tagFirst TimeBeach Holiday Ch. 01

Beach Holiday Ch. 01


Please enjoy! I'm trying out dialogues as storytellers this time. Feel free to comment or vote - it's great to get feedback.

"My nipples are killing me!"

"Well, take it off then! I don't know why you put it on in the first place."

"I was trying to set a good example!"

"I'm sorry, but I don't think anyone else noticed. And they're not here now anyway. What do you mean, set a good example?"

"You're here at the beach to mind your young cousins. I'm here just as your friend and to help out. So I thought, if I wore this, I'd be helping out with the sun-smart message. Cover up, sunscreen, that stuff."

"But since they've gone to the movies with the other cousins - without us - why are you still wearing it?"

The centre of the discussion was a black rash vest, a lycra/nylon long sleeved swimming top, worn to keep the sun off. Raf had been wearing it on their trips to the beach, where it had abraded his nipples, which were now stinging painfully. It was true, the young cousins were not there for the entire afternoon, so it made no sense for him to wear it. He peeled it off.

"Wow, they are pink. Let me feel them." Meg reached out her hand.

"Only if I can feel yours!" Raf said with a cheeky smile.

Meg brushed his chest and nipples. "Hmm, hard as well as pink. You poor thing!" Meg stood very close to him.

There was a pause. Meg smiled at him. "Well, go on then."

Raf was astonished. He stared into her face. His cheeky comment was only a joke, but she was... inviting him? He looked down at her chest. Her small breasts were in a simple bikini, nipples peeping through the fabric. He stole a hand up to her midriff, then slowly moved up her chest. He worked his fingertips gently under the bikini top and over the cool soft curve of her breast. The harder skin of the areole, then the nipple itself was there. As he reached the promised land, tingles raced down his arm and made him shiver, despite the hot sun. He gulped.

"Feels... wonderful..."

"Mmmm, yes. Come on! Down the beach!" Meg suddenly raced away, glancing over her shoulder.

Taken by surprise, Raf just stared, then took off after her. He was fit and strong, and even holding a towel and the rash vest he started catching up. She dropped her towel to try and slow him, but he just scooped it up on the run, barely losing speed. Then he saw the the strip of cloth on the wet sand.

It was a bikini top.

He was astonished again. He stopped to pick it up. It was Meg's. when he looked up she was again far away. He charged after her.

As he reached her she suddenly stopped and sat on the wet sand. The waves just reached around the curve of her thighs before soaking into the sand. She sat, panting, with her knees up and arms across her bare chest. She was grinning broadly. "I win!" she beamed.

"You left me to pick up the mess! You can't call that fair!" Raf flopped down close beside her, hoping for a peek but also happy just to rest beside her. She turned to look at him, then slowly lowered her arms. Two firm breasts were revealed, patterned by the tan lines of her bikini top, rising and falling with her breathing. Raf's eyes dropped momentarily, then went back to her face. He felt slightly dizzy. Her eyes drilled into his. Those hazel eyes, bright even in the harsh sunlight, were drawing him in, inviting him again. He leant forward and kissed her soft lips, then leant back.

Meg just kept looking at him, not flinching, not reacting - except perhaps for an extra twinkle in her eyes. She looked out to sea, her thoughts wavering, then stood up suddenly.

"Come on, swim with me!" She looked down at Raf then headed toward the water. She paused with her back to him, then pushed her bikini bottoms down and stepped out of them.

Raf was transfixed. The image of her slim, naked body with its bands of tan lines across her back and buttocks, the swish of her chestnut hair across her shoulders, the fluid grace of her arms as she stepped over the first waves, he knew he would recall this for the rest of his life.

He shook himself and stood up, hesitated the briefest of moments then stripped off his own boardshorts. Strangely, he had the presence of mind to toss their clothing up the beach and away from the waves. He started at the realisation they were now naked on a public beach and glanced around. They were some distance from the main part: the herd of colourful pop-up shelters was far away. They were alone.

Meg had already reached the breaking waves when he joined her. It was a gentle shore break with small waves that were easy to catch. He got his next eternal vision as Meg twisted towards him so that the wave hit her back.

Her arms were up as she faced him. Eyes bright, mouth wide open as the wave broke around her. She had jumped, so her hair was flying up in time with the spray, droplets and chestnut strands almost in slow-motion. Again he noticed the strong tan lines across her whole body. Her bright red lips matched her red nipples against the pale skin. Between her legs was a chestnut fuzz, almost lost in the bubbling water. She arched her back and slid down into the water. A memory to savour.

