tagNonHumanBeast takes a Beauty Ch. 01

Beast takes a Beauty Ch. 01


I had only graduated college a few short weeks ago and now was miles away from home. I was offered a design job by a major firm in Europe and left immediately.

Sitting in my new apartment in Paris I decided to get cleaned up and then take a walk to explore the area. I went into my room and rustled through my suitcase of clothes. I grabbed a pair of faded blue jeans, and a brown tank top and made my way to the bathroom.

As I entered I tossed my clothes onto the ground and pulled my t-shirt over my head, tossed my bra to the floor, and removed my pyjama pants. I started the shower and got in letting the hot water hit and burn my body. I reached for the soap and lathered my body in it, spending more time then required on my 34 D breasts. I loved to take long, hot showers but they usually ended with me frigging myself against the shower wall. The hot water ran across my body teasing me and caressing every inch of my skin. I ignored it as long as I could while I washed my hair, but quickly gave into the hunger growing between my legs.

I slid my hands to my breasts again, roaming over them and tweaking the nipples hard. I let out a tiny sigh of pleasure and let one hand continue lower to my pussy while the other remained and tortured my nipples. I stroked the strip of hair on my pussy slowly feeling myself grow hungrier for release. Slowly I moved my hand to the lips of my pussy and as my fingers touched them they tightened in arousal. I pushed my fingers past them and felt my erect clit pulsing with desire. Carful not brush or excite it I continued to molest every where else: probing fingers into my virginal hole, pinching the lips of my pussy, even gently fingering my tight anus. I moaned deep; I had to have release. I dragged my hand back up to my aching clitoris and began my assault. I rubbed circles around it, flicking it with my fingers. I have never been one to take my time when pleasuring myself, I crave release and as soon as I feel it building, I mercilessly pummel my clit until I orgasm. My orgasm was building; I leaned on the shower wall for support; my boobs flattening against it, as my nipples tightened from the cold of the tile. My fingers circling and rubbing my clit faster, I let my face rest against the wall as I moaned loudly. My orgasm crashed upon me and a felt a gush of creamy liquid run down my inner thigh. I rubbed a few more circles, and enjoyed the sensitivity of my swollen clit. Catching my breath I pull away from the tile wall.

I turn the shower off and get out, drying myself. I put my bra back on and the brown tank top. I'd forgotten to grab panties...I open the bathroom door and walk back to my bedroom and rummage through my suitcase for a pair of panties. The breeze on my exposed pussy lips, as I'm bent over, feels good. The thought suddenly dawns on me: I didn't open any windows. I stand up slightly puzzled, and walk to the near by window. It is indeed open, and a vase that was on the sill now lies on the floor in many pieces. There is a shuffle in the hall outside of my room. My body tightens in fear, at the thought that maybe someone has entered my home. I slowly approach the doorway, hesitantly I move out into the hallway. My breathing is intense as I continue towards the living room. Empty. I continue onto the door on my right that leads to the tiny eat-in kitchen...Empty too. I let out a sigh of relief, just as the window in my room slams shut. I jump, and look down the hall to my room; the window is shut.

Scared as hell I try to remember if maybe I did open the window and just forgot. Maybe I opened it, and it slammed shut itself because it's old? I wasn't convincing myself but it was better then scaring myself to death with the possibility that somebody was in my apartment while I had been showering.


It had only been a few weeks since the Rite; a duel between the eligible males of the pack to see who would become the new alpha. I had won but was not to be alpha. I was 132 years old and still remained mate less. An un-mated wolf could not become alpha, and the Rite then fell to the runner up. I thought that despite being mate less the pack would see the benefits of me being their alpha, I was stronger then the other candidates, smarter, better at hunting, mature, and a natural leader. In the end they went with Brom: he had mated his bitch the night before the Rite.

I couldn't understand the old tradition of having a mate. I had gotten around with the bitches of the pack, all of whom swooned after me, confessing their love for me. But I didn't want them. What wolf could be tamed as easily to answer the every whim of some bitch, just for a weekly taste of pussy? I would not be tamed, I would take what I wanted when I wanted it, from whom I wanted, and leave them on a heap on the floor when I was through. I thought I could change the old traditions and bring my pack into more conventional ways of living, where mating was optional and not mandatory.

However despite winning the pack voted and I was denied alpha. I left the pack the day after the outcome of the vote had been announced.


I had been walking for a couple hours and was on the very outskirts of the city. I spotted a little park with a bench and decided to go and sit down. I tilted my head back and gazed at the stars, something I hadn't done in ages. I shifted my body and lay down. A twig snapped near me, and I bolted upright. It was a man; a big man; muscular and very tall. He was dressed in dark blue baggy jeans, a grey sweatshirt, and a leather coat. He seemed to stare at me like I was invading his space. I stood up, scared, and took a few steps backward. He smiled.

"Je m'excuse, je n'ai pas signifie pour vous effrayer. (I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you.)"

"Je partait juste de toute facon. Desole. (I was just leaving anyways. Sorry.)" I said with the worst french accent, and turned, walking away at a fast walk.

