tagLoving WivesBargain Basement Bitch

Bargain Basement Bitch

byEnglish Bob©

Jasmin Lacey sat behind her desk, a very wide smile pasted across her pretty face. To anyone within her office at that time, it would have been obvious why she looked so happy: kneeling between her open legs was her husband and sometimes secretary, Ben. Ben's head was buried between her thighs and he lapped contentedly at her wet pussy while Jasmin built steadily towards her climax. One hand rested on the back of his head, occasionally urging him to explore a particular area of pink flesh, while the other slipped inside her blouse to feel the swell of her breast. As her fingers crept inside her silky bra and closed around the hard, throbbing nipple, Jasmin knew she was only minutes away from a very welcome orgasm.

A few moments before Jasmin peaked, her world was interrupted by the shrill tones of the telephone.

"Damn!" she swore and picked up the receiver. "Yes? What is it?"

"Sorry, Mrs. Lacey. This is Dan in security. We just picked up a couple of fella's shoplifting. Can I bring em to your office and call the cops?"

Jasmin groaned under her breath. She knew better than to let her own personal pleasure interfere with her business life. After much persuasion, her father had appointed her manager of her own department in his store. It was only the bargain basement, but it was a place to start. She was the only daughter in the family and her six brothers all managed at least one store each in their father's growing empire. She couldn't afford to blow it now and have her father say I told you so! She sighed and spoke into the telephone.

"Okay, Danny. Bring them up. Lets see what they got to say for themselves."

Jasmin replaced the receiver and patted her husband on the top of his head.

"Sorry, honey. This is going to have to wait till later." she said reluctantly. "I got something I have to deal with."

Ben Lacey crawled out from under his wife's desk with disappointment written all over his face. It was one of his favourite places and he had just begun to enjoy the slightly acrid taste of his boss' sex fluid. He had known that she would have reached orgasm in a matter of minutes.

"I'll be in here if you need me." he said as he opened the door to his own office and left his wife to her work.

Jasmin sat behind her desk and checked her reflection in her pocket mirror. Her jet black hair looked a little tousled but it would have to do. She'd just finished touching up her already perfect make-up when the knock came at the door.

"Come in."

"Sorry to bother you, Mrs. Lacey. We found these two taking two bottles of vodka off the shelves and slipping them into this bag."

Danny Kingston hefted the canvas bag he had been carrying onto Jasmin's desk and withdrew the zipper. Sure enough, two bottles of premium vodka lay nestled on top of an old towel.

Jasmin looked over at the two coloured youths. Probably not more than eighteen years old, she thought. It always disappointed her when this sort of thing happened. She could just about recall her early childhood in India before her father had brought his whole family over and started his empire building. They had been as poor as the two now standing in front of her, but they would never have resorted to stealing.

"So, what have you got to say for yourselves before I call the cops?" she addressed them sternly.

Both young men looked about them furtively. Neither seemed particularly bothered that they had been caught in the act.

"Where's the manager?" said the taller one.

The question threw Jasmin off balance for a brief moment. "What?"

"Where's the fucking manager?" he shouted this time and suddenly an automatic pistol appeared in his right hand as if from nowhere.

Jasmin flinched and looked over at the second man - he too now sported a similar automatic weapon.

"I'm the manager," she managed to say, quickly regaining her composure. "This is my department."

"Hey, no shit, man!" the taller lad responded. "Well we aint come for the vodka, bitch! Open the fucking night safe!"

"Now, come on lads." said Danny, "there's no need for this. If you leave now quietly, we won't ..."

There was a sickening thud as the butt of the shorter robber's pistol connected with the back of the security guard's head. He went down with a groan, unconscious before he hit the floor.

"Now," said the first man with a smirk, "don't make me repeat myself again, open the fucking safe!"

"I can't - there's a timer lock on it. Nobody can open it until six tomorrow morning."

"Shit, Jamie. You said this would be easy money!" the short guy exclaimed. "You didn't say nothing about no fucking timer lock! Lets just get the fuck out, okay?"

"No way, Brad," his partner replied. "We are here now and we're not gonna leave without the fucking money!"

"What's going on here?" Ben Lacey appeared in the doorway of his wife's office looking worried.

"Oh, shit, man," said Jamie. "There's entirely too many people in this fucking office!" he turned and pointed the gun at Jasmin. "How many more still here?"

