tagNovels and NovellasBarrons, Ltd. Ch. 3

Barrons, Ltd. Ch. 3


After speaking to the police about the explosion and her relationship to Trainer, Angela had an officer give her a ride to 'First & Second'. It was a cozy little jazz club that she owned and she intended to get drunk.

A few minutes later, a handsome gentleman with a rather athletic build walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. While he waited, he looked around and spotted a fairly secluded table in the back. It was a good spot, because he could see the entire room and both exits and keep his back to the wall. He was on his third drink when he saw her sitting at the far end of the bar; a beautiful redhead who was looking sad and, perhaps more importantly, well on her way to being drunk. He stopped the next person who walked by, "Excuse me, I don't mean to bother you, but do you know that stunning redhead at the far end of the bar?"

The stranger looked in that direction, saw the redhead and replied, "No sir, I don't know her. I've never seen her here before. Then again, I haven't been here many times, so that doesn't necessarily men anything."

"O.K. Well, thanks anyway," said the gentleman. He continued to watch her throughout the night. She never even left her stool. There were quite a few men hitting on her, but she seemed to shoot them all down. Eventually it dawned on him that if he didn't leave soon, he would be in no shape to drive home. When he got up to leave, he realized he needed to use the restroom, and the restrooms were behind the redhead. What a coincidence! When he walked past her, she looked him in the eyes. He wished he hadn't waited so long to come this way, she was even more beautiful up close.

As he was leaving, he passed her at the exact same moment Angela decided to leave. She got off her stool, turned around, and walked right into him. Thus, she spilled her drink all over his shirt and jacket.

"Oh my God! I'm sho shorry!"

"It's ok. It was partly my fault, I wasn't watching where I was going" said the gentleman, flashing what he hoped was a charming smile.

"Well, (hic) at least let me pay for the (hic) dry-cleaning."

"Oh no. There's no need for that, they're machine washable."

"But this was a Bloody Mary! The tomato juice will stain. I feel so bad. Please let me make it up to you somehow."

"It's really no big deal," he exclaimed, pleasantly surprised at the turn of events.

"I mean it. Please, there must be some way…wait…I got it! I'll wash them for you. Come with me," she said as she grabbed his hand and jerked him toward the back exit. As they got out the door into the alley and she started to think about where her car was it all came back to her and she just started to cry uncontrollable. She turned and buried her face in his shoulder.

He hesitated a moment then put his arm around her and asked, "Was it something I said?"

"What? Oh no. Oh jeez! I'm sorry. You see I own this club and when I come down here I always park my car out here. Then when we came out here and my car was gone, it just reminded me of what happened this afternoon," she explained, sobering up some in the process.

"Well, then, why don't we just take my car? I'm parked right out front." He didn't see any reason to press her about 'this afternoon'.


"I called Sam about an hour after you left this morning and asked her how she felt about joining us," Heather explained as Dan fought to regain his composure.

"I told her that since it was her idea, I would love to join you two in your little fantasy," Sam continued. As she spoke, she walked over to Heather's make-up table and kicked off her shoes. Heather stepped up behind Sam and unzipped her skirt.

"We spent most of the day discussing sex in general, favorite positions, fantasies and watching some movies Sam rented on her way here to get some other ideas."

As the skirt dropped to the floor, Dan could see that Sam's outfit wasn't as close to Heather's as he thought. Sam's 'blouse' was actually a body suite made to look like a blouse. It was loose on top like a blouse and tight from the waistband down like a body suite. Also, not only was Sam not wearing a bra, she wasn't wearing any underwear at all. Sam turned her back to Dan and stepped on Heather's seat to roll off a stocking.

Heather continued, "It was while we were watching those movies that I got the courage up to try anal tonight. But I wanted at least some idea of what to expect so…"

"So I taught her all I know on the subject," Sam finished, as she rolled down the other stocking. She set it with the rest of her clothes on the table. Then she winked at Heather and walked over to Dan, who was still looking shocked. She bent down and kissed him hard and deep then stood straight and turned her back to him.

"Heather, why don't we start this fantasy rolling. Bring that bench over here in front of me and lie down on it. And bring our other friend too."