They played like children, rather than the old friends (now at uni together) which they were. They played "over and under", jumping over or diving under, depending on a last-second call. They floated on the water in front of the breaking waves. They did handstands. Raf swam underwater with one hand up like a shark fin, grabbing Meg's ankle or leg.

They seemed to know when it was time to come in and rest. On the beach, Raf stretched out his towel so they could both sit on it, then wrapped hers around the two of them. They were sitting on the beach again, looking out to sea just as before. Raf felt the salt on his skin, the sand shifting slightly under him, the towel, the touch of her cool skin. He felt bold and a little crazy.

He stroked her thigh. He gave it the lightest of touches, down to her knee, then her ankle, then back, slowing at the top of her thighs. He felt a tiny shudder inside her. She turned to look at him, a crooked smile on her face.

"And what do you think you're doing?"

"Enjoying myself. This all feels so, so weird and wonderful, I'm just doing what feels good!" Raf surprised himself with his response.

Meg's response was a little hum and an involuntary flex of her leg which spread her thighs slightly.

Raf stroked up and down, lightly then firmly, the outside then the inside of her leg, never going too close to her fuzz of pubic hair. He loved the reactions: Meg's head was down but her chest was rising and falling with growing arousal, her hips rolled, her toes flexed.

He leant over and kissed her. Holding her head with his free hand, he brushed her soft salty lips with his own, all the while caressing both legs. She started to make little moaning noises as her body urged him on. Moving higher up her thighs, he brushed the soft curls of her bush.

Then she pounced on him. She rolled over and smothered him, hungrily kissing his lips, his cheeks, his eyes. She clutched his arms, then his chest then his shoulders. She wriggled her breasts against his own sparse curls on his chest. Sometimes she kissed, sometimes it was nearly a bite, as if she was trying to devour him. He returned with impatient kisses across her neck and shoulders, again tasting the salt on her sweet skin.

She stopped and stared down at him through her mane of chestnut hair, eyes smouldering with lust. Then she sprang up, grabbing her towel and his hand and racing up the beach.

Reaching the crest of the dune took only a short run, but over it there was a different world. The waves' sound became a gentle rolling crash. The seagrass rustled drily. The breeze blew sometimes warm off the sand, sometimes fresh from the sea. Meg stretched her towel out, fell on it and pulled him down onto her.

They kissed again while she writhed against him, brushing her groin up against his leg. Her hands were on his shoulders or stretched across his back. Her lips and teeth found his ears, his cheeks, his mouth. He returned her intensity with his own, kissing her face and hair, then down her chest. Their arms were restlessly wrapped around each other. Then a delicious thought came to him.

Holding her arms down, he kissed his way down her chest to her small breasts, suckling and gently nipping each nipple. She gasped and writhed with desire, but found him too strong to resist. This only added to her thrill as she felt his lips roaming where they liked down her front. He grazed over her midriff. He found her delicious deep belly button.

The dazzling sun made Meg's vision hazy, so her other senses were in overdrive. She thought she heard every blade of seagrass crackle, heard the crunch of the sand under his knees as he worked on her. She could feel his strong hands on her arms, his fringe tickling her breasts as his tongue found new places to excite. The warmth, the outdoors, the struggle against him added to her arousal.

She had always been attracted to his slow smile and his dreamy ways. He clearly liked her, but had been too courteous (or shy) to ever make a move on her. The beach setting, with the raw sensuous power of sea and sky, had given her a power to act. And Raf was keeping up! She felt waves of her own, surging down to her pussy as he aroused and dominated her. He still held her wrists, but somehow he had worked his elbows between her bent legs; he smoothly switched his grasp to her thighs. Now his nose and chin were against her mound and she could feel little tugs on her pussy lips. She burrowed her hands through his hair while he kissed one thigh then the other, then -

"AAAAHHHH!" Meg screamed and bucked when he dived into her cleft. His tongue delved in between her inner lips and seemed to excite everything at once. (How did he do that? How did he get this good??) Meg was in a whirl as every part of her body demanded him. Her thighs tried to clamp onto him. Her heels were against his shoulder blades. Her hands clutched at his head. She had the sensation of her pussy opening for him, sucking him further in. His tongue penetrated her vagina, then licked inside her lips, then danced over her clit, making her hips shudder and roll and thrust up to him. All the while his arms kept their hold and spread her wide open in the sunshine.

