tagGay MaleBathhouse Summer's End Ch. 02

Bathhouse Summer's End Ch. 02


I managed to arrive a few minutes after the bathhouse opened on Sunday, fully equipped in contrast to my visit just a couple of days ago.

Though my first stop today had been to the now deserted lake, walking around it while enjoying a bit of organic smoke. Heading towards the city, a familiar feeling of anticipation was already pressing against my center, the memories of just a couple of days ago still fresh. Especially the feeling created along my hard bare cock, thrusting between a stranger's naked and slippery thighs.

Feeling another man's hardness, unable to resist temptation, continuing to slide against a delightfully slippery cock, one likely having just been sucked, or fucking. Our moans grew louder as we kept moving together, the sensation wonderfully addictive. This only changed when he positioned his ass for me to fuck him, a point where condoms are absolutely mandatory, regardless of how turned on I was from feeling another man's stiff cock against mine, balls in my bush.

After parking, I saw a man enter just in front of me. While paying, it was clear several men had already changed. Entering the locker area, I undressed quickly, followed by drinking my customary beer.

I went upstairs, nicely buzzed, and wandered into the larger porn space, settling on a bench while stroking. However, only one person entered over the next several minutes, who quickly left. Further, the porn just wasn't that interesting. Leaving, one of the two porn booths was free, so I went inside, getting out my bottle of jungle juice. It is still the same bottle for almost two years now, kept cool in an airtight container, losing some of its potency, but still retaining its magical effects.

The playing porn was something seen before, a bit kinky. It showed a young man in a locker room, cleaning up. And stroking himself hard, breathing deeply as he held a pair of underpants against his face. The association with 'locker room' and gay sex just added to the attraction as I took a hit from the brown bottle, starting to stroke my now swelling cock.

I held my breath as long as possible, knowing that the man stroking himself on the bench would be discovered by another man. Surprisingly, the door rattled a bit as someone tried it, making me harder as I breathed out, recognizing an excellent chance to enjoy such a booth, door open. The thought didn't make it any easier to do at first, unable to stop jacking as the man on the screen, cock jutting through his pulled over shorts, began cock sucking the man who saw him so turned on, foot on the bench as his cock was sucked.

Putting the bottle away, I first unlocked the door, opening it by a good third. It didn't take long for someone to start standing in the entrance, though I studiously paid no attention, just watching the gay porn, where the sitting man was now getting sucked off by his discoverer, kneeling with spread legs in front. After a moment, the presence at the entrance seemed to withdraw.

Followed by another man swiftly entering the space, dropping his towel on the platform as his hand reached for my cock. Still riding the sensations centering on my horny dick, directly caused by the contents of the brown bottle and the gay porn on the screen, I was not even able to speak when he sat to my right, then bent down, his lips encircling my willing cock.

Normally, I possess the necessary willpower to at least say 'condom,' but even the first syllable was too much effort, an effort that wouldn't be undertaken anyways. I have dreamed for too long of just letting go, letting a stranger taste my cock, sinking into the animal satisfaction of getting head. Even keeping up a pretence was too difficult at this point, my desires finally overwhelming me, making me surrender to liquid lips. Something he seemed to sense, taken wonderful advantage of my condition, making my cock swell into irresistible hardness with his wet lips sliding down my shaft, then back up, over and over, luxuriously going just a bit deeper each time.

Over decades, I have always wondered what it would be like to get off with another man while stoned and rushing, especially in a place surrounded by other men, all potential - or previous - partners. Even fantasies paled against the reality, of just getting horny and hard, having some stranger take me into paradise.

It isn't that I didn't know what it was like to orgasm with Rush pounding through my body while getting sucked, or fucking a pussy or ass, or titty fucking, cock surrounded by softly slippery lips and wetly soft skin. It is just that until now, I had never gotten off so openly with a man while using Rush, naked, turned on by gay porn.

Though I have enjoyed Rush with four women, including my wife. And it was the man on the sling a few months ago that had the bottle the first time I shared the aroma with a man, very well covered by a condom as my cock pushed into his ass, cumming as we shared the effects, both of us reduced to pure fucking animals.

That recent memory remains a bit strange, considering that my first memory concerning 'locker room aroma' was a Playboy Advisor mention from the late 70s, a distinctly heterosexual source. Over the years, I've introduced the sexual effects of Rush to women, but never men.