"That's it." she replied "My husband here, Danny Kingston and me. We're the only ones left in the department and I don't think Danny will be giving you any trouble." Jasmin indicated the unconscious security guard sprawled on the floor. "And Ben won't stand in your way either, will you Ben?"

Ben Lacey shook his head in immediate agreement. As soon as he'd seen the two men it was obvious what was happening.

"So, what are we all going to do until six?" said Brad

"Just get comfortable and dig in, man!" his friend replied. "It's only a few hours, maybe the boss-bitch here can entertain us a little!"

Jamie waved the gun casually in Jasmin's direction, a wicked grin spreading over his dark skinned face.

"No fucking way!" shouted Jasmin, already aware of what the raider had in his mind. "That's just not going to happen!"

"Oh no?" Brad interrupted, also realising what his partner meant. He pointed his own pistol directly at Ben. "You better do as you're told, bitch, or your old man here will be sorry!"

Jasmin wondered how this situation had turned so quickly. She looked down at herself. Shit!, She thought. She suddenly realised that she had forgotten to fully button her blouse after her and Ben were interrupted. The silky white material of her bra was nearly transparent and the dark red outline of her nipples were clearly visible. She groaned inwardly. She knew that the two thieves were not going to leave and that the situation could get worse if she didn't act quickly.

So, you two think you can handle a woman like me, do you?" she was immediately on the offensive. "How do you like these, then!"

Jasmin stood up from behind her desk and ripped the expensive blouse down the middle. Buttons flew in all directions as the garment shredded and she threw it to the floor. Standing in front of the two gawking youths in her black skirt and bra, she knew she looked quite formidable. She put her hands on her hips and eyed the men.

"You want to see my tits as well? Think you can cope?"

Jamie and Brad looked on in awe. They had never dreamed she would react like this, they expected to have to force her and deal with her husband at the same time - this was much easier. They nodded eagerly.

With a deft movement, Jasmin reached behind her and quickly unclasped the bra catch. Her large breasts tumbled free and she could hear both men gasp as they saw her top-less. She looked over at Ben and smiled. She knew that he would be cool with this situation; Ben had always wanted to watch her in action and now, it looked like he was going to get his wish.

"You've seen me," said Jasmin with a smile at the two robbers. "Now, lets see you - come on, get your cocks out!"

"Come on, man!" cried Jamie. "If she wants it, lets show the bitch some prime, black meat!"

Ben Lacey had been standing in the doorway hardly daring to move. The situation had developed quickly, but now, under the control of his dominant wife, he knew it was fairly safe. The two robbers had put their guns away and now, obviously had other things on their minds. So did Lacey. For years he had been the submissive partner to his wife: At work he was her secretary and at home her sex slave. There was nothing that he wouldn't do for her, but he had always harboured a desire to watch another man fuck her. He smiled as he watched the reaction of the young men as Jasmin's tits fell free and swung in front of them.

Jasmin had laid down a challenge and Lacey could see that the Brad and Jamie had no intentions of backing down. Both men's pants were around their ankles in a matter of seconds and they brandished their large, black cocks proudly. Although Brad was slightly shorter than his friend, he made up for it downstairs. His penis was already hard and looked at least ten inches long. Jamie's tool was only slightly shorter, Ben realised, but a little thicker around the girth. Jamie too, was as hard as a rock and stroking his meat from the balls to the tip. Jasmin still retained her arrogant pose in front of them and licked her lips. She looked to Lacey like a bitch in heat.

"Come on then guys!" she cried. "You gonna stand there all day and jerk off, or are you gonna fuck this bargain basement bitch!"

The two lads needed no second invitation and both virtually leapt on Jasmin. Her skirt was dragged roughly down her legs and her panties quickly followed. Lacey watched as their hands went to her tits and down between her legs. Jasmin moaned as fingers penetrated her vagina still wet from Lacey's earlier efforts, and cried out in ecstasy as her large breasts were groped and her nipples squeezed. Ben could see his wife's fingers try to close around the cocks that were being offered to her, but they were too wide, too thick for her to grasp properly. A quick pang of jealousy floated through his mind as he recalled his own, meagre dimensions, but that quickly left as he settled himself into a chair with the intention of watching the action that was to come.

