tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWatching Them Stroke

Watching Them Stroke


My name is Ann. I met a young attorney on the Internet. We met because of a mutual interest in masturbation - especially in public or semi-public places. His name is John. John took me to an adult theater. He had been there a number of times before and his descriptions on men jacking off in public as they watched the movies were an incredible turn on for me. We had spent many of our mutual masturbation sessions on the phone talking about the goings on in such places. We went to theater on a Thursday night about 9:00 pm. At John’s request, I wore a skirt (not too short) and a crop top sweater. Of course, I left my panties and bra at home. John wore slacks and a sweater. He also brought along a tube of his favorite lubricant.

In the car on the way to the theater I arranged my self so John could look up my skirt - not too obvious, just a peek.

“I’ve been to this theater many times,” he said, “and I know that at some point tonight you will have the opportunity to watch a stranger masturbate his cock and I want you to really enjoy yourself - let yourself go - free yourself form any inhibitions and go with it.”

John’s invitation had two immediate effects on me: I let out a small moan; and my legs spread involuntarily. It wasn’t long before my pussy lips became inflamed and moist. I said, “You know I would love that. I can just imagine a group of men all jacking off and not caring who watches.” In my mind I could imagine the sounds of men fisting their well lubricated cocks and others groaning upon the release of their cum. Those two sounds are almost as powerful a turn on to me as the sight of a man jacking off.

I lowered my hand to my lap, pulled up my skirt and began to rub my twat as John watched and smiled. I could have easily cum right there in the car but I wanted to prolong the pleasure so I just rubbed my finger between the lips of my wet slit.

The theater was just like those in the Internet stories - old and kinda seedy. We made our way down the isle with John in the lead and me following. As we passed one man seated on the isle seat, I looked down into his lap and all the stories John had told me about the place came into sharp focus. The man had his pants open and pulled down a bit. His hand was wrapped around his cock which he was slowly stroking. He made no effort to hide his erection or his stroking.

In the reflected light from the theater’s screen I could see that his cock and fingers were slick with either pre-come of some type of lubricant. I fell a little behind John as I paused to stare, I just couldn’t help it. What made the sight even more exciting was that the man looked up at me staring at him and pumped he cock a little faster as I watched. I would have stayed to watch the inevitable outpouring of his cum but John had moved well ahead of me by now. I caught up and we sat near the side of the theater - John closest to the wall. We were alone in our row although there were about seven guys all sitting in the vicinity. The closest was one row in front and two seats to our left. It seemed from the movements of his shoulder and upper arm that he was pumping himself. For a women who loves to watch guys masturbate themselves this was heaven.

The movie was pretty standard stuff - a petite brunette was kneeling before two guys and was alternating between their cocks. John wasted no time. He unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks and removed his cock. John’s cock was not fully hard but he began work himself up. He seemed totally unconcerned that others might see him stroking himself. When he was fully hard he applied a little lube to his left hand (the hand he masturbates with) and continued his stroking. As John focused on pumping his cock, I noticed the man in front of us begin to move his arm faster. Everybody seemed so open and unconcerned about masturbating - well, I guess that’s the point of the place.

I needed some relief too so I slid down a little in my seat and spread my legs. I put my hand on the hem of my skirt and pulled it higher on my legs so I could have better access to my cunt. I masturbate lots of different ways but when I’m really hot I like to put the middle two fingers of my right hand in my cunt and pump them in and out - slowly at first and then when I’m just on the edge of cumming I pump myself faster. I was very hot now so I spread my legs a little further and slipped my fingers inside my pussy. The first few strokes are always very intense and my moan caused John to look over and smile. With my other hand, I gave John’s cock a few strokes to let him know I was comfortable and enjoying myself.

My stroking on John’s cock was interrupted by a rather large groan from our nearest neighbor. “Do you think that man just came,” I whispered to John.

“Sure, that’s what guys come here to do. I’m sure he did.”

So nonchalant, so casual. A guy not more than five feet from me just shot his cum all over - like it happens every day. I guess it does here. It was my turn to moan as I let John’s words have their effect on me. I began fingering myself faster. I was just about there when a man entered our row and settled down just two seats to my left. John made no effort to hide his stroking but I removed my wet fingers and rearranged my skirt. There were plenty of open seats so the man’s choice of our row was obviously and attempt to watch us and maybe let us watch him.

“Ann, I bet that guy is going to jack off, “ John said as he continued working on his shaft. “This is the perfect place, no names, just cock and cum and you can watch. Let him know your interested Ann.”

I didn’t need anymore encouragement. I told John, “Pull up my sweater and fondle my breasts, but when your done leave my sweater up over my tits.”

John did as he was told and when he returned to pumping his cock my breasts were fully exposed for the man on my left. I looked over at the stranger and made sure we had eye contact. I leaned back in my seat and cupped my breast as the man watched. Again, I pulled my skirt up and spread my legs. Our eyes met once more and I turned slightly in my seat to give him a better angle to watch me. The man wasn’t bad looking. He was about fifty, rather distinguished. Frankly, I didn’t care about his looks or his age, I wanted to see him pump himself off. And, I wanted John to watch me watch the stranger. I wanted John to encourage me to finger myself for both him and the strange man. I wanted men on either side of me jacking themselves off. I knew I was going to cum on my fingers for both of them.

