tagIllustratedBattleBabe vs The Zombie Queen Ch. 02

BattleBabe vs The Zombie Queen Ch. 02


The Zombie Queen's body continued to twitch in continued orgasm, releasing more cum into the face of BattleBabe, whose succulent body was still bound to the table. The queen kept herself upright by squeezing BattleBabe's magnificent breasts, hammering her crotch down so that BattleBabe's mouth would stimulate her drenched pussy.

BattleBabe had arrived at the Botanical Institute to respond to reports of a new super villain, the Zombie Queen. But the Queen had used a magical powder to enslave BattleBabe, and now she was chained to the table, naked and defenseless, compelled to satisfy the Zombie Queen as an army of evil zombies was being unleashed into the world.

"My soldiers, you shall usher in the dawn of a new day. You are the undead who cannot be killed, cannot feel pain, cannot be stopped by anything that can be used against you. This is the day when you and I together will transform this country into one ruled by your Queen!" The queen laughed, while the mindless zombies continued circling around the table where the queen and BattleBabe were.

The queen gave one last shiver and then threw one leg over her captive and jumped off the table. "Before we begin, I must go prepare some more potions in case anyone tries to stop us. In the meantime, entertain yourself with this woman. I need you to keep her preoccupied so that she won't try to stop us. Pleasure her, fuck her, do what you want with her." She waved her hand over BattleBabe, smiled, and then turned to gather more exotic plants in the Botanical Institute that she needed.

The zombies began pressing against the table, reaching out and grabbing BattleBabe's skin. They grabbed her nipples, her tits, her hair, her legs. They put their fingers in her mouth. Three female zombies shoved their heads into her groin, all trying to put their cold blue tongues into her quivering cunt. While two other zombies pulled her mouth open with their slimy decaying fingers, a male zombie forced his decomposing cock into her mouth. She hated the way their slimy pale-green skin felt. She hated the taste of their decaying flesh. Most of all, she hated their god-awful smell.

But as they all continued to grab at her body, her nipples became erect. The cold tongues thrusting into her pussy as other fingers pulled the lips of her twat apart made her moist. She felt her body become warm with excitement as the dozens of bodies tried to touch her, to grab her, to fuck her.

She lost track of time. How many cocks had been shoved into her throat? How many tongues had been thrust into her cunt? How many dicks had tried to penetrate her throbbing pussy? Maybe an hour, maybe two? How many hands had pulled on her nipples making her gasp in arousal? How many cocks had been jammed into her ass? She had no idea, but the entire disgusting ordeal had nevertheless stimulated her over and over again. She lost track of the number of orgasms she had had, but it was well over fifteen. And still they continued. They did not rest, they did not stop, they kept grabbing and thrusting and shoving and licking. They went deeper and deeper inside her.

And she hated herself for enjoying it as much as she did. She knew she was powerless and helpless to stop them, and she knew she was still drugged into complying with every sexual perversion forced upon her. But she was humiliated at how eagerly she sucked each new cock crammed into her mouth, how her pussy tightened around every tongue and every penis that entered her, and how her body yearned for more.

She disgusted herself, not only for allowing herself to be trapped in bondage to such evil depravity, but for being excited by the rotting flesh raping her beautiful body. Tears flowed from her eyes as the mildewy stench started to make her horny, her crotch convulsing seeking another appendage to be forced inside her waiting pussy.

As more time passed, she found herself wanting to be touched more, to be grabbed more, to be fucked more. Her mouth opened wide for every horrid scrotum she could bite into. Her legs spread wider for every clammy finger that pulled the lips of her pussy apart allowing more soggy tongues to pierce her pussy. Her breasts became engorged wanting to be clawed and licked. She hoped another deteriorating shaft of cock would be driven deep into her throat. Even her hands chained in bondage tried to find cocks to grab and stroke.

A small part of her had hoped the drugs would have worn off by now so that her will could become hers once again, but unfortunately her body still burned to be violated and molested and abused.

By now, her mouth had become completely dry. "Please... I need water..." she softly begged. Within a minute, several zombies began pouring water all over her face and body. As the drops of water dripped off her tits and arms, she thought about what had just happened. Had they done what she commanded? She decided to test her theory. "Take these chains off my wrists," and immediately the zombies tore the chains off of her.

"Everyone step back" and they entire army of undead took a step back and stood motionless. She let herself off the table and stood there for a moment. Maybe when her jism had been used in the potion, she also received the ability to command the zombies. She walked over the window. She could see thousands of zombies wandering the streets of the city. The police kept firing their guns, but they were useless against the undead. The army was terrorizing everyone, and she could hear the Zombie Queen laughing above the din of carnage. She thought about putting her battle suit back on and going out to join in the fight. But what could one person, even one as powerful as herself, do against an army of thousands?

Besides, she knew the drugs were still in her system, because even now, she craved to feel the zombies' rotting bodies against hers, and she was about to command them all to fuck her again, when she realized what she had to do.

"Begone, return where you came and never come back to this world again." They all screamed and wailed. The earth shook and opened up, and every zombie crawled down into the hole. She looked out the window and saw similar holes opening up throughout the city and the army of undead walking into them. And when the last of the zombies had entered the earth, the ground swelled up and sealed itself. Only a lingering wisp of smoke gave any indication that anything had happened.

The Zombie Queen stormed into the main hall, her eyes turned fiery red, "What have you done?!?" BattleBabe smiled, "I just fucked your plans for world domination."

The queen flew into a rage and ran toward her. BattleBabe was still weak from the hours of molestation, but she managed to lift one of her legs in front of her and stun the queen. The queen fell to the ground and growled. Then she stood up and said, "You haven't seen the last of me, bitch!" She threw a vial down on the ground, and a pillar of flame and smoke engulfed her. Within seconds the pillar disappeared and the queen was nowhere to be seen.

BattleBabe stumbled across the room and found her battle suit. She had just finished latching it back on when the police officers had run into the room. They looked around at the scene, and one of them asked, "What the hell happened here?" BattleBabe turned her buxom body towards them, "The Zombie Queen tried to create an army of zombies, but I managed to stop her before she could succeed."

"Thank you BattleBabe! You have come through for us again.... uh... er..." BattleBabe then realized that gobs of jism had dried on her face. She blushed and then floated away. "No thanks are needed. Wherever evil tries to triumph, they will always be defeated by... BattleBabe!!"

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