tagSci-Fi & FantasyBattle of Wills Ch. 04

Battle of Wills Ch. 04


Marguerite woke next to the sound of Adam moving around in the suite. She sat up and saw him, still nude, hitting a punching bag. Every blow shook the rattled the chains and shook the hooks from which it hung.

"Want a real target?" she asked, walking up to him, not bothering to dress either.

"Definitely," he growled as he turned to aim his blows at her instead. She ducked and dodged them. Her return blows also did not hit their mark.

"I will expect a reward you know...," she said after she caught one of his fists in her hand, then pushed it aside to brush her hand up his arm.

"You will have to take it," he growled back, his blows came faster and she had to dance away, "like you took it earlier

"I will then," her attacks became gentle caresses, something that he must block to keep his footing just as if they were hard blows, while she blocked or danced around every blow he attempted to land.

Adam swung at her head, she merely ducked and he felt her hand stroke his chest. He kicked out at her, but that simply allowed her to run a hand up his leg before she rolled away. He turned to face her and found her finger traced along his jaw. He stepped aside and swung again. She blocked, then ran her hand along his arm. He jerked it back. He swung again. She dropped to the floor and scrambled between his feet. Both legs felt her touch run up them. She knelt just behind him and cupped him. He gasped, involuntarily rubbing against her hand. She let go and stood up, brushing her hand along him, his buttocks and back now received her attention. He was burning beneath her hands and there was nothing he could do to save himself. He could not land a blow to stop her, though he tried.

"Hold still imp!" he growled, surprised when she froze instantly, her hand just about to caress his hip again and he looked at her in shock.

"You said to hold still," she said in response to his look.

"I didn't mean to make it a command," he panted and laughed, "I just can't seem to hit you, not matter how I try."

"Oh well here, I'll give you a good shot then," Marguerite turned her back to him and bent forward. She gave him a flirtatious look over her shoulder as she shook her rear at him enticingly.

"Really now," he couldn't help but give it a smack. His hand then rested on her for a moment, seemingly of it's own volition to feel the warmth of her skin.

"If you're going to be as gentle as that, you can give me several," she shook her rear again, rubbing it against his hand. He grinned and brought his hand back to take another swing, this one was hard and made her pitch forward onto the floor.

"How was that?" he asked, reaching down to help her up. She pulled him down and rolled on top to straddle his legs.

"Excruciating," she wrinkled her nose at him, a drip of sweat fell from it onto his chest. She grinned and bent forward to lick up the drop, her stomach rubbed against him, making him grit his teeth as he tried not to let her arouse him.

"You are horrible," he whispered hoarsely as her tongue wiped away his sweat, and replaced it with wet trails of heat.

"It will be easier if you would stop resisting," she whispered against his neck where her mouth was pressed against his pulse while her body pressed against his. She slid a hand between them to wrap around his half-hardened penis.

"I...," whatever he had been about to say was lost in a groan and she giggled as he pulsed against her hand, growing full and hard.

"Now isn't that better?" she asked, teasing her fingers over him.

"Yes," he growled and in a smooth motion rolled her beneath him and thrust into her while lowering his mouth to hers, his lips slanted against hers roughly.

"Oh-!" she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him in tighter as he pounded into her.

"No, you will submit to me now," he growled and he pulled her legs from around him and moved them onto his shoulders, then pinned her wrists to the floor, which made her helpless to stop him, even if she had wanted to.

"That's right," she said breathlessly, "give me all your frustrations." He lost his rhythm for a second, then his thrusts became harder and fiercer as he pounded into her with everything he kept pent up inside. She writhed beneath him, matching every thrust as well as she could, until he gradually lessened the pace to something less punishing, then paused when he noticed that she had tears on her cheeks.

"Are ...?" he began but was interrupted.

"Don't stop!" she whimpered and writhed against him as well as she could. He continued, more gently this time.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"No...harder...like before!" she gasped between thrusts. He released her wrists to grab her hips to comply. She used her newly freed arms to help push against him. She screamed wordlessly and he felt her orgasm spasm around him. He groaned and allowed her legs to drop from his shoulders as he thrust into her again, then relaxed, laying on top of her as she continued to spasm beneath him.

"Now answer me, are you alright?" he asked when her body was finally still.

"Mm mm...yes...much better," she wrapped her arms and legs around him to hold him close.

"You're crying," he propped up and balanced on his elbows to brush the tear marks that streaked from her eyes down towards the floor.

"I know, I couldn't help it, I was wondering how many times I would have to take your release from you before you will accept that this is what I am here for."

"Why exactly are you here?"

"Because you need me, even if you don't want to admit it."

"I don't need you," he tried to get up, but she held onto him.

"You do need me. To help you. Protect you. To give you a way to release your stress," she let him go and he got to his feet.

"You are very good at that last one," he quirked a smile at her.

"Because I know what you need, I always have."

"Sure you have...you've known me most of my life, or so you say."

"I have, and you've known me as well," she turned to go to her own room to get dressed for the day.

"One of these days you will tell me what that means," he also turned to put on fresh clothing.

"Only once you get tired of the riddle!" her voice floated to him from the open doorway. Soon she reappeared wearing her usual style of outfit. Soft boots, leggings and a tunic, although this one had a bit of a flair near the bottom edge, making it flutter around her thighs as she walked. She accompanied him throughout the day again, but not as silently as she had while they had been guests on the planet the day before.

"If your advice was not so useful, I would call you an annoyance," he whispered to her during a break in counsel.

"If you had listened to your mother more when she attended your counsels, you wouldn't be hearing so much from me now," she whispered back.

"I suppose you were there too?" he asked, and was answered by a nod before she motioned to point out that the counselors were returning to finish their debate.

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