Beau of Les Belles Pt. 02


"Yes, I was really attracted to her. But that was until she turned out to be a damned sadist."

She swatted his bottom with the crop, hard enough to make him yelp. "Careful!," she admonished. "Mathy's one of my very best friends. I won't put up with you calling her nasty names. I am not going to warn you again."

"Okay! I get it. I was just trying to say that I liked her a lot until she started being really mean to me. I mean, until she started with all this whipping. I really don't like being whipped. I'm not a masochist, okay? If you're friends with Math, can you please try to get her to understand this?"

"Well, have you ever been whipped before tonight?"

"No, and the whipping I just got was a really really bad experience. Look, Math's very pretty and so are you. You don't have to whip me to get me to do what you want. I'll do that anyway. I really, really don't like being whipped. I don't like it at all."

"Of course you don't! No one actually likes being whipped, at least, not while the whipping's actually being done. Because whippings hurt, of course. It wouldn't be much of a whipping if it didn't hurt! So, of course you don't like it when the one on the receiving end of being whipped is you. At least, not while you're being whipped." She held up the whip and gave him a playful look that from his perspective contained an ugly threat.

"No, I don't," exclaimed John. "No more whippings, okay? I didn't like being whipped by Math. I wish you'd put that thing down, okay? Please, no more whippings! Really, I've had enough."

"Poor John. You're all bogged down in feeling sad and mad and so very bad about everything, aren't you? But just because you don't like something, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad experience. You just can't see the big picture yet. Yes being whipped does cause you pain -- but whipping's good for you, too. It's going to make you a much nicer person. Really! With a few good hard whippings in the background and more whippings hanging over your head, you'll shape up very nicely. For sure, you'll be much more obedient and eager to please. You'll be much more careful about your behavior and sensitive to what's expected of you. Whipping is so very beneficial in these ways. Okay,my guess is, you'll still hate being whipped, but once we've broken you to your new submissive attitude, you will actually start understanding why you deserve your whippings and how whippings improve your behavior and you'll actually come to accept whipping's something you just have to live with from here on."

"Whipping is not good for me. It's not good for anyone. It's cruel and it's wrong," insisted the helpless male.

"Plus, you''ll come to appreciate how much we Les Belles girls do enjoy whipping you," continued Sy, ignoring his argument.

"I don't care how much you like whipping people. You don't have any right to do this. Just let me go. I'm serious."

"One more plus, no matter what other feelings you may have, there's a sexy side to whippings that you really can't deny," asserted the young beauty with a suggestive look.

"I can deny it and I do. Being whipped is not sexy. It's just not. Not for me, anyway."

"You can say you deny it, but no matter because it's there, that's all. The evidence speaks for itself." Her fingertips toyed with his shaft, now fully erect.

"That's because of you playing with me, not because of the whip."

"Let's see. Your butt's still burning from Mathy's whipping she gave you. You're feeling so, so uncomfortable and embarrassed. That's what you said! Yes, I've tickled your dick a little bit. But I sure haven't made a secret of the fact that, in just a few minutes, I'm going to take up where Math left off. Yet, here you are getting a big stiffy right in the middle of your whipping. You can be coy about this, but I'm still getting your message, John. Because if whipping actually didn't turn you on, surely you'd be able to show a little self-control here. But you can't. You're like a jack in the box that's been wound up oh so tight by your session with Mathie. I merely gave the crank a couple of more turns and sproing! Up he pops!" She gave his member another firm squeeze.

"It's not because of whipping. It's because you're so damned pretty. Or something. I don't know."

