tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBarbarian Crashes Tailgate Party

Barbarian Crashes Tailgate Party


I've always stood out like a nun in a singles bar. Between my size, stature and personality. HOWEVER, I always manage to blend in as well. I can join almost any crowd and look like a belong. It's not until a non-trusting eye starts watching and asking questions. That's when I make my exit. And that's why I am so effective when I work overseas. Since Americans are so trusting I can blend in well when Im stateside also. That's how this story unfolds.

I had just experienced my first encounter in the Airport Hilton and was now crashing on a buddies couch in the same college town. The following weekend the home team was back at it against their rivals to the south from Forest Gump's alma mater. I couldn't give a shit less about either team but I wanted to be part of the revelry and drunken partying so I throw on my cargo shorts, t-shirt and flip flops and join the crowd.

I haven't wandered through campus too long before I see something I just have to have. A blonde, 5'6" coed. She is wearing knee high black boots, a pleated skirt that barely reaches her knee and is in the traditional houndstooth material. Plus a black spaghetti string top that accentuates her perfect C cup tits. She also has on a houndstooth hat to top it off.

As walk closer they multiply. They are twins. I'm good, but not that good, I'll never pull twins. I'll have to figure out which one is the weaker, separate her from the group and have my way. It's about four hours to kick off, and most tailgating groups have been drinking for hours. As I approach the tent the group is drinking under I yell out the "Roll TIDE!"

The group responds, "Roll Tide Roll!"

And just like that, I am part of the group. They welcome me in and offer me drinks. Soon I am high fiving everybody and act as if we are best friends. Everybody thinks I was invited by the other person, so in a group of two dozen people, I blend in. They are too polite to ask how I belong.

I start making small talk with the original blonde I saw. Her name is Staci, mid conversation she takes a call from her boyfriend still at home but introduces me to Ally, her twin (and hotter of the two if I might add).

Ally is 21 and is a senior at the university she is rooting for. She plans on being an elementary school teacher when she graduates. We quickly become friends, at least I earn her trust. Every time her beer goes empty I offer to refill it for her from the keg and help myself to a beer as well.

I blend in so well that at one point I am playing music on sound system they brought with them. Not too many beers into it Ally announces she has to pee. I offer to walk with her to the row of port-a-johns since I have to pee also and for "safety" since "we" are the visiting team.

I take that as the chance to get to know her and maybe stand close to her or hold her hand. I'm getting her used to the thought of physical contact with me and being alone with me while we stand in line. Every handful of beers or so I walk with her to the shitters and we are getting cozier and cozier. And she is getting drunker and drunker.

About 30 minutes from kickoff the responsible member of the group declares that we should start heading to the stadium for the game. The stadium is only a couple blocks. First I tell everyone we should have one last round of drinks, "SHOTS!" I yell and as if on cue, Fireball Whiskey is being poured for everyone. We have all gathered around the table waiting on the party designated bartender to pour our drinks.

I am standing directly behind Ally. I'm certain she can feel my cock in her back. I have been warming her up to the idea of close physical contact with me over the past several hours and several more drinks. I whisper in her ear, "You know this game is a HUGE game for us. They will need all the luck they can get. You know what is really lucky? After taking this particular shot you kiss the guy closest to you. It's proven lucky."

"Oh really?" She asks, not believing me at all but its game day and why not. "Well we will have to test that theory."

We take the shot, she turns and we kiss. Liquor is loosening her up and revealing her inner cock whore. My cock likes this pleasant reward and it springs to life even more. I'm sure she can feel it against her belly. Her hands find my face and holds my beard as we kiss. I noticed other party goes see us and are excited about the fireworks we are setting off.

"OK everyone, lets go to the game!" Someone announces.

"I whisper in Ally's ear again, we should pee first."

"Good call"

As the group starts walking to the game I subtly mention to someone near the rear of the group, "We are going to pee, we will meet you in there."

