tagLoving WivesBarbara Gets a Job at a Strip Club

Barbara Gets a Job at a Strip Club


A suburban housewife does what she needs to do to survive the sudden incarceration of her husband.


Things were bad for Barbara Blaine. Her husband Hal had been indicted by the feds a month ago for stock fraud. What funds the couple had access to was used to hire a lawyer who was unable to get Hal out on bond. Then the feds froze the couple's remaining assets when Hal refused to cooperate with them. With no money coming in, no way to pay bills, and both of her children in college with financial needs of their own, Barbara was desperate.

The mortgage was due in two weeks and that was Barbara's first concern. After she met with her husband at the downtown federal detention center, she drove over to the area by the airport and into the parking lot of the Mint Lounge, a local strip club. Hal had helped finance the purchase of the club for a buddy, and he assured her that Skip, the owner, would help.

Skip was sympathetic to Barbara's problems. "I can loan you a thousand dollars, but that will go quick. And then what?" Barbara knew he was right.

"I can give you a job as a hostess. If you work it right you can make upwards of five hundred to a thousand a night." Barbara sat back and thought about the offer for a moment.

"What exactly do I have to do?"

Skip leaned forward eyeing Barbara. "How old are you?"

"Forty four," she said.

Skip nodded. "You need to wear a revealing dress, High heels, makeup, do up your hair nice. You look to be in great shape, so no problem there. Men will come into the club. You show them to a table, make sure the girls they express an interest in come over, and make sure the waitresses take their drink orders. Some of the men will want to reserve a champagne room. You make sure they know to do it through you and you take the cash or the credit card. You do it, not the dancer. That is important. As for pay, well you get two points on money from your tables plus the girls you set up for dances tip you a dollar as well per dance. I can give you ten tables to start. Some tables spend a few hundred on drinks alone, and we've had guys use their Amex Black to drop ten grand in champagne room charges and girls. You get them to spend, you make money."

Barbara nodded. "Let me try it for a few nights. I can't commit beyond that. Lets see how i do."

Skip chuckled. "No worries there. If you can't sell, I can't carry you." He reached into his pocket. "Can I give you an advance on your work money?"

Barbara declined. She didn't want to get any further in debt. She did however agree to start work that night. 7:00 pm till closing at 4:00 am.

Barbara went home and took a nap. At 44 she had rigorously worked out and kept in shape. She had a nice body with a large set of 36 natural breasts that never failed to turn men's eyes and auburn-reddish hair that she wore long below her shoulders. She was 5'9 and her spin class had kept her legs and butt in shape although she often had to wear a sports bra and a regular bra to keep her tits from swaying as she rode her spin bike.

Barbara got up at 5:00 PM, had a quick bite to eat but found that she was nervous and did not have much appetite. She put on a black cocktail dress and a pair of black high heels along with stockings. She didn't put on a bra. She put a pair of jeans and a t-shirt in a gym bag so that she could change before she went home, and at the last minute for reasons she wasn't really sure about, she threw a tiny black leather skirt and matching black leather vest into her bag. The vest was laced up the front and was the sexiest top she owned. She and Hal sometimes rode Hal's motorcycle and she pretended to be his "old lady" and dressed the part as they drove out of town on weekends and stopped to have lunch at a bar where neither of them were known.

Before she left for work she removed all of her jewelry, including her wedding ring. She reminded herself she was doing this to avoid having to pawn her ring. Plus, Hal had suggested she go there, he must have known she would be asked to work doing something in the strip club.

Barbara arrived at 6:30 and Skip approved of her short cocktail dress and high heels. He quickly introduced her to the wait staff and a team of bouncers who Skip instructed her to call for immediately if there were any problems with customers. At least one bouncer, who was a large ex-college football player more than 20 years younger than her, flirted with her and made suggestions about them getting together after work.

The first night went well, and Barbara made over $800.00 dollars. She was thrilled, and even more happy when the rest of the employees complained that it was a slow night. A couple of the customers had flirted with her, and at least two had run their hands over her ass as she came by the table to check on them and make sure they were having a good time. Considering what she had seen the dancers allow at the tables and in the back during lap dances, she realized she had little to complain about. A few gropes were well worth eight hundred bucks in her opinion.

