tagChain StoriesBare Bottom Resorts Ch. 05

Bare Bottom Resorts Ch. 05

byBlack Tulip©

North Sea Shells Report

Day 1

The hotel accommodation is impeccable and the surroundings are magnificent. The staff is friendly and the management seems intent on pleasing the guests in every possible way...

Laura smiled as she remembered how her stay here had started. She had sighed in relief when she spotted a parking lot to the right and a paved path leading to some rooftops behind the dunes to the left. She knew she'd found the North Sea Shells Resort. As all Bare Bottoms Resorts were nudist camps, she had expected a secluded place, but this one was bordering on the ridiculous. After she'd left the motorway behind her, she hadn't seen a single village and hardly any houses either. More than an hour had passed before she saw the small road branching off. The sign had been nearly invisible among the yellow flowers of blossoming broom and the modest white and pink from shrubs of Burnet roses.

With narrowed eyes she took in the cars that sat in the parking lot. Not even half filled, although it was midsummer. That was not a good sign to start with. On the other hand, the surroundings looked promising. Once she had switched off the engine, all she could hear was the buzzing of insects, a lark high in the sky and the rustling of a soft breeze. The resort claimed a beautiful location in a national park and Laura could see the truth in that. The dunes were free of the usual tourist mess; no empty coke cans, no half-eaten sandwiches, no candy wrappers, not even the butt of a cigarette. Well, the latter was rather self-evident. Who in his right mind would wander around smoking in a dry national park, in the summer?

Locking the car, Laura started down the path. Her only luggage was a small overnight bag with her toiletries and her laptop. It was al she needed for her short stay here. At the top of the dune she stood gazing out for a moment, grinning at the good fortune that had landed her a job of inspecting resorts all over Europe. A friend of a friend of a friend had recommended her and her experience in writing travelogues had come in handy.

The fact that they were all nudist resorts did not bother her. Ever since she could remember, her parents had been environmentalists to the core. They owned no car, they didn't do airplane holidays and were all for going natural at every opportunity. Laura laughed softly. They would most certainly not have approved of Bare Bottoms. There was nothing natural about it apart from the no-clothes policy. In fact, the company catered most of all to the rich and glamorous.

Descending to the sprawling, one-story building in front of her, Laura saw a glimpse of the sea behind the next row of dunes. The soft breeze raised few waves. She shifted her attention back to the main building that housed the reception, the staff and no more than 20 hotel rooms. Most guests stayed in the cottages that were dotting the dunes behind the hotel. Laura approved of the wood and glass structure that blended nicely into the surroundings.

Inside she smelled a hint of pines and the girl behind the desk smiled a welcome to her that looked sincere. Laura hoped she wouldn't be the only forty-something woman around. The cute receptionist made her very aware of her own rounded figure. She shrugged and pushed the sudden flash of self-awareness aside. She had a job to do here, so it was not important how she looked. Except to herself of course, but she wouldn't be competing for male attention.

The blonde checked her in and buzzed for someone to show her to her room. Laura had booked as a private person on purpose. What better way to find out what the guests were getting? As the bellboy appeared she swallowed and licked suddenly dry lips. Even if he was a bit too young for her taste, he was gorgeous. He had a nice athletic body with a golden tan and no more than a cute little cap to indicate his function.

Once inside her room Laura frowned. She was so used to seeing naked people that it hardly ever affected her in such a sexual way. Odd. She shrugged and turned her attention to the surroundings. The room was spacious and comfortable, as was the adjoining bathroom. What captured her attention most, though, were the big sliding doors that opened onto a terrace. She stepped outside and saw a trail that ran along the bottom of the patio before it branched off to the sea. She could hear a vague pounding and when she licked her lips there was a faint trace of salt in the air.

Unpacking her things and getting out of her clothes was a matter of minutes. With a sigh Laura stepped onto the terrace again, eager to explore the hotel and the beach part of the resort. It was the middle of the afternoon and she thought she could have a look at the sea before dinner.