We start walking towards the bathroom. The opposite direction of the stadium. We walk past the line of port-a-johns and she asks "Wait, I thought we are going to pee?"

"We are, the line is too long here. I know a better place."

Earlier in the day I stopped at a sandwich shop at a strip of shopping centers just off campus. I noticed the bathrooms in the shop were down a quiet back hallway, and was an individual bathroom with just one toilet and a solid locking door. Past the bathroom was a delivery door. Earlier in the day I unlocked the door. If fate is on my side it's still unlocked and I can put my plan into place.

"Where are we going?" she asks as we walk the two blocks. I make sure to keep a tight arm around her. I can tell she thinks herself better than most from the way she carries herself. She is close to struggling thanks to her boots. She almost gets concerned when we walk behind the shopping center and past dumpsters.

"To pee, trust me."

We get to the door, I hold my breath and it opens with little effort. We are now in the back hallway of the sub shop and there is no line for the bathrooms (the sign on the front door reading "NO PUBLIC BATHROOMS" has helped me).

"Ladies first" and she shuffles in. As she does, I step out to the back alley and pee next to a dumpster, time and timing is of the essence. As I wait for her I think I smell a skunk, but I know it's not a skunk. I get back in and am patiently waiting for her to open the door.

When she opens the door she is all smiles, "Your turn!"

"I don't have to go, but since we are alone." I smile, grab her hips, and kiss her. I start walking her backwards into the small bathroom. Without breaking our kiss I throw the lock over on the bathroom door.

"Mmm" she moans. "We need to get to the game."

"We will, but first lets enjoy each others company."

"Mmm, seriously. We just met and I'm not about hooking up with a random guy in a bathroom stall."

Her southern bell attitude will get her in trouble today. It's at this moment I realize she is the stereotypical stuck up bitch of a southern belle. She is a trophy for sure.

She lets go of our embrace, walks past me and reaches for the door. I stand behind her, wrap my arms around her and start kissing her neck. "I think you want this." My arm reaches up and I start playing with her high priced tits through her top.

"Let go or Ill scream."

"You will scream eventually. But no one will care. The entire police force is directing traffic or dealing with the stadium crowd. The 18 year old sandwich shop guy won't hear you. He is smoking weed in the managers office and is probably used to people using this bathroom for fuck sessions. Just relax, I'm sure you will enjoy this." I need to buy time until the last shot we took hits her system.

I can feel a little fight give up in her as I walk us back towards the toilet. I sit down on it and I sit her on my lap. She is sitting rigid on me but my cock can feel her ass. With one arm still around her waist I reach up and start rubbing her tits. Im still kissing her neck and she is just sitting, waiting until I get tired. I run my hand under her shirt and start rubbing her tits through her bra. She is holding my wrist but is complying. Soon she is rolling her hips. Not much, but I notice the shift in attitude.

Her tits are hard through her bra so I dip my hand under her bra and start enjoying skin on skin contact with her tit. Her breathing is getting harder and harder. The hand around her waist is bunching her skirt up at her hips and I start running my hand up her thigh to her pretty, designer, bikini cut panties. Her pussy is wet, and I start getting it wetter. After a rub or two of her clit through her panties She is slumping further and further into my chest.

Her fight is almost gone. One of her hands is now stroking my soda can sized cock through my shorts. I match each subtle stroke of my cock with each rub of her clit.

I hiss in her ear, "You want to put it in your mouth don't you?"

As if in an out of body experience she just nods, "Mhmmm"

"Then stand up and put it in your mouth." She slowly stands up, and turns around. I free my cock and she tries to bend over at the waist but the angle is wrong and she is forced to get on her knees in this bathroom. She looks up at me, still wearing her houndstooth hat.

"Do it." I nod as if to give permission. She starts taking me in her mouth. I will say this about southern girls, they know how to suck cock. This is the best damn blow job I've ever gotten. She is sucking and licking my cock. She is stroking the shaft and playing with my balls. She has my eyes roll back in my head. Long before I want to, I erupt in her mouth. Just when she feels the initial drop hit the back of her throat she tries to pull back but I hold her pretty blonde hair in my kung fu grip and I force her to swallow every last drop. When my cock is done twitching, I release her pony tail and she falls back.

