Beach Cottage


My girlfriend, Cally, had a cute little cottage right by the Gulf shore beach near Pensacola, FL. One Saturday afternoon I was fixing sandwiches in the kitchen and Cally was in the living room looking through her binoculars at the sailboats on the ocean when she noticed a couple lying on the white sand beach only about 150 yards from her cottage. She was immediately mesmerized by the couple as the man was sliding his hand up the woman's thigh while the woman lay there naked, her bikini top and bottom next to her. The beach was nearly empty and no one wad near enough to pay any attention, but Cally was getting an eyeful through the binoculars. The lady's beautifully tanned breasts were large, and naturally fell to the sides. The man, also naked, positioned himself over her, with his impressively long cock swaying and bobbing in its excitement. The man kept their bodies separated so he could use his hands on her body. Cally continued to watch as the man reached behind him for a bottle in the sand. He opened the bottle and squirted oil onto the woman's stomach, moving his hands in large swirling circles towards and around her ample breasts, coating them with oil and making them shine in the sunlight. This caused the woman to writhe in pleasure and her nipples became very noticeably bigger. The man pinched and teased the nipples, causing them to grow and elongate even more and then bent down and sucked each one into his mouth and sucked on them for some time. Then, in downward spirals, he slid his hands to the tops of her smooth-looking thighs.

Cally could see the woman's mouth open with abandoned enjoyment as the man's fingers reached the swollen spot just below her blonde bush. He worked his fingers over her pussy, gently pleasing his woman. Her own hands moved up and were massaging her erect nipples. The man moved both hands and parted her thighs. He moved his head and placed his mouth where his fingers had been. The woman arched her back and started shaking her head back in forth, obviously enjoying the attention her cunt was getting from her man's mouth.

From the kitchen, I saw Cally was looking very intently at something and I slipped up behind her. I asked what she was staring at so intently. She handed me the binoculars and I noticed that her left hand was on her crotch. AS she handed the binoculars to me, she slid her fingers inside her bikini bottoms and began rubbing her clit. She was watching me as I was looking at the couple and she saw that I was growing hard in my shorts. Seeing this just inspired her to rub her hot cunt even more. I heard her moan slightly and she said, "Nice, huh?" I lowered the binoculars and just looked at her with a big smile on my face. She reached out and took the binoculars from me while I slid out of my shorts. My cock sprang to attention when it was freed. I was as excited as she was. Cally looked back down at the couple and saw that the woman had her legs wrapped around the man's upper back as he moved his mouth to the swing of her hips. Cally was totally engulfed in the situation when she felt my hand touch her thigh. She was so worked up that drool was coming out of the corner of her mouth, and she couldn't help but let a moan of pleasure escape from her lips. I stood very close behind her, rubbing my hands over her trembling, silky stomach. I slid my hands around to her back and undid her bikini top. It didn't fall to the floor because her tits were so large and firm that they held it up. As I slid my hands under the top and massaged her breasts, it fell silently to the floor and her lovely tits swung free. I fondled them as they hung there, soft, firm, smooth and luscious. My cock was oozing pre-cum from the excitement. I pressed it hard against her ass while working on her tits. Cally's stiff nipples were getting worked over between my thumb and forefingers as she continued to watch the naked couple on the beach.

At this time the couple was finally changing positions. The woman released the man from her leg lock and he was able to roll over onto his back. The woman sat up and was now kneeling at his side. She was stroking the man's stiff cock with one hand while cupping his balls with the other. She bent over his big rod and, inch by slow inch, she took him into her mouth and began to move slowly up and down the length of his hard shaft. His head was back and his hands were running through her long blonde hair, grabbing fistfuls every time she touched him just right.

I was working my mouth and tongue on Cally's neck and ears as my hands slid down to her bottoms. I was massaging her pussy through the fabric and her juices were soaking their way through. I then worked my fingers inside the band and was rubbing her furry mound just above her clit. My mouth was working down her back until I was on my knees. I started pulling her bottoms down and she eagerly stepped out of them. Cally's free hand was rubbing her now-exposed clit and sliding her fingers between her wet pussy lips as my tongue was sliding down her ass-crack and working on her puckered asshole. Probing her opening with my tongue, my hand joined hers on her sopping cunt. It wasn't long before my pumping fingers and darting tongue brought her to her first orgasm. I removed my fingers from her cunt and stood to slip them into her mouth from behind. She was sucking on my fingers that were coated with her pussy juice as she reached around to grab my hard, dripping cock. She alternated between sliding up and down on my slippery cock and fondling my hanging ball sack. By now she wasn't looking through the binoculars anymore, but we were still watching the couple on the beach. Cally's asshole was wet with my saliva, and I started slowly and gently working my slimy cock into her ass from behind. Cally helped position it for entry. She gave a grunt as my large, purple head popped through her sphincter and I started humping her ass with very short, gentle strokes at first, until I was able to get the full length in. It wasn't long before she was moaning with pleasure and pushing back into me. With her encouragement, I was now slamming very hard inside of her with my balls slapping up against her pussy.

Down on the beach, the couple was in a doggie style position and the man was pumping hard into the woman. I couldn't tell if he was fucking her ass or pussy without the binoculars. The woman collapsed forward as the man shoved forward one last time obviously filling her with his cum. Seeing this, and feeling me fucking her ass, sent Cally off into her second orgasm. She had her hands pressed against the picture window for support and gripped my cock tight with her ass and I, too, started shooting my hot load into her tight hole. Cally grabbed the binoculars, with my softening cock still stuffed deep in her ass, and looked down to see that the other couple was also holding each other in a state of sexual exhaustion. As the couple on the beach curled up naked together for a nap, Cally and I headed to the bedroom for our own nap.

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