Waves of pleasure were building up in her. She started a sobbing moan which she recognised as a signal for a really good climax. She found herself stretching and tweaking her nipples as Raf fluttered over her clit. She felt shimmers going through her thighs and her toes curling. She struggled to breathe. The peak was coming.

"Ooow, ooow, ooOOOW, AAAAAWWW! AAAAHHH!" Meg couldn't even say words. Her orgasm swallowed her as hot waves rushed up from her pussy. A roaring release crashed through her. Her heels pushed against Raf as her hands clutched his shoulders. She felt tears run over her temples as she cried and sobbed.

Raf had known to ease off as her climax subsided. He was now giving little kisses to her furry outer lips and the slick inner lips; with his tongue he lapped up her come oozing from her vagina. It was whitish, the colour of his own semen. The taste was wonderful, sharp and sweet and arousing. Her cries and sobs of pleasure aroused him too. She reached down and touched his face, drawing him up and over her. They looked into each others' eyes.

"Come inside me. I want to feel you inside." She smiled softly, her eyes twinkling with tears in the sunshine.

"Is it, y'know, safe? I haven't got a condom on me!"

"You didn't notice me taking out the tampon then? No, it's okay. And after what you've done for me, you can have me any way you want!"

"I would love to have you, you are so sexy and wonderful, but I don't know how long I'm going to last..."

"Doesn't matter. Just come. Let me hold you and feel you. Give me your cock."

"Oh Meg, my cock wants you!"

He was lying in the classic missionary position now. Below him he gazed at Meg's slim body with its bands of tanned and pale skin, two hard nipples on flattened breasts. She stroked his chest and shoulder, then slid one hand down between them.

She ran her finger lightly over his cock, rolling the soft skin over the hard shaft. She slid his foreskin down and touched the silky-smooth cockhead. Her pussy tingled anew. She introduced the head low in her cleft and rubbed it in her juices. Raf gave a little gasp as she eased him through her lips and into her channel. A gentle thrust of her hips and he was fucking her.

He was fucking her. For the first time, not dreaming it, but doing it. His cock was inside her. Inside this wonderful, sexy, chestnut-haired woman. Thrusting into her. It felt, it felt incredible. Warm and wet and soft, like the soft hands on his arms. Meg was making smiling kissing faces below him. Then she frowned.

"You alright?"

"Just getting used to you. You feel big inside me. Your my first boy, y'know."

"Your first?? You should've said--"

"Yeah, then what? You'd wait?? Not likely! No, I want this, I want you, I want all of you, you sexy fucker!"

"Well, here I am!" Meg's possible discomfort had slowed him, but now his urgency came rushing back. His cock was eager, the muscles of his legs and torso were tensing, he could feel a familiar build-up...

Suddenly he was coming. His whole body tensed, then his cock poured his semen into her. She felt it and hugged him close. He released a long sigh into her shoulder. He kissed it wetly.

"Ohhhh God that felt good!" he murmured.

"Stay there. Stay inside me. I want to feel it still."

In the warm sun they lay, she stroking his hair and cheeks, he still gasping for air. They felt the sun on their bare skin. They listened to the breeze in the grass, the muffled surf. They felt each other's skin, sticky with sweat and their juices. It was good.

"Meg. Margaret. Margarita. I love you!"

"Mmmm. I normally don't like my Italian name, but you can use it. In fact I like it. Rafael!"

"Rafael! I'm going to stay Raf, I think. I'm going to stay here too, lying on your beautiful breasts, smelling your beautiful skin, forever."

"We'll see. I may have other plans!"

"Such as?"

"You can't give me a climax like that and not think I want to give one back just as good -- or get me another one out of you! You moved then."

"What? I'm here."

"Your cock, silly. When I talked about you making me come again... yup, there it goes! I want to fuck you again, 'till your balls ache... this is fun!"

"Such language! You are the ultimate prick-teaser!"

"Let's see if you're the ultimate sex-slave! I need you to take me again. Ram into me. Fill me with your come again... that really had an effect!"

By now Raf's hips were slowly grinding against Meg's wet pussy. Her hips were replying with their own movement. He couldn't feel how hard he was in all the warm wetness.

