Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 02


Dave shuffled uneasily over to stand in front of his seated wife. He still had trouble believing that this actually was his wife. Marion was acting so shamelessly, it was almost easier to believe that she really was that tight bodied teenager that he had been lusting after for the last couple of summers.

Marion leaned forward and nimbly opened his pants. In no time she had them pushed down to his knees. His rigid erection almost hit her in the face when it popped out of his shorts.

Marion smiled at that then leaned back in the big chair.

"It looks like someone is happy to see me. Now here's what I wanted to show you..." she purred.

And with that she casually slung each of her legs over the arms of the chair. She slumped down a little further and raised her butt off the cushion, giving Dave a dazzling display of her juice streaked pussy. She looked like a complete and utter whore as she posed in front of him, completely spread eagled in the big chair.

Dave was enthralled. Marion's labia were swollen and crimson and parted into a beckoning oval. Her interior flesh was a bright pink and gleamed wetly with a film of greasy goo. There was a slowly oozing trickle of sperm seeping from the center of her vagina and dribbling down onto the cushion beneath her.

Dave could barely tear his eyes away from this lewd spectacle. And when he did, he couldn't see his wife's eyes behind her dark glasses. All he could see was the faint smile creasing her lips. It was at that point that Marion cupped her tits in her hands and began to fondle them.

"Your friends used me and abused me so bad didn't they?...Especially my daddy!...He's got such a big cock!... God!...And so much come...I'm practically drowning in it!...Can you see it?...I'll bet it's just pouring out of me isn't it?..." she asked. As she talked to him Marion was squirming around in the chair and kneading her breasts like she had an itch inside that needed to be scratched.

Dave was mesmerized by the sight of his wife's obscenely spread loins. In his wildest dreams he had never imagined she could behave so shamelessly.

"Sort of..." he answered hesitantly.

"Well?..." Marion asked.

Dave didn't know what she wanted.

"Aren't you going to do me too?...I think there's room for one more load in there, don't you?....But maybe we shouldn't take too long...You're wife could be home any time now... We wouldn't want her to catch you fucking the pool girl would we?...

"Ahhh!...Well...I...I..." Dave stammered.

Without taking her legs off the chair arms, Marion leaned up and grabbed the front of Dave's shirt. With more strength than he would have thought she had, she dragged him up to the edge of the chair in front of her and started forcing him to his knees. The confident smile never left her lips as she said...

"Come on Mr. Brickman!...You know you want to!...I've seen the way you stare at my ass!...You've been wanting to fuck me for a long time now!....And here I am...Spread wide open for you!....Here's is your chance to fuck me like the little slut I am!...You're not going to pass this up are you?..."

As she was taunting him, Dave was sinking to his knees in front of his wanton wife. When his knees hit the floor, his jutting tool stopped with his knob poised at the center of her gaping tunnel. Dave could feel the heat of her searing the end of his cock.

He stared down anxiously at the sight of his engorged helmet nudging into the come smeared pussy ahead of it.

There was something so perverse about this game that Marion was playing. He loved his wife but somehow it seemed that things were getting way out of control here. He should really call a halt to all this right now. He thought about it for a long moment. And then Marion said..."Well?..." once more and lifted her hips so that the first half of his cock crown slipped inside her. She clenched herself on him so that her swollen labia fluttered tantalizingly around the head of his cock.

It was more temptation than Dave could resist. Closing his eyes he leaned forward and banged himself into Marion's slimy center with a desperate lunge of his hips. Her cunt was so loose from her recent pounding that he slipped into her up to his balls in one feverish push.

"Phwahhh!..." he groaned as he drove himself into his wife's come filled pussy.

He couldn't really feel her walls around him at all after John and Mark had finished with her. But she was incredibly hot and wet inside. It was like sliding his cock into an oversize glove filled with hot oil. He twisted his groin against hers for a moment before pulling out and then driving back into her. He could feel the other men's come gushing out of his wife, displaced by his pistoning length.

"Oh yeahhh!....Fuck me like that Mr. Brickman!... Umm Hmm!... Fuck me the way you'd give it to your wife if she wasn't such an icy bitch!...Unn Hnn!...Slam me with your big cock!..."

"Unnn!...Unnn!...Unnn!..." Dave grunted as he found himself lunging frantically into the saddle of his wife's spread loins. He had no idea what had come over him. All he knew was that there was something obscenely exciting to be rutting away like this, pounding viciously into a wife who, until her hypnotherapy treatment, would have killed herself before she would have participated in a fuck fest like the one she had arranged this afternoon.