Heather opened a drawer on her table and took out something Dan had never seen before, a dildo. Then she dragged the bench over to Sam and lay down. Dan could see that his wife was more than ready to go. Her face was red, her tits were flushed, and her nipples were standing up. When she lay down on the bench and spread her legs, he could see that her pussy had been leaking juices down her legs.

Sam bent over and licked some of those juices off Heather's inner thighs. She spread her legs and looked back at Dan, "Are you gonna help me out of this damned suit or just watch while your wife and I have all the fun?"

Dan moved forward and reached for the snaps in Sam's crotch but she reached back and slapped his hand away.

"Uhuh, no hands. I want some of that tongue Heather's been bragging about.

Dan looked over to Heather and she looked back sheepishly and replied, "Well, she asked and I sure wasn't going lie."

"Well, then, I hope I live up to your expectations," Dan said as he grabbed Sam's hips and pulled her pussy to his face. He took the snaps in his teeth and had then undone much sooner than San expected. She gasped as he licked her from clit to ass. He released her hips and spread her ass and pussy with both hands as he went to work on her clit. He licked slow circles around it, occasionally flicking across and reversing direction.

While Dan was please Sam, Heather sat up and helped Sam out of her body suit. She played with Sam's nipples while Sam sucked on hers and played with her pussy. They kissed occasionally.

Dan turned his attention from Sam's clit to her pussy and ass. He caressed and probed her ass with his fingers while he tongue fucked her pussy. He stuck his tongue as far in as he could get it and flipped around the inside of her pussy.

Heather lay back down and Sam went to work on her pussy. She licked around Heather's clit and lips then dipped into her pussy and imitated Dan.

Then Sam abruptly pulled away from Dan and said, "OK, Heather. Why don't you and I show your extremely talented husband how you learned about anal sex?" She turned to Dan and said, "You just sit back and enjoy the show. After all, it's not every day you get to watch your wife get ass-fucked by another woman, is it?" Dan just smiled and did what he was told. He sat back and enjoyed the show.

After observing Angela with the police, Vince followed her to the club. The club was called 'First & Second' and it happened to be a favorite hangout of his whenever he was in town. He had taken a stool in the middle of the bar and watched Angela proceed to get wasted while he tried to come up with a plan B.

After a short while, he noticed another familiar face at a table in the corner. He tried all night long to put a name to that face, but it wasn't until the guy ran into Angela that he remembered him.

"Tom Danielsen!" He blurted out loud, suddenly.

"What was that? Did you say something, Mr. Johnson?" Asked the bartender.

"What? Oh no, no, I was just thinking out loud Barb."

"Would you like me to add tonight's drinks to your tab, Mr. Johnson?"

"How much is my tab?"

"Including tonight, it comes to…." Barb paused as she added the figures together, "a total of $150.00 on the nose."

"Ouch!" He said as he acted as thought she had stabbed him in the heart. "Well, I think this will cover it." He said as he took some money out of his wallet and gave it to Barb.

She looked at the money and said, "But Mr. Johnson, there's…"

"Please call me Vince."

"OK, Vince, there's more than $300 here."

"So put the difference on a new tab for me, minus a nice tip for yourself, of course," he said as he started to leave.

"Hey, Vince!" She called after him.

He returned to the bar and leaned closer to her, "Hey what?"

She leaned over the bar closer to him, "6 a.m." she said, looking him in the eyes.

"What about it?"

"That's when I get off work," she said smiling.

He pulled his stool closer and sat back down, "Why Barb, what about Rick?" He jerked his head toward the door indicating the bouncer. "I thought you two were dating?"

"What!? I wouldn't go out with that man again if someone offered me money. Let me tell you about our first and last date. First, we went to a movie. It was full of blood and guts and tits and ass, just the kind of movie you take a girl to on your first date, right? Then we went out to eat all that blood and guts and tits and ass make a person hungry, don't ya know. Where do we go eat? None other than Billy Joe Bob's for BBQ ribs and beer! How much more romantic can you get?" Vince was laughing outright by then and she continued, "but I think he saved the best for least. By the time we left Bill Joe Bob's, I was pretty drunk, and unfortunately when I get that drunk I tend to get really horny. Apparently, I wasn't hiding this fact. We went back to his place because that's where my car was. He wanted me to come in and have a nightcap with him before I left so I did. Well, one thing led to another and it wasn't long before we were both naked on his living room floor. Then we went into his bedroom and, get this, attached to his headboard were two sets of handcuffs!"

