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Bathhouse Summer Saturday


After weeks of clear blue skies and hot days, the weather turned on Thursday. The motorcycle has been laid up for weeks (a minor incident months ago snowballing into weeks waiting for parts, and discovering wet clutches have fascinating differences with dry ones). But on cold wet days, not having to deal with rain clothes when visiting the bathhouse is not a disadvantage. In much the same that I thought the number of other men wanting to stay out of the elements would lead to increased attendance.

After doing a bit of reading on the web, the discounted bath house admittance that had surprised me weeks ago was explainable. In the summer, a male only sauna is less interesting than other, generally outdoor, free venues - though definitely not the case for me. Admittedly, while neither a sauna nor a steamroom is particularly attractive when the weather already leans that way, the games which naked strangers can play in the dark steaminess definitely are.

Games which I enjoy playing, no longer ones fantasized about like decades ago. My entire experience has been grounded over 3 seasons at the same place, maybe 20 minutes away from where I live. This local feeling is a large part of what makes it so intriguing, since when opportunity arises, it can be measured against other things to do - and if any particular visit is less than satisfying, it isn't much time spent.

My wife does know of my interest in such things, but till now, only knows about a first time in a gay porn theater - with two hot men on the screen playing with their nipples and hard cocks. How hard the porn made me, and how my hand rubbed my cock, then how I opened my pants, started stroking myself, not caring if anyone saw how I was jacking off to the hot sex, listening to the sounds of sucking in the last rows. Then sitting down, pants still open, hand on my shaft, getting off as they kissed, cock rubbing cock, hands covering nipples, when I felt a mouth go down on me, like the porn on the screen. She knows that it happens between men, but remains very fearful of disease.

Which is one reason there isn't much fear of 'discovery,' since curiosity would explain a first time visit. She has even seen the ads a couple of times over the years, as they occasionally appear in a free monthly advertising what is happening in the region. She also knows that enjoying group sex is one of the things I do plan to do, with or without her. Though generally, this is discussed in reference to my bi friend and her interests - which aren't completely mine, to put it mildly, as any S&M direction tends to leave me uninterested at best, apart from the fun which bondage can increase - teasing someone who can't move, or being teased while unable to move, are equally pleasurable in my experience.

The weather seemed to make finding parking harder, though considering it was Saturday afternoon, this wasn't surprising (with a motorcycle, parking is always conveniently simple). Paying full price was, since weekends didn't require the extra lure of almost 50% off. I hadn't visited since the events of the last story - events weeks old now, considering the delay that writing stories can impose. Privacy is required, in part because of how turned on the remembering and writing makes me.

Entering the locker area, I quickly undressed, and turned to walk in, seeing a couple of fit and tall tanned men showering at the far end as I walked into the main public area. Enticing from a certain perspective, even if it isn't one I really share. Hard cocks, not male bodies per se, are what excite me. This also tends to make most of the bathhouse's decor more amusing than erotic in my eyes; even though individual pieces aren't bad, the accumulation is just too much.

Arriving around 2:15pm, not able to stay away, I sat down at the curved bar, having already tasted the first thrill of entering an openly erotic zone. A couple of other people were sitting around the curved counter, though the place in general did not feel crowded. I drank my beer, which was pretty much served with just a nod on my part. The beer also comes with a good view of a monitor playing porn, which tends to get more interesting as the glass is emptied.

The staff knows me well, at this point - oddly a complaint about this establishment was how the staff also participated in the games being played in various areas. This criticism seemed strange at the time, and still does. The temptations are too great to resist after first enjoying them there, and it is clear that this bathhouse is intimately aware of what its visitors enjoy. Now being enough of a repeat customer to have that repetition become part of a pattern doesn't really bother me. Especially knowing that the people running the bathhouse completely understand what is so seductive about what they offer to a certain community - the one of horny men getting off with each other.

