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"Look at me," he said from time to time. Commanding, but not demanding.

Katherine held his gaze for as long as she could before she closed her eyes. Their bodies were wrapped together tightly. She could feel sweat forming where they touched, their bodies sliding together, her heart pounding against Joe's chest. When he rolled over on top of her Katherine almost cried out in relief.

"Finally," she thought. "He's ready." His cock was so hard against her belly. She lifted her hips to position herself better. James paid no attention to what she was doing. He kissed her gently, then nibbled her lips. Hew slid down her body just enough to bury his face between her breasts.

"Okay," Katherine thought. "Of course he wants to play with my boobs."

Katherine didn't protest, because she loved having her breasts fondled, caressed, bitten, kissed. Joe was doing all that and more. It felt wonderful and for a few minutes she relaxed and enjoyed it. He was certainly doing a wonderful job. He squeezed them together and sucked both nipples at once. He held her nipples firmly and squeezed them then licked them. He nibbled, then stopped and blew on them. Every time Katherine thought he was done, he would start over. Or do something different. Or just do nothing and wait until she whimpered for him to please do something!

"Do what Kate?" Joe teased. He rolled off her and lay down beside her now.

He ran his fingers down her belly to her neatly trimmed bush, then back up to one of her nipples. He rolled the hard skin between his thumb and finger. When she moaned he stopped.

"You didn't tell me what you want me to do Kate," Joe whispered in her ear. "Tell me what you want, anything. It's yours."

Katherine looked over at Joe and smiled. She wanted him to let her ride his big hard cock until they were both sweating and screaming and coming. That's what she wanted. But she knew Joe was teasing her. She could see it in his eyes. What ever she said she wanted, he was going to make her wait for it. Unless it was something he wanted just as badly.

"I want to suck your cock Joe," Katherine said. She reached for his penis and grabbed it firmly. She stroked it while she looked into his eyes and licked her lips. "May I, please?"

Joe smiled at her polite request. That was the second time she had asked permission to do something and Joe found it so sexy. Of course he couldn't say no. But he appreciated being asked, just the same. He relaxed his thighs so Kate could roll over between his legs. Before her mouth ever made contact she rubbed his cock over her face and held it between her breasts and squeezed.

"Thank you, Joe," she smiled up at him. Before he could respond she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. Her tongue circled the ridge. She hummed while she sucked, which made it feel like she had a vibrator in her mouth. When Joe groaned she stopped what she was doing and looked up at him.

"Everything alright babe?" she asked him.

She knew damned well everything was alright. She could tease too.

"More than alright," Joe assured her and ran his fingers through her hair. "Your mouth feels amazing, please, go on."

Katherine went back to work, but this time she started with his balls. She tongued between them and licked in circles. She sucked one into her mouth, then the other. All the while, she stroked his cock in slow steady rhythm. When she would see a drop of precum, she would stop what she was doing and lick gently, and tell Joe he tasted better than anything she had ever had in her mouth. When he moaned in response, she would go back to sucking his cock and caressing his balls. She was determined to show him he wasn't the only one who could be a tease. She really was enjoying what she was doing. It was easy to tease this way.

Joe knew if Kate kept up like this he was not going to be able to hold back. He had underestimated her abilities, he thought to himself. He looked down and watched her head bobbing up and down on his cock. The sight of the head of his cock disappearing between her soft pink lips was too much. He grabbed her head with both hands and held her close.

"I can't wait Kate," he groaned as the first wave of his orgasm hit him.

He was coming in big thick spurts, he could feel it. He leaned back and groaned loudly. Katherine didn't miss a beat. Sure, there was cum running down her chin, but she was aware and not going to let it go to waste. She caught it with her fingers. When Joe's cock stopped throbbing, she put her fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. She made sure he could see her doing this, too. When she was sure she had gotten it all, she crawled up beside him and lay her head on his chest so she could hear his heart beating. When his breathing had returned to normal, Joe rolled over and gave Kate a long kiss.

"Damn, that was something else!" he said as he looked down at her. "I just hope I can do the same for you."

Katherine smiled, and thought about making a "sorry, left my penis at home" joke, but was afraid Joe would take it to mean she had a man at home, which she most certainly did not. She didn't want to destroy this moment.

Instead, she said "if your kisses are any indication, I think I'm in for a hell of a ride!"

Joe started at her lips. Every kiss he gave her made Katherine think "now this is the one I will be remembering." By the time he had made his way from her ears, to her neck, between her breasts, she was impatient. He let his fingers reach her pussy while his mouth was still working on one if her nipples. He felt her wetness before he even parted her outer lips. He pushed gently, rubbing his finger in small circles, until the lips parted and he felt her hard clit. It was swollen and Katherine inhaled sharply when he gave it a very gentle pinch. Joe put his thumb to her mouth. She licked it first, then sucked it into her mouth. She looked him in the eye and sighed deeply. He smiled and went back to teasing her clit. She moaned, softly at first, then louder as she felt her climax building. She was going to come before he ever got near her with his tongue.

"Are you coming for me babe?" Joe whispered in her ear. He kept his thumb on her clit while he talked to her, moving slowly.

"Oh god yes, fuck yes!" Katherine was bucking her hips, trying to get Joe to touch her harder, move his thumb faster.

That's when he stopped completely. He took his thumb and traced the outline of her mouth. Katherine reached for his hand but he grabbed her by the wrist and held on. He kissed her lips softly, sweetly.

"Not yet, not like this," he said.

Then he started kissing her neck. When she was moaning, begging him to please stop teasing her, he stopped.

"My house, my rules, babe," he said. "Have you had enough for now?"

"No, not nearly enough!" Katherine cried out. "I'll be patient, I promise!"

"Are you sure?" Joe asked her one more time.

"No, I'm not sure I can be patient. But I'm sure going to try," she responded. There was a hint of desperation in her voice. It made her sound vulnerable.

Joe kissed her again, this time with a little more force. He rolled over on top of her and spread her legs with his. He cupped her ass in his hands and buried his face in her soaking wet pussy. He rubbed his face in her, letting her wetness, her scent permeate his senses. When she cried out he licked her clit harder, felt it throbbing against his tongue.

"Oh please suck my clit I'm coming right fucking now!" Katherine screamed and pinched her nipples to keep from grabbing Joe's head.

Joe did exactly as Kate had asked. He felt her thighs closing in around his head as he licked and sucked as hard as he could. Her fat clit ducked under its hood and she came hard. Screaming, pulling hair, thrashing. Joe had to fight to hold her down, but he did it. He licked and sucked all the pussy juice he could, reveling in her scent and taste. He could stay right here and enjoy her forever, he thought as she began to relax. He slowed down and licked her outer lips, kissing them gently. When Katherine's thighs were no longer wrapped around his head and she was breathing a little less deeply, Joe lay down beside her and put an arm over her chest. She turned to face him and kissed his lips, licked her own juice off him, and sighed contentedly. They were going to need a nap before round two. And there was most definitely going to be a round two.

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