tagNonHumanBeast takes a Beauty Ch. 02

Beast takes a Beauty Ch. 02


Raegan made another attempt for the window. She got all the way to it, but before she could open it his hand grabbed hers and whipped her around into his body. His embrace held her tight against him as he unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. Once they were off he pushed her on to her bed, and began to squirm away from him. He grabbed her foot and pulled her down towards him. She let out a whimper of despair, as he moved over top of her, staring down into her face.

She could not bring her self to look back at him, she just looked to the side, continuing to cry. Ben nipped her ear lobe and then sucked on it gently. Raegan shuddered.

"You want me inside you just as badly as I want to take you baby...quit pretending other wise. Your not the first bitch I have taken."

His words numbed her to her very depths and she gasped when she felt his hand tugging her panties down.

"No, no, please Ben no!" She wailed.

"Lets see here baby..." his hand ripped her panties off and through them away. Then it returned and forced its way between her legs to her pussy. He let his fingers rub the outside of her wet pussy lips and she arched her body against his.

"Mmm baby your so wet for me, you must need me badly." Ben nuzzled her neck and grabbed her chin forcing her face to look at his. He took her mouth with a fierce and powerful kiss; invading her mouth with his tongue. Raegan tried to move her head and stop the assault on her mouth. Ben bit her lip and she whimpered. He kissed her again and she complied.

A low growl escaped Ben, as he ended the kiss and looked down at her.

"Ben please, not like this...please I don't want to lose my virginity like this. Please." She continued to beg him, but at hearing that she was still a virgin, Ben lost all control.

He quickly aligned his cock with her virgin gate. Raegan began to scream and try to throw him of again. "Please!!! Ben NO!!! Please Ben stop! Help me! Please somebody help me!!"

She was crying hard now, but Ben new he had to have her. With one thrust he slid into her pussy, ripped through her cherry, and bottomed out, with a loud grunt.

Raegan screamed as he ripped into her. She had never felt anything more painful in her life, and she had never been so full. She thought for sure that he had ripped her pussy open, just to fit his manhood inside of her.

She shuddered and cried hard beneath him. Ben took a few deep breaths, trying to regain control over himself so he wouldn't cum right away. He pulled out until just his head remained inside of her.

Is he pulling out of me? Will he leave me alone now? Ben slammed his cock back inside of Raegan with such a force that she screamed upon feeling him hit her cervix. No, no please it hurts. But she couldn't voice words to protest she just continued to scream and cry.

Ben hammered into her again, and again. "Baby your so fucking tight...mmm I love a juicy virgin cunt."

Raegan felt disgusting when he talked to her like that. She didn't want him to be her first. Not like this. She could feel her anger rising as he thrust his enormous cock inside her continuously. She regained some composure, and with all the energy she could muster, struck him as hard as she could, across the face.

Ben laughed as he continued to pummel her cervix. "So you want to play harder baby? Do you want me to show what it's like to really be used like a bitch?" He lowered his face closer to hers and nibbled at her lips before taking her mouth with his. She moved her face away from his...playing right into his plan. Ben smiled as he gazed down at her exposed neck and shoulder. Right where the two areas met, he sunk his teeth in. Raegan screamed, and was lost in a strange pain, as the walls of her pussy tightened around Ben's cock.

Ben growled louder as he felt Raegan climax. He could feel the beast within him rising. "Get on your hands and knees!" Ben yelled as he angrily pulled out of her, and forced her onto her hands and knees.

Raegan whimpered as he left her body. She was in a daze of pain and pleasure, and no longer knew if she hated what he was doing to her. How could she have orgasmed from what he was doing to her? He was raping her. He shoved his cock back into her dripping cunt, and she groaned as he bottomed out. With his head beside hers, he brutally plunged his cock into the depths of her hungry pussy. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back with it so he could whisper taunts into her ear. "Mmm you like that don't you Raegan? You're such a horny slut for me, aren't you baby?"

Raegan moaned as she lost control and orgasmed again around his cock.

"Mmm, that's right bitch, moan for me like a whore. Mmm."

His words stung her. She wasn't a whore. Did he really think that about her?

Ben fucked her deeper, and deeper. She continued grunting and moaning; fucking him back, when she began to feel another bulge trying to enter her. What's that?

Barely containing the beast inside himself, Ben gave one final thrust and buried his wolf's knot inside Raegan. She screamed and panted and tried to get away from him, but it felt so good, again she orgasmed, and then began to feel his hot cum spurting into her. Ahh, it burns, noo pull it out. "Ooo," was all she could say.

