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Batman: Arkham City Chronicles is written by Allen Knott (main story) and Emily Thayer (sex scenes). The sex scenes written by Emily are based on notes from Allen and modified by him as necessary.

If you enjoy the sex scenes feel free to contact Emily.

Batman: Arkham City Chronicles takes the place of the third game, Batman: Arkham Knight and is set in an alternate reality very similar to that of the Batman: Arkham series. The first two games, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City being almost completely canon while Batman: Arkham Origins, Batman: Arkham Knight, and all other Batman: Ark ham's games, comics, or film are NON-CANON. Those I did borrowed characters from the other game and the main villain will be the Arkham Knight but in this series, the Arkham Knight isn't Jason Todd.

The story comes from two places, one is the fact that I had a strong negative opinion of the Batman: Arkham Knight game and wanting to do a solid Batman's story. The second is from another Batman's story entitled, Let's Be Batman by BatmansDick. That story while not bad, replaced Bruce, and for me Bruce Wayne is Batman.

Last, I'm currently without an editor, so the grammar is going to be rough. I have a grammar learning disability, so please forgive the grammar. I did my best with getting the story as readable as possible.

All characters are property of DC's comics.

All characters are above the legal age of 18 years old.

Thank you and I hope enjoy.

Sunday, January 1, 2012 C.E.

Gotham City,

United States,

North America, Earth

Batman aka Bruce Wayne is flying over Gotham City. It has been a rare quiet night for the Bat. However, after the previous night's events Bruce need a rest but as the Batwing approach the former Arkham City, where eleven months ago Batman's greatest foe, the Joker died. Just slight over two weeks later Batman and Robin defeated Harley Quinn while saving several police officers. However, shortly thereafter Robin aka Tim Drake told Bruce that he is leaving Gotham and would be taking the name Red Robin. Tim didn't know where he would settle but knew it was time to leave. Batman is drawn back to reality by Oracle's voice coming over his communications system built into his Batsuit, "Bruce...Bruce..."

Oracle aka Betty Kane, fully name is Mary Elizabeth Kane. She is the niece of Batwoman, Katherine Kane. Betty was born mobility impairment but upon discovering her aunt's dual identity, Betty convinced her aunt that despite being bound to a wheelchair she is a computer expert and information broker, on becoming the Oracle. Despite, some resisting from Bruce, Kate and Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon 'convinced' Bruce that despite Betty's paraplegia she would be totally safe in the Bat cave. Bruce reluctantly agreed but after the Arkham Asylum Incident and Arkham City Incident, he had come to depend greatly on Mary.

"What Oracle?" Bruce asks, as he maneuvers the Batwing threw the night sky above Gotham. Oracle replies, "I have a location on Tracey Buxton. She is currently at Lacey Towers and could be meeting with the Penguin or have information on the Penguin."

"I will look into it," answers Bruce, as he flips the Batwing around and starts racing south since Lacey Towers is located in the Coventry. Oracle asks, "Bruce do you need backup? Huntress..."

"Huntress is unpredictable and too violent for a mission like this but I will be alright alone," answers Bruce, fast approaching Lacey Towers. Since Tim departed last year, the mantle of Robin had been taking up by Stephanie Brown, daughter of the criminal Cluemaster. That makes Stephanie the fourth Robin, following Tim, who followed Jason Todd aka Red Hood, who followed Dick Grayson aka Nightwing. Jason originally left to work with Dick but had become ever increasingly more violent to the point where Bruce is unsure if Jason is friend or foe. Jason is currently fighting crime in Keystone City. Bruce figure Tim will settle in Central City. Grayson settled in Bludhaven but still assist Bruce when he needs him as did Todd for a time.

Buxton's Apartment,

Lacey Towers,

Coventry, Gotham City

Batman enters the apartment and beside signs of a struggle there is no one here, but Bruce sees something behind the overturn sofa that caused Bruce too asks, "Oracle, where is Batgirl location?"

"Batgirl is safe and sound," voices Oracle, before adding, "She is standing right in front of me. Why? Did something happen?"

"Then we have a problem!" replies Batman, looking over the dead body of a woman who is wearing her own Batgirl suit, "Have Barbara and Stephanie remain at the manor, then have Kate meet me here as soon as possible. I'm going to be looking for evidence."

