tagToys & MasturbationBeat-Off Buddies Ch. 03

Beat-Off Buddies Ch. 03


My cell phone rang on my way to my morning class. It was Jane.

"Hi, Donny. You coming over tonight?"

"Of course," I said. "I have to study, and, well, I have to jerk off, too, you know."

"Great! I just wanted to let you know what tonight's theme will be, so you'd be ready."

Jane and I were Beat-Off Buddies, you see. We never had sex with each other, or even kissed or touched each other or anything. My girlfriend, Donna, goes to another college in another state, and so does Jane's boyfriend Gary. So Jane and I would get together a few times a week to masturbate in each others' company. It's less lonely that way, but it still isn't cheating. Is it?

"What did you have in mind?" I asked. Jane always had great creative ideas for our mutual masturbation sessions.

"I want you to think of one of the most awesome sexual experiences you've ever had," she said. "Remember it in every detail. Every sight, sound, smell. And then tonight, you'll tell me all about it, while you act it out and I watch. And then I'll take a turn doing one of my favorite memories. We can call it a Trip Down Mammary Lane. Sound good?"

"Sounds hot! But now it's going to be tough to concentrate in class all day!"

"Ha! That's your problem. See you tonight." She hung up.

That was Jane! Always thinking of new ways to get off. I did my best to pay attention in my classes all day, but it was tough. I ran through several awesome sexual memories before I finally selected a great one for story-telling with Jane: the Jacuzzi story. Oh yes, this would be good!

After my classes, and a quick dinner in the dorm cafeteria, I went to Jane's dorm building and took the elevator up to her floor. As usual, her roommate, Britney, and my roommate, Dylan, were back in my room screwing like bunnies. That left me and Jane with nowhere to go for studying or, er, other extra curricular activities. Except for Jane and Britney's room, where we'd spent many an evening chatting, studying, and getting ourselves off together.

Jane answered the door in her usual attire: gym shorts and t-shirt. Her small, perky breasts needed no bra; her feet were bare, and her fingernails and toenails were painted bright red as usual. "Hi Donny! Do you have a good story for me?" She pushed her sexy librarian glasses up her nose.

I dropped my heavy backpack on the floor. We usually try to get some studying in between our masturbation sessions. Unless we go for a two-fer, that is. "I sure do," I told her. "I think you'll like it. I've been hard all day just thinking about it."

"Awesome!" she said. "Do you want a beer before we get started?" She grabbed two bottles from the mini-fridge under her desk and handed me one. As I took a swig, Jane yanked her t-shirt over her head and kicked her shorts into a corner. I always enjoyed the sight of her slender, naked body, with her smooth thighs and small, perky boobs. I shed my clothes as she twisted the cap off her beer and took a long drink.

"Okay," she said. "What's this great story of yours?" She sat down on her bed, cross-legged, eyes wide. I of course couldn't help but stare at her beautiful gaping snatch between her legs, already glistening in anticipation.

I took a deep breath. "It was last summer, when Donna and I were both home from college. We'd been going out for several years, and she wanted to do something really special for my birthday. So she rented a Jacuzzi suite at a local motel." I smiled at the memory, and my cock twitched. I paced back and forth a bit, swigging my beer. "We immediately got naked and jumped into the Jacuzzi. We sank down to our necks and just enjoyed the bubbles for a few minutes."

Jane had closed her eyes, and her hands were resting in her lap. She had a half smile on her face. I could tell she was imagining the relaxing bubbles all over her body.

"Donna got behind me and started rubbing my shoulders and neck. It felt great. I could feel her breasts pressing up against my shoulder blades as she got closer and closer. Then she moved her hands around to my chest and stroked them up and down my stomach, further down on each stroke. Finally, she was stroking my cock from behind with both hands, getting me good and hard. Man, that felt great." At this point, I had stopped pacing, and was lightly stroking my shaft with one hand, remembering Donna's smooth strokes of that night. Jane's hips were rocking slightly; I imagined that she was thinking about stroking her boyfriend's cock from behind.

"Then she took me by the shoulders and spun me around so that I was facing her. She hopped into my lap, wrapped her legs around my waist, and impaled herself on my cock. I felt her hot pussy engulf my stiff dick as the warm water of the Jacuzzi bathed over us. Man, it was awesome." I put my beer down and started stroking my cock harder and thrusting my hips. I thought I heard Jane moan.

I sat down on the other dorm bed, facing Jane. Our naked bodies were just a few feet apart, and the tension wasn't lost on either of us. "But Donna didn't want to get me off like that. She just wanted to make sure that I was rock hard. As soon as I was at full length, she pulled herself off of my cock and had me get out of the water. She made me sit on the edge of the tub, with my feet dangling in the bubbles. She got down on her knees between my legs and gently pried my legs open. Not like I fought her!" Jane licked her lips and moaned again. She had one finger in her pussy by now, gently rubbing.

