tagBDSMBeau of Les Belles Pt. 02

Beau of Les Belles Pt. 02


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A Tale from the Early Days of Les Belles -- Part 2

Les Belles Dames Sans Mercy

Hath thee in a thrall!(Continued from Part 1)

3 -- Sensitivity Training, Mandatory and Intensive

Lying on his back, with hands fastened to the wall behind his head, legs spread wide, John looked up warily at this woman who now had made him her captive. She was still beautiful but now her beauty had a powerful undercurrent of menace.

"We can start with you being a little more exposed." Using one hand on each side of his open zipper, she yanked hard, splitting his pants badly. This exposed his boxer shorts. Grasping his fly with two fingers from each hand, she yanked hard, ruining his boxers as well.

"Hey! Don't do that," he exclaimed.

"You're circumcised. Good! I like my guys circumcised." She used her finger to tease his tip. "Hmm. It's not a very large one, but nice and responsive. You do like me being in control, don't you? Good!" She turned and her strong hands yanked his shirt apart. Buttons flew everywhere. "Lots of chest hair. Should be fun taking care of that!" She stood next to the bed and looked down smugly.

"My clothes! You've ruined them all. Those were nice pants. This shirt cost a lot! You're the one who told me to wear nice things. This has really gone too far." He rolled over and looked at the cuffs, trying to find some way to get them off. He couldn't really inspect them in this position, so he got to his knees, hoping he could find some weakness in his restraints. There was no obvious way to release the latch connecting the chain to the cuffs. There was a keyhole but no key. The chain passed through a small reinforced hole in the wall. He twisted and pulled. "Let me loose, damn it," he cried.

`Instead, she stepped behind him and yanked his trousers and boxers down to his knees.

"No! Don't! I didn't say you could do that! Pull them back up. Right now, do you hear me?"

She pulled his shirt up over his head, using a large binder clip to fasten the shirt tail to his collar.

"What are you doing?" he cried.

"Baring your bottom, of course. I'd feel pretty silly whacking away at you with your pants on."

"What?" he cried, looking over his shoulder. She was holding her riding crop between her hands, and she drew back her arm. The crop whistled and landed on his flesh with a nasty smack.

"Ow! Damn it. That hurt!" he cried.

"Of course it hurt. You're being whipped, silly. When done correctly, this hurts a lot."

"There's no correctly about it. Just stop it, okay?"

"I'm assuming you don't have much experience with being whipped or probably even none. So I wouldn't expect you to understand the difference between doing this correctly and merely whacking away at your backside helter skelter. To whip someone properly takes skill. Proper whippings take good aim and good timing. Not to mention some flair for the dramatic. This takes practice, lots of it." She paused and smiled impishly. "But of course pure skill isn't everything. Whipping you properly also takes strength and fitness, using powerful strokes and keeping going for a long time." She undid her tie, then removed her jacket and her top and placed them on a chair. Standing with her back toward him she flexed, showing off nice muscles in her shoulder and back. She had an athlete's body, powerful without being overdeveloped. "This is one way those long hours at gym do pay off," she continued, turning toward him and flexing her arm to show a well defined bicep. She wore a black push up bra, accentuating her breasts and showing some cleavage. He viewed her with mixed emotions. She was beautiful and sexy, and also obviously strong and fit. Her right hand waved the riding crop around negligently at her side. His hands were fastened so he had no way to defend himself. The scene was scary and sexually charged.

"You look good. No, you look great. If you'd only unfasten this chain, I'd show you how good you look to me. My hands fastened this way puts me at a big disadvantage when it comes to demonstrating how much I'm attracted to you."

"I'm flattered of course but are you saying you don't appreciate my introduction to the art of whipping?"

"I think you're very interesting but to be honest, whipping's just not an interest of mine. I'd really, really like to move on."

"You being new to all this, I was just trying to give you some idea of what you should expect. But fine, if my efforts aren't appreciated, we'll just get right down to brass tacks and other stingy things." She stepped forward and swung the crop again, putting her body into the stroke. It was quite bit harder than the first one had been. John's eyes widened and he gave a little shriek.