"OH NO!" Vince was laughing so hard there were tears in his eyes. He glanced over his shoulder and saw that Rick was watching them. That made him laugh even harder.

"I'm not finished yet." Barb continued, "Would you believe that big mountain of a man over there asked me to handcuff him to his bed and drip hot candle wax on his body? He also said he likes to be put over a woman's lap and spanked like a baby. He's a good bouncer, but the man has some serious problems in his head!"

When he had stopped laughing long enough to catch his breath, Vince said, "In that case, Barb, I'll meet you out front at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. And you don't have to worry about blood and guts or BBQ ribs. But I must admit, I'm rather fond of tits and ass." He pointedly looked at her chest as he said so.

"Are you kidding? The tits and ass in that movie was the best part of the evening! I look forward to tomorrow morning, Vince." Then she noticed Rick looking their way again. "Kiss me, quick" she said and grabbed Vince's hand and pulled him closer.

Vince leaned across the bar and kissed Barb, placing his hands on her waist. Barb surprised him by taking the hand that she knew Rick could see and placing it on her breast. He squeezed it gently. "See you in the morning," he said as he turned away to leave.

As he got to the door, he looked at Rick and laughed. "Candle wax and handcuffs, huh? What a kinky combination, you naughty boy!" Rick blushed and Vince laughed even harder as he walked out the door.

When they got into his car, the gentleman turned to the redhead and said, "By the way, I'm Tom, Tom Danielsen," as he extended his hand.

She looked at him and smiled as she said, "Once again, I'm sorry. Hi Tom, I'm Angela, Angela Barrons." They shook hands and laughed. However, Angela soon got lost in her thoughts again and neither said another word other than Tom getting directions from Angela.

When they reached Angela's house in the country, she opened the door and placed her purse on a table by the door as the light came on automatically.

"Ah!" Tom was startled.

Angela laughed as she explained, "I suppose I could have warned you, but it's much more fun to see my guests' reactions when they aren't expecting it. You see, the lights in the whole house are wired to motion sensors. The only exceptions are the bedrooms, those lights respond to voice command. Neat huh?"

"Wow, I've seen motion sensor lights in government and professional buildings, but I've never seen them in a private home."

"When I had this house built, I sat down with the architect and designed it from the foundation to the roof," she explained as she opened a set of doors that led to a room which was obviously a recreation room. It had a stocked bar, pool table, dart board, pinball machine, a sectional sofa which faced a big screen TV and VCR, poker table, arcade game and juke box.

"I repeat, WOW!"

Angela took off her jacket and unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse, revealing her cleavage and a portion of her bra in the process.

"Can I get you a drink?" She asked as she walked over to the bar and set her jacket on a stool.

"Uh, yeah, sure. Rum and Coke if you have it." He was beginning to wonder if Angela was out of his league.

"Would that be Bacardi, Capt. Morgan or Malibu?"

"Malibu is good."

"Good choice. I think I'll have the same." She took his drink to him and said, "Now, to quote an old and extremely corny cliché, 'you stay here while I go slip into something more comfortable."

Tom smiled. "I'm not going anywhere." Tom said as he went to the sofa and sat down. A few moments after Angela left, Tom got up and walked over to the arcade game. It was called 'Killer Instinct'. The screen was flashing '1 player or 2 players'. He figured Angela would be gone a few more minutes, so he pressed the 1 player button. The game lasted about two minutes and he spent most of that time trying to figure out how to make his character punch and kick.

"Humph," he grumbled, as he picked up his drink and took a sip. He almost choked when he turned around, because Angela was less than two feet behind him. She was wearing a rid silk robe that somehow accentuated the red in her hair.

"Do you like it?" She asked him, smiling.

"Like what? The game or the 'something more comfortable'?"

