Batman: Harem 01


Batman: Rogue Harem

Part 1: Riding a Harley

Disclaimer: I clearly don't own Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, or any other DC Comics characters. I was psoed a question recently by a friend, and this is what I came up with because of it. The situation is mine, the characters are not.

The Joker had been on another killing spree, running through dozens of seemingly random places before the Batman had managed to figure out his sceme. Just when Joker was about to set off a laughing gas bomb in the city council chambers, Batman deactivated the device that was to blow up the gas capsule, and then dismantled it. He found the Joker pushing the buton, and hit him with a batarang. When Batman went to tie up Joker, Harley Quinn, Joker's sidekick and girlfriend, snuck up on the bat and tried to use a stun gun on him. Batman was ready for that, however, because Quinn had done the same thing to him just a week ago.

"Hehe, umm, crap?" Quinn Quipped. She tried to hit batman in the face with the stun gun, but wound up face first on the floor with her hands behind her back, tied together by the special rope batman used.

"I'm tired of having to bust you two, so I built a special prison for the clown, and I think I have a special place for you too, Quinn." Batman's typical monotone made the statement slightly scarier than it would have been otherwise, and Harley whimpered quietly to herself.

Batman examined the latest outfits for the criminal duo, and found that Harley would do quite well for the first member of his new program.

Recently, Bruce Wayne, A.K.A. Batman, had decided that nothing Arkham Asylum staff seemed to be able to do had been helping the so called "Clown Prince of Crime", so he decided to take matters into his own hands. Deep under the batcave, he had been constructing a ultramax security prison to stuff the mad-man in. It was a massive titanium box hung over a lake of lava, and the only way out was to jump thirty feet to the roof, magically stick there, pick an electrical lock with 256-bit encryption designed by Luscious Fox, and the basically climb up sheer obsidian walls several hundred feet. It was practically impenetrable.

However, the dark knight had decided that the women criminals in his life would not be held that way. He knew how to neutralize their varied powers, and so he built special high security soundproof rooms onto Wayne manor, one for each of the female super-villains in his rogue gallery.

Harley managed to get a look at Batman before she passed out, fully expecting to wind up in prison again waiting for Joker to break her out. Her last awake thought was that Batman seemed to be looking at her ass. As she drifted off to dream land, she decided that switching to the tight red and black leather skirt with no underwear was probably a good idea, if even the bat seemed to notice.

When Harley woke up, she was chained up, but it was not the way she thought. She looked around and found her surroundings to be actually quite pleasant. She was still worried, however, since she was apparently tied to a bed, but she couldn't see much beyond the ceiling and a bit of walls, so she didn't yet know how much to panic.

A whirring noise started, and she felt air filter into the room from a vent somewhere. It brushed across her pencil-eraser sized nipples, making them stand hard on end. She wondered where she was, but now even more she wondered why she was naked.

"When a friend asks me to break a prisoner, I usually get set to beat a punk into submission." a voice came from across the room. Harley recognized it, but when she tried to see who it came from, she realized her trademark ponytails were tied to the bed as well, restricting her heads movement.

"Mistah J'll save me, you'll see, whoevah you are." Harley wanted to believe what she said, but she wasn't so sure, since Joker wasn't exactly known for hurrying his saving her. The man's hands ran up Harley's legs, starting with her feet.

"I don't think so, Miss Quinzell. Batman has assured me that Joker is in a far more secure prison than any prison he has ever been in before. Even more secure than the Gulag he served six years in a while back. He is in for life without parole, I believe."

Harley suddenly realized whose the voice was. "So, rich Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne knows Batman, and apparently can't get any by himself, huh? I just wonder why the bat doesn't fuck me himself. He must be better than you."

Wayne smiled to himself as he hit a button that released the ties to her hair. "I assure you, Miss Quinzell, the batman is no better than me. But I am not here to, as you say, fuck you. I just came to let you know, you can not escape this room, so don't try. The defenses were all designed by myself and Batman, with hundreds of millions of dollars poured into their design. Even if Joker were free, there is no way he would be getting to you, and there is even less chance of you getting out since you have no equipment. Literally. When I leave, your ties will be released, and you will be given some food. The next time I am here, I will begin to break you. "

Harley felt her arms and legs come loose a moment later, and she immediately sat up. She tried to gain her feet, but fell back to her seated position.

"Well, I guess I'm in here for the long haul," Harley said. She examined every inch of the room, but saw nothing of any real interest towards getting out. She checked the walls, but they were made of really solid oak and there were no windows. She guessed that if she could pick at the walls for about a year, she might get through, unless Wayne was serious about the place, then she would find some other barrier. She sat on the bed, resigned to her fate, until a opening in the wall appeared with food inside. As soon as she moved the food, the opening closed, but she suddenly realized she was hungry.

Looking at the food, she eagerly tore into the high-end burger and fries that Wayne had provided her.


Bruce Wayne was trying to think of a way for Quinn to figure out he was Batman without telling her. He sat quietly for a long time in his study, watching Quinn eat in the nude on a secret screen on his desk. When she lay down, he activated the security straps again, so she would not be able to move while he took her, no point in making her think it would be any use, and went down to have his first session with her.