Bruce doesn't give Oracle time to response before terminating the link and start searching the room for any evidence. A short time later Batwoman arrives to find Batman still in the apartment. As Batwoman steps through the window into the living room, she sees the dead body and asks, "What happen here?"

"Someone got the apartment in the name of Buxton knowing it would lead me here. Then they kill this woman known as Dina Meyer," explains Batman, handing Batwoman a note which read, "I'm going to kill 'Batman,'" which is signed, Arkham Knight.

"Who is Arkham Knight?" asks Batwoman, kneeing beside the body of Meyer, "And why is she dress in a Batgirl-like batsuit?"

"I don't know but her Gotham driver license identified her as Dina Meyer," answers Batman walking over to where Batwoman is kneeing beside the body, "However, I had never seen a Gotham driver license like this before but maybe there is someone who..."

Then Batman stops mid-sentence before turning to leave the room.

"...take care of the body and call Gordon," Batman order, as Batwoman looks up to see Batman exiting the room without another word. Batwoman secured the scene along with removing Meyer's batsuit before calling Gordon and telling him about the delicate situation. Meanwhile Batman is starting the search for any evidence or information on the mystery Arkham Knight individual.

Hyperion Island,

Titan Islands,

Atlantic Ocean

Several hours later and 70 miles south of Gotham City are the Titan Islands, a chain of islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean. One of the Islands is named Hyperion, named for the Greek God. Batman gently lands the Batwing on the northern peninsula. Climbing out of the Batwing and walking the short distance to where one of Talia's personal body guards is standing watch. The woman, Kari lowers her head and leads Batman to where Talia al Ghul and her half-sister, Nyssa Raatko are waiting. Nyssa is nervous while Talia can't think of anything else but Bruce's massive cock inside of her pussy. As Bruce steps through the doorway, Talia asks, "Beloved, this is my sister, I thought she could join us?"

Batman looks Nyssa up and down while noting she has a body like her half-sister, but Nyssa's hair is black and down to her shoulder and her chest is smaller than Talia. Bruce takes off his mask revealing a smirk on his face before he walks over...


...and gestured with an open hand to his left, to the hallway which he knows from experience leads to Talia's bedroom. He wasn't the first to start moving, as he instead follows the two girls, getting a look from behind. He couldn't quite hide his smirk as the three of them slipped into the bedroom, with Bruce closing the door behind the group.

While Nyssa had already moved to the end of the bed, taking a seat and turning around, Talia has stayed behind, standing just a few feet from Bruce and facing him. He took a step inward, towards her, guiding his hands to her shoulders and peeling away her zipper, sliding her black jacket off her shoulders to begin with. Her hands pressed in against the bottom of his armor, near the top of his waist, as he removes her jacket. That was until both shoulders of her jacket were off, and Bruce pushed them further down each of her arms, letting her jacket fall to the floor, exposing her simple white top underneath. After being freed, Talia moved her hands to Bruce's wrist, lightly tapping the button enter the access code for his armor to deactivate it. Taking just a moment and splitting the chest piece into two, almost like he had done to her jacket just before. Bruce chuckled at the similarity, but played along, bringing his arms down as Talia let Bruce's armor fall to the floor as well. Moving down after the armor hits the floor and leaving it just behind Bruce's feet, she goes to her knees in front of him. She held a smirk on her face, thinking herself clever in how she found herself in this position.

That didn't change what she was about to do in her position, though. She brought a careful hand over the bulge of Bruce's black boxers, her fingers closing in on the hem, and then she pulls them down, her cheek rubbing against Bruce's thigh. She had been this way with Bruce for a while, affectionate above all else. She gestures with her free hand for her sister to come and join her on the floor, as she exposes Bruce's massive cock, letting it stand proud in the open air, holding it gently. Despite her resistance, Nyssa came over, kneeling in front and removed her jacket herself, her eyes always on Bruce's manhood.

"Don't be so shy, little sis," Talia says, breaking the soft and smooth silence that had settled over the room, lit by two dim table lamps on either side of the bed. "You're never so nervous when it's just the two of us, why make it a big deal if Bruce is here too?"

She winked, her hand continuing to stroke Bruce's massive cock, which she guided down to point further outward.