"Yes you do. It's being tied up and whipped by a girl. Okay, you find me attractive too. That probably helps. Also the idea I'm going to resume your whipping very soon, and I'm not going to be the least bit nice about it at all. Sexier and sexier! Truth is, you're just too embarrassed to admit your true feelings. The male ego! It's such a wonderful thing. It makes you males into such humbugs sometimes! You'd be much better off if you'd just admit there's something very sexy about this whole business of girls whipping guys. Look, John, here's the way it is: we're going to keep on whipping you as long as we want, meaning, you're going to get lots of whippings. You don't have any say in this. This is going to have a big effect on you, too. We're going to keep it up until you yield to our control and make you start feeling really docile and submissive. And then we'll keep on whipping you just because. Shh. Let me finish. You're just going to say we can't do this to you or something equally stupid. Of course we can do it. And, I don't mean just making you obey by fear. I mean, breaking you down and making you submit on a really deep level. We're going to get really, really deep inside there." She tapped the side of his head with the tip of the crop. "And, big surprise! Suddenly, you'll feel very much like you've fallen in love. Really! You say you don't like Math very much, but you'll see! It won't be long at all before you'll think of little else besides pleasing her. Well, also pleasing me and some other girls."

"Are you crazy? I don't like being whipped and I'm not going to start liking it just because you tell me to. I don't feel like giving Math pleasure. I never want to see her again. Don't tell me how I feel. You know nothing about me. I've never seen you before."

"Oh! I didn't introduce myself did I? My name's Psyche. My friends call me Sy. Would you like to call me Sy too?"

"Okay, look, Sy, this whole business of tying me up and whipping me is all a big mistake. Okay? It's a mistake, I tell you. I'm not one of these guys you're talking about who are into SM, in a masochistic way. You and Math have made a big mistake. But it's ok. Really. I won't hold it against you. What we all need to do is forget about any more of this whipping stuff. Okay, you seem to have found some other guys who are masochists or something. But I'm not one of them. I'm not the right guy for you. So, if you would just let me go, I'd forget about this whole thing. I'd forget about being tied up and held here against my will. You're not allowed to make someone a captive against his will. It's just not permitted to go around whipping people, at least not if it's not some kind of game or the person being whipped isn't into SM. You have to be aware of this. Why not find some guy who's into these things? I'm sure there are guys who might see things the way you're describing them, but really, I'm just not one of them. Just let me go and we can all part ways on friendly terms, and you and Math can find someone else who shares your interests. No hard feelings, okay?"

"A word to the wise. Yes, I'm several years younger than you, as you've probably guessed, but that doesn't mean you get to lecture me. It's insulting. You really don't know what you're talking about. Remember, you're the one who's never done anything like this before, and I'm the one who has plenty of experience. You're the greenie. I'm the expert. Keep this in mind. Also, do keep in mind which one of us here is bound and helpless, and which one has the riding crop. If you keep lecturing me in that annoying way about what I should or should not be doing, I'm going to use this to set you straight." She raised her arm and gave him a threatening look.

"I understand. Alright, I won't try to tell you what to do."

"Correct response. Okay, has Math told you what Les Belles house is all about?"

"Not really."

"Let me give it a try. Here at Les Belles house, we think males should be under female domination and that you should compliant, deferential, even worshipful, eager to please, and most of all, subservient. It's merely the natural order of things. Converting males to our way of thinking has proved much easier than you might suppose. Males are much more susceptible to training than you admit and once we got serious about developing techniques for breaking and training males it was so ridiculously easy and effective that it confirmed our whole philosophy. So now the word is spreading pretty rapidly. The Les Belles society is just five years old and we already have six hundred very dedicated members so far, that's worldwide, but we're growing every day. We have all sorts of very talented women from fields like computers, banking, law enforcement, medicine, accounting, sports and fitness, modeling, acting -- well you get the picture. This house was our second dedicated location and we're up to six at this point. One of our goals is of course to convert more males to the cause as well, and we're getting better at this all the time. You'll be number five hundred and something, once you come around."

"I won't come around to anything. You can't do this to me." The male twisted his hands trying to free them from the cuffs. This whole situation was getting scarier by the minute.

"Trust me. We do know what we're doing. You'll end up utterly devoted to us and oh so grateful to Math for her bringing you here to Les Belles and for changing your life in this way."

"My life's not going to change. You just wait. Once I get out of this, I'll find out if what you've told me about this Les Belles group is true. If it is, there's going to be some big trouble, I guarantee it. You can't just kidnap men into some kind of SM fantasy with you as the mistress of the thing."