The next night Barbara came back to the club wearing a mini skirt and tight lycra blouse, again with no bra. She was worried she had gone a bit over board until she saw the other hostess wearing a short skirt and blouse tied off at the waist. "The more skin the better" Skip had said to her, and Barbara nodded enthusiastically.

It was about 11:30 at night and the club was hopping. In fact it was so busy that Tommy, the assistant manager, had told her that he might need her to fill in for some dances, as the club was jammed and a few dancers had called in unexpectedly sick.

"I...I can't dance. I didn't agree to that," Barbara stammered.

Tommy pulled her aside and Barbara could see he was angry. "Listen lady. I don't know you. Skip hired you. We all work our ass off here. If we are short dancers and you can make money dancing, you damn well better dance you ass off, as we all depend on each other to make money. Go in the back, get some stripper clothes and get back out here. I got guys who will pay for a MILF."

Barbara walked away in a daze. She went into the back to her gym bag and put on her mini leather skirt and laced up her black vest. Even fully laced, the vest showed off her ample breasts. She pulled out the leather laces tying the vest and realized she could get in and out of the vest quickly. Then, strutting on her high heels, she walked out into the club, excessively wiggling her ass in the short skirt, as she had seen the other dancers do.

Tommy directed her over to a table and she was immediately asked to do a lap dance for $20.00 dollars. She gyrated before the middle age business man for a few seconds while she slipped off her skirt and then undid her top. Then she crawled on the man's lap and wiggled a bit while facing him, her large breasts swaying back and forth before she turned around and sat on his lap reverse cowgirl and bounced up and down. Her first dance was not great and the man paid his money but waived her away. He was clearly looking for girls much younger than her.

For the next hour Barbara walked though the club and every few minutes she was waived over to a table by one of the bouncers who had now taken over her hosting job while she was dancing. A few of the younger guys used their hands a bit more and one guy about twenty took Barbara to the back room where he paid $125.00 for four dances. Barbara had to to tip one of the bouncers $20 dollars for the cubicle, and then she settled down on the guy's lap, wiggling and trying to move to the music as the guy massaged her breasts and whispered in her ear how much older women turned him on.

He was heavily muscled and he told her he played football for the local college. Barbara ran her hands over his chest and she was impressed how muscular he was. She turned and gyrated and her large breasts swayed back and forth to the delight of her customer.

"Baby girl I want your number."

Barbara smiled and shook her head.

The guy pulled her close and nuzzled her neck and ear as he cupped her breast. "I can make you in two or three hours what you make here in a night."

Barbara pulled back. "How?" she asked.

The guy laughed and squeezed her ample breast. "You really have no idea about the world do you? How long you been dancing baby?

Barbara was uncomfortable with his question so she just wiggled and pushed her other tit in his face. The guy greedily sucked on her tit and she realized she was getting turned on. Here she was, a month ago a respectable urban soccer mom, now dancing as a stripper to pay her bills. She was a slut she thought to herself, and then another thought flashed through her mind: even all those years she was faithful to her husband, hadn't she always fantasized about being a slut? Didn't she like dressing a bit sexy and seeing men react? Hadn't she at times shaken her breasts or undid an extra button on her shirt to get a salesman to lower the price or give her a good delivery date? She came to the conclusion that what she was doing now was just something she had always wanted to do, although she wished she didn't have to do it.

Barbara pulled her tit out of the guy's mouth and he pulled her close to him, one hand squeezing her ass. "Baby girl, I would take you to my favorite motel and give you two hours of pleasure like you've never had. I would pay you a couple of hundred. Then I would line up a dozen of my friends or teammates who love MILFS. We could charge $300 an hour, you keep $200. Two hours a night, four nights a week, that's $1,600 and we ain't even really trying. Find a high roller or two and we could double that."

Barbara pulled back. He wanted her to be a whore! He wanted to pimp her out. She had gone from being a hostess to being a stripper in one night, and now she was being offered the chance to go all the way and be a whore.

Barbara smiled at her customer. The songs were over. She bent down and put on her skirt as her tits hung free. She picked up her vest but before she could put it on the guy pulled her on his lap. "Come on baby girl, you and me. Lets go somewhere and have some real fun. I got your money."