"The game." She replied as though she hadn't heard the second half of Tom's question. "I get a different one every few months. I like to keep up with technology and they're great for hand-eye coordination. Here, take this." She said as she handed him a robe that matched hers. "There is a bathroom down that hall. It's the second door on your left. Take off those clothes before that tomato juice sets in any more and bring them to me so I can get them in the wash." She pointed to a hallway that Tom hadn't noticed earlier.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that." When he got to the bathroom, the lights came on automatically. "AAHHH!" He could hear Angela laughing in the game room. He stripped to his boxers and put on the robe she had given him, then he joined her in the game room.

She was still laughing. "Don't be embarrassed about being startled by the lights. It took me six months to get used to them when I moved in and I'm the one who had them installed in the first place." She said between giggles. "Give me the clothes and I'll get them started."

He handed her the bundle of clothes and she left the room once again. This time he decided to stick with a game he knew and walked over to the pool table. He was just about to make the break when Angela returned. "Do you get to play much?" He asked.

"Once in awhile. Would you like another drink?"

"Sure. Just like the first. You're one hell of a bartender." He said as he handed her his glass.

"I'd better be, it was bartending that put me through college." She exclaimed as she finished making the drinks. "College for what?" He asked as she handed him his new drink.

"Double major Corporate Law and Business Management." She answered as she walked over and took a pool cue off the rack on the wall. She turned around and bent over the table to take her shot. She had her back toward him and when she bent over, her robe rode high enough on her ass that Tom could see she had nothing else on. "So, Tom, what do you do for a living?" She asked as she walked around the table and bent over to take her next shot.

She was facing toward him, so Tom politely averted his eyes and answered, "I work for a major government contractor and I was transferred to the Government Center downtown a few weeks ago."

"Do you enjoy it?"

"Well, I can certainly say that there's rarely a dull moment." They finished the game in silence. She was very good and he struggled to keep up with her. The gamed ended when she dropped the eight ball. She straightened up and looked across the table.

"Another game?"

"Why not?" He replied immediately, "I might even learn something from you." He was saying as the washer buzzed and she went to put his clothes in the dryer.

When she returned, she was smirking and giggling to herself. "Let's make it a little more interesting, then."

"What did you have in mind?" He asked as he chalked the end of his cue stick and walked to the other end of the table to line up on the cue ball for the break.

Angela pretended to think it over while she took her time making sure the rack was tight. She was bending over the rack and knew Tom would get a good look at her tits if he looked in her direction.

"Let's see…." She straightened up and looked at him with that smirk again, "I got it. Let's make it loser buys winner drinks for the rest of the night." She said as she moved over to her drink at the bar.

"What do you mean? It's almost midnight and my clothes won't be dry for a while. By the time we're ready to go anywhere, anywhere will be closed." Tom said. He hoped he knew very well what she meant, but it was better that she spells it out just to be sure.

"Well, first of all, your clothes will be dry in about 15 minutes; second of all, that bar that we were at earlier – the one that I own – is open until 6 a.m." She replied as he made the break shot. She saw the disappointment flash across his face and knew that her tease was working so she made him wait while she took her turn. She sank three balls then scratched on purpose just as the dryer buzzed. She went to get his clothes.

When Angela returned with his clothes, Tom was at the bar making them each another drink. She took his folded clothes and placed them on the end of the couch while he finished. When he returned to the table with their drinks, he handed hers to her. She took it and looked him in the eye as she said, "On the other hand…." She sipped from her drink and nodded toward the bar, "I never said anything about leaving the house. She turned away and walked over to the bar and sat on a stool, crossing her legs. "I believe it was your shot." She said, smirking again as a look relief flashed across Tom's face.

He thought, "There IS a God!" He said, "Your first point was a good one." Gesturing toward his clothes on the sofa, "the second one was as well." He said as he took his turn, sinking three balls in two shots and leaving the cue ball in a very bad spot for Angela. He walked over to the bar and leaned his stick against it. He put his drink down as he turned to Angela, their faces only inches apart. "But I think I like your third point the best," he said as he slowly leaned closer to her and kissed her lightly on the lips and pulled away just as slowly.

She turned her barstool to face him, spread her legs and pulled him closer to her. She then kissed him slightly harder than he kissed her and said, "I was hoping you'd see it my way." She got down from her seat and took her turn. She dropped three more of her balls and left the cue ball trapped by her remaining ball and the eight ball.

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