The two lads were dragging Jasmin down onto the carpet now. Lacey looked on as he watched his slut wife spread her legs in anticipation. Brad was between her legs in a flash, his hard erection poised ready for entry. With a lunge he was inside her. Jasmin gasped out loud as she felt the size of his weapon and cried out as he thrust deeper into her tight body.

"Damn! This bitch is a hot number, man!" he gasped to his friend. "I got my dick buried right up her juicy cunt and she still seems to want more!"

"Just fuck her, Brad. I want to see if she likes to suck on black meat!"

"Oh...god...yes...yes...yes..." cried Jasmin as Brad pounded himself into her pussy. "Put it in my mouth.....I...want....to....SUCK IT!"

Happy to oblige, Jamie knelt beside Jasmin's face and turned her head towards him. Her mouth was already open and waiting, grunts and groans escaped her lips as Brad fucked her hard and deep. Jamie took his time. With his cock in one hand and the other on the back of Jasmin's head he rolled his swollen glans around her face. Lacey watched as the pre-cum leaked out and traced patterns across her nose and lips, under her eyes and over her chin. He even took a hand full of her jet black hair and wrapped it around his thick shaft, jacking himself slowly.

Ben could see that his wife was quickly becoming frustrated with the teasing; she looked desperate to get Jamie's meat into her mouth. Jamie smiled down at her and spread his thighs a little wider, his heavy balls hanging down over her face. He pointed his cock towards her mouth and pulled her head sharply towards him.

"Oh...yeah, man!" he cried as his cock slid over her tongue. "The bitch has got a hot mouth as well as a hot cunt!"

Ben Lacey could feel his own erection almost bursting out of his pants as he watched his wife take a big black cock at either end. Jasmin's ass was trembling and bucking from the carpet as Brad ploughed her pussy and Lacey knew that her orgasms were coming thick and fast. He thought that Brad was also nearing his climax as his breath had become shorter and his thrusting strokes more frantic. As if to prove Lacey right, Brad cried out to his friend.

"Oh, shit, Jamie! I'm gonna cum, man!"

"Just hold on a second or two more, man!" his crime partner replied. "I'm nearly there too, we can cum on the bitch together!"

Lacey was delighted. Just the thought of his wife getting a cum bath was nearly enough to make him shoot in his pants.

Then, suddenly, just as the two young men were approaching their climax's, Lacey saw something fall out of Brad's pocket. He looked over at the gun, now lying on the floor.

"Oh yeahhhhh....fuckin' A!........." He heard Brad continued in his ecstasy.

Lacey's eyes moved swiftly between the gun and the two young men now squirting cum over his prone wife. The choice was difficult, but he knew he had to make a grab for the pistol.

"Okay, motherfuckers!" he shouted as he levelled the weapon at the men. "What you gonna do now, huh?"

Brad and Jamie could not have stopped even if they had wanted to.

"Uhhggggg...I'm gonna keep covering your wife's face with my cum, man! That's what!" cried Jamie as her jerked his spasming tool over Jasmin's face.

"Yeah... me too!" gasped his friend as he pulled out of Jasmin's sopping pussy and spurted over her muff and belly. "There's nothing you can do about it now!"

Lacey watched the scene and listened to the groans of satisfaction coming from not just the two robbers, but also from his wife who was now drenched in sticky, white goo and obviously loving it!

"Okay, man. Take it easy, yeah?" said Jamie as he crawled away from Jasmin's head, his hands up and his cock dripping the last remnants of his climax. "Don't shoot okay? Just be cool!"

"Get up both of you!" shouted Ben. "Normally I'd take great pleasure in calling the cops and watching your ass get thrown in jail! But as you seem to have given my wife at least three good orgasms, I guess I owe you a little!" He smiled at the lads as they slowly began to relax.

"Just get your shit together and fuck off, okay? I won't call the cops!"

Brad and Jamie knew a good thing when they heard it and, quickly pulling up their pants, ran like maniacs for the office door. Brad stopped and looked back at Lacey. He looked like he was trying to say something.

"Yeah, yeah, I know! Just get going, man." Ben said with a wry smile.

As The lads disappeared, Lacey looked down at Jasmin, still lying on the floor.

"You okay, babe?"

"Well, I was well on my way to another orgasm when you fucked that up!" she replied in mock anger. "You're going to have to finish what they started!"

As Lacey began to sink to his knees and bent his head between his wife's legs, he thought again how lucky he was to have a bargain basement bitch for a wife!

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