"That really hurt, damn it."

She stepped back and rested the crop over her shoulder, watching with interest. "Interesting welt, making a jaunty angle across both your cheeks. You'll color nicely. My prediction would be purplish."

"What's the point? Why are you doing this to me?"

"I started to explain this to you, and you stopped me saying you weren't interested. So, which is it? Do you want me to go on with my explanation or not? And they say we women have trouble making up our minds!"

Anything would be better than her hitting him again with that crop, he thought. "Okay, no, I mean, yes, I want to hear what you have to say. Just please, don't hit me with that thing again."

"That last was a pretty good hard stroke. Was it more than you can handle?"

He started to say again that he wasn't into whipping at all. But it occurred to him this might not be the best strategy with her. She was kinky, that much was obvious. She was into whipping him. His hands were chained so he was going to have to put up with this. Maybe her question was meant to help her test his limits so she wouldn't go too far. "I haven't ever tried SM. Hurting someone else just doesn't appeal to me. And neither does being whipped. But if you're dead set on whipping, that last stroke was way, way too hard. There's nothing sexy about it at all."

"Not for you, maybe."

"No maybe! It just hurt. It hurt a lot. What's sexy about that?"

"You're only thinking about how you feel. This is really disappointing, John. What about me coming first, and you agreeing to put yourself second? What about me choosing whether to be nice or not? I don't think our conversations could possibly have been any clearer. You can't deny this."

"Alright, yes, it's what you said," he admitted, not liking where this seemed to be heading.

"Well, how can you say this isn't sexy for me?"

"Ok, I meant it's not sexy for me. I don't understand how it can be sexy for you."

"Then you'll just have to take my word for it, won't you?" She hit him again. The impact was low on his rump, just above the thighs. Her swing was nearly as hard as the last one, and she chose a more tender spot for the blow.

"Ow! Oh, gee, that stings. Oooh." He waved his rear end from side to side in a very cute way. "Okay, if want to whip me, I can't do anything to stop you, but do you have to swing so hard? It really is my first time for being whipped. Really. Give me a chance to get used to it, please?"

"Of course not. When I whip you hard, your reactions are just too cute."

"Okay, I'll give you whatever reactions you're looking for. Just take it easy. You don't have to hit me that hard. I'll play along. Give me a chance."

"Oh, please, John, do you really think you can fake these colorful marks I'm putting on your skin? You aren't a chameleon! Another thing, you're completely ignoring the effect on you afterwards. Are you going to be afraid of me because I've pretended to whip you? Will you be more submissive because I might pretend to whip you again? Very unlikely."

"Afterwards? Do you think I'm just going to stay around here after you've whipped me? Do you expect me to wait for you to decide to do it again? Not a chance."

"Oh, you're thinking I'm going to whip you and let you go. But I told you to clear the weekend for me. I suspect you probably did follow my instructions. I hope you did, because you are going to be our guest for the next three days. If you've made any other plans, I'm afraid you're just going to be a no-show."

"Your guest for three more days? Not likely. You can call me a guest but that does not give you the right to keep me here against my will."

"OK, I'll concede your point. Actually, you'll be our captive. We have a very full weekend planned for you. Let's just say when you're allowed to leave, you won't be a novice anymore when it comes to whippings. At least, the receiving end of whippings. You won't enjoy this as its happening, but look on the plus side. We'll be molding you into the kind of male who's very attentive and submissive to woman's needs, wants and whims. After all, you were pretty enthusiastic about putting women first when you were trying to get my attention at the coffee shop. Hopefully you really meant what you said. If you're as pliable as you made yourself out to be, I'll have lots of fun time breaking you for real female domination. Otherwise, well, there are things I'm willing to do if necessary that are usually effective even with the most recalcitrant males. But they do go beyond what even I think of as fun. I really don't think I'll need to be that severe with you though. My feeling is, you're by disposition pretty submissive anyway, so breaking you isn't going to be allthat difficult. But here I am, monopolizing our conversation. I can just go on and on about these subjects, but what about you? Would you like to go on some more about you having rights and how you're not going to put up with this and whatever?"

