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Bathroom Closet Voyeurs Get a Show


My youngest daughter Julie is a grad student at a local university and lives with me. I'm a 48-year-old mother of three. Although gravity and three kids have taken their toll, I still have large smooth tits, a nice round ass, and I am regularly told I look much younger than my age. I like to think I'm still attractive to men of all ages.

A few weeks ago, Julie brought home a couple of cute fellow students to study, Joe and Roger. They were both handsome, with athletic builds -- strong arms, firm abs, and nice, tight butts. They were dressed in t-shirts, one wearing jeans, and the other in loose walking shorts.

After what looked like a few hours of studying, she told them it was time to leave because she had to take a bath before she had dinner and went out that night. We have a very large bathroom with a Jacuzzi, mirrored walls, and walk-in closet. She left them at the table to draw the bath, then went to her room to grab a change of clothing. She thought the boys had already left, but unbeknownst to Julie, the boys only pretended to leave. They actually sneaked into the bathroom and hid inside the closet, which had slats through which they could peek at her while she bathed, unnoticed.

But I was spying on the spies. I had arrived home earlier but kept quiet so as not to disturb their studying, and was listening to everything that was taking place. After I saw them hide in the closet, I made my presence known to all by slamming the front door and loudly announcing that I was home from work.

I probably should have been angry about the Peeping Toms hiding in the bathroom, but I hadn't had sex in quite some time so I was feeling very horny and more than a little mischievous. I would never have let them see Julie naked, but decided to pretend that I didn't know they were in the closet and planned to innocently strip completely naked in front of them and do a little teasing in the process. I'd never done anything like this, and the idea was totally turning me on.

But first I had to quickly get rid of Julie. I told her I was very tired from work and could really use the hot bath to relax. I needed her to go to the store to run a few errands and pick up a few things. I wrote up a list of errands that would take her to three different stores and occupy her for at least 90 minutes, giving me more than enough time to leisurely work my plan. She resisted lightly, but relented, and left the bathwater running for me.

When I saw her car finally leave the driveway, my fun really began. I quickly put on my sluttiest lingerie, with a red half-bra that showed the top half of my nipples over the lacy top, and matching mesh panties under my clothing. I took a few deep breaths to slow my racing breathing and walked as casually as I could muster into the bathroom, with my heart pounding. I couldn't believe what I was about to do -- this was totally unlike me, and I had an entire swarm of excited butterflies in the pit of my stomach. I was wet already, just thinking about what I was about to do. I looked at myself in the mirror and took a deep breath; it was now or never. I was hoping I wouldn't chicken out. Before I could think twice, I quickly lifted the snug t-shirt over my head and dropped it on the floor.

This left most of my tits showing. My nipples were already rock hard and standing at attention, poking straight out above the lace. I walked around the room briefly, pretending to look in some drawers, but really gathering my nerve up for my next big step. Taking a shaky deep breath, I unzipped my tight pants and wriggled my hips to work them down my legs. This left me in just the mostly see-through panties. As a former dancer, I'm still pretty limber, and I faced away from the closet and touched my toes, grabbing my calves with straight knees, as though I was stretching my hamstrings.

In reality, I was aiming my pussy directly at the boys in the closet, and sneaking a peek back at them from between my firm legs. In this position, they could see everything I had, my swollen pussy lips covered by a thin, transparent mesh fabric, barely 18 inches away from them. From between my legs, I could see the shadowy outlines between the slats, and knew that their eyes were locked on my throbbing cunt. Pretending to stretch further, I slowly shifted by weight back and forth, bending each knee in turn, which shook my hips, teasing them with the view of my pussy wiggling back and forth. I could feel myself getting even wetter. I could smell my turned-on scent wafting across the room. I hoped they could smell me too, giving them another sense to experience me in more depth and detail. Smelling was almost like tasting.

I stood back up in front of the mirror, as though I was admiring my large tits, while the young men watched. They swayed in the mirror, and I lifted them up and let them fall, making them bounce and jiggle, then pinched and pulled out the hard nipples, which always makes me hot - it has a direct connection into my cunt, shooting electricity right into my clit. It sent a shiver through me, top to bottom.

I thought about declaring victory and ending the show right there. They'd seen most of my swollen pussy and I could walk away hot and wet, and masturbate myself into a frenzy in my bedroom. But showing myself off, was proving so exciting that I didn't want it to stop. It was show time. With another deep breath for courage, I slipped my thumbs into the waistband of my sheer red panties and slid them down my legs, bending over at the waist with straight knees, again stretching out my hamstrings, and giving the boys a total view of my bare pussy. Sneaking another peek back through my legs, I could see the shadows moving, and could hear the slow, stifled sound of pants being unzipped. The thought of the two hot young hard-bodies masturbating while watching me totally naked just a few feet away made my legs weak and I had to stand up and clutch the sink to avoid falling completely over.