"Go ahead." She gestured to her sister, who shuffled forward on her knees. Nyssa did as she was told, pushing her hair back as she took Bruce's head in her mouth, staring at it while it disappeared behind her plush lips.

"Give her a minute, Bruce. You're definitely her biggest," Talia giggles, while a blush settled over Nyssa's face.

"She's doing well, for being new to it," Bruce responses, one of his hands settling into each head of hair at his feet. At this signal, Talia leaned in and kissed at the side of her sister's lips, against her lips and Bruce's massive cock, before moving further down and bringing her tongue to his huge balls. Bruce let a short grunt go, nodding with satisfaction at the service as Nyssa challenged herself to take more.

"I think that's enough." said Bruce, easing his huge cock away from her lips and letting it rest on her face.

Nyssa sat back and wiped at her lips while Talia sat forward, taking front and center and baring her chest for her lover.

"Isn't he just the best? The taste is incredible," she whispers to her sister, but it wasn't hard for Bruce to overhears it. After her short comment, she brought herself up on her knees, inserting Bruce's mighty manhood between her breasts. She could spot the smile on Bruce's face as she brought her breasts around his cock, bouncing lightly on her knees and brushing him gently with her tits. Talia turned to her sister again, pointing her in the direction of the bed.

"Go ahead and lean over it, I'll be right over, okay?" She winks, brushing her sister's long black hair out of her face before the woman turned away from the pair and shuffled her way to the bedside, leaning over it and presenting her ass upward for Bruce. Seeing this sight, Talia pulled away from Bruce, moving behind her sister and bowing her head, pulling her sister's thighs apart and exploring with her tongue. She found each side of her sister's puffed lips, drawing her tongue back each time and letting out a satisfied moan.

"Mm, getting you all ready for the big guy..." Talia says, "...don't get too scared. I know he's huge, but you don't have to be afraid."

Bruce, having already knelt behind Nyssa, helped Talia to sit up again as he brought his hips in line behind Talia's younger sister. Easing his hands to a grip on each side of Nyssa's hips, Bruce brought himself forward, having Talia guide his way into Nyssa's smooth cunt. Talia made an effort to move toward the bed to sit in front of her sister, before Bruce put his hand on her shoulder, and had her climb under Nyssa's hips, offering her mouth to her sister's pussy, licking at Bruce's dick at the same time. Her sister shook gently, holding Talia's hair in one hand. Wanting something for herself as well, Talia let one of her hands find a space between her legs, two fingers into herself as she helped her sister with the other, as well as her mouth.

"Talia, d-don't, oh, that's too much," Nyssa calls out because of the new sensation, trying to close her legs, only pressing in on each side of her sister's head, bringing a giggle from Talia's lips. Bruce held on tightly to Nyssa's hips, continuing his rhythmic motions, his lips tight as he built toward his orgasm. Slow grunts escaped his lips as he was almost teased by the warmth of Talia's tongue. It took all of his strength to survive for the last moment that he did, before pressing his chest into Nyssa's back as he felt the first throb of many that would come over him. Nyssa's hips shook at the same time, her exasperation being expressed as a slow moan against the light blanket covering the bed. Talia continued her work with her tongue, even as Bruce's cum leaked out of her sister. She wasn't finished until Bruce was clean, as far as she was concerned.

Once Bruce had pulled away, Talia noticed her sister's exhaustion, deciding to help by pulling her into the bed and cuddling against her side, murmuring about her satisfaction into her sister's ear, although Nyssa had already fallen asleep. Bruce looked at the two, lying comfortable in bed, and decided that he could leave them be for now. He dressed again, giving a last look to the sisters in bed before excusing himself from the room.


Bruce got dressed in his batsuit while he didn't come here for a sexual encounter it was extremely helpfully and relaxing but Batman must know if she knows anything about this Arkham Knight.

"Leaving without a word?" asks Kari, who met Batman during the Arkham City Incident. Batman looks at Kari with her brown hair in a ponytail and remembering the night she along with three other join him in bed, as he says, "When Talia is awake ask her if she knows anything about someone known as the Arkham Knight."