Finishing my beer, I noticed that the bucket of condoms was still behind the bar. This wasn't good - I have no problem asking, but knowing that they are available at all is just the first step. I handed back the lubricant, not needing it - anal sex remains a fantasy of youth - with age and sitting too much, that form of sex seems to be fading away, which doesn't exactly disappoint me. Being very dangerous, after all, and probably as good as cocksucking - the number of men that have wanted me to fuck them in their ass is not that much smaller than the men that have wanted to suck me off.

I went upstairs, finding it empty - fine for taking a deep breath from my favorite little brown bottle, then watching the porn in one of the video booths. Strangely, I still find most gay porn fairly mundane, except for group scenes. Though like with the beer downstairs, as the effects of the Rush spread through me, my interest began to grow, making my cock heavy and hardening after beginning to stroke myself through the towel, the door open.

Still nobody seemed upstairs as I went back down the winding spiral. At the bottom level, there were no towels in the alcoved wall of the steam room, so I took a quick glance at the whirlpool, seeing four men, 2 of whom seemed to be fondling each other's cocks while kissing. Deciding that the whirlpool offered at least an opportunity for my first sex in water with a man, I showered quickly, making sure to soap well. This time, parking had been a problem, and between my earlier running around and the fast walking in the humid warmth, getting clean before going into something like a jacuzzi was expected.

The water was still, and now one of the playing men was covering the other, both bending towards the wall across from me. They were taking up a fair bit of space, and neither were small. I sat near the ladder, equidistant from everyone else, noting the water was at least comfortably warm, especially compared to the local lakes. However, there was nowhere to look but at a man's large, white, not really interesting ass. After a moment, I turned my head a bit to my left, taking in the other two sitting men, who seemed to have much the same reaction - nothing wrong with two men humping, and yet ....

Luckily for me, the whirlpool again became a running joke as soon as the central fountain began its too enthusiastic bubbling, making the decision to leave not just easy, but practical. Especially as the pair moved their action to the powerfully jetting water column in the middle.

I saw the sauna was still empty, as the only towel in the cubbyholes was mine. I dried off, and went back upstairs, to do another hit of Rush, wandering through the entire dark zone. It was warm but empty-

Leaving the dimness, I went into an empty booth to do a last hit before returning down the spiral staircase. This time, reaching the end of the staircase, then looking down to the right, a few towels could be seen, a welcome sign considering how slutty the Rush had made me feel. Entering the steam bath, the single blue light came from a small alcove to the left, with bubbling fog in a fountain effect, providing the only illumination apart from the frosted and fogged glass of the entrance door.

Walking further into the gloom, I let my eyes adapt before reaching the long bench, and sat down. Not much seemed to be going on, and everywhere I could see was empty, though much of the back is obscured by walls, except for the wall to the left, which led back to the areas where much more hooking up happened.

I had settled with my back against the wall, my hand near my crotch, left foot resting over my right knee. This tends to be a non-committal position, without being offputting - especially when a hand glides down to start playing with a cock, allowing a certain amount of privacy by keeping the growing length parallel to a thigh. A couple of men wandered in, then left in different directions.

By now, with eyes adapted to the minimal light and my own desire whetted by playing with myself a bit, I stood and walked back, sitting down again, realizing that no one else was there. Sitting in a darkened stretch between the two backlit entrances to this section allowed me to see who came in the door, or moved against the wall. My thoughts wandered with my hand's stroking, as idle thoughts of sucking became ever more tempting.

After two single men entered, one walking back out after a moment, a couple entered the steambath. They settled in the area I had been before, while the third man was positioned against the far wall, able to look into both areas. Just as I could see him getting hard, and sometimes we could see how both of us was looking at the other playing with himself. I love hard cock, and getting off with a very close friend while we both jacked off reading Playboy, Penthouse, or Hustler, watching him as he watched me as we both came remains some of my most erotic memories.

In the present, where the third man was standing and stroking was also an excellent place for contact, being just a bit wider than the space required for two people to pass each other. And one with a certain tenability, at least until a naked stranger (or several) provided sufficient temptation to go back into the area, where most of the sex happened. Though not all, as was demonstrated again today. The man against the wall started kept stroking himself, and as he got faster, my attention was completely focused on how his rod stood out against the light.