This was making me much hotter than I expected. I'd only intended to do a gentle strip-tease, but now I desperately needed to give them the complete show. The sky was now the limit. I pulled out a bottle of slick moisturizer and slowly spread it all over my firm stomach and tits. I rubbed it in thoroughly, enjoying the cool sensation of the lotion on my hot skin, pinching my slick nipples. I spread it luxuriously over my thighs and bent way over to rub it into each calf, again aiming my hot pussy straight at the closet. In the mirror's reflection I saw shadowy movement through closet door and heard some quiet friction then muffled moans. They were both cumming while watching me!

The image in my head of two young studs working their meat just a few feet away while staring at my naked body made me so horny I almost came, without even touching my pussy. I realized that we had another hour left and these young boys would be hard and ready again in a matter of minutes. I was so worked up; showing myself off to them was the most sexually exciting thing I'd ever done. This was opening up a whole new world for me I didn't know about. I was really enjoying this and wanted it to last and last.

I didn't know when, or if, I'd have another exhibitionist opportunity like this, and could feel a powerful orgasm welling up inside of me. I was still hot from knowing they'd just cum all over their hands and were still looking at me, with wet, sticky fingers. I needed to cum so bad, and I knew that I was going to give them the biggest show I could in order to do it. I thought about the encore I was going to create for part two.

I dug around in the drawers for my razor. I pulled it out, along with a can of shaving cream and sat on the stool, facing the mirror, as though I was going to trim my already close-cropped pussy hair. I sat back on the stool and put my feet up on the sink, spreading my legs as widely as I could, giving the boys a perfect view of every inch of my cunt, inside and out. In the mirror I could see how engorged my lips were. I had never been so turned on before; there was a river of moisture literally trickling out of me. I squirted out a handful and began lathering myself up good, taking special care to rub my clit and lips. I "accidentally" used too much, and had to spread the white cream all over my inner thighs, and inside my now throbbing cunt I'd forgotten that this was mentholated shaving cream, which made my entire pussy sting and tingle, increasing the sensation tenfold.

Through the creamy lather, they could surely see how red and swollen my lips were. I heard a slight creak on the closet's wooden floor -- they were adjusting their positions to get a better view inside of me.

Imagining there eyes all over me, my pussy raged and I forgot all about the shaving razor. I started rubbing my clit furiously, working the cool shaving cream all around it, while shoving two, then three, then all four fingers of my other hand in and out into my cunt. Strutting around naked had made me incredibly hot, but masturbating in front of them nearly drove me senseless.

I almost made eye contact with the closet peepers, but didn't want to let them know I knew that they were there and scare them. They were just shadowy outlines behind the open slats, but I knew they were intensely watching my flying fingers work my hard clit, as I slammed my fingers into myself with total wild abandon.

I could hear the quiet sound of skin-on-skin friction behind me, and I imagined for a minute what would happen if they couldn't contain themselves and burst out of the closet to have their way with me. I would appear shocked, and start to cover my nakedness, then allow myself to be ravaged fiercely by these two young studs. I would blow each one of them, sucking them deeply into my mouth, feeling the warm, smooth hardness, while simultaneously jerking off the other stiff cock with my free hand. Or maybe I'd take them both at once, blowing Joe on my hands and knees while Roger pounded me hard and fast from behind, causing my tits to jiggle, while Joe's slick cock stuffed into my mouth stifled my screams of absolute pleasure.

Then, before they came, I'd have them switch places, so I could taste myself on Roger's hard cock he'd withdrawn from my sopping cunt, and letting Joe's earlier oral invasion now rock me from behind. If sufficiently lubed, I might even let Joe fuck me in the ass. I liked anal occasionally, and I was so hot that this his cock would slide easily into my tight butthole.

They were young and so much less experienced - they didn't know it but I was more than enough woman for both of them at once. I could show them what a sexy and very skilled slightly older woman could do to a man. No woman in her twenties could fuck like one in her forties, they're too insecure about their figures and unsure about their sexuality. I could fuck them both until they begged for mercy, then I'd fuck them again. The second time I'd have them pull out and cum all over my face and tits, smearing their hot jizz into my skin, like a porn star.

It almost made me open the closet door myself, to catch them, shocked, with their hands on their cocks and pants around their ankles. I could then fuck them both mercilessly then swear them to secrecy by telling them that I'd call the police if Julie ever found out. But as horny as the thought of being simultaneously penetrated by these two hard cocks made me, I couldn't take that risk. I knew Julie would never forgive me if she found out.

Nevertheless, the image of taking these two young studs at once and the sound of them jerking off just two or three feet away behind a thin, unlocked door sent me screaming over the edge. I alternated between vigorously rubbing my clit, slamming my fingers into my cunt, and occasionally pinching my nipples until they were red and painful. The orgasm hit me like a freight train, nearly causing me to fall off the stool.

I could hear them cumming too, watching me abuse myself. That made me even hotter, which I didn't think was possible, and intensified an already sensational orgasm. My cunt twitched and throbbed as my body was wracked with the most intense orgasm I'd ever experienced. I was nearly senseless, as wave after wave hit me, jerking me like a rag doll. I screamed "Ohhhhhh Goddddd!!!" at the top of my lungs. My neighbors down the block must have heard me; I was beyond control. I was a wild animal in the throes of mindless bloodlust.