Kari nods her head yes before disappearing as fast as she appears. Since Ra's al Ghul death last year, Talia had taking control of the League of Assassins with help from Nyssa. Exiting the room Batman notice Shiva who looks up and just stare at him.

"What are you doing here?" asks Shiva, now known as Lady Shiva. Batman just walks up to Shiva before replying, "I came here originally to get some information but I got sidetrack. Sandra, do you have any information on someone known as the Arkham Knight?"

"No, I never heard of this Arkham Knight," answers Shiva, who real name is Sandra Wu-San, "So did Kari join you two in bed?"

Batman doesn't answer he simply walks back to the Batwing while refocusing on finding the Arkham Knight character. Shiva smiles as she remembers the weekend she and Bruce spend together. Never before or since has any man made her feel the things that Bruce did during their weekend together. To the point where Shiva left the League of Assassins only coming back after Talia took power.


Wayne Manor,

Gotham City

Returning to the Batcave, Bruce is greeting by Oracle, Batwoman, and Alfred who asks, "Master Bruce did you learn anything else?"

"No Alfred," voices Bruce, "Batwoman did you secured the scene?"

"Yes, and I spoke with Commissioner Gordon. However, I didn't tell him about finding her in a batgirl-like suit but he did notice Dina's license," replies Kate, taking off her mask before saying, "Bruce, what does this mean? I mean did they murder the poor girl and put her in a batgirl's suit to send us a message?"

"I can't answer that," answers Bruce, having a real mystery that is going to take some time to figure out, "But for now I don't want anyone out there alone. Oracle please calls Dick, Jason, Tim, Aaron and Duke. Inform them of the new rogue known as the Arkham Knight. They need to be more cautious and prepare for anything."

Oracle immediately contacting the five members of the Bat family while Bruce leave to exercise. Later he has taking a seat at the batcomputer and doing a full, comprehensive, and exhaustive search through his database for any mention of the Arkham Knight or any alias that the person could be using. While Bruce is working at his personal computer, Harley Quinn comes around sitting on her bubble butt on the cold floor when she asks, "Master, is there anything I can do to help you in your search?"

After her defeated at the Steel Mill, Bruce decided to try something different with Harley. Instead of sending her to the new Arkham Asylum he convinced Gordon to let him take Harley into custody. Bruce then took Harley to his Batcave on Arkham Island. During her time at the Batcave, Batman and Harley developed a relationship. Harley broke down upon realizing she could never return to her old life and now with the Joker gone there was no one left for her. However, for some reason, Bruce took pity upon Harley and offered to help her in anyway. This is when everything starts to change, since then Harley had replaced the Joker with the Batman. Before she belongs only to the Joker but now she belongs only to Bruce and would do anything or everything he want her to. At first it unnerves Bruce but he has come to accept it and realized he can used his massive manhood, superhuman stamina, and out of this world skills to seduce several women, including supervillains. Alfred immediately recognized the changed in Bruce but didn't say anything because he thinks it is a good thing. Bruce is going to build his own personal harem while still fighting crime in Gotham. Bruce turns to see Harley standing in front of him. Harley is wearing her Arkham City outfit again that she wore before Jokers death. However, the tattoo on her right arm and above her left thigh has been removed. Now she has tattoos in those places with Batman instead of the Joker identifying her as Batman's property instead of the Joker. Bruce smile at Harley before answering, "Actual you can. I want you to use any of your old contacts to see if you can find anything about this Arkham Knight and report back..."

"Yes, Master," answers Harley, obeying and loyal to Bruce just like she was to Joker while Bruce continues, "I also want you to speak to Poison Ivy since you two have become so close recently."

"Yes, Master," answers Harley, "However, I had learned the location of Peyton Riley but Scarface has fallen to a woman named Shauna Belzer who is even more twist than previous owner."

'Wonderful!' thought Bruce, before saying, "Alright, I still want you to go speak with Pamela. Then come back to here and we will go together to wherever Peyton is hiding and handle Riley."

"Are you sure you can help Peyton, Master?" asks Harley, worried about her friend since she lost Scarface and has been in hiding.

"Harley do you trust me?" asks Bruce, leaning back in his chair.

"Yes, Master," voices Harley, looking hurt that Batman could even question her obedience to him. Bruce stood up and taking Harley into his arms says, "Then trust me and do as I tell you."

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