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Be Careful What You Say


This is a short story about a recent event where I ended up sucking several cocks and being outed as a cocksucker. It does continue as some of the guys have turned me into their personal cock pig now that they all know about my love of sucking cock.

For years I've been a part of a monthly gathering of 6 guys that play penny ante poker. We were all married guys until the last few years when three of the guys ended up getting divorced. All are, or at least seemed to be straight guys. And even though I too am a married guy, I have had this dark side. Yes, I like to suck cock. And no, none of the guys had any idea.


As usual our monthly poker game started with all the usual guys gathering at my place, since I had the best set up. It was a nice large room with a big screen TV for basketball games, football games, and the occasional porn flick.

Like typical guys we would shoot barbs at each other, carryon about how manly we are, and throw out those dares that were met with raucous laughs.

You know the bits, like when someone says, "Kiss My Ass!" and the reply is always "Bare it!".

Usually these "dares" are simply laughed off, but one time the dare wasn't. One time Bill actually kissed me on the ass for all to see.

We were all sort of stunned, but just let it go with a lot of cat calls, although it did come up several times throughout the evening. During these times, I would come up with some witty thing like "Damn, his lips were soft."

Anyway, this particular happening led up to the events of the poker game that was held last week.

It started of a typical evening, all the kidding, joking, etc, etc. No games on so I fired up a youtube video of a group sex film. One of the few long ones on the site, it featured three couples having an orgy.

As our game progressed, the guys tended to get more focused on the TV than on the game. I suppose that's normal since it's difficult for a guy to not watch something so very hot as three gals sucking cock.

In the film clip one of the guy had a huge cock. I didn't think anything of it when Bill let's out with "My cock is bigger than that.", and I laughingly said "Yeah, right. I bet yours is so small you need a magnifying glass to find it.", and he came back with the usual "Ah man, suck my cock, you shit head."

My retort?

The usual "Whip it out!"

Well, I guess all the guys remembered the last event when Bill actually kissed Roger on the ass, because the room suddenly went dead silent as Bill stood up, came around the table, and slowly undid his belt, unsnapped his waist band, unzipped his slacks, and then slowly inched his slacks down slowly revealing his, now rigid, 9" cut cock.

As he stood there right in front of me with that monster hanging in front of my face, I didn't know for sure exactly what to do.

Bill just stood there, that thing hanging there and the guy's all sitting there quietly watching. I suppose to see if I would really suck his cock.

Then Bill said "Well?"

I, a bit nervously said, "Well what?"

"Well are you going to suck it?"

I do enjoy sucking cock now and then, but for me to do this in front of these guys was a step I didn't think I should take. What if one of them said something to my wife? What if they let it out to other guys that knew me?

Then while I'm sitting there trying to figure out a way to get past this fuck up in my part, I hear someone pipe up with "So, suck his cock already."

That was all it took.

I reached up and grabbed Bill's cock, then slipped it into my mouth and began sucking it with abandon.

I couldn't tell you what was going on with the rest of the guy until Bill gave out with a low grunt and filled my mouth with a hot load of cum and pulled his now limp cock from my mouth, and it was replaced by another stiff cock.

Ever so slowly I ended up sucking all of the guys that night, and now my little secret is out.

No one told the wife. No one told other people. But there has been more than one visit for a repeat of my oral talent. But that's another story.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/26/18

That would be one of my Favorite Fantasies...

Something that I would very much like to do and then some.

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by Anonymous05/21/18

I've been outed as a cock sucker. Email for pictures rcriccarter@gmail.com

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by Anonymous01/03/18

One of my favorite fantasies

I would love to do this and be the designatedcock sucker about once a week

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by cdCindy112/14/17

story too short

This was a hot story but too short. However, it hit hard with me because something similar happened with me and a poker party I became part of. I only knew one of the guys and after playing a couple timesmore...

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