I was giving these guys the show of their lives. This was how a realwoman cums, and I knew they were going to be masturbating to this image of me for years to come.

I slumped forward, thoroughly spent, my chest heaving as I struggled to catch my breath, my forehead resting on the cool sink. I stayed that way for five minutes, naked, as my fluids drained out of my battered pussy, leaving a huge stain on the fabric-covered stool. I lifted my head and caught my face in the mirror, flushed and sweating. I smiled at myself and staggered uncertainly to my feet. Cunt juice dripped down my leg and I took a washcloth and wiped the remainder of the shaving cream off my legs and sensitive spots.

Standing in front of the mirror in all my naked glory, I reveled in what id just done, imagining the satiated boys behind me, their sticky hands still clutching their fading cocks, astonished at the slutty show they'd just witnessed. I felt like a cheap whore, who'd just performed for a hooting frat party or bachelor party. And it felt great. I loved feeling this dirty; it was good to let my inner slut out with total abandon.

I heard a tiny squeak in the closet and thought I'd play with the boys a bit, glancing into the slats and taking a step toward it, as though I was going to open the door. I could imagine the moment of total panic this caused the boys, who thought they were about to be discovered. Instead, I seemed to change my mind and turned away, and mumbled out loud that I needed a nap. I then limped out the doorway and down the hall toward my bedroom, my battered pussy throbbing.

I loudly collapsed face-down onto the bed, angling myself so I could see the reflection out my door in the bedroom mirror. I started to breathe slowly, deeply and loudly, as though I had fallen asleep. After a few long minutes, I heard the closet door slowly creak open, quiet whispering debating whether I was asleep, then tip-toeing down the hall. They needed to pass my bedroom to get away, and I'd left my door wide open. I'd also splayed my legs as widely as I could, to give them one last look up into me, one more treat to remember me by. I heard the wood floor squeak as Joe approached my doorway and saw him peeking slowly and carefully into my bedroom, to avoid getting caught. I continued my slow and steady breathing, but was watching every movement in the reflection through mostly closed eyelids.

Joe quickly crossed my doorway and motioned for Randy to follow. Randy tip-toed past, taking a quick glance at my still, naked form on the bed. After crossing, I heard him stop and turn back, then saw him peek around the corner to take one more lingering look up into my still-tingling cunt and the river of hot fluid still pouring out of me, leaving a dark stain on the comforter. I couldn't believe that I was still so hot that I was still leaking! Randy pulled out his phone and took a low-resolution photo of me. He couldn't see my face in the photo, but I knew he'd be masturbating to my image and memory for many years.

Shortly, I heard the back door open, then close, and a car engine roar to life, pealing down the street. At that point, I sat up, and felt I deserved a treat for a job well done. I pulled my dildo-shaped vibrator out of my nightstand and cranked it up to its highest setting, buzzing loudly. My pussy twitched; it reacted to the sound like Pavlov's dog. I slammed it into my wet cunt to the hilt, jamming it in and out hungrily, I desperately needed to cum again, and brought myself to a mind-blowing orgasm almost immediately.

Wave after wave rocked me as I lay naked on the bed, legs spread widely. I watched myself in the mirror, remembering the thrill of exhibiting myself to the young men, the slutty degradation of performing for their hungry, staring eyes, of showing my most private sexual acts to an audience of strangers. I felt like a filthy whore and loved every second of it, the exhilarating sexual freedom of the pretense and pretext of being alone. Everyone masturbates occasionally, but good girls don't do it for others, and certainly not for strangers. And that was why it felt so good, to do something so nasty in the safety of my own home, to be in total control of not one, but two young studs, having them feasting on my body and my promiscuous, sexual abandon.

I knew that I'd opened up a side of myself that I didn't know existed, but knew that I'd be seeing again very soon. This was now who I was, what I needed. I'd be even more adventurous next time. Perhaps I'd touch them or let them touch me, or exhibit myself to others who weren't hiding in secret but watching the show and making eye contact with me, in a public or private exhibition.

I laid spread out on the bed for at least 15 minutes before I could sit up, then hobbled to the bathroom, my pussy stinging from the massive abuse it had suffered at my own hand. I walked into the bathroom to turn on the shower and saw that the closet door was swinging wide open. In their hurry to escape, they hadn't closed it. I reached inside to pull out my bathrobe and saw many globs of white cum dripping down off the inside of the door and puddling on the floor; they came so much. I touched one of the streams with my index finger and felt its sticky warmth. I brought the finger to my mouth and rubbed it all over my lips, then licking them clean, tasting the delicious saltiness and reveling in the flavor and all it represented. I repeated this with the cum dripping down the other door, to experience both men, tasting the slightly different flavors.

I don't always let men cum in my mouth, but I needed to taste these two. They were absolutely delicious, and added a new dimension to the day's experience. I'd remember the tanginess and decided that I was going to taste the next man I blew to compare the flavors.

I stepped into the hot shower and let the hot water wash me clean. But not too clean, I was going to stay a very dirty girl.

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