"You're really a sadist, aren't you? You like hurting men. It's perverted."

"Guilty as charged. Ironically, the one who gets punished for this is you."

Another wicked slice with her crop across his rump caused him to yelp. It was her worst one yet. "What does this do for you?," he whined. "All I want to do is be nice to you. What does hurting me accomplish?"

"Isn't it obvious? You just called me sadist. Myself, I think that's pretty harsh. In our society, fact is, everyone has some sadomasochism in their psychology. Yes, it's taboo so most people don't act on these impulses. For myself, my sadistic side just happens to be pretty strong especially in relationships with men like yourself, and I'm also very uninhibited. You, for your part, have this sweet lovely masochistic streak, don't you?"

"No. I'm not a masochist. That's exactly where this whole thing has gone wrong. I don't enjoy being whipped. This is all a big misunderstanding."

"You're thinking of this all wrong. People aren't merely sadists and masochists. It's not that simple. With any given person you have a different balance. Some people have more sadomasochism, some people less. Some people are more sadistic and some are more masochistic and some are both ways. People are uninhibited or repressed, sometimes both depending on what side of you we're exploring. This all gets very complicated. But even people who try really hard to keep their SM side very repressed, like you do, can't keep this hidden from someone who knows how to look for it. This afternoon when we first met, I had my eye out for someone like you. You do remember my comment about roses and thorns, don't you? You might have been a moth with a flame."

"It wasn't masochism. I just thought you were being honest. People have trouble getting close. Roses have thorns. I appreciated it that you were putting it on the table."

"Weasel, weasel. We were talking about me coming first in any relationship. Me being the one with power and you being the one who might not get what he wants. And roses with thorns, big sharp ones that hurt when you get scratched. You weren't put off one bit!" The whip zinged through the air and hit his bottom once again.

"Ow! Damn it, do you have to hit so hard? It's not you being cruel that attracted me to you. That's not so. What attracted me to you is you're very pretty and interesting. I like girls who know what they want. I want to please you. Whipping has nothing with it."

"To the contrary, whipping you has everything to do with it. Not that I expect you to exactly like being whipped. It's more about pain fulfilling certain needs."

"What do you mean? That doesn't make any sense to me."

"Nobody likes pain, at least, not while they're feeling it. Think about this, silly. It wouldn't be pain if you liked it. No, you don't like me giving you a nice hard stroke with my crop, because it hurts. But, then again, what about that lovely erection of yours? Hmm? Your erection tells me this is all a little more complicated than you simply not liking being whipped." She slashed his rump again, hard, then used the tip of her crop to toy with his penis. "Pretty hard to explain, huh? Well, pretty hard, anyway! I'm told that when you guys get hard like this it means whatever's happening has a certain appeal for you."

"I don't like this in any way. I can't help reacting this way when you do that. Would you stop that, please? You're taking advantage of me and I don't like being taken advantage of. Really, I don't."

"Are you embarrassed? You are. Okay, not to worry, your erection won't be lasting very much longer. I'm not doing this for your erotic pleasure! We're here to satisfy my sadistic urges. Poor you, this means making you hurt. Even better, is when you start to turn all soft and squishy inside. It's so sweet when a guy breaks down and starts to cry. This won't feel sexy for you anymore at that point. But afterwards, you'll be so sweet to me. You'll thank me for your whipping. At first you'll tell yourself its only because you have to or I'll be even crueler to you, but after awhile you'll realize whippings are really good for you and you'll mean it when you express your gratitude."

"I'm not a masochist, damn it. I'm the wrong person for you to whip. Let me go and find someone who does get something out of it."

"Ignoring your erection for now, you're the person I've chosen. It simply isn't something that's open for discussion." She illustrated her point by giving him yet another stripe. She caught one of the most tender places, just below the curve of his ass..

"Ow! No more! Please?" he cried. "Okay, I can understand how SM can be sexy, if you don't go too far. But why do you have to keep hitting me over and over really hard like that? It hurts alot. Damn it. I just can't understand how this can be fun for you either."