He then turned and walked into the larger space. My own cock, now fairly erect, made it easy to rise and see what was going on that had attracted him. Which turned out to be the two men playing with each other on the bench, as the third man circled them. It didn't take me long to understand that the pair with entwined hands and legs wasn't interested in others being involved, though considering where they were, privacy wasn't on their minds either. Nor on mine as I watched them, side by side with their backs against the wall, cocks being gripped in the other's hands, kissing deeply, with that lazy intensity resulting from how turned on they were becoming.

The door opened again, and as another man entered, I couldn't help but glance at him, still stroking myself in full view against the wall, legs spread, uncaring about who saw me, just like the other three men. The new visitor's hand was moving towards his cock, no longer walking forwards. The light level was very low, though this was the one area where some visibility remained to unadjusted eyes after entering. I split my attention between the two strangers playing with each other in public view, and the man across from me, watching him get hard.

After almost cumming just thinking about what might happen in the steam with turned on strangers, I returned to the rear area. Watching man to man sex does turn me on, but has never really been the point of my visits. Apart from way that watching can also have a creepy aspect, from both the watched and the watching perspective, my interest is anchored by actually getting off with strangers - and that plural very desired. The better visits have often involved the cocks of multiple men, possibly as many as 10 on one or two notable occasions.

The couple on the bench could still be heard, faintly, while I sat in the not black part of the rear, in major part because of the curving pathway, following the wall of the steam room's shower. I tend to favor the straight route along the wall opposite the door in getting to this bench, as the general level of light is better, but the second somewhat serpentine path does lead directly to a truly black space, one that seems to be often used for fucking and sucking, when not being seen is not part of the game. This blackness is something which has rarely attracted me by itself, though for some, it is irresistible.

Glancing around, I noticed that another man was against the far wall, and then saw another pair enter the sauna, moving quickly towards the rear,placing themselves less than two yards away, seen as a very dim outline. I watched the other man start getting hard as his stroking increased, my own cock stiff and aroused as I listened to them, one giving the other a wet blow job.

My attention was starting to wander, and it was getting more difficult to keep track of what was going on. It appeared as if the watcher from the other area entered this space, but left quickly, still erect, to the showers or whirlpool. The light from the door let me take a quick look to my left, but the pair had moved farther back into the covering darkness.

The man against the wall began to move, but he remained distant as my own thoughts of what could happen started to be obvious, at least to me, as my jacking off began to make my eyes close. The sounds of cocksucking were still filling the space, and he moved further along, first illuminated, then shadowed, but always closer. The effect made his own hardness obvious, until it was obscured by the dimness. He moved back after only a moment, and we both started staring at the other's crotch.

He drew closer in a broad curve, stopping very close to me. As soon as his hand slid down my nipple, my moaning started, as we both began to enjoy the pleasures of a stranger's touch. He was standing parallel on my right, in the obvious and yet deniable position typical at the start of two strangers getting intimate, so I turned to be able to reach his chest with my left hand. Not only my fingertips let me know that I had found his sensitive nipples, he also sagged and gasped, his hand finding and tightening on my cock. I was almost ready to cum, the sensations so perfect, but restrained myself as much as possible while letting my tongue find his erect nipple.

My left hand slid down, feeling his dick, sliding over his balls, then along his inner thigh. He turned slowly enough to allow me to keep tonguing his nipple, and after a bit, his erect cock no longer required any attention from me, as his hand curled around my neck, pressing me tighter to his chest. Finding one of the condom packages placed on the bench, I managed to stop jacking my turned on cock long off to start placing the condom over the tip of his cock - followed by my open mouth, eagerly anticipating the delightful sensation of having my mouth filled with hot cock, my right hand returning to my jutting shaft, my circled left thumb and finger helping roll the condom down on his cock.