Barbara let the guy squeeze her tit as she ran a long finger nail down his muscular arm. "I can't baby. I promised the club. I gotta stay here and work. If I leave, they fire me."

"Can I have your number?"

Barbara shook her head no. "Can't do that baby. But give me your number, and when I'm horny I will call."

She smiled seductively at the guy as he let go of her tit and reached into his pocket and pulled out a slip of paper. They walked out of the cubicle and Barbara stopped a passing cocktail waitress and borrowed a pen. The waitress stood with her hands on her hips, as she had put down her tray. She let out a sigh. She had seen this all before. The guy wrote his number and Barbara took it and kissed his cheek and walked off, shaking her ass as much as she could as she knew the guy was watching. "Damn I want that MILF ass," she heard her customer say and she laughed to herself. She was doing ok as as stripper she thought to herself. She had handled her first serious proposition and she really didn't mind the close contact with guys as long as most of them were as sexy as her last customer.

It was about 12:30 AM and Barbara was standing by the bar taking a break and smoking a cigarette and thinking about her life. She had given the habit up several years ago at the insistence of her husband, but since it seemed every dancer in the club smoked, she realized she wouldn't be able to resist. She was trying to calculate her take home for the night so far. Based on what she had already done, she was sure it would be almost $1,500 and that added to what she had made the night before and what she still had in her checking account would be enough for the mortgage. As few more nights of dancing or hostessing and she would have her bills covered for the rest of the month. A few months of this and she could get caught up in everything and start saving some money as well. "I can do this," Barbara thought to herself. "It's not ideal, but I can do this. I can survive." The thought pleased her.

A young man came by and stopped and did a double take and Barbara's heart jumped.

"Mrs. Blaine? Is that you?" It was Jared Mason, the son of her next door neighbor. She had recently been at his high school graduation party that his parents had thrown for Jared at their house, and she knew he was working for his father and making a lot of money in the pawn shop business.

Barbara shook her head. In the club she had chosen the name "Cheryl" and she calmly took a drag on her cigarette and told Jared he was mistaken.

"Well I'll be damned. You could be her twin. Hey, at least let me buy you a drink. I'm here with some friends." Barbara knew the rule. No dancer could refuse a drink at the club, especially since no matter what she ordered she would be served plain soda or water while the customer would be charged as if she was given alcohol.

Barbara tottered over to the table with Jared and his friends and quickly tugged at the laces on her top, trying to tighten her vest and stop her tits from swaying so much. Barbara sat down on a love seat sofa next to Jared who immediately put his arm around her and began to lightly stroke her bare shoulder.

Barbara had a few "drinks" and was dreading Jared asking her for a lap dance. Jared got up to go to the men's room and a few minutes later Tommy came by and waived her over. "That guy you were with just paid for an hour in the champagne room and a $650.00 dollar of Crystal. Have you been back there yet?"

Barbara shook her head no.

"Ok. Here's the deal," Tommy whispered to her quickly. "Your first job is to try an get him to order a second bottle. So drink the first as quickly as you can and lead him on."

"Lead him on?" Barbara asked.

Tommy made a face and cursed. "Don't play dumb. Make him think that if he orders a second bottle he will get to fuck you. Now go get it done."

Barbara walked off to the champagne room which was more secluded than the cubicle she had been in before. Jared was sitting on a small couch and Barbara walked over and sat down. Meanwhile a waitress was setting up the champagne bottle and flutes of champagne. There was a flat screen plasma TV hanging on the wall playing some porno, but they could change the channel to ESPN or something else if they wanted and the waitress gave them the remote. Then the waitress brought in some strawberries and some whipped creme. "Have fun you two" she said suggestively and winked at Jared as she walked out and closed the door.

Barbara was nervous. She had an hour to kill with the son of her next door neighbor and she was far from certain that he had believed her name was Cheryl.

Jared took a sip of the Champagne and then handed Barbara her flute. She took a drink as Jared positioned himself so that they were facing each other.

"So tell me about yourself Cheryl."

