place. Only two bathrooms, one for us and one for the guests.

We left him to unpack and went downstairs. You looked me straight in the eye and said "I'm going to have him......you'd best make sure you're on your best behaviour while he's here". Then you grinned, winked, kissed me and casually brushed my crotch to make sure I was hard - as if you needed to check!


The next morning you were up bright and early, well before me. I knew it must be something to do with Paul because you usually stay in bed until I've served our guests breakfast.

You came back to bed a little later. I hadn't noticed what you were wearing before, I was half asleep. I certainly noticed it now! It was one of your sexy nightdresses. The ones you wear when we have a cute guest and you want him to 'accidentally' catch a glimpse of you. Black, silky, spaghetti straps and arse swimmingly short. You smiled and said "I thought I'd take Paul an early morning cup of tea. It looks like he's a very big boy by the tent he's making under the sheets!" I reached for you to make love but you pushed me away. "Not yet, there's plenty of time for that after he's left. I want to be fresh and fragrant when I serve him breakfast."

You got dressed - sort of, to serve breakfast. It was a good thing we only had one guest. Stockings and suspenders (at that time of the morning!) under a black pencil skirt tight enough to be certain the outline of the suspenders was obvious, and a thin white blouse. Bra-less as I expected.

I hurriedly pulled on a pair of shorts and a t shirt and rushed down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

I peered through the kitchen door when you were taking his order; I noticed that he seemed to like what he saw. So much so in fact that he insisted you sat with him and had a cup of tea while he ate. He was a perfect gentleman though. Although his eyes barely left you tits, he didn't make a move towards you.

He finished his breakfast and left for his course leaving you cleaning the table. When you got in the kitchen you picked up the spatula I'd been using to flip his eggs and started ranting about how dirty it was. I knew that gleam in your eye too well so I rushed to the sink and hurriedly washed and dried it. "Strip, and bend over the table." As short and abrupt as that. Of course I obeyed you instantly, as I always do when you're in this mood. I had a feeling I knew what was coming so I gripped the edges of the table and gritted my teeth against the onslaught to come. I couldn't believe the pain when it started. You'd spanked me many times before, but a metal spatula was cruel even by your standards. "I know it hurts darling, but I've flirted like mad and he hasn't made a move towards me. I have a lot of frustration to vent, I'm sure you understand." The love in your voice and your words was totally incongruous to the pain I was feeling, but you were right, I did understand. My poor arse was on fire by the time you'd finished, but my cock was rock hard. You sat on a chair in front of me and said one word. "wank". Well I was desperate to cum so I had no problem with that, even though I still find it so embarrassing to have to wank in front of you. When you sensed I was close you passed me a tumbler off the table and said "catch it in that". I did as I was told and then passed the tumbler to you when you held out your hand for it. You looked at me with a glint in your eye and spit into the glass. "To thin it down and make it easier to pour" you said with a smile, then "on your knees, head back, mouth open". When I'd assumed the position you stood up and poured my cum and your spit straight into my waiting mouth. "Swallow". I obeyed.

You unzipped your skirt and let it fall to the floor. Your pussy, framed between your suspenders was inches from my face. I couldn't help myself, I had to lean forward and kiss it. "My thoughts exactly" you said, sitting back down and spreading your legs. "Now lick me. I need to cum, and you'd better be good. Oh, and by the way, now you've made yourself cum be aware that that's the only way you're going to be cumming for a little while. I've decided I'm going to have Paul, so the next cock inside me will be his. You'd better hope he's feeling horny, or it'll be a long while before you have me again" you laughed as you settled back to let me lick you to orgasm.

Later on you went down the gym, leaving me to clear up in the kitchen and carry out the 'maid's duties' in the rooms. It wasn't too arduous a task considering we only had one guest, so I was sitting down (on a well padded sofa, after my earlier punishment) when you returned. You were hot and dripping with sweat, still in your gym kit. "I didn't bother showering, I thought I'd give you a treat" you said. I knew what to do. You love to have me worshipping your body, and I, in turn, love to do it. Somehow it seems more intimate and sexier when you're sweaty. I'm pleased though that you've only ever inflicted fresh sweat on me. I don't think I'd enjoy it so much stale! I removed your trainers and worshipped your feet one at a time. Taking my time and kissing them and licking them all over, before taking each toe into my mouth and sucking it. Then you took your top off. It seemed strange to see you wearing a bra, but you did look kind of cute in your white sports bra. I nuzzled into your dark, hairy, sweaty armpits, licking the sweat as if it were a precious liquid. You never shaved under your arms in the winter, reasoning that you'd rarely wear anything that would show them off anyway while it's cold.