She walked down the wooden tiles of the patio when she heard noises coming from one of the neighboring rooms. The sounds were unmistakable. The heavy breathing, moaning and wet slapping made Laura pause. The thought of people enjoying each other within earshot had the blood rushing to her face. She giggled softly. It must be something in the air here. For a moment she hesitated. The notion to stay and listen in was attractive, but she shook her head. There was work to do. She had three days to write a full report and she wanted to stay anonymous for the most part.

Laura squared her shoulders and took a deep breath before she stepped from the terrace and headed to the branch of the trail that led to the sea. She allowed herself only a quick glance when she walked past the terrace of her busy neighbors. A bit disappointed she found nothing to look at. The minute she crested the dune the sea captured all her attention. Due to the calm weather the water looked like a softly rippling sheet of blue-gray silk. The beach was sparsely dotted with people despite the inviting white sand.

On an impulse Laura walked to the flood line. It looked like the tide was going out. No swimmers were foolish enough to venture in and the waves lapped at the growing stretch of wet sand. The sun and the soft breeze were wonderful, caressing her naked body. She decided to walk along the beach first. Soon she realized why this resort was called North Sea Shells. The beach was littered with shells. Not just the usual fragments, but lots of unbroken ones too, waiting to be picked up. Laura bent over and pried a delicate shell from the sand.


The deep voice startled Laura and she nearly dropped the shell as she turned around. Behind her stood an imposing figure. Despite his white hair and the wrinkles near his eyes, the man looked remarkably fit. His blue eyes were clear and sharp with a disconcerting twinkle in them.

"Yes, indeed. I can see where the resort gets its name."

Laura smiled and held out her hand with the pink and pearly shell on her palm.

The man laughed. "True, but I was referring to you, my dear."

Laura felt the blood rush to her face. She opened her mouth to object, but the man cut her off.

"Forgive an old man, but when you bent over your own shell was a beautiful sight. Very inviting to go searching for pearls."


Laura wasn't sure how to react. She felt the innuendo was uncalled for, but the obvious interest of this old beachcomber was definitely getting to her. The next thing she knew, the man held out his hand.

"I see I should introduce myself. Peter van Leer. I'm the general manager of this resort." He smiled encouragingly. "And you are?"

Damn, Laura had no wish to tell him who she was but outright lying was not appealing to her either.

"Laura. I just arrived and wanted to have a look at the sea and the beach first."

"Wise decision." Peter chuckled. "I would love to show you around. It's not often I get the chance to spend some time with a mature woman."

Laura glanced aside and saw his grin as he motioned with his head to a couple of slender girls. She hesitated. It would be a good opportunity to look around, probably even better than on her own. Who did she think she was kidding? The guy was intriguing her. Normally she was not interested in horny old goats, but this Peter was something else.

"Oh? Are you telling me those supple bodies are not calling to you?" She shook her head in mock disbelieve. "But I won't say no. Please, lead me."

The minute she had said it, she heard how her words could be misunderstood. The grin on Peter's face showed her he had definitely picked up on the double entendre. She sighed and made to square her shoulders, but the interested look on his face checked the movement. It would have meant heaving her breasts and she was suddenly very aware of his gaze.

"Come, I'll show you."

Peter grabbed her hand and before she knew it, they were walking along the waterfront, splashing through the lukewarm wavelets. He told her about the start of this resort and how he had succeeded in getting permission to build inside a national park. Laura knew most of it already, but it was much more interesting to hear it from someone who was as passionate about it as this Peter van Leer seemed to be.

As they neared a breakwater he stopped her and pointed to the sand.

"If you're looking for shells, this is an excellent spot."

Laura had to agree. Without thinking twice, she bent over to examine the heaps of shards and shells that had been washed up against the boulders and squares of basalt, slender blue tusk shells, pale pink and yellow mollusks, loads of gray ones and an occasional white spiral from a sea snail.

When she looked up she saw Peter gazing at her. His eyes were fixed on her bottom and she realized she had given him another look at what he had termed her shell. She snapped up, suddenly very conscious of her nakedness.


Peter's voice was a mere whisper above the sound of the waves breaking against the boulders.