"Holy fuck...Holy fuck..." She is panting. "I can't believe I just did that. I get kinda slutty when I drink and dont eat. I'll make out with random guys but not blow them in a bathroom." Her head is her hands in disbelief.

"So you won't fuck them in a bathroom?"

"God no, I need to go." As is she is trying to save face and save some self-esteem.

My cock is at attention again and ready to go, as she stands up on unsteady feet (her boots on this slick floor isnt helping her) I am behind her again. I spin her around so she is facing the bathroom sink and mirror. She grips the bathroom sink and takes the same posture as if she is about to get frisked by a cop. In the process her STUPID hat fell onto the floor.

I run my hand up her skirt and hook my thumbs into her red panties, I start them down her shapely legs. "You have amazing legs..."

"I played volleyball growing up. I take pride in my body and work out." She says with her head down, almost in shame. When her panties hit the floor she steps out of them. The sight of her red, pussy juice soaked panties appearing from under her houndstooth skirt, contrasted against her black boots is what wet dreams are made of.

I step behind her, raise the hem of her skirt and I run my cock down the crack of her ass nestle it against her pussy. Just as I get ready to push.

"Wear a condom. I've never NOT used them."

As I thrust inside her, "How many guys?"

The breath leaves her lungs and she struggles to say, "You are number three."

I hold her hips and slowly start to fuck her. I must have been number three because it takes a good half dozen to a dozen slow thrusts to get fully seated inside of her. She may not have wanted this at first but soon her ass is pushing back against me and our bodies are in unison.

I let go of a hip and pull her shirt and bra off her and either consciously or subconsciously she helps. Now I am watching in the mirror as her perfect, rarely seen before C cup tits bounce every time I push. I can also see the gold necklace with her sorority initials, A O Pie, bouncing off the upper cleavage of her chest. Her tits are hard as little erasers on the end of a pencil. She looks up through drunk, lust filled eyes.

The flame in her eyes are clear. She needs to get off and is ashamed. That her body's need to breed is betraying her morals is clear and it's degrading to her. I can see the anger and hatred towards me and more importantly at herself for being so submissive. So I start rubbing her clit and set her on fire more.

"YOU BASTARD!" She is mad that I'm about to make her cum. She kicks her head back and screams again "OH GOD!" as her body shudders, shakes and spasms.

My balls are tight and I am seconds away from blowing my load in her.

"Pull out!"

My only response is pushing deeper into her and exploding magma hot semen deep inside her baby making body. I never take my eye off the show in the mirror.

Her head slumps forward in exhaustion, humiliation and an endorphin high.

I step back and enjoy my view. Freshly fucked, southern bell blonde, knocked off her high horse when her body betrayed her.

I wipe my cock on her black shirt and tuck the panties into my pocket.

I'm not sure if she registered what I am doing because she is still panting, staring down the drain of the sink like she can't believe she lost something down it. As if that's where her esteem, morals and self respect went to and it will never come back. It's only when I start to leave does she move and look for her bra. The sound of the door unlocking must have snapped her out of her cock educed trance. I dip out the back door and head away from the stadium.

No idea of if she went to the game or what. I know she had to walk through campus without any panties, cum dripping down her leg (but her perfect houndstooth skirt would hide it well) and cum smear marks on her black shirt.

During my next contract overseas I looked her up online. I saw where she was no longer enrolled at U of A. I did a little looking and saw she was taking night classes at a community college near her hometown. An unexpected pregnancy during the fall will do that.

I'm sure she almost died when she missed her period. I'm sure she tried hiding it but when the houndstooth skirt wouldn't fit anymore she would have to come clean. I'm sure that conversation went well at home since they were more than likely conservative southern baptist.

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