I love the winter for that reason. Your unshaven armpits are a thing of beauty to me. That's why it was such a shock to hear you say "make the most of it, I'm shaving this afternoon. I'm sure Paul prefers it that way." I was disappointed, but I understood. By the time I'd cleaned your whole body with my tongue I could see you were on the verge of an orgasm. "Would you like me to bring you off?" I asked. "Yes I would, but you'd better do it in the bath, I'm bursting for a pee and I don't think I'll be able to hold it in when I cum" you replied. In our bathroom I lay down in the bath, the enamel was cold on my back, but I barely noticed it. All I could think about was giving you pleasure. You squatted down over my face and allowed me access to your pussy. I knew you were close so I didn't bother with the usual niceties and warming you up. I went straight for your clit; I rubbed my tongue over it, slow strokes at first, then faster and faster. It didn't take long. Your orgasm ripped through you, and then the floodgates opened. You couldn't control your bladder while you were cumming and pissed all over my face. My mouth was open while I licked your clit and my mouth was filling up. I wanted you to get the most out of this so I continued to lick you until your shudders died down.

You looked down at me and thanked me, then told me to get down to the guest bathroom and clean up while you showered and shaved to be ready for Paul's return.

Paul returned later that evening and went to freshen up. He was only upstairs for a short while when he came down and asked if we had another bathroom. I told him we only had the one for guests. He looked unsure for some reason, but said he would shower later and that he was going out for a pint first. I decided that I should take a look at the bathroom, perhaps there was a blocked drain or something?

Instead of a blocked drain I found you. Naked and obviously very frustrated. "I think he must be gay" you said "I made sure I used this bathroom and didn't lock the door. He caught me in the bath, not even bubbles to preserve my modesty and he didn't make a move on me." You frowned at me and said "you're really going to suffer now. I'm so frustrated I'm going to beat you like I've never beaten you before." I handed you a towel and told you I had a plan, and asked you to listen to it before you got too carried away.

I volunteered to disappear for the night. I thought he might be a little nervous about making a move on you with your husband about.

The thought of having the freedom to really work on him unhindered seemed to brighten your mood.

You dried yourself off and then rang Jenny. She's a friend of ours - or rather yours. She knows all about us, and she's your regular pulling partner. It was arranged that I'd stay round Jenny's overnight. It wasn't something I was looking forward too; I knew she would be as cruel as you - worse in fact. Jenny was a bit of a man hater.

By the time Paul came back you were dressed to kill. I made sure that I was about to leave as he walked in the door. I made a big show of saying goodnight to both of you, and telling you I'd see you in the morning. Then I made my way to Jenny's and left you two to it.

I won't go into too much detail about what happened to me that night, but I will say that she had two of her gay male friends round with her. The three of them were watching gay porn when I got there. I was made to strip and tell all three of them how my wife had sent me out of the way while she was seducing another man. I had to confess how much that turned me on (as if my rock hard cock wasn't enough of a give away) I wasn't allowed to cum once all night. Jenny slapped me around quite badly (though it was only slaps) and I was tied, to her spare bed, naked and blindfolded. I fell asleep, eventually, still frustrated with the sounds of her two friends making love, and her wanking while she watched still in my mind.


I was woken by Jenny squeezing my balls "wake up wimp; it's time to go back to your wife. I'm sure she's worn out her new fella by now".

I got dressed and returned home.

When I got in there was a note on the kitchen table. 'Sarah is asleep. My room needs tidying.

I made my way up to his room. You'd certainly succeeded last night. Now I was beginning to understand the tone of his note. Your clothing, including some very sexy, lacy and skimpy underwear was strewn all around his room. He obviously knew all about our relationship now. I gave his room a good tidy and then headed for our bedroom. You were half awake when I opened the door. You had a big grin on your face and you looked like the cat that got the cream. "Well darling, looks like you were right. With you out of the way he couldn't keep his hands off of me. I've explained how strong our relationship is, and how much we care for each other. I've also explained that you're happy to be 'second best' when I'm with another guy. He understands all that, and he says he's going to take full advantage of it. - With both of us" you added with a sweet smile.

You decided to spend the day with Jenny. Obviously filling her in with your latest conquest, and no doubt having a good laugh about what was inflicted on me the previous night too.

You came in shortly before I was expecting Paul back, you smiled at me and said "Jen and I have been shopping, I have some gorgeous new underwear" You saw the quizzical look on my face -you weren't carrying any bags - and continued "Oh no, no bags. I'm wearing it. Ready to unveil it for Paul. And speaking of Paul, You'd better make yourself scarce. Go to our bedroom. We'll call you if we need anything."

I sat in our room for over an hour after Paul returned. I went through the same old familiar emotions. Gut wrenching jealousy that my wife was with another man. Intense humiliation that another guy knew that I not only allowed my wife to sleep with him, but encouraged it too. An amazing sexual high from the turn on of it all. But above all else, pride at having such a sexy wife, and the fact that someone so sexy stayed with me even after all the temptations she's exposed to.

As I sat wallowing in these emotions I heard Paul call me. I went to his room, and what a sight greeted me. You were flat on your back on his bed. One limb tied to each corner of the four poster.