I remembered how Donna had lowered her mouth to my stiff, throbbing cock that night. In order to simulate the feeling, I made a "peace sign" with each of my hands, and then laid the two V-shaped triangles together, palms toward my crotch, to make a perfect mouth shape. I slipped this makeshift blowjob mouth down the shaft of my cock and focused on remembering that awesome night.

"Her lips slipped up and down my shaft, slowly, gently, and very wet. I could feel her boobs dangling on my thighs as her head bobbed up and down on my cock. The bubbles continued to tickle my feet and ankles, and the splashing sounds made it feel like we were on some exotic beach in the Caribbean." I kept sliding my hands up and down my shaft, slowly and gently, not in a hurry. By now I could also hear the sloshing sounds of Jane's fingers working her pussy a few feet away from me.

"She sucked me like that for about ten minutes, just slowly building the tension. My dick was as long and hard as it had ever been. Finally, she lifted her head up from my lap and looked me in the eyes. She told me to lay all the way down on my back." At this point, I reclined back onto the dorm bed, just like I'd done in the Jacuzzi suite that night. Jane was also on her back by now, with her feet up on the wall and her legs spread wide.

"She got out of the water and came around to straddle my head. She lowered her pussy to my mouth, and I started slurping it right away." I remembered the fresh smell of her pussy, clean and moist from the bubbly water, but still with its normal delicious taste. "Then she leaned forward and got her mouth wrapped back around my cock. But now that she was coming from above, so to speak, it curved much more easily down her throat!"

I held my cock in my reversed fist, thumb down, and remembered the awesome feeling of being deep-throated on the side of the Jacuzzi. I started pumping for all I was worth, my other hand polishing the knob in time with my strokes. My hips were starting to leave the bed as my back arched. I could hear Jane's breathing becoming ragged on the other bed.

"She gobbled me and sucked me and played with my balls. She took me out of her mouth and sucked me back in, over and over. She teased my slit with her tongue and lightly scraped her teeth over my rim. She pulled out all the stops, giving me the most erotic blowjob she could offer up, all the while grinding her sweet pussy on my face."

I felt my orgasm ready to begin, so I quickly stopped pumping and squeezed my shaft tight. The story wasn't ready to end yet! Jane looked at me expectantly.

"She could tell I was almost ready to cum, just like I am now, so she stopped and squeezed my cock until things calmed down a bit. Then she got off of my face and stood up and motioned me toward the bed. She laid me down on my back and straddled me, sinking down onto my cock, cowgirl style. Her pussy was dripping wet from all my licking, and my cock was on fire. I almost blew a load just sliding into her! But I held on and let her work up a rocking rhythm on me."

I was again pumping my cock with both fists, my back arching and hips humping the air. Jane was sawing three fingers in and out of her pussy, her feet still on the wall and pointing toward the ceiling.

"Then she reached behind her with one hand and started massaging my balls. It felt incredible. She reached her other hand forward and started pinching my nipples at the same time, one after another. At first she pinched them gently, but then she started squeezing tighter and tighter."

I only had one hand to spare, so I couldn't massage my balls and pinch my nipples at the same time. So I opted for the nipples; while my right hand continued to pound my pud, I grabbed my right nipple with my left thumb and forefinger and squeezed for all I was worth. I actually made myself scream out, just like I had done that night in the hotel room.

It was getting hard to talk. "She... she... she kept rocking on my cock.... and squeezing my nipples... my entire body was on fire... I was so close to the edge... and then, uh... "

I was really close to spraying a load all over the dorm room, with my fist flying on my cock and my nipple raging in delicious pain. But I had to finish the story!

"And then... she flung herself forward and attacked my mouth with hers. When her tongue invaded my mouth, it was just the final sensation. I came like a mother fucker as her hips kept bucking!" And with that, I screamed and launched a giant rope of cum straight up over the dorm bed. It came straight back down onto my cock, which continued to squirt. I took my other hand away from my nipple and used both hands to keep massaging my cock; it kept oozing cum for several minutes, and then finally stopped twitching.

I looked over at Jane. She hadn't cum, but she was clearly enjoying herself. She was staring at the giant puddle of pearly cum in my lap. There was sweat on her upper lip, and her nipples were hard and crinkly. She had stopped frigging herself to listen to the end of the story. But she was still breathing heavily.

"Wow, Donny! That was a great story. And now I'm so horny I don't know if I can tell my story or not. I might just have to finish myself off first."

I swung up to a seated position. "Have a swig of beer," I told her. "That will calm you down enough. I can't wait to hear your story."

Jane sat up, too, and grabbed her beer. After a long drink, she set it down and smiled at me. "I think I am ready for the story. In fact, it's about a time when I felt exactly how I feel now: really needing to cum in a hurry."

