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Beach Blanket Seduction


If you don't like huge black dicks and white women, read something else. If you have a complaint call Dial-a-Prayer. Maybe they care. I damn sure don't!


Twenty-three year old Thomas Golematis and his lovely twenty-one year old Sarah Dimitrak were married in their Orthodox church, on a beautiful June day, surrounded by their Greek relatives and American friends. They had been friends since school, and lovers for the past year. Tom was the only man that had ever enjoyed the forbidden pleasures of his exciting new wife. Both, were overjoyed there would be no more sneaking around from their conservative parents. After the wedding and too long reception, they were finally alone at an upscale hotel in New York City.

As the new husband of Sarah Dimitrak, no, not Dimitrak any longer, but Sarah Golematis, lay nude upon the bed, he watched his young wife slowly begin undressing. She pulled the pink wedding dress over her head and let it drop to the floor. Next her bra and skimpy silk panties joined the dress in an untidy heap.

Tom Golematis let his eyes enjoy the long, lean loveliness of her, breasts swaying ever so gently above her long torso. The tightly curled hair in the black triangle between her legs was a vision of provocativeness. His hard dick was already standing at attention and leaking pre-cum.

Coming forward, her arms rose, slid around his neck, as he watched the longish breasts lift and the almost black tips standing firm. Sarah's lips came onto his, sweet wanting, pressed harder, firm yet hesitant, until his tongue began a dance with her own.

Tom's arms wrapped around her, rolled her over on the king sized bed. She gasped in pleasure as he cupped one hand around her breast, letting his thumb move back and forth against her sensitive nipple.

"Aaah...aaaah...so good, so nice," Sarah murmured. When he brought his lips down to the soft-firm tip, she uttered quivering little gasps. He circled her breast with his tongue, tracing a path around the edge of the dark areola. Sarah cried out in pleasure as he pulled on the nipple with a gentle harshness.He let his hand trace a slow trail down her long torso, pausing at the tiny indentation in the center of her flat belly, circling ever so slowly. He felt her quiver. His hand moved down, came to the dense tight curls, pressed, and felt the hard roundness of her pubic mound.

Sarah murmured, meaningless words floating from her among the sighs of pleasure. Her long, lean legs spread farther, inviting his advances. His hand dropped lower, through the tight curls and onto her hard little love bud. She cried out from the unexpected surge of pleasure and her hands dug into his back. His fingers were touching the very edges of the slippery lips, then deeper, spreading her wet pussy for his raging hardness.

Pressing his throbbing dick against the wetness of her, he slid forward to the hilt, feeling the tight walls clutching his manhood. Withdrawing, Tom began a slow but steady rhythm of fucking with long hard strokes. She moved with him, matching every thrust with one of her own. Sarah pulled his head down to her longish breasts, her body consumed with the total pleasure of the flesh.

Sarah quivered and groaned, until the very night trembled with the sound of her. When she felt his teeth biting down on her breast, she went over the top. She screamed when her orgasm suddenly shot through her body, her long legs straightening, spasms of pleasure shooting through her very soul.

Tom, feeling the contractions tighten around him was enough to send a giant load of his sperm into her body. Her body continued to quiver, but her thighs dropped down from against him and she fell back, as she pulled him down against her, smothered her body with his.

"I love you, Mrs. Golematis." Tom whispered.

"And I love you, Mr. Golematis." Sarah answered.

Laying contentedly side by side, Sarah was soon asleep, with a smile on her sexy lips.

The next three days were hectic and busy, since they were getting everything ready for their honeymoon in Greece. Both their grandparents had come from the Greek Island of Crete, but sadly, Tom and Sarah had never visited their homeland. Their flight would take them from New York to Athens, then catch a ferry to Chania, Crete.

Arriving in Chania, They splurged on a taxi to the beautiful Ammos Hotel, instead of taking the local bus. It was everything the brochures had pictured. The studio/suites were fabulous and the balcony overlooking the Cretan Sea was out of this world. Tom and Sarah knew they had found the perfect place for their honeymoon.

The first thing they learned, if you want to see or do anything, you must rent a car! With a hand full of brochures and a tourist map, they spent a long tiring day visiting the old city. Sarah didn't realize how out of shape she really was and sure there were blisters on both feet.