"Hush," she said, wagging a finger at him. "Enough discussion. You have plenty to think about. You'll be better off if you take a little time and think it over carefully."

"You arrogant snot!" he exclaimed. "Who do you think you are? Don't tell me what's best for me to do. It's none of your business."

"Aren't you so very huffy for someone who just let his new girlfriend turn him into a wimpering wuss. 'Please no more,'" she mocked. "'Oh please. It hurts so much. I can't bear it. You're hurting me. Ow, ow ow.' It's impossible not to feel arrogant around someone as wimpish as you."

"You are a nasty little snot. Try having someone whip you like that and see how you react."

"How typically male of you! You're not even half way through your first whipping and you already think you know all about the subject and no one else has any idea. You're not the only one who's ever been whipped, Mr. Know It All. For your information, it's part of the initiation of every Les Belles member to get her own whipping. Our feeling is, nothing like going through your own whipping, if you really want to understand how someone else feels when you're whipping him. It's a point of pride with us that our own instructional whippings must be of the most severe kind, and that we, well, take it like a man, as they say. For your information, It took 42 really hard strokes before I even made an audible wimper, and it was 77 before I shed my first tear. I never groveled or pleaded for the entire 100 strokes, quite of few being extra-hard ones too. So, yes, I've tried having someone whip me and yes, I can take it, without snivelling the way you were a few minutes ago. Let me assure you, if manly means keeping your chin up and taking your punishment without whining or wimping out, it's no contest who's the manlier between the me and you. Then again, manly is not a word most people would use to describe me! Here, see for yourself." It only took a moment for Sy to remove her blouse and bra. "Very feminine on top," she declared, stepping out of her skirt and panties. She pirouetted, putting her entire body on display. "Female tip to toe, that's me," she continued striking a pose with one hand on a hip and the other behind her head. "So, you being less manly than me does raise certain interesting questions about you, doesn't it? Gee whiz, now I am being a snot, aren't I," she giggled. "But it doesn't mean I'm not still pretty darn hot. A hot snot, that's me! Or how about, a snottie hottie?" She got a jar of cream from a cabinet and started smearing it on his battered backside.

"What are you doing," he cried. "Get your hands off me."

"This is going to make your bottom feel much better," she explained. "It also prevents any infections." The cream did immediately started to cool and sooth the burning sensations.

"I don't care. I don't want you touching me. Just leave me alone."

She finished coating his bottom and wiped off her hands. It was very soothing. His bottom immediately started to cool and the stinging wasn't as bad.

Sy went back to the foot of the bed. He tried to avoid eye contact but he couldn't keep himself from looking at her. Her breasts were set wide apart, round globes with large pink nipples and areoles that bulged boldly forward from her chest.

"I do have very pretty breasts, don't I?" she preened, lifting her chest slightly. "Oh, you don't have to say. Just the way you're looking at me is flattery enough."

He turned his head and looked at the wall, fuming.

"Your loss," she giggled. She went back to the cabinet and returned with a large pair of scissors. She started with his cuff, parting his pants leg snip by snip.

He tried not to look but the feeling of the scissors blade moving up his leg was too disturbing. He could not help watching as she finished the demolition of his clothes, first one pant leg and then the other.

"Stop that," he commanded. But he might as well have been in the stands at a race track, commanding the horses not to run. He could do nothing to about it as the scissors inexorably reduced his pants to rags. He couldn't prevent his attention from straying to the way Sy's breasts stood out so perkily as she worked.

"When someones stares that way, it makes my nipples tingle," she teased, then gave him a flirty look Then she stepped to his side and went to work on his shirtsleeve nearest her, starting at his shoulder. She stood beside the bed with her legs apart giving him a good look at her vagina, through fine light brown public hair. The outer lips were pink and a little bit puffy. It only took a moment to finish with destroying his sleeve. Next she leaned over him, one arm braced on his wrists. Her weight pressed his arms to the bed. She reached across his body and started snipping away again at his other sleeve. Her breasts loomed above his face, descending gradually as the scissors worked their way up his arm. Her nipples were stiff and there was a pretty flush over the top of the twin globes, making it obvious the young woman was aroused by what she was doing to him. She turned her torso slowly as she made rags of his shirt, so that her breasts not only came nearer and nearer his face, but also were presented at a constantly changing angle. The helpless male was mesmerized by the display. When his shirt was disposed of, she moved onto the bed, positioning herself on all fours with her breasts directly over his face.