I leaned back against the wall behind the bed and crossed my legs for story-time. My jizz was getting dried and crusty all over my crotch, but I didn't care. There was no point in cleaning up when I fully expected to shoot another load soon.

Now it was Jane's turn to pace as she started her story. She was walking back and forth on her tippy-toes, she was so wound up. "It was right after freshman year; I was back home for the summer and couldn't wait to see Gary. We hadn't seen each other in months, and I was horny as hell. So was he! Fortunately, my parents were out for the night, so we had the house to ourselves." She bounced up and down a bit on her toes.

"I put on a sexy outfit waiting for him to come over. That was a waste of time! As soon as he walked in the door, he started ripping my clothes off of me! I did the same to him. We were both naked in the living room within minutes. We didn't even kiss. As soon as our clothes were on the floor, he grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me into my bedroom. He picked me up and threw me on my bed on my back!" She laughed at the memory, and then flung herself down onto her dorm bed. She took her glasses off and set them on the desk.

"He bent my legs straight up over my head! My knees were by my ears! It wasn't very comfortable, but I didn't care. I wanted him to have total access to me." As she was describing the position, she was also getting into it. She was really limber! Her knees almost touched the bed beside her head, and her sexy feet pointed the other way. I stared at her wide-open pussy, still wet and glistening from my own story, now ready for further action.

"He dove in and started licking me all over; my pussy, my butt-hole, my thighs, my navel, my hips; his tongue was on fire, and so was I!" She had moistened three fingers of one hand in her mouth, and was now "licking" herself all over; she stroked her pussy lips, stroked up and down her thighs, tickled her own anus, over and over. She had her other arm under her knees, keeping her legs pulled back. Her pussy was open and pink and moist. I noticed that my cock was hard, and was even more surprised to notice that I was already stroking it!

"He licked me and nibbled me and sucked on my clit; I was going crazy. My head was thrashing back and forth." Sure enough, she was jerking her head from side to side as she frigged herself. "Then, with his tongue never stopping, he slipped a finger into my pussy." Jane let go of her knees and brought her other hand to her pussy, and inserted a finger. "He sawed it in and out, back and forth, up and down. Then he put in another finger, and another." Two more fingers entered her pussy and went deep. She re-licked her other hand and then returned it to her clit and lips. She was really going to town on her entire area.

And so was I! I was pounding my cock with both hands. No technique, just up and down, up and down, legs wide open, and leaning back against the cinder block wall of the dorm room. I spat down into my hands occasionally to keep things moist. I could tell I would be cumming again before long.

"He wasn't trying to make me cum, though; he was just enjoying himself. The bastard! I yelled at him to quit screwing around and fuck me. I needed to cum! So he stood up and told me to get on my hands and knees." Jane sat up, turned around, and got on all fours. She flung the pillow off the bed and put her face and shoulders down on the mattress. Her ass was high in the air, and her swollen pussy lips were sticking out behind like a couple of suitcase handles.

"His cock was as stiff as a board, and my pussy was dripping wet. He jammed it into me in one stroke!" She jammed three fingers back into her pussy from behind, and bit her lip from the impact. She started sawing in and out again. "He fucked me and fucked me and fucked me..." she grunted, in time with her stabbing hand. "Then he reached under me and grabbed my boobies..." She grabbed one of her tits with her other hand and squeezed it, hard. I could see a tear forming in her eye; she was clearly getting off on the pain, or the memory, or the memory of the pain. My breathing was getting heavy, too, as imagined myself brutally fucking her pussy, and felt the cum boiling in my balls.

"He fucked me and fucked me and fucked me...." she continued, over and over, jamming her hips back onto her stabbing fingers and squeezing her poor tortured titty. Tears were now streaming out of both of her eyes. She started to growl deep in her throat and her entire body was vibrating. I knew it wouldn't be long for either of us.

Jane didn't say another word. All she could do was grunt and sob as she brutally finger-fucked herself. My hands were a blur on my cock as I stared at her gyrating body, her glistening skin, her flushed face. Her grunts became a groan, then a moan, then a wail, and then she screamed! Her body shook like it was in an earthquake. That sent me over the edge, and I launched my second ejaculation of the evening across the dorm bed and onto the tile floor.

Jane collapsed to the bed. Her face was mashed into the mattress, her eyes and mouth puffy from her sobbing. Her arm was still behind her ass with her fingers deep in her pussy. She breathed in short, ragged gasps. I just stared at her until she finally disentangled herself and sat up. She gave me a sheepish little smile.

"That was a good story," I said. "Thank you."

She saw the puddle of jism on the floor. "I guess it was," she said. "How about another beer?"


Donny and Jane will return in: Beat-Off Buddies 4: The Hand of Fate.

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Good fun

Shame this series seems to have ground to a halt - lots of potential and would be good if the two protagonists came back from a break at home having been dumped...

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