Ben moved onto his side, pulling Raegan down with him. He spooned her as he waited for his knot to shrink enough to pull out. He looked over at her face to see her reaction to what had happened, and found her sound asleep. He rested his chin on her shoulder, and rubbed her tummy, knowing what he had just done.

Ben's knot shrank and he pulled out. Cum and blood began leaking out of Raegan. He rolled onto his back, staring up at the ceiling. A strange feeling had come over him when he tasted her blood. He wanted her. He didn't want anybody else to touch her. As far as he was concerned, she belonged to him. Was it love? Or something else? He didn't think it was love. He just didn't want anybody else touching her. Raegan's body was only for him; whether she liked it or not.


Raegan woke up some hours later, her body ached. She had hoped it had all been a dream. Please let it have been a dream.

She sat up and a pain shot up her body from her pussy. She let out a small whimper. She had never had her insides bruised, but she was sure that they were. A few tears began to fall from her eyes as she urged herself off her bed. She stumbled weakly over to the wall, and used it for support to walk to the door of her bedroom. Please, don't let him be here. Please.

She opened the door of her room and looked down the hall...empty...she stepped out of her room and began to make her way towards the living room. There wasn't any light in the room, which meant that it was either late in the night or early in the morning, and the fact that no light had been turned on in the living room told her that Ben had probably just left her room through the window when he was done using her body, instead of coming back this way.

Her body relaxed and she sat down on the couch, holding her knees close to her body. She felt so violated. What if I'm pregnant? Raegan began to cry. Just then she felt something warm and wet lick her shin. Raegan jumped, and reached for the lamp beside the couch, turning it on. It was a dog, well...a wolf. It licked her shin again and she relaxed, obviously it wasn't a threat, but how did it get in?

She reached out her hand and stroked the wolf's head. It must have just been a breed of dog that looked like a wolf; surly a wolf wouldn't be this friendly, and probably wouldn't be in an apartment building. But it was unusually big for a dog...even a wolf she thought. It had to have been a cross between something like a Siberian Husky and a Great Dane; it was the only way she could explain its size. Maybe it belonged to someone in the building?

Raegan got up and went to the kitchen and got out a piece of steak that she had put in the fridge the other day, unwrapped it and set it on a plate, on the floor. The dog ate it hungrily and Raegan went back to her room and began getting undressed.

She walked into the bathroom and started the shower. She looked in the mirror while she waited for the water to warm up. The bite on her neck that Ben had given her had bruised an ugly blackish purple color and there was dried blood around it. She turned and got into the shower, she winced at how hot the water was, but she wanted to rid herself of everything that reminded her of Ben; she could smell him on her.

As she rubbed the shampoo into her hair, she could feel the hot water snaking down her body and rubbing the lips of her pussy. Her clit stiffened, but as always Raegan tried to ignore the building arousal. She reached for the bar of soap and lathered it on her body. Moving down her stomach and then back up to her breasts; she rubbed her nipples and breasts in circular motions slowly. She felt so relaxed, and the smell of the soap, erased all scent of Ben. She dropped the soap. Damn it.

Raegan bent down to get the soap and when she stood up, she noticed a dark figure on the other side of the curtain. Her body tensed, and she slowly moved the curtain back. She let out a long sigh, it was just the dog. But Raegan still felt uneasy as the dog sat there, and continued to watch her silhouette wash itself.

She couldn't resist any longer, she had to cum. Raegan ran her hand down her stomach again, and continued to her pussy lips and began to caress, stopping a moment to look at the shadow of the dog on the other side. She pushed her middle finger past her lips, and had barely entered when a shot of pain ran through her body again. "Ahh!" Raegan screamed as she slid down the wall of the shower to the floor. The hot water pounding on her back, she put her face in her hands and cried.

Raegan felt the shower curtain move and brush her knee, she looked up to see the dog peering in. She whimpered and stroked his face, stood up, turned the shower off and got out.

She wrapped a near by towel around her body. The dog licked the back of her leg and she patted his head. She walked out of the bathroom and crawled into her bed, lying in the fetal position. The dog hopped up too and walked around to lay in front of her. Raegan pulled the covers up over both of them, and lay there. What if I really am pregnant? What am I going to do? Raegan bolted up right into a sitting position. He knows where I live...what if he comes back? Raegan began to cry and curled up close to the dog. "Please don't come back, please."

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