"You are beautiful to look at. Don't hide it. Be proud and show yourself as you are."

Laura blushed. The obvious admiration was in fact very nice. So nice even, that she was feeling herself getting a bit moist and she was damned if she was going to let him know that. She smiled a bit vaguely in his direction and racked her brain to find an excuse to get rid of him. She cleared her throat nervously.

"Thanks for the compliment. And I will try, but I think I'll take a swift tour of the dunes now. If you'll excuse me?"

She thought that was kind of neat and extended her hand to say goodbye. The firm grip of his hand sent a little jolt through her arm and the deep voice made her quivering inside. What surprised her the most however, was his arm around her waist.

"You didn't strike me as a coward, Laura. Are you running away now?"

The strong fingers caressed her side and came to rest on her hip. She opened her mouth but never got the chance to answer him. With a quick movement he had one hand in her neck and the other at the small of her back, bending her over. She tried to get free but it was no use. Despite his age he was a strong man and she had to take a few steps to keep on her feet.

It was exactly what he had been after. Laura realized it when she felt his fingers on the backside of her legs, slowly stroking the soft skin, crawling up to her bottom which was most certainly bare. She was still struggling but at the same time she held her breath, waiting for his touch on her folds, feeling terribly aroused by being bent over like this, her pussy in plain view for any who cared to look.

"What do you think you're doing? Let me go. Right now."

Laura gasped as his fingertips grazed over the sensitive skin where thigh becomes cheek, skipping from one side to the other, passing over the aching area in between. She twisted some more till she heard him chuckle. All her moving about accomplished was an even better view and she stood still, her hands clenched to fists. It was no longer possible to deny how much she was enjoying his game. She could feel the moisture welling up between her legs and the soft sigh from Peter told her he had noticed it too.

His one hand was still holding her down by the neck as the other was tantalizingly close to her core. Laura had no doubt he would be able to see how wet she was, but she didn't care any more. All she wanted was for him to touch her, slip those strong fingers inside her and fuck her senseless. She didn't even care if there were people watching. The thought that there might be eyes on them turned her on even more.

As if he could read her mind, Peter kept avoiding the place she wanted him to touch the most. He stroked the soft skin of her cheeks, caressed the backsides of her legs, the inside of her thighs and followed her spine up to her neck, but he never once touched her between her legs. Not once did his fingers graze the wetness, the slick pink of her swollen lips. Laura squirmed in his grip. To her shock she even started making sounds in the back of her throat, whimpering softly as if she could coax him into touching her in the way she wanted.

"Now, isn't that much better than a swift tour of the dunes?"

Peter whispered in her ear and she could hear the laughter in his voice. When she didn't answer him right away, he stopped his touching but kept her bent over.

"Or do you still want me to stop? Shall I let you go?"

Laura felt a jolt of panic and she pushed her bottom back up in an attempt to get in contact with his fingers again.

"No, don't."

Her voice was hardly more than a croaking sound, but she was relieved that he seemed to have heard her. His hand came back to her and she sighed deeply, praying for his fingers to finally enter her. She wanted to be filled so much, it was an almost painful feeling of want. Peter had other ideas however. He caught her off guard with his fingers sliding suddenly between her legs, exploring the wet slit from back to front and touching the swollen pearl at the top for seconds. Next he hauled her up, his one hand still in her neck.

He leaned towards her and kissed her neck.

"All right." He chuckled as he propelled her down the beach. "I won't let you go, but we will have a look at the dunes."

Laura had an urge to scream but she had some pride left. Not much though as she felt the moisture trickle down her legs. She could not remember the last time she had been this desperate for a cock. She glanced at Peter, her eyes roaming across the broad chest with the white curls, the flat stomach and the muscled legs to finally rest upon his staff. Thick and long, it stood half up as if it was a periscope scanning the surroundings.

It took Peter only a few minutes to usher her onto another trail that lead them into the dunes. Laura wondered if he was looking for a more secluded spot, before fucking her. God, she hoped he would. She reached for him with her hands but he wouldn't let her. He merely told her to be patient. Without Laura noticing it, Peter had taken the path back to the hotel and when he asked her, she pointed which terrace was hers and he followed her inside.