"Ahh!...Ahh!...Fuck!...Fuuuckkk!..." he groaned as his balls began to stiffen and the come began to churn for release in his balls.

"Um Hm!...Oh yeah!...You like that Mr. Brickman?...Young pussy?...Young stuff?... Am I hot enough for you baby?...Hotter than that frigid wife of yours!...Imagine if she caught you bangin' the pool girl like this!...Imagine if she walked in right now, just when you're gonna' come!...'Cause you're gonna' come inside me aren't you Mr.Brickman?... Gonna' come and dump another big load inside my slutty little cunt aren't you?... And if your wife walked in right now you wouldn't stop!... Even if she was standing right beside you!... You couldn't!...Not until you blasted your load inside me!...Come for me like that baby!...Give it to me!... Come inside me!... ..." Marion hissed.

She reached out and pinched his nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. Then she twisted them, slowly, harder and harder until it felt like she was trying to rip them off his chest.

"Ahhh!...Ahhh!...Ahhh!..." Dave cried. He arched his back to try and get away from her torturing hands but she wouldn't let go. Marion's legs snaked out around her husband's ass. Digging her heels into his butt she dragged his loins tight against her. At the same time she bore down on him with her inner muscles, clutching him tight with her molten interior.

"Now you're feeling it!...Come on!...Do it!...Come for me baby!.... Come!... Come!... Come!..." Marion chanted, grinding relentlessly on her husband's deeply imbedded tool.

"Nahhhhh!...." Dave cried as his balls kicked and a searing stream of come erupted inside his wife's pussy.

"Ahh!...Ahh!...Ahh!..." he gasped as his whole body heaved and shuddered in the throes of a monster orgasm. His come was gushing out of him as if a dam had opened up inside him.

"Oh yeah!...Umm Hmm!...That's it!...I can feel you coming!...Every spurt!...Umm Hmm!...There!...There!...Yeah!...Let me have it!...All you've got!...Umm!...That's so good!..." Marion praised.

Dave was coming so hard he was beginning to feel kind of light headed. If his wife's legs weren't wrapped around him so tightly he was afraid he would have fainted.

"Ahh!...Ahh!..Oh Goddd!...Oh Fuuuck!..." he groaned, looking down to see that the creamy goo was now streaming out around his cock in the circle of Marion's gripping labia. She was completely full of come and what he was shooting into her was simply displacing what John and Mark had dumped inside her earlier.

He put his hands down on the arms of the chair to try and support himself as the violent spasms wracking his groin finally began to diminish.

Marion waited patiently for him to finish inside her. She kept tightening and loosening her inner muscles to milk him for every drop of come he had.

Dave continued to groan..."Ahh!...Ahh!...Ahhh!..." but more quietly and more slowly as the last of his juice oozed out inside his wife's sodden tunnel.

Finally Marion looked up at him and asked..."Are you done?..."

Without waiting for an answer she unwound her legs from around him. She put one of them back on the arm of the chair. The other one she drew back, put her little foot on Dave's chest and pushed him away.

Dave shuffled backwards on his knees a few inches and straightened up. His angry wand popped out, no longer completely rigid but not soft either. His cock's graceless exit was followed by a deluge of come that spattered down onto the chair beneath his wife's upturned ass.

"Did you like that?..." she asked with a beaming smile.

"Oh Geeez!..." Dave answered weakly.

"I thought you would!...Now it's my turn!...I've got some fresh cream pie for you Mr. Brickman...It's right there just waiting for you!...Why don't you give it a try!..."

Dave took a second to process what his wife was telling him. And then he realized what she wanted.

Marion's sly smile never left her lips. Although he couldn't see her eyes behind her dark glasses, he knew she was waiting impatiently for him to go down on her

He looked at her come smeared loins and knew he should have been repulsed at the very idea of putting his mouth on her. But there was something lewdly tempting about the prospect of tasting her like that. He hesitated, torn between doing what she'd asked and refusing.

Whatever... he wasn't moving fast enough to suit his wife.

"Oh comer on lover!...It's not so bad!...It tastes just like chicken!..."

As she was encouraging her reluctant spouse, Marion's foot was drifting down from his chest, down his thigh and between his legs.