"Let me see it!" Meg sounded curious more than commanding.

Raf drew himself out of her. His cock had white streaks down it, of his and her come. Pearly-white drops were in his pubic hair. He rubbed the head against her hairs. She wriggled with pleasure and brought her hands down to it. She held it gently, rubbing one thumb across the come-smeared helmet.

"Soft, and firm. Just right for the job. And this skin on the outside, it moves so easily." She slid the foreskin up over the head, collecting the come into a spot at the tip. She pulled the skin back again, then up and down, slowly at first, then faster and faster.

"Mmm, got a bit harder still!"

She expertly took the shaft and introduced it between her pussy lips, rubbing it a few times in the cleft before pushing it down to her vagina. Raf suddenly found his rod sinking into the warm wet tunnel and his cock was where it wanted to be.

He was in an easy rhythm now, thrusting deeply into her. For her part, Meg lay with eyes closed, sensing Raf's body moving above her. Raf lay down close to her, covering her face in kisses and feeling her warm skin in the sun. Then he lifted his chest up so he could admire the bands of light and dark across her body. She gazed up at him, seeing the pleasure and wonder in his eyes, the light sheen of sweat on his shoulders. Playfully she brought up her knees and stroked his sides with them. He breathed in sharply.

He knelt up and by chance brushed one of her legs. He gently unfolded it and rubbed his slightly scratchy chin against the ankle and down the sole. It was her turn to breathe in sharply. He teased her with his chin a little more. All the while his cock slid easily in and out of her.

She pretended to glare at him and pulled her leg away. His hand brushed down her leg to her buttock and she felt shimmers through her, and little twitches of her leg followed. He noticed and made more of it. She ended up with her leg over and across him, more or less on her side. She twisted and smiled up at him. He had a funny look on his face. He was up to something...

"AAAAHaaaaahh!" She almost screamed as he ran his fingernail across the sole of her foot, up the back of her leg, over her buttock and up her back. She whimpered with pleasure as he ran his nails back down. She arched and twisted her back but his hand stayed there. She was pinned down partly with his still-thrusting cock.

Meg saw stars. Tremors of lust raced down and up her legs as she clutched the towel. Raf was relentless and everywhere, tickling the back of her neck, then to her sides, then across her shoulder blades. He stroked behind her ears, then under her arms. Tingles flowed from his fingers across her back and into her pussy, meeting the tingles she was getting there. Raf seemed to be holding her legs down so that her torso was twisting with pleasure. She tossed her chestnut hair so it whipped her face. Through her moans she recognised another orgasm coming. She forced a hand between her legs to feel the cock that was driving into her. She fluttered over her clitoris. The tremors in her legs grew stronger.

"Oooww, oooww, oww fuck fuck not again! Fuck I'm gonna come! Ah fuck I'm coming I'm c-aaaahhh!!" Waves of pleasure crashed over her as she grabbed his shoulder. Raf grabbed the hand as his shaft rammed into her soaking wet pussy. Her white come had leaked down her thigh and soaked his balls as they slapped against her. The tightness, the wetness was sending him off.

His orgasm was suddenly there. With her hand near his face she had pulled his lip down with one finger. Like it was a signal, his hips held up against her bottom and his semen poured out of him. Sparks seemed to rush from his cock to every corner of his body. His legs locked up, his body felt frozen in time while sensations raced through it. The feel of her hand on his face, soft, with a few grains of sand on it, seemed like a still point while his mind whirled around it.

He was spent. Weary, satisfied, relaxing into a post-orgasm warmth, he felt the sun pricking his back. He looked down at the beautiful woman below him. She had somehow swung her leg back so now she held him with arms and legs.

"Oh Meg. Meg Meg Meg I love love love you. You're just..." Words failed. "I love you."

"I love you Raf." Her eyes twinkled with tears.

"You are wonderful and sexy and... wonderful." Oh dear, he thought, but she was generous.

"You're a better lover than you are a talker. And what a lover! I can't work out if my legs have stopped shaking yet!" She pulled him down to kiss him.

It was a long and tender kiss, lying close, skin to skin. Time slowed again.

"Mmm, so nice, but I have to admit, I'm starting to worry about sunburn. My bum's going to be red, not white where the boardshorts usually are!"

"That's the price of love! And I hope you've managed to cover my boobs well enough. I don't want your nipple problems!"

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