My first girlfriend was as much a fan as I, especially being fucked on her hands and knees, my hands on her sexy tits, rubbing her nipples, both of us loving the primitive ecstasy of purely naked sex, rigid cock buried so deep in sopping pussy after breathing a shared hit out. Both of us talking so fantastically dirty while sharing hits from the bottle, grinding together as the words flowed into grunts and panting, becoming cunt and cock, merging and cumming, bodies pounding, sluts.

To my minor disappointment, my wife refuses to try getting off with Rush, though hope remains she will experiment at least once, with her magic wand between her legs.

In the present, a stranger's mouth going down on me, I surrendered to the pure pleasure of a talented cock sucker enjoying the opportunity to taste another man's cock. Especially one of a man so clearly enjoying it, his face watching me as his tongue glided over my cockhead, plunging back down as soon as my lips moved, completely obliterating my thoughts, knowing that I was his, enthralled by his skills.

Wanting nothing but his glorious mouth over my bare cock, my hands beginning to rest on his almost shaved head, any thought of condoms completely abandoned, no longer concerned about anything except not cumming too soon. His mouth was easily 2/3 the way down, his nose just above my full bush. I began humping his face, his hands on my hips, loving how it felt as he matched my thrusts.

He took me very deep, something that has only happened a couple of times in my life, his talent making me want nothing but to fill his mouth with cum. A state he sensed, changing his sucking just enough to keep me back from the tempting edge of orgasm. One hand had migrated to my sack, which he kept fondling, adding a distraction in the short term.

After almost cumming several times, he slowed, then stood, providing the chance to begin to play with his cock, slowly pulling downwards as its length began to grow, needing more pressure from me to keep him that way, cock pressed his thin thigh. My left hand found his nipple, and he began to sway a bit of both hands moved against his skin.

'You have poppers?' were the first words I heard him speak, in a somewhat dark voice, as he bent a bit, taking my slickened cock in his fist.

Firmly in his grasp, I could barely moan 'oh yeah .. cocksucker' in reply before he took my cock in his mouth again. Making me continue talking dirty, saying things like 'fuck yeah cocksucker .. hard suck .. cock .. slut .. face fucker .. fuck yeah.'

After what seemed an unbelievably long while, he changed position, his hand going to my nipple as he asked 'Where?'.

'In the .. black bag .. get them .. now' I managed to say, reaching over and fumbling the bottle out of its plastic bag. Incredibly, my concentration disappeared as he went down on me again, focussing my being on being sucked by a man who knew just what I was feeling. And knowing that he would be feeling the same way shortly, sharing a deep breath, turning utterly primal, gay group porn on the screen.

Handing him the bottle, he shifted, putting a bent leg on the platform next to me while unscrewing the bottle. My hand was sliding along my horny cock as I watched him press one nostril, then the other, inhaling deeply. He put the cap back on lightly, giving me the bottle as he moved further, putting his arms down on the vinyl, moving fluidly as his body went horizontal, cock perfectly positioned for me to suck.

I breathed in, closed the bottle, opened the condom package, beginning to put it on as my lips followed the latex down, tight on the moist surface. He wanted me to suck him. and a condom is part how I do it in a bathhouse. Just because I had surrendered my bare cock in the face of the incredible sensations didn't mean all of my standards had disappeared, especially with a man using poppers with strangers. This may not be exactly fair, but it is also reasonable enough in terms of what happened after the time I first ever read about bathhouses. That sex with lots of strangers and no condoms helps spread whatever is spreadable is not exactly a controversial statement.

The sensation filling my mouth with hard cock when breathing out was a wave of male power, focussed on lips, teeth, and tongue. Knowing deep in my mind that the man doing the sucking is in control. If only barely, as my hand began to stroke my jutting rod as his fingers began to move along my head, moaning more as my mouth went deeper, his hips beginning to buck. He reached for the bottle, did another hit, louder moans starting as soon as he breathed out in my direction, my finger sliding along his crack.

The smell of Rush filled my nostrils as I inhaled what he had breathed out, feeling wonderfully slutty as my finger began to feel his smooth anus, enjoying the interplay between his delightfully pulsing ring and surging cockhead pressing against my squeezing lips.

His moaning began to turn into purely animal sounds when his hands began to push my head back up his cock, saying 'too much .. too much.' Surprisingly, he rolled away a bit before stripping off the condom after my mouth was away.