"I'm not always snotty," Sy declared. "You'll see, as your attitude improves. There's a big upside to being a submissive at Les Belles house. The more submissive you act, the more you'll be rewarded. I can tell you really do like looking at my breasts. Would you like to show me how much you like them?"

"Yes. You're really pretty. Of course I'd like to do more than look. If you'd only let me up I'd show you just how much I like your breasts, and the rest of you too. I'd be really nice. I promise. I'd forget about the whipping. I really would. I'll do whatever you want, really. I'll do it if you let me go. I'm not trying to tell you what to do, okay? I'm just saying there's no need to keep me tied up."

"Promises, promises! Would you really be nice to me if I let you up? I doubt it. But here, I'll let you try to show me how nice you can be. You don't really deserve this yet, but I want to give you a little sample of what you have to look forward to if you're a good boy that is." She lowered her breast to his mouth and let him nuzzle. "Press with your lips," she directed. "Now slide your tongue over the tip and around the sides. Nice. Mmmm, good. Here, do the other one." She gave him a few more moments of contact with her breast, then pulled back.

"Pretty nice," she conceded. "But let me show you what very nice is like." She moved her mouth to his nipple and squeezed tightly between her lips and then used her lips to tweak his little bud into stiffness. Then she sucked it into her mouth, keeping her lips tight. Her tongue pressed the tip, slipping slowly, then gradually speeding up. In a moment he was panting. Suddenly she took his nipple between her teeth and gnawed lightly until he moaned. She ended her demonstration pressing the inside of her lips and tongue over his stiff little bud and massaging for a few more moments. She pulled away, sat back on his belly with his member under her ass crack, and smirked.

"Nice, huh? Now, let's do it another way," the pretty girl said. Taking his other nipple between her thumb and forfinger, she pinched hard, holding the pressure for a moment, and then cruelly twisting the sensitive flesh. It hurt but not as much as the whip had. His eyes widened, but e kept silent, intent on proving to her that he wasn't a wimp. She released his nipple and used her fingernail to worry it, mixing light touches that teased and firm ones that stung. She felt him trying to dry hump her bottom. After giving his nipple a few gentle tweaks she withdrew her hand.

"That's a sample of what nipple play is supposed to feel like," she said, changing position so she was kneeling at his side. "But a woman's nipples are much more sensitive than yours of course, so no pinching or twisting allowed unless she specifically asks. How about you?. Would you like more?"

"Yes please," he replied, much preferring this sexy play to more talk about whipping. "That's really intense. It would be even better if you let me loose and we could do nice things to each other. We could mmmph..."

She turned quickly and sat on his face, muffling his words. "Give me a little demonstration of what you know about oral sex while I take care of your undies," she instructed, using the scissors to slice through each side of his shorts. In a moment he was completely nude. She pressed her labia to his mouth. "Get started right now Mister or you'll be sorry." She opened the scissors and got his member between its blades, closing them just enough so he would feel some pressure.

"Mmmmph!" came the inarticulate cry from between her thighs.

"I said, get going. Kiss me. Do it nicely or else." She tightened the scissors just a tiny bit.

He kissed and licked frantically at her vagina. She moved her hips back and forth, enjoying his oral massage of her sex. He certainly wasn't skilled but his desperate energy made it fun, sort of like having soft wet vibrator with lots of interesting shapes on high power. She enjoyed his efforts for a couple of minutes, then got off the bed and stood at one side..

"That was really clumsy," she observed disdainfully. "You're obviously a novice when it comes to oral sex. That, and obviously you don't know much about female anatomy, either. Are you gay or something?"

"I'm not gay. When you did that with those scissors, I just couldn't think."

"Oh, you mean this?" She closed the blades around his member again, not hard enough to do any real damage, but hard enough for him to feel it.

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