Without saying a word the stranger unzipped his pants but not before he made sure I was watching. He had a difficult time getting his cock out because it was so hard. It was a nice sized cock, but nothing specular. I didn’t hesitate and quickly had my skirt up around my waist and my legs spread. I looked at John who had been watching the stranger and me.

“Is this what you wanted to see, a big, hard cock being jacked for you to watch?” John asked and then asked, “Is he hard?”

“Yes, very.”

“Is his pre-come flowing yet?

I looked at the man’s cock and could just make out a drop of pre-come on the heard of his cock. “Yes just a bit.”

John took my other hand and placed it on his cock, I now had a cock in my hand and two fingers up my cunt. The sexual tension I felt was overpowering. “Should I stroke you a little John?” I teased, “I think you need it, don’t you?” I asked John as if I didn’’t know the answer.

“God yeeees,” John said as his cock jumped in my hand. As I started to work John’s cock up and down, he motioned for the stranger to move to the seat next to me. My heart was pounding. The man stood up and moved towards me. His hard cock looked so lewd sticking out of his pants. He made no effort to hide his excitement and in fact I noticed a two inch string of pre-come hanging from the head of his shaft.

When we were resettled I did something I hadn’t expected to do - but I was so hot. I took the man’s cock in my hand and very slowly began to move my hand up and down his shaft. Oh god, I had a cock in each hand. I began to masturbate both men with slow strokes. I didn’t want to bring them off - I wanted them to do themselves for me as I watched - but I wanted to experience the feeling of power over both of them. I knew how John liked to be stroked and I did him the way he likes.

I looked from John to the stranger and wispered, “Am I stroking you the way you like it? Are my fingers on your cock the way you like to be held?” The man gently used his hand to arrange my grip on his shaft so that my fingertips were on the ridge on the underside of his cock.

As I resumed my slow pumping, he said his first words, “Oh yes, that’’s perfect.”

“I’m not going to finish either of you off but I’ll help get you ready,” I whispered. It only took a few moments of pumping their cocks. I new they we on the edge so I stopped. “Finish yourselves for me. You first John,” I instructed.

John circled his cock with his hand and began to pump himself. “Can you see me OK?” John asked. I moaned "Yes" as I put two fingers up my twat and began to rub my clit with my other hand which was still slick with the juices from the stranger’s cock. John was close to cumming.

I looked into the stranger’s lap and saw he was keeping himself on the brink of cumming by working his cock with very short, rapid strokes. He seemed to be concentrating on running his fingertips up and down the ridge on the underside of his dick - he was dripping pre-come which coated his hand. He was waiting until I could focus solely on him before he made himself cum. He said, “Watch your friend cum, I can wait til he’s finished.”

I turned towards John who was beginning a long moan. His hand was a blur as it flew up and down his cock. My fingers were going deep inside my cunt and out again, and in, and out, and in, as I slouched deeper in the seat to give my fingers better access. My eyes were glued to John’s cock as he began to shoot his cum.

“Watch me shoot for you, Ann,” he hissed as his cum flew from his cock. He was literally covering me with his cum. I came on my fingers as John’s sperm rained down on me. John slumped in his seat and I turned to our new friend. “Please cum for me,” I whispered. “Tell me when your about to cum,” I told the man. I had him pull his pants lower so I could get an unobstructed view of his masturbation. I also told him to expose his balls. They seemed heavy with his load. I looked around the theater and saw that most of the other men had given up on the screen and were watching us. I told the man to stand up and turn towards me. He did so without hesitation even though it meant that everyone in the theater could see him pumping his cock. I heard the soft groan of another female in the audience. The man’s pants had now fallen to his ankles. He cupped his balls and began to pull harder on his shaft.

I urged him on, “I’m going to cum with you - cum for you.” Again, I began to work my fingers in and out of my cunt. The stranger adjusted the grip on his cock and began the climb to his climax. More pre-come leaked from his cock. I could hear the obvious sounds of his jacking his cock through his well lubricated hand. He groaned from deep within.

“Not yet,” I said sternly, “I’m not there yet.” He stopped his pumping and used his fingers to milk more pre-come from the head of his cock and smeared the pre-come all over his shaft.

“I can’t last much longer - I need to cum,” he said.

“OK finish yourself off for me,” I replied knowing he was about to shoot. “Watch me finger myself as you cum.”

Between his hand gently holding his balls and his rapid stroking of his shaft it was clear he was ready to cum.

“He’’s going to cum Ann, he’s almost there, cum with him Ann, just like we talked about” John urged from my right side. That set the man off and his cum began to spurt all over himself and me. He seemed to aim the first two squirts of cum at my breasts. I felt the hot liquid land on me. The feeling in my cunt intensified and rolled over my body in a crushing climax. I kept fingering myself as the stranger milked his cock for both his and my pleasure.

It must have been quite a sight: My skirt up around my waist, my top pulled up over my breasts which were covered with cum, my legs spread wide, and two men stroking their cocks both covered with their own cum as they watched my fingers pump in and out of my cunt. I let out a loud moan. I was way beyond caring who heard or saw this lewd public display. I began to cum again. It was one of the most intense climaxes of my life.

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by usgator3004/04/18

Best Masturbation Ever

Fuck Kathy. That is one hot story. So fucking hot that I just jerked my cock to one of it's best cums ever. I do love jerking off and watching someone else , man or woman, masturbating whil I jerk offmore...

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