His fingers kept my sensitive nipple well fondled as I began to fist my cock, his cock filling my desiring mouth. It had been far too long since last sucking a stranger's cock, and keeping myself under some control was not easy. Especially when his hand drifted down and began to explore my cockhead, spreading the pre-cum in an irresistible way, resulting in even more enthusiastic sucking on my part.

Leading to his ever stronger and faster thrusting, until he had begun face fucking me, his hand sliding along my horny cock. After a while, his rod began to go too deep, resulting in my starting to gag. Deep throating is simply something beyond my talents at this point, and though I kept cocksucking him in different ways, he would return to pumping me in a way he couldn't stop. A compliment, in its way, one he realized wasn't the best one to pay.

He pulled me up after the sixth or seventh time of failing to take him more than 2/3 of the way into my throat, and began kissing me, his hand returning to my horny cock.

It has actually been months since the last time I wanted to return a man's passionate kiss, that interval adding to the intense enjoyment and discovery. He had likely smoked his last cigarette around the time I finished my beer, a combination that certainly recalled my youth, even if everything else now happening had been at best a distant fantasy. Though the differences from then became noticeable after a long interval of tongue play. As we continued to press and slide, I could begin to feel his whiskers. The discovery was a turn-on, just reinforcing the fact that I was kissing a man while our cocks kept grinding against each other. Keeping the whisker contact minimal wasn't too hard, as we kept tonguing each other deeply.

I kept my hands sliding between us, mainly around his thighs and balls. One of his hands kept playing with my nipple, while the other slid around my ass. As he continued to explore, I made it clear that this was an area to ignore, just leading him to focus more on our kissing and cock to cock thrusting.

Returning his nipple attention, I moved my hand up across his chest, fondling his right nipple, my other hand pulling at his ass cheek as my tongue moved down his neck, until it slid over the erect point, making him moan and begin to slide along my cock. I replaced the hands on his ass, taking my time, and then slid my right hand higher. Where it discovered a small ring, the first pierced nipple I have ever touched. This discovery made me slide my tongue across his chest, just to explore. The ring seemed small, not really heavy or even especially noticeable, but piercings have never attracted me.

This has been true since the time I first started kissing women, with the smell of beer and smoke mingling as we stood naked and turned on ourselves ever more. But even back then, earrings were unattractive while actually having sex with someone. Now, the nipple ring wasn't too distracting, but I tended to avoid that side from then on, both with hand or mouth.

Leading me to naturally trail my tongue back down his sweaty front, then getting on my knees. This is the position I had been wanting to be in for weeks, servicing a horny sexy cock. He moaned as I began to take him deeper, and his hands rested on my head, simply following the motion of my cocksucking. Being parallel to the bench, I could see to the side where at least a couple of shadowed figures moved back and forth. A couple were hard and stroking themselves, just like I was stroking myself. The temperature of the steam bath was starting to reach the level I most enjoy. A heat that made thinking unnecessary, overwhelmed by the sweaty and slippery pleasures available simply by being there.

I closed my eyes again to concentrate on taking his hard cock deeper into my mouth, but it was beyond me - even if the way he moved his cock against my inner cheek's surface seemed to satisfy both of us for a long while. He then sat down, but my greedy mouth wouldn't let him go. His sitting position still allowed me full access, without even needing to move my legs. Not that such thought was really necessary - by now, I was in a completely slutty mode, sucking loud, forceful public motions, careful not to go too deep to keep from interrupting my rhythm as he just sat back.

Or so I thought, until noticing a third man near me. Raising my eyes, it was obvious that he was getting sucked too. During this slight break in my concentration, the first man's hand drifted down, and the connection was complete, all three of us getting pleasured by a naked stranger in the dim dampness. The sensations coming from my cock were starting to overwhelm me, so to distract both him and myself, I began to suck harder and deeper, trying to take charge, getting his hand to stop its too wonderful motions, spreading the pre-cum over my cockhead. And it worked, at least partly, as I covered his hand, feeling it slide so perfectly. And almost cumming again, though this time, the useful distraction was from the other man, starting to pump his cock into the sitting man's eager mouth.

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