Barbara reached out and put her hand on Jared's arm which was muscular. In response Jared put his hand on her side under her arm and slowly started stroking the side of her left breast with his thumb while staring into Barbara's eyes.

Barbara began to speak and then stopped. "Ok Jared. You're right. You know who I am."

Jared kept stroking her left tit and ran his thumb from the side of her breast to over her nipple which immediately stiffened under her leather vest. He laughed. "I knew it all along. The whole neighborhood knows about your husband getting arrested and being in jail. I guess you needed some money?"

Barbara nodded and took a deep drink from her champagne flute and then poured herself another as she felt Jared's thumb wander all over her tit. She began to talk about what her husband was accused of and how shocked they all were at his arrest. About five minutes into their conversation she felt Jared's other hand rest on her right knee and his fingers began stroking her inner thigh underneath her skirt.

Barbara tried to ignore his advances as she spoke more about her husband, but every few minutes Jared got bolder with his hands, as if he was daring her to make him stop. Barbara turned in her seat a bit and then poured Jared some more champagne. She then went to light a cigarette and as she did so she felt Jared tug at the laces on her vest and then pull them off. Immediately her large breasts sagged down as the laces of her vest were not holding them up. She shook her head a bit and her hair spilled down over her front. Barbara and blew out some smoke as Jared took his index finger and began running it up and down in the valley between her tits. From there he took his finger and rubbed it under her vest and over the areola of her right tit and Barbara squirmed a bit. He had not asked her for a lap dance and yet he was slowly undressing her at his own pace. As she moved she felt his hand tighten on her right thigh as his fingers wandered up to her panties. With his left thumb making small circles on her pubis, Jared took his right hand and pulled out her left tit from her vest.

Barbara Blaine sat there in the champagne room, her tit exposed as her neighbor's son slowly explored her body while she smoked. To Jared, the money he had paid for the champagne room was worth every penny.

With her tit out and Jared's thumb making small pressing circles over her pussy, Barbara felt herself involuntarily shudder. There was no doubt she was getting turned on. They talked for a few more minutes and then very casually Jared took her exposed left tit in his right hand and after brushing her hair aside, gently squeezed it.

Barbara did nothing and Jared knew he had her. As he massaged her l tit in his hand he found the nipple and gently rubbed it between his thumb and forefinger. Jared smiled as Barbara gasped as her nipple quickly stiffened and he leaned forward and lightly kissed her.

Barbara remembered her manager Terry's rules: her first job was to lead Jared on and get him to order a second bottle of champagne. She kissed Jared back and then broke the kiss and rested her forehead on his. Jared could taste her red lipstick on his tongue. Barbara moved her hands down to Jared's leg and gently squeezed his hardening cock between his jeans: "If you're trying to turn me on, you're doing a great job."

Jared squeezed her exposed tit harder. Then he kissed his MILF neighbor again and slowly forced his tongue past her sweet full lips. Barbara resisted until Jared pushed harder with his thumb at her pussy though her panties. He had found a spot and the tight circles with his thumb had started making her very wet. As she moaned involuntarily her mouth opened just enough to allow Jared's tongue in.

Now they kissed more passionately as Barbara rubbed Jared's cock though his jeans and allowed Jared to suck her tongue into his mouth. Jared broke the kiss while rubbing her hard, red, ripe nipple between his thumb and forefinger. "I've dreamed of this for a while," Jared whispered. Then he kissed her again, even harder.

Whatever desire she had to resist melted away as Barbara allowed Jared to explore her body however he wanted.

Slowly, gently, Jared turned Barbara around so he was behind her. Barbara leaned back and spread her legs as Jared gently assaulted her neck with small bites and kisses and then moved his mouth to her ears before working across her naked shoulders as her auburn hair splayed down over her back. Barbara's body was tingling as she surrendered to the eighteen year old. His hands roamed freely up and down her naked front, gently cupping and massaging and squeezing the breasts he had dreamed about for so long.

Jared pulled Barbara back into his body, kissing the side of her cheek and then straining to kiss her mouth and slip his tongue in while behind her. Meanwhile his hands went down between her legs, gently slipping beneath her panties and stroking the fine golden public hairs that were by now dripping wet.

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