tagNonHumanBane of the Lone Wolf Ch. 03

Bane of the Lone Wolf Ch. 03


I tore away from the gathering a few minutes after my orgasm, sprinting as quickly as I could, my hind-paws padding over the ground with reckless abandon as I snarled with fury at myself, raking my claws through the trunks of the trees I passed.

How could I have abused the poor wolf girl in such a way? I knew exactly how terrible and awful it felt to be on the receiving end of such torment... Was I really so wrong in the head?

I slowed my rushed footsteps, as I came to the edge of a waterfall's pool, the soft splash of the falls reaching my ears like nature's music. I stared at the deep black pool that reflected the moon's light, catching glimpse of my own demon-like reflection in it.

What in God's name had come over me...? I could not answer this question, and I struggled with it for what seemed like an eternity.

I eventually knelt down to drink from the pool when I was suddenly tackled from behind into the water, and I yelped in surprise, wrestling with the shadowy form entangled with me.

A claw swiped my muzzle, and as I recoiled from the blow, a padded foot slammed into my chest, knocking me onto my back in the shallow water, as I looked up at a wolf at least a foot taller than me.

"You wretched little bastard!" The large wolf snarled, lifting me by the scruff of my neck, his eyes glaring daggers into mine. I flattened my ears as I attempted to growl back, only to be shaken and thrown into the shallow waters again on my stomach.

Before I could even lift myself up, a paw wrapped around my tail and yanked my hips upward, pulling my arms out from under me. I yelped at the pain, before my mind registered what exactly this position suggested, and I increased my struggling tenfold.

"You thought you could just force yourself on my sister and nothing would come of it?!"

"NO!" I roared and thrashed my legs, kicking back at the muscular wolf, only to feel him yank my tail again and smack my rear with his paw, as he leaned over me.

"An eye for an eye, Pup."

I bucked beneath him in a futile attempt to wrench myself free of his grip, the couple inches of water around me rippling and splashing as my paws disturbed it.

My eyes dilated in horror as he lifted my tail up and I felt something thick, hard, and hot to the touch press against my tailhole.

I quickly shifted my hips away as much as I could, but he forced me back into position within a couple minutes, even as I quaked beneath him.

I started to snarl another demand to be released, but it went from fierce growl to a feminine squeal as I felt the head of his throbbing wolfcock force its way into my virgin rear, and my paws flexed, digging into the soft mud beneath the water as I clenched my eyes tightly, tears forming at their corners.

"NONONOPLEASESTOP!" I thrashed my head from side to side as he seized a fistful of my headfur with his free paw, and yanked backward, forcing my head to lean back as he shoved another inch of his wolfhood into my ass.

My eyes cracked open and I could barely see anything through my own tears, as I let out a choked whine, feeling the strong wolf force his cock into my tailhole, inch after inch, until I felt so full that I could barely breathe, and his heavy balls were pressed against mine.

I whimpered and cried openly now, ashamed and hurt, wracked with sobs, and only met with a sneer and cold laugh from my tormentor. "We're only getting started, bitch..." I flinched at the term, only to gasp and claw at the ground beneath the water as he started to thrust in and out of my rear in short, fast movements at first.

"Oh god...!" I sobbed breathlessly, burying my face in my arms as I felt his shaft pound into me, again and again, his balls slapping against mine as he grunted in his sadistic pleasure, the head of his cock so deep inside me I felt impaled.

As he continued to violently sodomize me, my eyes happened to catch a glimpse of our reflection in the moonlit water, and a cold, chilling shiver ran up my spine as I truly appeared to be a bitch in the image...

Suddenly he spanked my upturned rump with one paw, the other still gripping the base of my tail, and I couldn't help but gasp sharply, as he did it several more times, one after the other, until I was pleading incoherently for him to stop.

The searing pain of his cock stretching me open, now accompanied by the sting of his spanks, left me crying into my forearms, letting out soft grunts with every thrust as I tried to stifle my reactions, if only to deny him that pleasure.

Gradually, his thrusts deepened and his force increased, until each shove of his cock shook my entire frame, and his hips slapped against the cheeks of my rump with unbelievable ferocity.

I would have cried louder, except a new horror had appeared to torture me further: the strong wolf's cock was touching...something, deep inside me that I couldn't help but whine in weak pleasure for, despite my mental screams of protest.

"Turns out you were born to be a bitch yourself, eh pup?" the large wolf growled, with a mix of amusement and disdain that made me feel mortified.

"N...no...!" I protested in a barely audible whisper, wiping the tears from my muzzle with the back of my paw.

I must have angered him with my continued denial, as he increased the force of his pounding and started to spank me with every thrust, forcing whimpers and cries out of me so loud I might've woken the whole forest.

"Unh..unf..rrff...umf...p-please...!" I desperately tried to stop him now, as I could feel the very beginnings that led to an orgasm starting to build.

My pleas fell on deaf ears as the strong wolf brutally forced me to submit, his thick, throbbing cock slamming into my tight ass over and over, his paws spanking, slapping, and pulling my tail and headfur.

I arched my back and screamed one last protest as I tried to physically restrain my orgasm, but his continued thrusting pushed me over the edge and I felt my face heat with the worst shame as I emptied my seed into the water beneath me.

My shame was worsened by the fact that the larger wolfhood was still working its way in and out of me, and the big, powerful male behind me started to grunt in a way that terrified me.

"P-p-please, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...!" I shook and begged helplessly, already humiliated and feeling that having him claim me as his bitch would be unbearable.

Soon, despite my last, final cries, I heard him howl in passion, and then I felt him lean forward and clamp his jaws on my neck in a deep, claiming bite as I felt something hot and thick spill into my rump.

I wept miserably as he took his time pulling his spent shaft out of me, releasing my neck and standing up behind me, spitting on my rump with a laugh. I heard his footsteps splash through the water and then pad over the grass, until eventually I could no longer detect him.

I don't know how long I lay there, my heart pounding as tears ran down my muzzle, dripping into the water beneath me. Finally, after what seemed like a thousand minutes, I started to crawl through the shallow water, yelping as I realized how bruised I was, my tailhole aching and my fur muddy.

I eventually had to stand and wade weakly through the pool, until I was under the powerful falls, and I remained there for quite some time, letting the icy liquid rush over my form. I hoped that it would at least lessen my shame, and I suppose the numbness helped some.

When I returned to the shallow edge of the pool, I collapsed in the inch-deep water, feeling isolated, mortified, and unnerved, as my eyelids became heavy. As I struggled to forget the feeling of the bigger wolf, in every way, I somehow drifted into the realm of unconsciousness.

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