Up bright and early the next morning, Tom was ready for a guided excursion that would consume the whole day. "No way! Don't even suggest I walk for another day!" Sarah complained. "You go! I'm staying here and spend the day on the beach."

Smiling, Tom answered, "Don't you want to walk in the footsteps of our forefathers?"

"Forefathers be damned! Why didn't they drive around in a car?" Sarah asked angrily.

From her balcony, Sarah watched the group gather while waiting for the large van to load. She saw a young, pretty woman strike up a conversation with Tom. She could see him helping her into the van, then sitting beside her as the van drove off. A pang of jealousy and resentment went through her. She was determined to enjoy her day as much as Tom seemed to be enjoying his.

The beach was practically empty, so Sarah decided to walk along and see what kind of shells could be found. The beauty of the small coves and gently rolling waves captivated her and she walked farther than she realized. While gazing out to sea, she stepped into a small hole dug by some child and twisted her ankle. As she was falling, she felt herself being caught by a very muscular arm.

"Here, let me help you!" Said a strange voice behind her.

As the strong arm lowered her to the sand, Sarah looked into the eyes of a young, well built black man a few years older than herself. "Thank you. I'm okay now. I am so stupid for not watching where I'm stepping." Putting her weight on her injured foot, Sarah would have collapsed, except for his arm still around her waist.

"Let me help you back to your hotel. Where is your hotel, anyway?" The stranger asked.

"I'm staying at the Ammos, and thank you. By the way, my name is Sarah and I feel so foolish."

"Call me Costas." He smiled, showing even white teeth. With his arm supporting her, they began the long walk back.

Making small talk, as Sarah limped along. "Isn't Costas a Greek Name?"

"Sure! You never seen a black Greek before?" He laughed.

The more she walked, the more the pain lessened, but his arm was still around her waist. His hand had slipped under her breast, until he was practically grasping the firm globe. Sarah was embarrassed by the strange feelings racing through her young body. Not wanting to offend or insult him, she said nothing. Before coming into sight of the hotel, her limp was gone, but not his hot fingers on her sensitive breast.

"I can make it by myself now. How can I ever thank you?" Sarah asked.

"How about one little kiss from a beautiful lady?" He said.

Facing him on her tiptoes, Sarah went to kiss him on his cheek. Both hands were now encircling her waist, just as she went to plant a peck on his cheek, he moved his head and met her with his own full, firm lips. His tongue darted forward and inside her surprised opening before she could move. For just an instant she kissed him back, then forcefully jerked away, ashamed of what had just happened.

"I must go now! Thanks again!" She said, as she turned and stumbled away.

Later in the afternoon, when the tour bus pulled up, Sarah watched Tom exit and then help the beautiful young woman off the van. Their hands seemed glued together, but finally releasing her he walked toward the room. Sarah was seething with jealousy! Two can play that game, she was thinking.

Another excursion the following day, with two more left after that. Again, Sarah watched as Tom and the woman greeted each other as if they were lifelong friends. Snatching her beach necessities, she headed in the same direction as yesterday. Never would she admit it, even to herself, but she was hoping to get a glimpse of Costas again.

After walking for what seemed like hours, Sarah finally lay her beach towel in a secluded cove, away from the water. Laying on her side, she watched the azure water lapping against the shore. She was aware of the delicious warmth of the sun, which permeated her entire body. Rolling over on her back and closing her eyes she relaxed, as small beads of perspiration formed on her forehead. A faint dampness invaded the sheltered places beneath her arms and between her smoothly rounded thighs. A cooling breeze blew over her relaxing body, drying the dampness and lulling her into a peaceful sleep.

Half awakening, she reached up and loosened the top of her small bikini, letting the wind's freshness drive out some of the heat between her firmly rounded breasts. She stretched an arm lazily across her flat belly, raised a knee and spread her legs slightly apart to let the cool air circulate between her thighs. If a person looked closely, they could have seen a few tightly curled pubic hairs that had managed to escape the confining grasp of her bikini.

Costas was looking closely! He had quietly walked upon the young beauty and sat down facing her. He watched as the voluptuous Sarah loosened her bikini, and when she lifted her knee, he swallowed hard as she spread her inviting legs. He wondered what it was going to be like to fuck her hot pussy. Very gently, he reached over and untied the strings on each side of her bikini bottom.