"Not French then...where are you from?"

I stopped and turned back towards him. Everything inside me said not to indulge him, just keep walking: it's late and he's a stranger.

"I'm Ben."

Despite what my insides were telling me, he didn't seem so bad, there was no reason that I should be rude to him.


"What are you doing out so late Raegan?" He began walking slowly towards me.

"Nothing..." I took a few steps back, still not trusting him.

He laughed. "Where are you from?"

I wasn't sure if he was actually being friendly or just trying to distract me to get closer to me. I continued to walk backwards away from him. We were now out of the park and on the street. He laughed and stopped walking towards me nodding towards a little café that was open.

"Maybe you want to grab a coffee?"

Feeling like a bit of an idiot for being so afraid of him, I accepted and we walked in to the café. He pointed to a table and as I went to sit he ordered a couple coffees and then came and sat down. We took our jackets off and I glanced up at him. Seeing him in the light; his eyes were dark brown, almost black, he kept his head and face shaved. He looked mean, and his hulk like body made me feel small and fragile. ***

She was gorgeous; long wavy brown hair, deep green eyes, a body that was kept in shape, but not muscular, a heavy pair of tits, and lips...lips I could easily see wrapped around my thick cock. Her voice was quiet, she was a shy girl; I could tell, by the way she acted. I'd love to hear you moan beneath me girl. She couldn't have been too old, maybe 20, 21 tops. Young compared to an immortal, but old enough to fuck. ***

They chatted for an hour in the café until the waitress announced that they were closing, and that they had to leave. She had calmed since they began talking, but still he could sense she was nervous. They put their coats on in silence and left the café. She didn't get too close to him; still not trusting what he might do.

"You going home then?" Ben asked.

"It's late...I should."

He smiled and they continued to walk.


He looked up at her.

She blushed and looked at him, "I think I'm lost."

He laughed, "That's not a problem, I'll get you home in one piece." She smiled and walked a bit closer to him.

They continued to talk as they had in the café.

Your cunt smells like you have cum today baby...but no scent of a man...must have been while playing with yourself?

Ben couldn't stop thinking about nailing her, and given a couple days to gain her trust and befriend her, he knew she would easily part her legs for him. The question remained though; did he want to wait?

They reached her apartment and she unlocked the door...they walked up to her apartment, and she turned to him with a puzzled look on her face.

"Ben? I never told you my address...how did you know where to take me?"

Ben smiled and he could see her tense and become very nervous. He leaned towards her and she backed into the door. His nose grazed her cheek as he whispered in her ear: "You should really lock your windows."

Raegan froze. He couldn't have said what he just said. He had been in her house earlier...in her house while she showered. Had he seen her masturbating? She fumbled with her keys, she had to get in to her apartment, and lock him out. She dropped her keys in her haste. Fuck! She bent and grabbed them, then stood up. Ben grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth with his hand, took her keys, unlocked her door, and pushed his way in with her as his captive. He pushed her onto a nearby couch and then locked her door. Raegan had tears running down her face. What was she going to do? The fire escape in her bedroom was her only chance. She eyed the hallway and made a dash, but he knew what she was going to do by the way her eyes moved; he blocked her and through her back on the couch, this time pinning her down with his body.

He had decided in an instant that he was going to have her, human or not. Her fear aroused him. She screamed and he slapped her face hard. He wrapped his hand into her hair and pulled her face to his, "You're going to want to be quiet or there will be trouble for you baby."

Calling her baby seemed to make her angry and she struggled harder to escape, thrashing a hand out and slapping him in the face. "I'm not your baby, you bastard."

He laughed. Her frustration was amusing to him. Her slap went unnoticed, his body was used to rough beatings and she was as weak as a child compared to him. Ben pulled her arms above her head and pinned them there with his hand that held her hair. She now lay helpless, struggling in vain. With his free hand he ripped her shirt down the middle. He slipped his hand around her back and undid her bra, pushing it up, revealing her pert breasts. She again tried to struggle free. Ben lowered his mouth onto a nipple, and began to swirl his tongue around it, watching her for a reaction. When none came he began to suck on her nipple as hard as he could. She let out a sigh but continued to try and buck him off. He knew he could get a better rise out of her and he bit down on her nipple. Raegan moaned in pain. What was an attempt to push him off ended with her arching against his body. He smiled and licked the nipple back into his mouth and sucked hard. Then he moved to the other.

"Please stop Ben, please. I won't tell anyone. Pl-please just leave me alone." She began to cry harder.

Ben moved to her face and flicked a falling tear with his tongue and then kissed her cheek in the same spot. She turned her face away from him in frustration, anger and embarrassment. Ben released her hands and hair and pulled her to her feet with him. In one quick movement he pulled her coat, ripped shirt and bra off of her. He knew by the gasp she made that she had thought he was going to leave when he let her off the couch, but now she stood half naked in front of him. She let out another whimper and quickly covered her breasts with her arms. She stood their frozen and silently crying as he undressed.

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