Harley was sated, for the moment, and decided that since she was not going to be able to do much, she would just lay down and relax. Before long, she was back asleep, and she didn't even notice the shackles reclasping around her wrists and ankles. She almost woke up to the soft hissing sound of Wayne coming through the door, but stayed asleep.

She did wake up when two of Wayne's large, thick fingers deeply violated her pussy.

"Hey, that's propety of Mistah J!" Quinn yelled, not taking well to the brutal fingering. Then, she yelled, "Didn't you heah... Ooooh." Her speech garbled by a noise instead of a word at the last.

"I thought you might change your mind." Bruce Wayne said, laughing a little. He then decided how to go about letting her know who he was. Switching his mindset to that of the Dark Knight, he spoke in a different tone, "Harley, you're mine now."

Harley's eyes got as big as they could as she recognized the voice of the man that Joker had taught her to hate so much, but she couldn't make any noise. He had curved his fingers upwards inside her and begun to rub both her sweet spots at the same time. For a moment, she almost lost her mind, and all she could think was how much she wished Joker had ever paid this much attention to her.

Bruce Wayne kept rubbing her insides for a while, and occasionally used his other hand to lightly play with her respectable 34D cup tits. Not as large as Talia's but perfectly shaped with hard little nipples. After a little bit, however, he felt her depths start to quake as her first orgasm shook through her body. Her back arched till she was pulling hard in the restraint cuffs, and she started to scream.

At first, she screamed "Mistah J!" as she fantasized about Joker, but her tune changed as more and more waves of pleasure washed over her and she could no longer think of a time Joker made her feel this good. After a while, Harley Quinn started to scream out Bruce Wayne's name.

Even then, Wayne was not finished. As soon as her first orgasm finished, while she was still in a heightened state, he slid his thick, hard cock into her. Twelve inches, coke can thick, and harder than the steel of a batarang, her sopping wet cunt was still only barely able to take it.

She opened her eyes wide as soon as he pushed the head in, and stared at him. "I don't think your gonna fit, B-man." As inch after delicious inch filled her depths, however, she started to realize that he meant to fuck the evil out of her. And given the gifts he was given, he just might succeed.

Harley couldn't imagine a bigger cock. Joker was fairly large, but nothing next to this gargantuan. She screamed and screamed, and thought that he would cum in her every time she reached another squealing orgasm, but time after time he just kept driving into her as she took more and more of his rod.

The almost super-human endurance Wayne had built up as Batman was serving him well now, as he fucked Harley with reckless abandon. He would drill her for as long as he needed, till his sperm filled her, of that he was sure.

Once she started drooling, he removed the shackles, sure that she could no longer think, let alone mount the offensive required to get him off of her, and then flipped her over and set her knees under her. His intent was to slam back into her pussy at a new angle and make her cum again, but when he flipped her, her tiny asshole made too tempting a target.

He prodded it with the tip of his cock, and Quinn just moaned, "Yes, whatevah you want, B-man."

That was all the prompting he needed. His cock, still wet with her nectar, waited at the entrance to her darkest recess. This was the ultimate conquest over the little witch that had plagued him for so long. He prodded her again, and there was almost no give to it. She looked to be an anal virgin.

Wayne smiled. 'Guess there are some things the clown won't do.' He had already decided. Quinn was his now. He was going to make her an obedient servant, so she and all the other females he dealt with would finally stop their criminal ways. Maybe one day, if he ever trusted her, he would even train her and let her come fight crime.

'But tonight, I'll make this little bitch scream her deepest secrets to the rafters for me.' With that thought, Bruce pushed again, and buried himself to the hilt in Harley's tiny asshole. She stretched so much that he thought for a moment he tore her anus. Not that he really cared. She had left him countless scratches, scars, and injuries over the years. Anything he did to her during... rehabilitation... was just payback.

Her head shot up. Her mouth made a perfect "O" as she screamed in momentary torment, Wayne tearing her asshole up from the inside. Then, after a few thrusts, it started to feel good. Before long, she was thoroughly enjoying herself, feeling so full when her slid it in, and so empty when it came out. She cried out his name and came on his balls dozens of times, telling him to "Ride the Harley till sunrise!" Then she felt his huge cock twitch, and suddenly, he unloaded into her rectum. It filled her so completely she almost felt like she ate a meal.

She passed out. Wayne smiled as he slid his shaft from her anus. It had been a good first day. It probably wouldn't be long, and one of his biggest nuisances would be his willing fuck slave. He wiped the cum off his dick onto her tits before he left, while she slept soundly, completely fucked to the edge, and possibly saved from madness.

Outside, the sun was setting, and Batman was soon sitting at the batcomputer, watching for any reason he may be needed. He thought about it for a moment, and opened up his personal files on Harlenne Quinzelle, A.K.A. Harley Quinn. With a short chuckle, he made the computer put a green check mark beside her name and nom de guerre. He closed the window and went back to listening for distress calls.

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