tagSci-Fi & FantasyBattle of Wills Ch. 03

Battle of Wills Ch. 03


Marguerite slept fitfully, tossing and turning in her sleep. Her movements made the bedding tease her body and made her dreams more real. She dreamed of Adam. She laid there, he kissed her mouth, his tongue played over hers. His hands smoothed over her shoulders and down her body. They cupped her breasts, his thumbs teased over her nipples. His mouth traveled down, tracing the pulse in her neck. She gasped and squirmed when his lips closed over a nipple and sucked gently. The hand that his mouth had replaced grazed over her ribs and down her side to her hip, pressing her against him. The other still played on her breast for a moment longer, matching the movements of his tongue. She gasped again. He released her, moved downwards and cradled her hips in his arms. His breath teased hotly over her a few times before he kissed her shaved mound. She moaned. He lowered his head and kissed just below, teasingly. She moaned again. The tip of his tongue stretched out and ran up each side of her teasingly. Then his lips settled in a hot circle over her clitoris, and his tongue swirled against it. Her legs came up and wrapped around his head to pull him close against her. His mouth stopped and his head lifted. His arms moved, they no longer cradled her hips, but forced her legs open to allow him access again. He breathed on her, and she whimpered until he lowered his head again, returning his lips and tongue to her. One of his hands slid along her thigh, his fingers teased her as they slowly ran around the edge before they entered her. Marguerite moaned loud enough to wake herself up it was early morning.

She sat up and found that she was wet and ready. She slid from between her sheets and moved silently to her door. She opened it quietly and slipped out into the suite. She glided across the floor to the door to Adam's room and opened it slowly. He was asleep in the middle of his bed, one arm thrown up over his head and the other out to his side. She slipped in next to him, slowly and carefully to make sure she did not wake him. He smiled in his sleep as she settled her body along his side. Her hand crept up his side, gently stroking his skin as it went. He stirred a little and she stopped, her hand splayed over his stomach. When he had settled back to sleep, she rose up onto her elbow and continued to move her hand down his body. Her head dipped to his chest to lick his nipples as her hand settled over his penis. She smiled as she noticed it was already partially erected and slowly wrapped her fingers around it. He stirred again and she froze. His sleeping form thrust into her hand. She gently squeezed around him until he was hard. She let go of him then and he made a sound, almost like a whimper. She threw his blanket back, causing him to suddenly shiver before she rose up next to him. She straddled him and guided him into her. He sighed and thrust into her, half asleep. She rode him at the pace he set, leaning down to kiss his neck. He woke up just as his thrusts became insistent and he moaned.

"What?" he mumbled, sleepily, pausing the thrusting beneath her.

"It's me," she whispered against his ear.

"You!" he groaned, anger mixed with the need in his voice and his arms came up to wrap around her tightly to hold her still.

"Yes, me," she whimpered as she squirmed against him and her mouth searched for his.

"You win again," he sighed and his arms loosened around her as her lips settled on his. His hands settled on her hips and held her while he drove into her. Her tongue swirled over his and pulled his into her mouth as she sucked on it. He moaned as he thrust into her again and again. She sat up and matched his pace. The covers slipped off her shoulders revealing her body to him in the low light. Her breasts bounced and her head was thrown back. Her hands fell on his thighs behind her to support her as she leaned backwards. This made his thrusts drive into her just right.

"There!" she moaned, her hips grinding against his and her nails dug into his skin. A few more thrusts and she screamed as her orgasm ripped through her. She convulsed around him, which drove him over the edge. He gripped her hips harder as he drove into her again as her body milked his.

"There you bitch, is that what you wanted?" He groaned and let go of her. No longer able to support herself, she fell back and to the side. She lay sprawled on the bed next to him trembling as smaller orgasms ripped through her like echoes. After a while she rolled up, then grabbed the covers and pulled them up with her as she laid down next to Adam.

"Yes, that is what I wanted," she said as she snuggled up to him. He ignored her and closed his eyes, a little later they both fell asleep and he rolled away from her.

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