tagSci-Fi & FantasyBeast of Rage Ch. 02

Beast of Rage Ch. 02


He left her in the cage, he knew that with the girl's current stress and all that they had just gone through would be enough to coax the change from her. He returned to his office and checked the monitors, and made sure each was recording and well focused.

He sat back in his chair and propped his feet up. Watching the girl pacing on the screen, even in human form she looked like a wild cat pacing.

He had left her, and her desire to escape only escalated. Why was she naked? What kind of pervert was he that he would do this? Unable to stand she crawled back and forth in the long cage, occasionally testing the bars. The anger and rage boiling beneath the surface, the beast in her screaming to be truly freed.

She had never felt this way before. Fear, anger, her body tingled, her breathing increased, she was panting, sweating, and her body ached. Her vision was covered with a red haze and the only desire she had was escape... and once she was out she would rip his throat out.

He leaned forward in his chair; he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He had suspected something like this, but she was more then he had imagined. His eyes widened as her shape began to reform into the creature he knew that lingered. He had dealt with several like her before, but her shift complete he stood in awe staring at the monitor.

Her screams started out human, but turned into a loud roar. She was on hands and knees, but her hands were disappearing, black fur becoming visible, a paw. Her mind went chaotic, blocking out what she was seeing. Her human mind lingered, but a more animalistic thinking began to surface. Her body was re-shaping, her vision blurring in the pain. Minutes felt like hours as she shifted.

Panting she lain on her side, the sleek black fur rising and falling. She smelled him enter before she saw him. He smelled of cat, of predator, of prey. Her hackles rose as he drew near the cage. Weakly she crouched in the cage as if to show she would still have him for dinner.

He couldn't resist. He had to see her. He expected the jaguar in her... but a black jaguar. He was stunned. He approached silently, and cautiously. He paused when she crouched at him. The last thing he wanted was for her to further injure herself. Had she ever changed before? Was he witnessing her first?

Millions of questions flooded his mind as he just sat there and looked her over. She was beautiful. The glimmer of light the shone across her fur, how light seemingly got lost in her blackness, but her eyes... they enchanted him.

Her eyes were the brightest green he had ever seen. He thought the human form of her was beautiful, but her jaguar was absolutely gorgeous. Why had he not seen her this way before? Did she know?

She watched him approach, her mind only on defending herself but he was out of reach. Slowly her strength was returning to her and all she wanted to do was to stretch out and run. To feel the wind rushing by her, to be free of this box and his stares.

Finally he left the room and called to one of his assistance. Handing the man a small gun he nods to the assistant and returns to watch from his computer room. The assistant entered the room slowly, the small gun behind his back. She turned in one of her paces and a small pop and then a thud as the needle bit into her hip.

She turned and hissed deeply at the man. Her claws out as she scraped at the cage. Moments later her legs couldn't support her weight and she collapses. Her eyes still opened but her breathing faster. Darkness engulfs her.

He had lost a lot of ground with her. He knew he had his work cut out for him, but he would be the one that guided her. He watched the monitor as the drugs in the dart took affect. The large cat was well asleep and his assistant approached her with caution, plucking the dart from her hindquarter, stroking across her fur lightly before turning and leaving the room.

He growled watching the assistant stroke the fur. This was his jaguar, not for another male to touch. He stood so suddenly that the chair under him went sprawling backwards.

"Johnathan!" he yelled into the intercom, "Leave now while you can!" All his employees knew what that meant. Johnathan dropped the dart and the gun on a table and dashed to his car and went home. The other employees of the manor all knew to keep their heads and eyes low for a day or so.

Slowly the drugs took the final effects, her body returning to that of the spirited woman he had captured earlier. Her breathing still heavy with sleep when he entered again. His arm reaching through the bars he stroked her auburn hair, pushing the stray strands behind her ear.

He loved her from the moment he spotted her. He had watched her for over 2 years. Learning all he could about her. He knew that there had to be something more for him to feel that towards a human.

A year into him watching her he had discovered why he so desperately craved her. She was of the lineage of the jaguar people. Though he was not a jaguar, this was his territory and those of his kind always let him know when they came through. He was a shape shifter. A trait he discovered early in his life. He couldn't help but to wonder how this woman before him had not changed before.

She awoke hours later. Softness surrounded her, and slowly the confusion set in. she tried to sit up, the drugs leaving her a bit woozy, when she felt metal around her throat. She paused a moment as her fingers traced around the steel and the chain clipped to it. Her eyes slowly focusing as she followed the chain to a solid ring above the beds headboard.

"What the fuck is going on?" she whispered out to herself.

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