"I thought I made it clear enough. What more can I tell you? There's an exhilarating feeling of power and control. It's sexy. It turns me on. This is why I like doing it au naturel. It really heightens the sexiness of the whole thing." She reached back and unclasped her bra, placing it with her blouse. "I like to think I have quite a bit of sex appeal," she continued, shedding her slacks and stepping out of her panties. "Don't you agree?" She teased his cock some more with the tip of the riding crop.

He had continued to struggle with the chains while she was talking, but to no avail. They were stronger than he was. He was cleverly restrained so there really wasn't any way to free himself. He really was helpless. It was scary and it was sexy, especially with her standing there naked. With the push up bra off, her breasts were wide but very flat, covering most of her chest and nearly touching above her sternum. The twin sweelings were both crowned by pert nipples that tilted slightly upward, surrounded by wide dark areoles. Her muscularity diminished the curves of her belly and bottom, but her shape still was unmistakably female. Between her legs pink lips peeked from behind a brown thatch.

"Yes you're very sexy," he replied. "Look, let me loose and I'll show you how sexy I think you really are. You don't need to whip me to make me do what you want. I mean it. You can be on top or whatever position you like best. I'll go down on you if you want. I guarantee it would be much more fun than whipping me."

"Are you trying to seduce me? Okay, I'll give you a chance. But you'll have to do quite a bit better than that. Convince me how very attractive I am and it better sound like you mean it." She gave him an enticing look. She wanted him focused on her body, upping the sexual voltage for both of them.

"I do mean it," he exclaimed, elated at her offer. Maybe this really was just a kinky game that was going to lead to some hot sex. It had to be! She'd already hit him too many times. She hit hard. It hurt. But it was worth it if it was leading up to sex. It had to be leading up to sex. She couldn't be planning to whip him much more, could she? So far it was painful, but it was tolerable and yes, even in some way kind of erotic. Maybe he really was a little bit masochistic. So, this really was all a kinky game and now would be the payoff. He added, "You're a very beautiful woman, and fascinating. If you're showing me that you like to be the one in control, well, you're right. I can get into that. Okay? I admit it."

"I want to hear what you think is sexy about me. No holding back, if you're trying to impress me. Talk about my face, my breasts, my sex. Let me know how much I appeal to you. Persuade me that letting you loose and making love would be more exciting than whipping you would be."

"Okay. Yes. Everything about you is sexy, from your head to your feet. Looking in your eyes makes me feel captivated. Your lips look so inviting. They're full and lush like sweet ripe fruit. I'd like to kiss them and taste them and learn much more about how you like to kiss and be kissed. I'd like to caress and kiss your shoulders and your chest. Your breasts are so lovely, their shape and the color and the way your nipples stand out so big and proud. Big areoles like yours are so mysterious and promising to me. I want to touch your breasts and taste them and use my mouth and fingers to explore what you like best, a light touch or more intensity, what kind of caress is most exciting for you. And your belly and sex. I want to run my fingers over your belly and cover it with kisses and feel your strength and womanly curves. Your pussy looks so pretty peeking though your bush. The lips are so full and perfect. I want to worship your sex. I want to explore it with my fingers and caress it with my lips and my tongue and when you're ready I want to make love to you with my cock feeling your silkiness and learning how you like me to move and how to satisfy your wants and needs. I'll be the most attentive and complaint lover you've ever had. As beautiful as you are, that would be easy." He looked carefully at her body as he spoke. It was very easy for him to tell her how appealing she was, because it was true. She was really pretty and really sexy. It made him erect just looking at her and talking about what he wanted to do.

It was apparent that he really was aroused and being admired so enthusiastically was pretty sexy for her too, especially by someone who was securely restrained under her control. "Mmmm, very nice," she purred, enjoying the rising sexual temperature. She had accomplished just what she wanted. He was about to be whipped by a naked woman who he had just tried his best to seduce. They both knew he wasn't pretending. Not only would this make the experience much more sexual for him, but it also could lead to some very effective, and entertaining, humiliation. She stepped out of her shoes and put a foot on the bed near his face.

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