She waited a moment longer and while David was still swaying on his knees in front of her, his eyes locked in indecision on her beckoning vagina she said...

"Well don't say I didn't ask you nicely..."

And then she snapped her leg up, slamming the top of her sneaked clad foot into Dave's balls.

"Mmmmph!..." Dave gasped as much in shock as in pain.

A stab of nausea and adrenalin raced through his system as Marion's foot smashed into his unsuspecting balls. For a moment he couldn't breathe and then he slowly toppled forward, coming to rest with his cheek resting against his wife's groin.

Marion reached down with one hand and gently caressed his face.

"You've been a naughty boy, haven't you Mr. Brickman? Spying on me while I entertained your friends this afternoon. Taking advantage of me when your wife was away. Fucking me without a condom when you knew there's a good chance you could knock me up. And all I ask in return is a little oral sex. That doesn't seem like so much to ask now does it?..."

When Dave didn't answer she tangled the fingers of her hand in his hair and twisted his face up to look at hers.

"Does it?..." she asked once again.

"Nahh!...Ahhh!....Noo!...That's not too much to ask..." he finally blurted out with tear filled eyes.

"Good!... I was hoping you'd say that!...You know you should never keep a lady waiting Mr. Brickman!...So why don't you get to work!..." Marion instructed. Moving her hands so that she had him by the ears, she dragged Dave's face into her crotch. She had both her legs up on the arms of the chair again so Dave found himself face to face with her come smeared muff.

He tried to distract Marion by twisting his face around in her greasy bush without opening his mouth. But the lanky blonde wasn't having any of that. Keeping Dave in place with the stern grip she had on one ear, she reached down into her groin with her other hand and pinched his nose closed.

Dave tried to hold his breath but his aching balls were paining him so much that he could only do that for a few seconds. And when he did have to breathe his lips flew open and he gasped for air.

Marion took that opportunity to grind her juicy slit into his mouth.

"There you are lover!...Amber's special cream pie!...Have a taste!....There's lots and I want you to eat it all!..." Marion enthused, bearing down with her inner muscles and forcing a stream of goo into Dave's face.

The overwhelmed young man reluctantly extended his tongue and began to sweep it through his wife's slit.

In fact the taste of the viscous cream wasn't as unpleasant as he expected. It tasted like the bottom of his gym bag, which wasn't his favourite thing. But he quickly realized it wasn't going to kill him. And he really wasn't it any position to argue with his wife. So he turned his face so that it was pressing squarely into her upturned loins. Then he began to dig deeper into her juicy tunnel with his tongue.

"Oh yeah!...That's it!...Now you're doing it!...Right there!...Umm Hmm!...Don't move!... Just keep doing that thing you're doing with your tongue while I...Unn Hnn!... Unn Hnn!...Yeahh!..." Marion enthused. She started hunching up and down in her chair, happy to ride her husband's face.

Eagerly she slid her swollen clit up and down against the bridge of his nose. And that friction sent lightning bolts of excitement shuddering through her loins.

"Ohh Jesus!...Fuuuck yeah!...Lick me!...Eat me!...You're gonna' make me come!..."

She arched her back off the chair and bucked her pussy into her husband's slavering mouth. Her excitement was reaching a fever pitch.

Dave's own excitement was building as he toiled away between his wife's thighs. He was lapping up the spicy oil dripping from her loins like it was ice cream on the hottest day of the year. He could barely swallow fast enough to keep up with her continuous flow.

"Ahhh!...Don't stop!...That's it!...It's!...I'm!...Oh My Goddd!...Yess!... I'm...coming!... Ahhh!..." Marion cried as a series of slowly increasing spasms swept through her loins.

And if Dave thought he'd been struggling to keep up with the stream of goo before, now it was if a flood gate had opened and a torrent of steamy juice had been released. He tried to pull his face away but Marion had him by both of his ears and wasn't going to let him go.

"Yeah!...Unn Hnn!...Unn Hnn!...Fuuuck!..." she groaned as her orgasm went on and on.

And now Dave was sputtering and gagging, saturated in the essence that was streaming from his wife's center. He licked and swallowed desperately to try and keep from being drowned between her thighs.

Marion slammed her legs on Dave's head and writhed against his face like a woman gone mad.

Dave was afraid his skull was going to crack, so ferociously was Marion clenching it between her powerful thighs.

"Mmmff!...Mwahhh!...Mmmphf!..." he whimpered frantically, on the verge of passing out.