"Good. Bend over again. Yes, like that. And grab your ankles."

Laura felt on fire by now and would have done anything, just as long as there was a chance of him touching her again. He did. Thank god, he did.


The sudden invasion of his fingers made her gasp uncontrollably and he laughed softly. Then he slowly pulled his fingers out and plunged them back in. It felt so good, Laura could not suppress a deep moan as she widened her stance and lifted her bottom up some more.

"You like that, don't you? I can see you do. You're all wet and open, inviting me in."

He rammed his fingers up inside her once more and Laura moaned again. A few more times and she clenched around his digits, her head thrown back and her body tense from the contractions rippling through her. Hardly able to stand she grasped the table in front of her. With her eyes closed she rested her head on the table, gulping for air.

When Laura finally opened her eyes again she found herself alone on the terrace. No Peter, there was not even a sign he had been with her, apart from the satiated feeling that pervaded her being. With a frown between her eyebrows she checked her room, but he was gone. It almost seemed like he had gone up in smoke. Very odd. Shaking her head Laura took a shower and decided on a meal in her room. She didn't feel up to mingling with other people.

Day 2

The beach is obviously the main attraction with its many shells and the waves that are big enough for some serious surfing. The main building houses an extensive fitness area. And if that is not enough, the dunes are providing the guests with a wealth of trails for walking and biking...

Refreshed Laura got up the next morning and decided to go for a walk among the cottages right after breakfast. Smiling to herself she walked down the hallway, remembering the intensely erotic dreams and the incredible encounter of yesterday. She half hoped, half dreaded seeing Peter van Leer again. Damn, she would have to meet him anyway. She admonished herself. She would need to survey the books as part of her job.

She need not have worried. The minute she entered the intimate restaurant she saw his white hair standing out among the youthful browns and blondes of the rich and beautiful. For a brief moment she felt the urge to turn around but it was too late. He turned his head as if he sensed her coming inside the room. A wave of his hand to one of the staff and before she knew it, she was seated at his table.

A faint color crept into her face as she tried to act cool.

"Morning, Peter. You surprise me, you know."

"Yes, I bet I do." Peter grinned and busied himself with ordering breakfast. "I like that."

Seeing her baffled face he added: "Surprising beautiful women. I like to do unpredictable things. And you didn't seem to mind to much?"

Despite herself Laura laughed. "I don't think it's very believable to say I did. But I shouldn't indulge myself. I'm here on business."

She was not quite sure why she had said that. She had come with the idea of staying anonymous for at least the first two days. Tomorrow would be soon enough to tell them who she was and ask for the books. There was no need to spill the beans right now. Busy with scolding herself Laura did not noticed the flash of anger that crossed his face.

"Business, huh? Care to tell me what kind?"

The tone of his voice finally alerted her. As she looked up she saw an intense look on his face; the tiny flame in his eyes something other than the interest of the day before. Suddenly nervous she toyed with the stem of her glass of orange juice.

"Never mind, I think I know. You do not exactly fit the profile of our clientele."

Laura felt her skin break out in goose bumps at the icy statement.

"Peter, will you let me explain, please?"

God, why was she pleading with him like that. It was not as if she had done anything wrong, was it? Laura was fast developing a nervous flutter in her stomach. Hell, what was going on here? She never lost her cool like that, never.

"Very well. After breakfast."

His voice sounded somehow dismissive and Laura concentrated on her toast and coffee. Barely looking at Peter, she tried to re-gain her composure. She was here on business, dammit. And if push came to shove he should be humoring her, not the other way around! Jeez, she was really letting this guy under her skin. That was a wrong turn of thought however, because she had to giggle in silence when she reminded herself that so far it had been more a question of her trying to get under him.

She wiped her mouth after the last piece of toast and looked up to find Peter studying her intently. The icy stare was gone but he was far from pleased. She could tell by the frown and the odd gleam that still lingered in his eyes.

"Is there anyplace we can talk? In private? I think it's best to tell you what my business is."

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