Sarah rolled onto her side and her bikini top fell to the towel, exposing her naked breasts. "Mmmm...Tom?" Sarah murmured quietly, and a faint smile tried to awaken her still sleeping mouth.

Her small waist flowed into the curve of her perfectly rounded naked hip, creating an erotic sight for his eyes alone. Costas felt the warmth of the sun through his nylon trunks as his aroused cock began swelling, jerking in cadence with his heartbeat. He watched as if hypnotized when she turned onto her back, and her breasts were rising and falling with the steady rhythm of her breathing. Her black pubic triangle was open for his hungry eyes to devour. His cock was straining at the restrictions imposed by the trunks. His hand unconsciously sought the painfully throbbing cock, and began to slowly massage it, giving it a little more room inside his trunks. Costas knew his engorged cock would have to soon be released from its prison. Costas was amazed when Sarah began squirming, as low moans escaped her lips.

Sarah was having the most wicked dream! She was naked and she and Tom were fucking on the beach. No, not Tom! It was Costas, and his strong black cock was ravishing her most willing and hungry pussy!

Costas knew she was having a sex dream and it drove him crazy! He dropped his trunks and let his 10 inch cock free, to fuck and ravish this beautiful married woman. Slowly spreading her legs, he lowered his huge frame until his giant cock was just touching the dripping wet lips of her pussy, waiting to thrust unhindered into the lubricated wetness of her tight little cunt. His heavy balls throbbed with the pressure of pent-up sperm.

Then leaning over Sarah, he took a nipple between his teeth and gently bit down. Sarah in that zone between awareness and sleep thought it was a dream, but a wicked dream of her and Costas. She felt his hands gently rubbing the insides of her thighs and spread them wider. Her pussy had become wet and her clit swollen.

God, she's wet and ready to be fucked, Costas thought. His huge ten inch cock was throbbing with desire for this beautiful young wife.

Sarah wanted her dream lover to put his cock inside, her hips were twitching, a mere mimic of thrusting against his body.

When his cock actually pressed against her slick opening, Sarah's eyes flew open as she felt the giant bulbous head pop inside her tight pussy! It took an instant before she could scream, by then it was too late, Costas lowered his head and kissed her lips. Her mouth being open, allowed his tongue easy entrance to her oral cavity and mingle with hers.

Costas pressed his advantage by slowly pushing his cock deeper into Sarah's pussy. She was squirming, trying to escape the invasion of her body by his massive cock, while eagerly sucking hard on his tongue.

Coming to her senses, she twisted her head, breaking the coupling of their mouths. "No!..No!..You mustn't do this!..Please let me go. I'm on my honeymoon. I can't be unfaithful to my husband. Please!" Her words were begging him to stop, but she wasn't trying to push him away. One part of Sarah's mind was condemning this unnatural act and the other half was incredibly excited at the forbidding pleasure she was receiving.

Costas, supporting his upper torso on his elbows, stared down at the incredible sight of his huge cock entering such a tight pussy. Sarah following his gaze got her first sight of his massive fuck pole. She was stunned! How could her pussy accept a penis that size? My God! It wasn't even half inside! As she watched, another couple of inches entered! Sarah was mesmerized by the sight of that huge cock being slowly swallowed by her tiny pussy!

Sarah accepted the fact she was getting royally fucked by this strange black man. A picture of Tom holding that pretty girl's hand flashed through her mind. She'd show him! Two could play that game! Spreading her legs wider, she relaxed and accepted the inevitable.

His long, fat cock forced her pussy wider than it had ever been before as it slowly pushed forward into her body. Deeper and deeper, as she moaned from a mixture of pain and pleasure. Finally, his cock was buried in her belly with the large head pressed against her cervix. Never had she imagined a cock would be that far in her belly. She felt his massive balls flop against her ass, and knew she had taken all of his monster cock.

Costas ground his hips against her in slow circles, letting her adjust to his size and preparing for the fuck she was going to receive. His lips and tongue locked on hers, as he began pumping, using slow, hard strokes. Gradually, her tightness eased and he increased both the speed and length of his forceful strokes. The full length of his cock was sliding back and forth in her small tight pussy. Her low moans came from deep in her throat, as first her legs, then arms encircled his muscular body.