"Ahh!...Mmm Hmm!...Mmm Hmm!...Yessss!..." Marion purred as the tingling shock waves of release continued to pound through her loins.

The two of them moaned and groaned in unison for several long moments more.

And then Dave's desperate mouthing became too much for his wife. Releasing the pressure of her clenched thighs on his head, she reached down and put her palm on his forehead.

"Ahhh!...Stopp!...That's enough baby!....Unn!...Don't!...I can't take anymore!..." she whimpered as she pushed his face away from her spasming groin.

Dave rocked back on his heels, gasping for breath. They stayed like that as they both tried to recover themselves.

Finally Marion removed her sunglasses and put them on the side table next to her. She slid out of her chair so that she was on her knees on the floor in front her husband. She reached down with both hands, closing one on his livid erection and the other one gently on his balls.

Dave groaned nervously in response to her touch. He was still pretty tender after her earlier sexual assault.

"You sure know how to eat pussy Mr. Brickman!...Now why don't you let me do something for you..." she purred giving his hard-on a suggestive squeeze.

Before Dave could reply the door bell rang.

Marion cocked her head with interest.

"Do you think it's your wife baby?...No...She'd have her own key wouldn't she...I wonder who it could be...Let's go see..."

And with that Marion got up and stood looking down at Dave expectantly.

Dave didn't think it was a good idea that they answer the door. Marion was virtually naked and he only had a shirt on.

"Just ignore it...Whoever it is, they'll go way..."

But Marion was wearing an impish smile as she bent over and once more grabbed her husband by his angry tool. She pulled on it, hard, and he had no choice but to get to his feet and follow her as she led him to the front door by his cock.

"We can't just ignore them. It wouldn't be neighbourly..."

As she neared the door she took a quick peek out the side light.

"It's Ingrid from next door. I wonder what she wants..."

But as she reached out for the door handle Dave stepped in front of her.

"You can't!...You can't talk to her that!...You don't have any clothes on..."

"Then you see what she wants. Just open the door a little. It'll be fine. Don't you want to know why's she at the door. I do. Go on. It'll just take a second..."

Dave was pretty sure this wasn't a good idea but again he didn't want to upset his wife while she was still in her hypnotized state. She was turning out to be completely unpredictable when she was like this.

Reluctantly Dave turned to the door. He opened it about a foot and then leaned his upper body around it from behind.

As he did that Marion, who was standing behind him, reached around him, gripped his cock and gave it a long firm stroke from his knob down to his balls.

The result of that was that the first thing he said to Ingrid was..."Ahhhh!..."

Ingrid looked at him quizzically. She was quite dressed up in a grey satin blouse, black leather pants and stiletto heels. A thin gold belt cinched her narrow waist and she was carrying a kind of satchel purse over one shoulder. Dave thought she looked great as usual.

"Are you alright?..." was the first thing she asked him with a concerned look on her face.

Dave was afraid to say anything because Marion had decided that this was a good time to start jacking him off with a briskly shuttling little hand.

Finally he managed to stammer...

"I...I'm fine...Just a little surprised see you that's all!...Is every thing... Ahhh!...Everything alright?..."

"Well everything's fine I guess. I was just wondering if you know where John is. He was supposed to meet me at the house at three. We were going to go shopping and then out to dinner. It's our anniversary. But it's almost four and I haven't heard from him. I wondered if you might know where he is. I know you guys have a couple of projects you're working on. Have you seen him?..."

As Ingrid was speaking Marion had risen up on her toes and was whispering in Dave's ear..."Open the door. I want to speak to her!..."

But Dave just shook his head like he was being pestered by a fly or something.

"I did see him a little earlier. He was with Mark. They stopped by for a minute..."

"Open the door!.." repeated Marion and now she cupped Dave's balls in her free hand and started twisting them to emphasize her request.

"Ahhh!...But that was...Nahhh!...that was...Mmph!...I don't...Mahh!...I don't know..."

"Open it!..." Marion insisted, wrenching Dave's tender nuts insistently.

"Phwahhhh!...." Dave groaned as he slowly let the door swing open.

It was then that Ingrid saw that Dave was naked from the waist down. Then she noticed the little feminine hand that was stroking up and down his livid erection.

Marion took a half step around Dave and Ingrid realized that it was his wife who was standing there in just a ball cap and sneakers, diligently jacking him off.

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