I've always loved to see you in the more 'extreme' lingerie. Corsets, basques, thongs etc. All in black, bright red, eye catching things like that. Tonight though you looked almost virginal. A simple but lacy bra, matching panties, white stockings and suspenders. Paul looked at me and said "your wife has explained all about the relationship you two have. I sampled her delights last night, and I intend to do so every night while I'm here. But.....You have to give her to me. She's gift wrapped right now. I want you to unwrap her for me." and with that he passed me a pair of scissors.

I took the scissors from him and cut through your bra, pulling it of and exposing your hard crinkled nipples. Then I did the same with your panties. Leaving your wet pussy neatly framed by your suspenders. I passed the scissors back to Paul. He just smiled and said "good, now go to your room and leave us alone."


You woke me in the morning with a big kiss and said "thank you for doing that for me last night darling, it was really sexy to be given away like that. Now get yourself up, it's time to do Paul's breakfast. I cooked and you served. When he'd finished eating he headed to the door, paused for a moment and called you over. "One more thing before I leave" he said, unzipping himself. You sank to your knees and took him into your mouth. He was rough, grabbing you by the hair and face fucking you, and quick. When he'd unloaded into your mouth he pulled out, zipped up and left. You looked at me, smiled and walked over. You opened your mouth to show me you hadn't swallowed and then locked lips with me, kissing me passionately and sharing Paul's cum with me.

You obviously needed to show me you still loved me too. You grabbed me by the hand and dragged me up to Paul's room. "I thought you might like to fuck where all the action took place last night" you said with a wicked grin. "I've missed you making me cum over the last day, so it's time you made up for that.

You fished around on the floor for the stockings you were wearing the previous night and used them to tie my arms to the headboard. When I was secure you climbed onboard and started to ride me. It didn't take long before your first orgasm ripped through you. Rather than catching your breath and then continuing to make me cum like you normally do, you climbed off and lay down next to me. You lazily stroked my cock. Way too slowly and softly to make me cum, but just enough to keep me on the boil. You chatted to me quietly about all the sexy things we'd done in the past, and all the things you wanted to do in the future. When you'd caught your breath you climbed back on and rode me until you brought yourself off again. You then dismounted again. This carried on for what seemed like ages. I was almost in tears with frustration before you relented. You looked down at me, and told me that Paul had decided that not only did I have to consume all the cum that I produced (which was something you demanded anyway) but on top of that I had to be hurt on the point of orgasm everytime. "Tell me when you're about to cum" you said, and then started to ride me hard. It didn't take long before I groaned "now". Your left hand flashed down and slapped my cheek hard, followed quickly by your right. My orgasm exploded into you. You allowed me to finish shaking and then mounted my face saying "one last cum for me then".

After I ate you to climax you untied me and lay in my arms. You suddenly looked serious. You explained that you loved the fact that you could fuck whoever you liked, whenever you liked, but the best part of it for you was knowing that I'd always be there. That whenever you came back to our bedroom I'm be there to clean you, to hold you, to love you. Paul wanted to push us out of our comfort zone though. He wanted to share our bed with you while I was relegated to a guest room. You looked deep into my eyes and asked if I'd mind. You told me that if I didn't want this to happen you'd tell him no. You'd never denied any of your lovers anything before. I loved the fact that this was so important to you, you'd say no to it if I wanted you to. I returned your serious look and asked you if doing that would turn you on. "It would. I love you dearly, but moving you out of our bed in favour of another guy would give me a huge thrill. No one will ever replace you, and this would be short lived, but yes, I'd love to do it if you gave it your ok." I smiled at you and told you you'd better pick a room for me.

That was a strange night. You put me in a room that adjoined ours. We'd deliberately had the plasterboard wall put up, and made as thin as possible so we could put any sexy guests in that room. Then either they could hear us, or us them. I'm sure you were more vocal than normal that night, and I know my right hand was aching before I went to sleep!


I was woken in the morning by Paul shouting through the wall that he'd take his breakfast in bed today. As I was leaving my room he shouted at me not to bother getting dressed seeing as I was going to be seeing the two of you naked anyway. I rushed to cook breakfast for the two of you and was knocking at our (your?) bedroom door. What a sight I was greeted with. You were both sitting up in bed, naked. I looked at your face, you were flushed, my gaze dropped down to your small but perfectly formed tits. My gaze dropped lower, attracted by movement. Your tiny little hand was struggling to fit around his cock, you were moving it firmly up and down, making the foreskin slide back and forth over the brilliant purple head. "Put our breakfast on the side" Paul said to me, and then to you he added "And you can show your husband what you're really hungry for." You moved onto your knees and lovingly took his cock into your mouth. He was forceful, but not cruel, guiding you with a hand on the back of your head but not making you gag. He spoke to me while you sucked him. "She's told me how she likes to abuse you, she's also told me she wants me to help her doing that, so now wimp, you can watch a real man fuck your wife". With that he manoeuvred you around so he could take you from behind.

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