His fingers rolled her hard nipples as he forcefully worked his cock back and forth inside her. He thrust deeply again and again, as Sarah humped her pussy toward his hips. She stared at his handsome face with an unbelieving look in her eyes, not understanding the feelings flowing through her body. Never having been this filled before, she had never experienced the heat caused by a giant cock ramming into her with jackhammer speed. Her mind was dazed, confused, and bewildered.

"Oh God!" She whispered. "Oh! Oh God!" She felt her pussy burning with a fire that threatened to consume her being. Suddenly, the heat spread through her entire body. Her system was overwhelmed as her orgasm flashed through her. Sarah's body trembled and jerked frantically, her cunt sucked and squeezed his cock as she thrashed in orgasmic fever.

With one more mighty thrust, Costas flooded her pussy with his mighty load of sperm. Gob after gob shot into her cervix and fertile pussy. No pussy could have contained that much cum, and it squirted out around his cock and down her ass cheeks.

Sarah shuddered one final time and went limp. Her eyes fluttered weakly from exhaustion and an emotional overload. She hadn't the strength to try pushing him off her body, and he lay atop her, with his long black cock still buried inside her well fucked pussy.

Finally, Costas rolled off her body and his cum gushed from her pussy like a fire hose. She weakly used the towel to wipe herself clean as best she could. He lay beside her, gently tracing circles on her belly.

Sarah's eyes fluttered again, and then jerked wide as she realized what had just happened. "Oh! My God! What have we done? I could be pregnant! Why didn't you use protection? What am I going to tell my husband?"

"Tell him nothing! What happened was destined to happen from the day you sprained your ankle. You can't fight what is fated to be. Just as you can't fight coming here again tomorrow." Costas explained his feelings.

"No! Never! This will never happen again! I have to get washed up and get back to the hotel." Sarah almost shouted. Sarah was sobbing when she went into the water to wash her body, and the hotel towel of the encrusted sperm.

"I"ll walk with you, until you calm down." Costas said.

"No, I want to be alone. I have to decide what I'm going to do." Sarah answered. "Good-bye."

Getting through the rest of the day was easier than Sarah expected. Tom was tired from walking in the footsteps of those stupid relatives. He never noticed she was quieter than usual. Sarah had a restless night, but Tom slept like a log and was off early on another excursion. Thank God, tomorrow was the last one he had signed up for!

Wandering around, bored to death, Sarah decided to lay on the beach in front of the hotel. She had every intention of not leaving the area. Walking to the beach, she seemed drawn toward the rendezvoux of yesterday. A bond seemed to have been forged between her and Costas. Not a bond of her choosing, nor one she had looked for, but a bond nonetheless. Besides, she had never dreamed an orgasm could be so satisfying, so mind shattering. Of course, being handsome, muscular, and having that enormous cock, could have something to do with it. She smiled at the thought.

Having made up her mind, Sarah almost ran up the beach toward their hidden cove. Reaching the spot, there was no Costas! Hearing a whistle and looking toward the sound, he was waving from farther back and motioning for her to join him. He jumped off the rock, and taking her hand, led Sarah around the other side. What a surprise! There was a large blanket and picnic basket waiting.

Dropping to the blanket, each knowing why the other was there and not desiring to waste a minute, each removed their scanty garments. Sarah, embarrassed at her wanton actions, reached over to fondle his huge flaccid cock. Soft, it was much larger than Tom's penis when erect. As it hardened, her fingers spread until she couldn't encircle the shaft with one hand. Watching it grow, she was amazed her small pussy had accepted something so large and powerful. She groaned, as her pussy burned with lust for his huge cock. Just stroking his penis made her pussy fill with lubricant and ache with wanting to be filled.

There were no words of endearment or love whispered between them, as it should be when lovers meet. This was a young wife with a man other than her husband, joined together by the desire of each others bodies.

Sarah couldn't wait another second to have his huge, throbbing cock inside her pussy. Costas was on his back, with his flag pole pointing toward the cloudless sky. With a low moan, Sarah straddled his waist and positioned his cock at the entrance of her slick pussy.

Placing her hands on his chest, while Costas spread her cunt lips, she slowly lowered herself on his rock hard shaft. Today, the large mushroom head easily popped inside. Continuing the pressure, and in one long smooth motion, his dick buried itself in her belly. Sarah sat on his pubic mound, feeling every pulsing inch of his wonderful cock.

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