He rolled onto his stomach, lifted himself, glistening cock hanging so invitingly as he placed his ass near me. I couldn't stop my hand from reaching out to clasp it, spread fingers rolling over one ass cheek, then the other, always getting closer to his hole, my other hand on his cock. On his hands and knees, he turned his head back, talking about his 'man pussy,' the words turning me on, even if a bit strange - recalling watching trannie porn as probably the first place I'd ever encountered the term. He then asked me how I liked his uncut cock, demanding an answer. Something that became difficult as his hand was now running through my bush at the base of my dick.

'I love .. love .. hard cock .. cock play.'

'Do you like them uncut .. like my cock .. oh yeah .. like that' he said, with me beginning to pull his foreskin back and forth over his cockhead. 'Squeeze it' he added as my finger began to play with his ass again, his head sinking. Our hands were sharing the same rhythm, reflecting just how slutty we had become.

Reaching a certain plateau, I asked him how long he had known about poppers. He answered 25 years, followed by him talking about my cock, saying how properly hard it was, just the way he liked them, desire apparent in the words, making me hornier. Feeling the slippery joy of his hand beginning to spread my pre-cum, a haze obscured my thoughts as he shifted.

'Oh fuck yes .. yes .. suck me' I gasped as it became clear he was going to go down again, one hand playing with my ear, still watching the hot porn, a man playing with himself in the middle of a gloryhole space, surrounded by openings, with five stiff cocks sticking in. His lips slid expertly along my slippery shaft, reminding me of how hard I used to get watching my first bi and trannie porn. Especially seeing just how good a man could suck cock, and getting turned on a way which never occurred watching a blowjob from a woman.

This was back in the late 80s, when VHS ruled. The married couple I rented a room from enjoyed porn, though with different tastes. The wife enjoyed getting stoned, then listening to and watching double (or more) penetration videos while playing with a coil vibrator. The husband's taste took a while longer to reveal itself, though he had an excellent collection of older Penthouses.

As time went on, the extent of his porn was revealed, often through his wife, who would suggest I check a few things out. It wasn't that the source of the porn wasn't clear, it was just he was quite heterosexual, regardless of the direction his magazines and videos, went. None of it was exactly gay porn, which I had seen a couple of times in the past, but it definitely involved sex between men.

Especially the first bi porn I ever watched, which his wife suggested I check out, after we had smoked a bowl and drank a couple of beers. She stood, pressed play on the remote. Grinning at me before heading upstairs, she said her husband really enjoyed tapes from this company. The opening MMF threesome was hot, bringing my cock out of my pants.

But the following cock sucking scene was unbelievably sexy, making a deep impression on me watching a man get another man off. And wanting to be the man getting sucked, wanting a man to blow me so good, lips on my hard shaft. I had never seen such a style of head, like a deep bobbing, but perfectly timed between pleasure and pause, forcing the sucked man to start moving his hips, increasing the peaks, but also extending the pauses.

At some point, I just came, drowning in the spectacle of expert male cocksucking, knowing that some line had been crossed after that intense orgasm, one that would influence the future.

Or the present. My head started to sink, making me certain that the cocksucking man was doing it the way I had first seen decades ago, Whether looking down directly, or at the mirrored wall across from us, showing the full scene. The sensations created jagged spikes of pleasure, never quite reaching the peak, keeping my eyes fluttering opened and closed. In the mirror, I could see his stroked cock better, creating a noticeable bump in my approach to orgasm.

An orgasm that hovered outside of our playing, both of us knowing it was early in the afternoon, and that there would be plenty of new cocks to play with. Yet both of us were flirting on the edge, a tantalizing state of its own, one that can be drawn out for a while until finally, a bit of recuperation is required.

His mouth slowly withdrawing, he stood, wrapping his towel, patted my head, and said 'I'll be playing for a while' as he opened the door. No one was outside, so I took some needed time to collect myself. With downstairs still to explore, an area where older fantasies play no role, only recent experiences.

The bathhouse is by far the easiest place to have fantastic sex I know, a truth ensuring it remains a major destination in so many men's lives. I understood just how irresistible it was, particularly after having just violated one of my own standards. And unable to care in any way as it happened, except wanting to keep feeling my naked cock in a stranger's willing mouth.

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