tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBanging in the Boat House

Banging in the Boat House


Today is my high school graduation and I'm still a virgin. I'm not a prude, in fact I have given blowjobs to every hot boy in my senior class. The entire football team in one go. God my throat was sore after that night. But tonight, I want to lose my virginity.

There is party tonight at my parent's lake house. For my graduation and my brother's home coming. Nate is my older brother and has been serving overseas for the past couple of years. He and a few of his Marine buddies are home on leave. They just flew in yesterday. Just in time to see me graduate.

Later that night

The party is blowing up the house. Good thing the lake house is miles away from any neighbors. One cop car did show up earlier but two of my slut friends are keeping them occupied. They are too busy to see the teenagers drinking the alcohol bought for us. Courtesy of my brother and my wallet.

I head to the pool house and away from the main party. I look through the window as I passed by to see who was inside. I froze when I saw my brother and two of his buddies fucking my lab partner. One dick in her mouth another marine on the table in her pussy and my brother fucking her ass. God, they were really going at it. I mean like hardcore, hooker in the making kind of...

"You like what you see?"

Shit. I turn around quick to see another of my brother's friends. The biggest one... Dan? No...Dyane? Shit, no...Darren. They jokingly called him Big D. Too curious not to, I looked down at his pants. I'm not sure it is just a nickname. He smirked.

"I've been looking for you." He said stepping closer to me. "I've been asking around. Every guy here says you give the best head... I was hoping for a demonstration."

I look back down at his crotch and gulped. Then I nodded and pulled him to the small boat house closer to the river. As soon as we got inside he pulled his cock out and stared stroking. He is big already and he's only half hard. I got on my knees, a little difficult to do in the short dress I am wearing. I looked up at him only inches away from his cock. He looked down at me with an evil half smile.

I licked him from head to base getting him all wet before sucking on his balls. He hummed and gowned. I stared slow sucking on just the tip before sliding him all the way down my throat. He was big but not at full mass yet. He started to get harder in my throat so I tried to pull off. He held my head on his cock and moaned. Darren then started to pump his hips into my face. I gagged on his cock before he let me up for air. He is so big now.

He picked me up by my hair bending me over the table to our left. Flipping up my dress Darren reached up to pull off my panties. He is rubbing the tip of his cock up and down my pussy. Getting me wet. Coating his cock in my juices. Before long he started to push inside me bare.


I pulled a condom out of my bra and handed it back to him. He did one quick laugh and through it on the floor. Plowing passed my virginity in one move completely bare. When I tried to fight, he held my arms behind my back. He grunted and growled as his massive cock jackhammered my pussy. He is relentless. I can feel the veins of his cock rubbing my pussy walls. He is so deep inside me. Darren's thick cock stretched my pussy almost to pain.


He roared out his orgasm. Burring himself to the hilt. His hard cock throbbing with every heartbeat. When he emptied inside me I came around his cock. My cervix dinking up his huge load of cum. Darren bent down and picked my panties off the floor. He cleaned off his cock with them before putting them in his pocket.

We went back to the party.

One year later

Darren is coming home on leave. He can't wait to meet our son, Ryder. Currently he is napping in the stroller as we waited at the airport. Darren and my brother had gotten into a fist fight after we found out I was pregnant. However, things settled down when we moved in together. Every time we talk, Darren tells me he's going to fuck another baby into me as soon as he gets home.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/16/18

All in all...

A great story. Ignore the haters, they have nothing they’d rather do. Thanks for the story!

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by BataBitch07/14/18

Thank You Readers

Thank you for your feed back on my first story ever published. I know I have some things to work on (Spelling and Grammar). The other story ideas are welcome as well. I'm used to criticism, but pleasemore...

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by Anonymous07/13/18

Boring and questionable at best

“My cervix dinking up his huge load of cum.“ was such a horrible sentence. Most of the grammar errors I could struggle through, but I had to spend 10 minutes figuring out that you meant drinking. Also,more...

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by Anonymous07/13/18


Actually you have MULTIPLE spelling errors that just made me laugh out loud. One example is, "He hummed and gowned" lol seriously... what is gowned?
I never comment because everyone makes mistakes butmore...

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by gypzee307/13/18

You do need a proof reader

Actually, you didn’t spell it correctly in the context of the sentence. There were other spelling and grammar issues as well.

When the reader has to stumble over multiple errors, it’s the equivalentmore...

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